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Chapter 196 – Carnival (7)

The first day of the Carnival ended in this happy atmosphere. The six members of the losing Frost Team prepared three signatures each as gifts for random audience members and the officials also prepared many souvenirs for those in front of the TV who guessed right.

The fans supporting the Fire Team saw this scene and couldn’t help feeling envious. [Limited edition signatures! I knew I should’ve prayed for the Fire Team to lose!] [I am a Captain Su fan and I want the Fire Team to lose!] [I’m a fan of Daddy Bai! I want his signature. Asking the Fire Team to lose!]

A scene where the fans demanded their favourite players lose could only be seen at the Carnival.

After the event, the 12 contestants were sent back to their hotel in a car. The league arranged a dinner for them in advance. Cheng Wei actively sat next to Li Cangyu while Tan Shitian came over and sat next to Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei felt a bit awkward. He tried his best to kill Tan Shitian in the game today and the result was that Tan Shitian spared him in the punishment stage. He felt a bit sorry towards Captain Tan… However, Cheng Wei wasn’t a person who easily bowed his head and admitted his mistake, especially in front of Tan Shitian.

Originally, he debuted a year earlier than Tan Shitian and was considered Tan Shitian’s senior. The result was that he was worse than Tan Shitian. If he admitted his mistake then he would have no dignity as a senior!

He was thinking this when a chicken leg was placed in his bowl. He looked up to see Tan Shitian’s smiling eyes. “I’ll give this to you so eat it quickly.”

Cheng Wei wasn’t very comfortable. He ate the chicken leg while muttering, “Oh, thank you.”

Next to them, Ling Xuefeng naturally helped Li Cangyu grab fish while Su Guangmo took care of Yu Pingsheng. Lou Wushuang’s gaze swept over this scene and then he looked at his stupid brother who was taking care of himself and hit him on the thigh.

Zhang Shaohui was hit and looked up innocently at him. “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Lou Wushuang touched his glasses and demanded coldly, “Give me a piece.”

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head and placed a piece of lean pork ribs into his brother’s bowl. Lou Wushuang was satisfied as he coldly ate the ribs.

Bai Xuan and Yan Ruiwen were chatting together. Both of them were vice-captains and there were many common topics. In these types of occasions, Liu Xiang didn’t speak a lot and she just quietly ate. Chu Yan was bored and joined Yan Ruiwen and Bai Xuan’s conversation.

The group of people finished dinner and went back to the room to rest. Cheng Wei followed behind Li Cangyu and refused to leave when he arrived at Li Cangyu’s door. Li Cangyu smiled and looked at him. “What is it?”

Cheng Wei hesitated for a moment before suddenly exclaiming, “Cat God, I will sleep with you tonight!”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

Tan Shitian, “…”

The two men walking in the back looked a bit strange when they heard this. Cheng Wei had a simple expression on his face as he hugged Li Cangyu’s arm. “I haven’t seen you for a long time and I want to chat with you. Can I change rooms with Vice-Captain Bai?”

Bai Xuan helplessly looked at Li Cangyu and didn’t saw anything. Tan Shitian came over to help. “These rooms are arranged by the league and can’t be changed. If you want to change it then talk to the chairman.”

Cheng Wei was startled and asked, “Is this true?”

Tan Shitian seriously replied, “Of course, the league has records of the check-in.”

Cheng Wei was successfully deceived and scratched his head. “Oh, then I will talk to Cat God for a bit and go to sleep at 11 o’clock.”

He had a strange sense of dependence on Li Cangyu. It was probably because he joined the league when he was really young. He left his hometown and came to the strange Beijing alone. During that critical period, Li Cangyu pointed out the most suitable road for him and he won the newcomer award in one swoop…

Cat God was always on Cheng Wei’s mind so every time he saw Cat God, he wanted to be close to the other person. Now that he made this request, he felt some apprehension. He was afraid that Cat God would dislike it.

This really was like a small fan facing an idol!

Li Cangyu softened when he saw Cheng Wei’s eyes and he couldn’t help smiling. “Then come in and chat for a bit.”

Cheng Wei made a happy sound and followed Li Cangyu into the room. The result made him depressed because Ling Xuefeng and Tan Shitian also entered!

He wanted to say a few words to Cat God. Why were these two big lightbulbs following?

Cheng Wei was very depressed and didn’t say much as he followed behind Li Cangyu.

Bai Xuan considerately brewed a pot of tea for everyone. They sat down on the sofa and Ling Xuefeng said, “If there isn’t something unexpected tomorrow then it should be a team battle event. After the event, everyone will go back to their teams.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “The next round is Wind Colour’s away game against Canglan. You have to be prepared when leading the team to Changsha. I will give you a surprise.”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “Is the surprise winning against me 3:0?”

Li Cangyu cried out, “You guessed it!”

Ling Xuefeng casually said, “Don’t be too proud. Maybe Wind Colour will win 3:0.”

Cheng Wei, “…”

Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were chatting and Cheng Wei couldn’t insert any words.

Tan Shitian said gracefully, “The two-day Carnival is just a domestic activity. The second World Carnival in October this year is the highlight. Last year, our 3v3 teams won the championship and third place. Perhaps this year we can win the championship and second place?”

Li Cangyu told him, “Not necessarily. I heard gossip that the World League will change the rules of the 3v3 project. It is likely that each country can only send one 3v3 team, so as to not have powerful countries send two teams like last year.”

Cheng Wei finally found an opportunity to interject. “If you play 3v3, Cat God and Captain Ling can team up!”

Li Cangyu looked at him. “I might not be selected.”

Cheng Wei exclaimed, “It will definitely be fine. I will help you gain votes!”

Li Cangyu smiled and patted his head. Cheng Wei was pure in nature. During this domestic Carnival, he publicly helped Li Cangyu gain votes on Weibo. He seemed to have forgotten that the World Carnival had a limited number of players. If he helped others then he might not be able to enter.

Tan Shitian looked at his warm scene and couldn’t help feeling envious. If Cheng Wei’s heart towards him could be half as good as it was towards Cat God, he would be fine…


That night, Cheng Wei stayed in Li Cangyu’s room until 11 o’clock. Once he returned to his room, he immediately rushed into the bathroom. It seemed he was too embarrassed to face Tan Shitian.

Tan Shitian didn’t care and entered the bathroom once Cheng Wei finished washing up.

Cheng Wei lay in bed and listened to the sound of water in the bathroom. He closed his eyes, wanting to sleep but he couldn’t. His mind repeatedly replayed the image of Tan Shitian bending over in front of him as his fingers slipped gently through Tan Shitian’s hair.

Tan Shitian came out after his shower and Cheng Wei secretly opened his eyes to have a look, only to meet Tan Shitian’s eyes.

The person who was discovered peeking turned red and quickly covered himself with a quilt, pretending to sleep. Tan Shitian came over and sat by his bed. “Are you hiding? Are you afraid to see me? Didn’t you say that you were going to abuse me?”

Tan Shitian forcibly opened the quiet and his heart trembled when he saw the red Cheng Wei.

This person had no idea how tempting he was.

The red face, the clear black eyes and the gently bitten lips made Tan Shitian want to directly pounce and kiss him breathless!

Moreover, today Cheng Wei joined hands with Cat God to kill him. Tan Shitian didn’t say anything but he was actually a bit jealous. Cat God’s weight in Cheng Wei’s mind was much higher than Tan Shitian. This feeling was really uncomfortable.

The simple eyes made Tan Shitian suppress his heart. He gently touched Cheng Wei’s head and said, “Do you know why I particularly like to touch your hair?”

Cheng Wei wondered, “Because I am easier to bully?”

Tan Shitian laughed. “Stupid, others put their heads in front of me and I don’t want to touch them. I want to touch your head because I think you are really cute.”

Cheng Wei’s eyes widened angrily. “Don’t use the word cute to describe a man!”

Tan Shitian smiled and leaned so that his lips were against Cheng Wei’s ears. He spoke in a low voice, “Are you a man? You are considered a small boy at most.”

Cheng Wei’s face flushed. “I am 19 years old, I’m almost 20!”

“Yet you aren’t mature in some respects.” Tan Shitian smiled. “You haven’t held a girl’s hand and don’t you still have your first kiss?”

Cheng Wei became more and more angry. “So what? This shows that I am a very serious person! I don’t mess around with people! My first kiss is to be left to my future wife!”

Tan Shitian saw his desperate appearance and liked it even more. He couldn’t help leaning closer. “You want to kiss your wife but do you know how to kiss someone?”

Cheng Wei was stunned. “No, just… mouth to mouth?”

Tan Shitian was about to laugh to death. He suppressed it and whispered, “It naturally isn’t that simple. You don’t even know this. You will be hated by your wife in the future.”

Cheng Wei shouted angrily, “Shut up! I don’t want to discuss this topic with you!”

He covered himself with the quilt to sleep. As a result, Tan Shitian once again opened the quilt and asked, “Do you want me to teach you?”

Cheng Wei’s eyes widened with surprise. “Are you stupid?! You will still teach this?”

Tan Shitian thought, ‘Aren’t you the stupid one? Since joining the Time Team at the age of 16 and winning the Best Newcomer Award in the third season, you became the vice-captain in the first season. You only know how to play games and know nothing about the world.’

He really wanted to bully Cheng Wei from the beginning, thoroughly dyeing this piece of white paper black and making him beg for mercy…

However, Tan Shitian felt soft and reluctant when he saw Cheng Wei’s simple appearance.

Tan Shitian smiled. “In fact, you can try it. I will teach you free of charge. If I’m not a good teacher then you don’t need to have me as a teacher.”

Cheng Wei had a young man’s heart after all and he was very curious about this. He always felt that Tan Shitian was planning something but his strong curiosity prevailed. What harm was there in learning from Tan Shitian? It was like Tan Shitian said. If he didn’t learn then he might be abandoned by his girlfriend in the future!

Cheng Wei blushed when he thought this and curiously asked, “Will you? Then… try and teach me.”

This sentence was simply adding fuel to the fire for Tan Shitian. He originally endured the desire to kiss Cheng Wei but once he heard this, he decisively grabbed the back of Cheng Wei’s head and leaned over to kiss him.

Cheng Wei was stunned and by the time he reacted, Tan Shitian had already put his tongue in. The flexible tongue gently swept through the mouth, like dyeing white paper black, he left traces of himself everywhere in Cheng Wei’s mouth.

Tan Shitian was also young but his kissing skills were quite superb. He had liked Cheng Wei for a long time and was naturally gentle and considerate to his beloved. He had to take care of every aspect.

Cheng Wei was firmly kissed. He thought it would be disgusting but strangely, Tan Shitian’s gentle touch made Cheng Wei feel particularly comfortable…

He even comfortably raised his eyes.

“Um…mmm… hmm…”

Compared to his usual appearance, the current Cheng Wei looked like a confused kitten as he subconsciously made seductive sounds.

Tan Shitian’s gaze became deeper until Cheng Wei was almost suffocated by the kiss. Then he suppressed his body’s fierce reaction and put the brakes on in time, retreating from Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei desperately gasped. Some time passed before his breathing calmed down and his sense of reason returned. Cheng Wei only just realized that he was kissed.

“Ahhh! Tan Shitian, you’re dead! How dare you kiss me? You son of a b…” Before he could finish, Tan Shitian smiled and gently blocked his mouth. He gently asked, “Are you comfortable?”

Cheng Wei froze. He no longer talked and his cheeks turned red.

Tan Shitian whispered into his ears, “This is a kiss. Do you understand? If you don’t understand then come find me at any time. There is no need to be embarrassed. Men exchanging experiences is nothing.”

Cheng Wei turned over and ignored him. He buried himself in the quilt and thought that today was really humiliating.

However, Tan Shitian’s kiss was really comfortable. Once he was kissed, Cheng Wei felt that his previous brain process was wrong. It felt like a door to a new world had been opened?

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