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GLS: Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 – Basketball Match

The result was that a fierce battle on the basketball court was launched between the masters team and the apprentices team.

Li Cangyu’s basketball techniques were excellent. He was fast when dribbling and his shooting was stable. In particular, his action of jumping and doing a hook shot was so handsome that people couldn’t help staring.

To his surprise, Xiao Han also played very well. Xiao Han wasn’t as tall as him but his footsteps were more flexible and he had a high shooting rate from long distances.

The thing that made Li Cangyu cry was that Qin Mo’s level of playing basketball was really unbearable. Once the ball was passed to him, he would lose it after two moves. When he stood in front of the basket, he would throw it and the ball would be thrown outside the basketball court!

Young man, are you playing basketball or throwing the ball?

Xiao Han disliked this pig teammate and suggested, “Don’t shoot. Just grab the ball and throw it at me.”

Qin Mo, “…Ah.”

He used to sneer at Xiao Han’s Chinese level and didn’t expect that he would be teased for his basketball skills. Qin Mo was a bit sad… However, he saw that his master wasn’t as good as Cat God and Qin Mo’s heart was suddenly balanced.

Ling Xuefeng wasn’t as terrible as Qin Mo but his shooting accuracy was very low. He could only rely on the advantage of his height and stand under the basket to dunk. Then three out of ten balls would make it in. The point was that his dunking action was very handsome. This handsome action alone could make up from his lacking skills.

Poor Qin Mo never threw one ball in from beginning to end.

In other words, every time the four people got together, Qin Mo couldn’t change his fate of being at the ‘bottom of the food chain.’


In the basketball game, the score of the masters team was overwhelmingly dominant.

Ling Xuefeng wasn’t as good at shooting as Li Cangyu but his ability to find opportunities was strong. His ability to grab the ball was quite accurate. Xiao Han often couldn’t react before the basketball in his hand was taken away by Captain Ling. Then Ling Xuefeng would decisively turn and throw the ball to Li Cangyu, who would dribble the ball at a fast speed and shoot, scoring points.

Every time the ball made it in, Li Cangyu would happily walk to Ling Xuefeng and celebrate each other’s tacit cooperation.

The apprentices saw their masters high-fiving and wanted to cry. Once the score reached 96:36, Xiao Han finally couldn’t help exclaiming, “Master, it isn’t right for you to bully your apprentices.”

The soy sauce Qin Mo immediately agreed. “Yes!”

Li Cangyu saw the two teenagers gasping from tiredness and his heart softened.

He did have fun today abusing the two little guys who couldn’t fight back. This abuse of his apprentice wasn’t good so Li Cangyu beckoned for the two of them to come over and told them, “Okay, Master will invite you to eat. It is my treat and Xuefeng will pay the bill.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “No problem.”

Xiao Han was happy. “This method of returning is a lot bad.”

Qin Mo almost sprayed out his water and immediately correct. “Not, it is not bad! Didn’t I teach you this morning?”

Xiao Han said, “Oh, it is almost the same.”

Li Cangyu laughed at both of them and couldn’t help patting Xiao Han’s golden head. “What do you want to eat?”

Xiao Han stared at him. “Master, you don’t want to eat fish?”

Li Cangyu would buy fish every time he treated someone so Xiao Han was very confused. Li Cangyu had just eaten Ling Xuefeng’s personally cooked fish yesterday and didn’t want to eat fish again today. He went over to Ling Xuefeng and asked, “What is good to eat nearby?”

Ling Xuefeng thought carefully. “There is a privately-owned restaurant nearby that isn’t bad. I will take you to try it.”

The decision immediately got everyone’s approval. Ling Xuefeng drove them to a community with a good environment to try an authentic Shanghai private restaurant.


It was rare for Li Cangyu to be so completely relaxed. He was in a good mood and ate a lot of food.

In the afternoon, Ling Xuefeng drove them to the city to go shopping. If they were discovered by paparazzi, the image would be like two big gods taking their sons around to travel.

The two teenagers played happily. They had their masters escorting them and a free private car to sit in. This was definitely more convenient than taking a taxi or catching a bus.

More importantly, they didn’t have to pay for anything they wanted to buy! Their masters would pay. It was great to have a backer!

Of course, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu also felt warm. Qin Mo and Xiao Han might not be their sons but they were teenagers that the masters appreciated and focused on raising. These apprentices would receive important tasks in the future.

Ling Xuefeng might be particularly strict with Qin Mo but he actually felt very appreciative of this boy. Otherwise he wouldn’t accept Qin Mo as a disciple.

Li Cangyu was even more fond of Xiao Han. He sometimes touched his apprentice’s head and was very patient when speaking to his apprentice.

One day passed quickly. Ling Xuefeng considerately sent the two apprentices back to their hotels and then took Li Cangyu home.

On the way back, Li Cangyu suddenly asked, “Xuefeng, do you like children?”

Ling Xuefeng was a bit surprised by the question. He looked over and wondered, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Li Cangyu looked into the other person’s eyes and said seriously, “I just think that if you have children, you will be a good father. You will be strict with your child’s education and talk to them seriously but you can give your child the most correct guidance. You will be a father whom the children respect the most.”

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help smiling at the praise. “I don’t think I’m as good as you say?”

Li Cangyu exclaimed, “Don’t be modest! Based on your attitude towards Qin Mo, you will be strict towards the younger generation but this will allow them to grow up as quickly as possible.” He paused before suddenly changing the topic. “If you like children, later we can adopt one… or two?”

Ling Xuefeng was startled. He hadn’t expected this topic to suddenly be brought up.

Li Cangyu continued, “We are together and definitely can’t have children. However, I can’t selfishly deprive you of the right to be a father. So… if you like, I really don’t mind adopting children.”

Ling Xuefeng listened to him seriously considering the future and was moved.

In fact, the two of them were in a hurry when they were together and hadn’t planned carefully for the future.

Falling in love and getting married were completely different matters. Many people in love were happy as long as they were together and didn’t think about the future. Now his lover was thinking of him and planning their future. This showed that Ling Xuefeng’s weight in Li Cangyu’s heart wasn’t as simple as lovers.

He was the one Li Cangyu wanted to spend a lifetime with so he was included in the plan.

Li Cangyu’s future would always contain Ling Xuefeng.

This was obviously Li Cangyu’s intention behind staying with Ling Xuefeng. He wasn’t playing around in this relationship. It was a serious love so he would worry over these things. He thought about Ling Xuefeng’s feelings and considered the future.

Such a straightforward and serious Li Cangyu instantly softened Ling Xuefeng’s heart. He suddenly braked and parked the car on the side of the road. Then he turned and hugged Li Cangyu.

“It is enough to have you.” Ling Xuefeng whispered, “As long as you are willing to stay with me, that is enough.”

The man’s low voice contained a hint of excitement…

Li Cangyu was startled before reaching out to gently stroke Ling Xuefeng’s back.

He understood Ling Xuefeng’s excitement,

In the years he had left Miracle, Ling Xuefeng had been waiting for him. Li Cangyu hadn’t personally experienced this type of ‘obsessively waiting for a person’ but he could understand it.

Perhaps because he waited for too long but Ling Xuefeng’s heart still had some unreal and uncertain feelings despite the two of them being together. Perhaps Ling Xuefeng was worried that one day Li Cangyu would leave him?

Li Cangyu gently hugged him and said softly, “Xuefeng, you should know what type of person I am. Once I am serious about something, I will definitely stick to it. I am serious about you. No matter what happens in the future, let’s face it together and resolve it together. I will be the person you most rely on. Understood?”

Ling Xuefeng had been decisive and strong from an early age. If someone had said this to him then he would find it ridiculous. Now these sentences were spoken by his beloved and he felt an extra warmth.

Yes, in this relationship, Li Cangyu was as determined as Ling Xuefeng was.

Ling Xuefeng happily discovered Li Cangyu’s true intentions today and he felt that waiting for many years was particularly worthwhile.

How could three years matter when he could wait for a lover like Li Cangyu?

Ling Xuefeng tightened his grip and whispered, “Li Cangyu, I love you.”

This simple confession was what he wanted to say most. It was the first time he formally called out the other person’s name. Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling and patted him on the shoulder. “Me too.”

The two people smiled at each other.

The so-called love was deep and spring blossoms were blossoming in the depths of their hearts.

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Jeongipoom Deer
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I’d like to explain to everyone who might think in the past (or even now) that Cangyu’s feelings development for Xuefeng was too abrupt. Because it’s not. As explained here, it’s just how he treats all things: once he starts, once he takes the first step, he’ll bulldozes forward and never questions his own past decisions (like with FTD team and Canglan old team). So when he realised his feelings, he quickly accepted them and started to act accordingly. He’s a proud, loyal cat who’s mature enough to know and pursue what he wants, omitting any unnecessary inner drama or constipated feelings denial. I respect him so much.

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas
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