GLS: Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Carnival (4)

Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu tried their best to recover but the Fire Team’s players didn’t react slowly. For the next few questions, Tan Shitian, Su Guangmo, Lou Wushuang and Bai Xuan took turns to answer. The Frost Team eventually couldn’t recover the situation.

The first game had 12 questions and the Fire Team eventually won by 70:50!

This only showed that the pig teammates Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui were definitely undercovers sent by the Fire Team.

On the big screen, the score became 1:0 and the Fire Team took the lead.

The six members of the Fire Team were smiling while on the Frost Team, Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui looked like students who made mistakes.

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei making the mistake and had to hold back his smile. He always thought this guy was silly but very cute. Lou Wushuang also felt that despite his younger brother’s mistakes, many people liked him. Zhang Shaohui’s IQ wasn’t high but he was tall, strong and honest. Whenever Lou Wushuang leaned on his chest, he always got a strange sense of security.


The first game ended and the host announced the rules for the second game.

“The second game is called ‘The Heart has a Connection’. The two sides will each send a combination. One person will have their back to the big screen while the other person will face the big screen. Words related to Miracle will appear on the screen and the person facing it will have to use language and movements to describe the word. When describing it, the person can’t speak the word or it will be regarded as a foul. The person will their back to the screen has to guess the word. Guessing correctly will add 10 points while guessing incorrectly will deduct 10 points. The time limit is 2 minutes. The team that scores higher will win! If you can’t guess then you can directly pass the word.”

This time of game had appeared in many variety shows and it was to test the tacit understanding between two people.

The combination sent by the Fire Team should be Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng. The two of them got along with each other and their tacit understanding was definitely the highest. However, everyone knew that Yu Pingsheng had a silent personality and he wouldn’t be able to think of a way to describe the word in one minute. It should be Su Guangmo explaining and Yu Pingsheng guessing.

The focus of the viewers’ speculation was on who the Frost Team would send. A closer look revealed that the six members of the Frost Team, Ling, Cat, Cheng, Zhang, Liu and Chu were all from different teams. They definitely weren’t as good as the Fire Team’s Su Yu…

Many viewers thought this but only Bai Xuan knew… he was afraid that the Fire Team would lose this game.

Moments later, the two sides submitted the people they would send.

The Fire Team: Su Guangmo explaining and Yu Pingsheng guessing.

The Frost Team: Li Cangyu explaining and Ling Xuefeng guessing.

Many spectators were so startled that their mouths dropped open. Captain Ling and Cat God were partners?

Could their tacit understanding exceed the Su Yu combination?


The second game officially began and Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng went first.

The first word on the big screen was ‘swordsman.’ Su Guangmo pointed to himself and said, “The class I play.” Yu Pingsheng quickly reacted. “Swordsman!”

Of course, this simple question could be answered by anyone.

The second question ‘western suburbs of Yisu City’ many many viewers feel worried. How could this be described? As a result, Su Guangmo bluntly said, “The place where I robbed your goods that were protected by an escort.”

Yu Pingsheng, “The western suburbs of Yisu City.”

The audience, “…”

Captain Su, do you want to reveal your own black history?

The two people really understood each other. Su Guangmo’s fingers moved as he explained and Yu Pingsheng watched seriously. In two minutes, they actually guessed 20 questions, which was a speed of 6 seconds per question!

The viewers saw the 200 points on the Fire Team’s scoreboard and many of them wanted to celebrate the Fire Team’s victory in advance!

The host smiled and said, “Captain Su and Vice-Captain Yu are really old partners. The degree of their understanding is admirable! Can Captain Ling and Cat God from the Frost Team surpass this 200 points? I will invite the two of them to play!

Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu walked to the centre of the big stage.

The lights on the stage were a bit dazzling. As they shone on Ling Xuefeng’s body, his deep eyes became as bright as stars. He nodded slightly towards Li Cangyu in an encouraging manner.

Li Cangyu smiled back at him and made an OK gesture to the host.

The guessing session officially began!

The first question: Race.

Li Cangyu reacted quickly and immediately said, “There are six!” Ling Xuefeng answered, “Race!”

It took less than three seconds for 10 points to appear on the scorecard.

The next question: Cover the Sky.

Li Cangyu said, “The skill I hate the most.” Ling Xuefeng replied without hesitation, “Cover the Sky.”

The audience was a bit surprised. They didn’t expect Ling Xuefeng to understand Li Cangyu so much. He didn’t show any hesitation and could immediately answer?

The third question: Cataclysm.

Li Cangyu pointed to himself and didn’t speak. Ling Xuefeng replied, “Cataclysm.”

“Amazing!” Li Cangyu gave a thumbs up and happily explained the next question. “The new district I opened an account in.”

“Moonlight Forest.”

“New District Saturday…”

“Legion defense.”

“The class of your side account.”

“Black magician.”

“Where was our first PK?”

“Yisu City Square.”

“Your favourite pet.”


“My favourite pet.”

“Wind spirit.”


The audience watched them with complicated expressions.

For many questions, Li Cangyu only had to say half a it and Ling Xuefeng could guess. Based on this process, the audience discovered that their private relationship was really good. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng knew each other’s side accounts and also preferences!

The favourite pet and most annoying skill. Li Cangyu just had to say it and Ling Xuefeng didn’t make any mistakes when guessing!

The audience was gobsmacked as two minutes finally ended. Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were from different teams but they unexpected counterattacked, surpassing the Su Yu combination and taking 300 points in one breath!

30 questions, it was a speed of 4 seconds per question. Who would dare to believe they weren’t a team.

This game was called The Heart has a Connection. Were their hearts really connected?

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