GLS: Chapter 195

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Chapter 195 – Carnival (6)

During the time when Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan were chatting, Lou Wushuang quickly entered stealth and lurked behind him. Li Cangyu noticed this and didn’t hesitate to summon the guardian.

However, Lou Wushuang was very calm and he didn’t use the strongest attack skill to deal with Li Cangyu. He only used an assassination skill that consumed a low amount of blue and it was successfully blocked by the guard.

Lou Wushuang immediately transferred targets and directly killed Li Cangyu’s guardian.

Li Cangyu summoned the fire spirit to deal with him and Lou Wushuang decisively killed Li Cangyu’s fire spirit.

Li Cangyu admired this. He saw that Lou Wushuang’s IQ was extremely high and his playing style was quite smart. He dropped two of Li Cangyu’s pets in a row and then counted the cooldown time of the other pets. This made it difficult for Li Cangyu to use pets to control his opponent. Instead, he would fall into the danger of having no pets available.

Li Cangyu naturally couldn’t let himself fall into such a disadvantage. He noticed something was wrong and immediately used Flying Feather Steps to run. Cat God’s escape technique was particularly skillful.

His 40% blood meant he would undoubtedly lose to Lou Wushuang and Bai Xuan but Li Cangyu still refused to die. He used Flying Feather Steps to consume a lot of Lou Wushuang’s skills before finally falling under his dagger.

The Frost Team sent the second group of partners, Zhang Shaohui and Chu Yan.

Many Ghost Spirits fans were excited when they saw this.  The Lou Zhang brothers had grown up together and were cousins. They were usually inseparable in the team and cooperated with the best understanding. They were repeatedly nominated for the best partners aware and led the Ghost Spirits team to successfully win the championship.

Since their debut, the two of them had always appeared in the form of a combination. Zhang Shaohui had to protect his brother no matter what. In a post-match interview, a reporter once said that if Lou Wushuang was in front, Zhang Shaohui would be behind him. The vice-captain’s protection of his brother was notorious in the league.

The two brothers were actually facing each other in the arena today. It was enough to make the audience members feel excited.


Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help feeling dazed when he saw Lou Wushuang. His brother was smart and rational. Sometimes he was so calm he was like a cold-blooded animal.

Zhang Shaohui was first discovered by the captain of Ghost Spirits because of his excellent game talent. At that time, Lou Wushuang was still ignorant of Miracle. Then in less than a year, Lou Wushuang caught up to Zhang Shaohui and even surpassed him.

This time, Zhang Shaohui didn’t have much confidence facing his brother in the arena!

Even so, he couldn’t just admit defeat.

Zhang Shaohui immediately entered stealth and lurked behind Bai Xuan, trying to use Chu Yan’s help to kill the milk dad Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan’s alertness was very strong. As Zhang Shaohui moved around, Bai Xuan was also jumping around. This meant Zhang Shaohui couldn’t accurately locate him and ended up being behind Lou Wushuang.

Lou Wushuang asked: [What are you doing behind my back? You aren’t coming out?]

Zhang Shaohui was embarrassed. […Did you guess?]

Lou Wushuang was a bit speechless. This idiot, they had been together for so long that it was impossible not to guess. He must’ve unsuccessfully tried to assassinate Vice-Captain Bai and then ended up lurking behind Lou Wushuang.

Obviously lurking but not acting, wasn’t this showing heart to his brother?

Lou Wushuang’s indifferent eyes softened at this thought and he directly lurked behind Chu Yan to deal with Chu Yan.

The brothers asked each other a question and then left each other. The Ghost Spirits fans were a bit dull. [Aren’t they fighting?] [Captain Lou and Vice-Captain Zhang don’t seem used to being opponents.] [Vice-Captain Zhang still has a bit of conscience, unlike Vice-Captain Cheng who went hard against Captain Tan!] [This is why brothers are brothers!] [You forgot, Vice-Captain Zhang said that when they registered, they agreed that they should always be good partners and never aim blades at each other.]

Zhang Shaohui was really in a daze because Lou Wushuang’s ID of Vestige always accompanied him for a full five years. He was used to seeing this blood kin assassin as his own person.

On the field, he always cooperated with Lou Wushuang to protect each other and kill the enemy. Suddenly, Vestige became an opponent and Zhang Shaohui couldn’t respond.

Lou Wushuang also didn’t attack him. For these brothers, the names Vestige and Shadow had a special meaning when they were registered together. At the time, they agreed to never aim blades at each other and would consciously open side accounts when training with the team. The pair of assassins who accompanied each other for five years didn’t want to aim at each other today.

However, since they met in the ring, they couldn’t stand in place as soy sauce.

Zhang Shaohui turned to kill Bai Xuan and Lou Wushuang to kill Chu Yan. The survival ability of Bai Xuan’s healer and Chu Yan’s auxiliary was extremely high and it was hard to chase them on this map. The result was 10 minutes passed without anyone dying.

Once the battle continued to 12 minutes and Bai Xuan still had half blood left, Zhang Shaohui couldn’t bear it anymore and made a suggestion. [Why don’t we all go down and let the third group play?]

Lou Wushuang agreed. [Yes.]

Zhang Shaohui: [Brother, you jump into the sea first?]

Lou Wushuang: [You first.]

Zhang Shaohui smiled. [Don’t lie to me.]

Bai Xuan suggested: [Or perhaps Vice-Captain Chu should jump first.]

Chu Yan asked: [Am I stupid? What if you don’t die after I jump?]

Bai Xuan smiled. [I will keep my word. You kill yourself and I will kill myself.]

Chu Yan: [Then you jump first.]

The audience, “…”

There was laughter at the venue. How did things end up like this? This was the arena and they were big gods. Yet the big gods were discussing about who would jump in first?

However, there was no other way. Lou Wushuang and Zhang Shaohui had an agreement since they were young that Vestige and Shadow would never oppose each other. This was known to fans. The two brothers wouldn’t take the initiative to kill each other.

The two outputs didn’t do their best and the healer couldn’t die. It was estimated that this match would last until dinner so it was better to finish it quickly for the next group.

In the end, the oldest Chu Yan said, “Let’s look at the time bar and jump when it is 15 minutes.”

The other three people agreed.

The time bar quickly reached 15 minutes and the four people jumped into the sea, directly ending the second stage.

The audience, “…”

These guys were so funny! The second stage of the arena turned into a suicide discussion and everyone could only wait for the third stage to restore the atmosphere.


The third stage was the Fire Team’s Su Yu against the Frost Team’s Ling Liu combination. In fact, Li Cangyu saw this combination and thought the Frost Team would lose.

It wasn’t because Ling Xuefeng and Liu Xiang’s level weren’t as good. It was because the frequency of Liu Xiang adding blood was different to Ling Xuefeng’s attack frequency. After all, the two people weren’t teammates and were hastily put together. They couldn’t compare to the Flying Feathers team’s ace combination.

The facts proved it. Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng used the violence of the two melee classes to take away the healer Liu Xiang. Then it was 2v1 and Ling Xuefeng found it difficult to fight.

The moment Yu Pingsheng made him dizzy with the axe, Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help thinking, ‘The two of you can be arrogant now. One day I will go out with my Cat and abuse you.’

The Su Yu pair didn’t know Captain Ling’s thoughts and happily killed Captain Ling.

The host announced, “The Fire Team has won the third game! Today’s Carnival score is 2:1 with the Fire Team as the victor. The losing team will provide three signature prizes to the audience. They have to also select a person to accept the punishment of the other team! You can discuss who will accept the punishment.”

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to point at Cheng Wei. “Cheng Wei will take it.”

Cheng Wei was stunned. ‘Idol, did you just sell me? I’m going to become a black fan!’

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Go on.”

The others were in favour of letting Cheng Wei be punished and Cheng Wei had to go to the centre of the stage with his head bowed.

The Fire Team unanimously agreed to let Tan Shitian set the punishment. Tan Shitian came forward and the audience thought that Tan Shitian would be evil to Cheng Wei. The result was that Tan Shitian just smiled and said, “You always dislike it when I touch your head. I will give you a chance to touch my head today.”

The audience, “…”

What type of punishment was this? Captain Tan was too much!

Cheng Wei made a disbelieving expression and cried out when he saw that Tan Shitian wasn’t joking, “Don’t regret it!”

Then he reached out to touch Tan Shitian’s head. The result was that he was too short and couldn’t touch it…

He reached out again and still couldn’t touch…

The audience just realized that their height difference was so big. Wasn’t Tan Shitian blatantly mocking Cheng Wei? Look at Cheng Wei’s flushed face.

After trying to touch it a few times, Cheng Wei saw the audience laughing and immediately retracted his hand with a red face. “Change the punishment. What punishment is this?”

Tan Shitian looked at him tenderly. “I see… what about this?”

Captain Tan slightly bent over so that Cheng Wei could reach out and touch his head. Cheng Wei angrily rubbed his head and unexpectedly found that it felt good!

The audience was speechless. ‘Captain Tan, are you punishing Cheng Wei or yourself?’ Captain Tan was really soft. Cheng Wei beat him so hard in the game but he let Cheng Wei go in the punishment stage.

Cheng Wei also knew this and indescribable feelings burst in his heart as he looked at the man who took the initiative to bend down in front of him. He couldn’t help reaching out to organize Tan Shitian’s messy hair.

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