GLS: Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Carnival (3)

The host took the box to the great gods in turn and the 12 people were quickly put into groups.

In addition to Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu, the other members of the Frost Team were Cheng Wei, Zhang Shaohui, Liu Xiang and Chu Yan. Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng, Ghost Spirits’ captain Lou Wushuang, Time’s captain Tan Shitian, Bai Xuan and Yan Ruiwen were in the Fire Team.

The Frost Team had the double summoners Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu but the Fire Team had the three super popular captains of Su, Tan and Lou. The strength of both sides could be called quite equal.

For this grouping, the happiest one was Cheng Wei. Once he draw the badge, he immediately ran to Li Cangyu’s side with a smile. “Hey, Cat God and I are in a team. We will definitely win and kill them!”

His expression really was like a kitten. Li Cangyu saw him smiling so happily and patted him on the shoulder. “Do a good job later.”

Cheng Wei formed fists and cried out, “Of course!”


The host posted the list of members for both teams on the big screen while also opening the voting channel for the off-site audience.

Within three minutes, the Frost and Fire teams support votes exceeded 20,000, showing that the gap in fans for both sides wasn’t large.

The host asked the 12 great gods to take the seats on both sides of the stage.

The Carnival was grand in scale and the venue was carefully arranged. There was a ice-blue light on the Frost Team’s side, while the floor of the stage was rendered with the effect of ice and snow. On the other side, the Fire Team naturally had warm red lights and the stage was like flashing flames.

For the Frost Team, Ling Xuefeng naturally sat in first place and Li Cangyu consciously sat next to him. Cheng Wei immediately followed and sat next to Cat God while the other players were more casual about their position.

Everyone in the Fire Team was also sitting around while the most qualified Su Guangmo was pushed to the top.

The contestants on both sides were ready and the host announced the rules of the competition. “There are three projects today. The team that wins two of them will win. The first one is—the knowledge contest! “”At the beginning of the game, the topic will be released on the big screen. Once you see the question, you can start to answer it. You can get 10 points for a correct answer and will be deducted 10 points for a wrong answer. There are 12 questions in total and the team with the highest score will win! Do you have any questions about the rules of the game?”

Li Cangyu had watched some broadcasts of the previous Miracle Carnivals and there was no knowledge competition. He was confused and asked Ling Xuefeng, “Is this a new game added this year?”

Ling Xuefeng tilted his head and whispered in Li Cangyu’s ear. “Yes, from the third season, the Carnival’s annual events were updated to keep it fresh for the audience. This year is the first year the knowledge contest has emerged.”

Li Cangyu suddenly realized. “Oh, no wonder. I remember it used to be 1v1, a team battle and a race or something.”

The two people were whispering together, lips stuck to their ears. The host couldn’t help joking, “Cat God, you should ask me the questions! Don’t just ask Captain Ling. I am the host!”

Li Cangyu turned around and gave a handsome smile. “Sorry, this is the first time I’m participating in the Carnival and I was too excited.”

The words made the audience burst out laughing while those in the front row felt complicated. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were openly whispering and this image was really blinding. Were they really the strongest opponents? If they have such a good relationship then what about the fans? The war of words between the fans weren’t over yet so couldn’t the two of them cooperate?

Then Cheng Wei suddenly raised his hand. “Host, I would like to ask a question. Is there no time limit for answering? For example, in many knowledge questions, everyone will press the buzzer in advance and then answer.”

The host smiled and said, “We don’t have a time limit. The question will be shown on the big screen and everyone will see it. If you know the answer, you can press the answer buzzer. If you have confidence in your answer then you can answer it in advance.”

Cheng Wei nodded thoughtfully. “I understand!”

“Does anyone else have questions?”

Zhang Shaohui raised his hand. “What if two people press the buzzer at the same time?”

The host replied, “There will always be a second difference. Our buzzers are very sensitive.” Zhang Shaohui seriously asked, “What if it is really at the same time?”

The host was helpless. “If it is at the same time then the question will become invalid.”

Zhang Shaohui smiled. “Understood!”

“If there are no problems then the first round of our knowledge contest will officially begin! Audience members here and watching in front of the TV, if you know the answer then you can send it directly to our official public platform. The top six who answer the most questions correct will receive an official commemorative souvenir!”


At this time, many professional players not participating in the Carnival were watching the live broadcast on TV.

In the Canglan training room, everyone was gathered in one place. Xie Shurong opened the big screen the captain usually used to explain tactics and connected to the live broadcast room, just like watching a movie.

Upon hearing the host, the four teenagers immediately took out their phones and prepared to answer the questions.

Zhang Cheming couldn’t help wondering, “Are you that interested in signatures? What if the prize is Cat God’s signature? You can just wait for him to come back.”

Gu Siming’s fingers quickly moved on his phone as he said, “No. The signature is usually given to an audience member randomly drawn. The off-site audience generally receives a super precious limited edition!”

Zhang Jueming heard this and also shamelessly pulled out his phone. “Then I will also participate!”

After one minute of preparation time, the first question finally appeared on the big screen.

[There are six races in Miracle, of which the one with the fastest movement is…]


The light in front of the Frost Team’s Cheng Wei suddenly lit up. He had quickly pressed the answer button.

“The elf race!” Cheng Wei excitedly cried into the microphone. “Did I get it right?”

The host smiled. “The answer is wrong. The Frost Team has lost 10 points.”

Cheng Wei’s expression was dull, as if he couldn’t believe that he actually answered wrong…

“Isn’t the elf race the fastest? I can’t make such a low-level mistake!” Cheng Wei stared at the host for a clarification.

The host helplessly said, “The question isn’t asking for the race that is the fastest. Vice-Captain Cheng, keep looking at the question.”

Cheng Wei scratched his head. “Oh…”

The question continued to be typed out on the big screen in black font. [The fastest is the elf race. The elves have a special racial movement skill called Flying Feather Steps. The cooldown time of Flying Feather Steps is…]

Buzz! The light in front of the Frost Team’s Zhang Shaohui lit up and he answered decisively. “Five seconds!”

The host said, “The answer is wrong. The Frost Team has lost 10 points.”

Zhang Shaohui made a dull expression. “It isn’t five seconds?”

The host looked very helpless. “The question isn’t asking this.”

The audience burst out laughing. The Frost Team’s Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui were simply living treasures! Giving 20 points away in the beginning, it was really terrible for their other teammates.

The question on the big screen continued. [The cooldown is five seconds. If an elf player’s Flying Feather Steps is in cooldown, how long does it take to finish a 20 metre waterway at a normal speed?]

The pile of nonsense at the beginning was obviously to deliberately confuse the contestants and people like Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui actually fell for it!

Buzz! At the end of the question, the Fire Team’s Lou Wushuang pressed the buzzer. He pushed his glasses up his nose and replied coldly, “It takes 15.5 seconds.”

The host clapped. “The answer is correct! The Fire Team has gained 10 points!”

The audience gave Lou Wushuang a warm applause.

They heard that Captain Lou was really good at mathematics and he could instantly calculate the answer to this question. The man’s expression was cold and he usually didn’t like to be interviewed, but this image of an iceberg man attracted many fans. For the players who especially loved to play an assassin, Lou Wushuang was regarded as the perfect assassin male god.

As for Zhang Shaohui…

The teasing type assassin was really the wrong style!

On the big screen, the Fire Team had 10 points while the Frost Team had -20 points. Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui were tearful while Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were helpless. What was with these pig teammates? Why were they in a hurry to answer? The question hadn’t finished!

The audience also found it ridiculous. They saw the Fire Team’s 10 points and the Frost Team’s -20 points and many people expressed concern about Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui’s IQ…

In the live broadcast room, people commented: [I feel that the Fire Team can win this game!] [Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui must be undercovers sent by the Fire Team!] [Vice-Captain Zhang listens to his brother. Once his brother’s cold eyes swept over him, he automatically answered and lost points!] [The Fire Team has Captain Lou. Captain Lou is a famous school tyrant. If there are more calculation questions then the Fire Team will win!]

The problem was that the two pig teammates Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui gave away 20 points. Li Cangyu had a headache as he explained to Cheng Wei, “Wait for the question to finish before answering.”

Cheng Wei nodded with a red face. “Yes!”

Zhang Shaohui scratched his head with embarrassment as he saw Lou Wushuang slightly smiling across the stage because of his correct answer. Zhang Shaohui felt that he was a big stupid. No, he was stupid. He shouldn’t go for the buzzer!


Due to the Frost Team’s loss in the first question because of the two living treasures, Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui consciously quieted down and acted as soy sauce.

[Which of the following is a difficult kill map in the professional league. A: Endless Sea…]

Buzz! This time the light in front of Li Cangyu turned on.

“I select A.” Li Cangyu spoke confidently.

The host asked, “Cat God, do you want to consider other options?  BCD hasn’t appeared yet.”

Li Cangyu simled. “It must be A. We always choose this map at home.”

Endless Sea was indeed a kill map that Canglan chose at home. It was no wonder why he pressed the buzzer in an instant. However, everyone had to admire his reaction rate. Some people hadn’t finished reading the question when he finished answering!

The host’s eyes lit up with appreciation. “Let’s see the rest of the answers. B: Dark Cave. C: Ice Valley. D: Demon Forest. The correct answer is A. The Frost Team has gained 10 points.”

The audience members warmly clapped.

It was an early answer but Cheng Wei and Zhang Shaohui both lost 10 points while Li Cangyu decisively gained 10 points. So… Cat God was reliable while Vice-Captain Wei and Zhang only dragged down their legs.

Cheng Wei was confused. “How can you answer it correctly in advance?”

Li Cangyu explained, “The wording of the question shows that it is clearly a multiple choice question. If you see the right option then you can answer it directly. There is no need to wait.’

Cheng Wei blushed and scratched his head. “Oh…”

He was bad in school. Every time there was a test, he was busy biting his pen and didn’t have any skills when it came to answering questions.

Li Cangyu had answered a question correctly but the Frost Team started to -20 points. The addition of 10 points was still a negative score. It wasn’t easy to catch up.

“Please look at the third question!” The host released the next question on the big screen. [The angel white magician has only 30% and 20% blue left. The demon black magician has only 20% blood and 30% blue left. The two people have a similar level. In a stateless and ordinary map showdown, what is their winning percentage?”

The audience, “…”

This type of question was similar to: Xiao Ming departed form the airport to the station and Xiao Tian departed from the station to the airport. If their speed is XXX each, how long does it take to meet?

How could they calculate the probability? The question was really difficult for a lot of professional players.

Cheng Wei even took out his phone to use it as a calculator.

The result was that the question just appeared when Ling Xuefeng on the Frost Team pressed the buzzer.

The host was surprised. “Has Captain Ling figured it out?”

Ling Xuefeng answered calmly, “There is no need to calculate anything. The winning percentage is 50%.”

The host looked confused. “The white magician’s blood is higher while the black magician’s blue is higher. How can the winning percentage be equal?”

Ling Xuefeng explained, “This amount of blood means a set of moves can take away the life. The person who finds an opportunity first will win. The amount of blue and blood given is just to confuse everyone. We don’t need to pay attention to it.”

The answer on the big screen was really 50%.

The host looked at Ling Xuefeng with an expression of worship. “Captain Ling is really amazing. You can see it instantly!”

The Captain Ling fans excitedly filled the screen with flowers.

Ling Xuefeng was already handsome and his calm expression when answering the question could be made into a desktop image. Many people commented: [Lick Captain Ling!] [I am licking the screen +1!]

[Today’s uniform is so handsome!]

[I suddenly feel that when Captain Ling and Cat God are sitting together, the uniform is a bit like a couples outfit…]

This comment was instantly killed by fans of both sides.

[Get lost, we don’t want to be a couple with the cat!] [The Canglan team’s uniform is ugly. Who wants to be paired with Canglan?] [The Wind Colour uniform is ugly and I can’t look directly at it. Adding a red embellishment to black, it is just like the scene of a murder!] [White with blue is more like a rag!]

The fans on both sides were arguing while at the venue, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were clapping in celebration for the Frost Team finally returning to 0 points after losing 20 points due to their pig teammates.

Ling Xuefeng wearing black and red was extremely calm while Li Cangyu wearing white and blue was extremely sunny and refreshing. The moment the two of them clapped in celebration, they seemed a bit like a couple…

The arguing in the live broadcast room stopped and the fans on both sides were tearful. The relationship between the two gods was so good that the fans felt like their left hand was twisting their right hand. No one could win!

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The two people were whispering together, lips stuck to their ears. The host couldn’t help joking, “Cat God, you should ask me the questions! Don’t just ask Captain Ling. I am the host!”

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