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Chapter 185 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (7)

Li Cangyu moved around the cave for a while and Ling Xuefeng chased him. Soon, the cooldown of his skills was over and Li Cangyu suddenly stopped. He summoned the water spirit and used its control skill!

However, Ling Xuefeng seemed to have long guessed this and cleverly slipped to the side to avoid it.

Li Cangyu suddenly turned back to attack and the result was that Ling Xuefeng could still avoid it…

Did they share one brain?

The more the audience looked, the stranger they felt this game was. It felt like a confrontation between two people with tacit understanding. The Ling Cat combination didn’t even lose to the brothers of the Ghost Spirits team!

Li Cangyu’s water spirit control skill was wasted but he wasn’t in a hurry. He wandered around the back of a stone pillar and summoned the fire spirit and thunder spirit. His movement speed was affected by Demon Possession but his attack speed wasn’t. The speed of his pets summoning was still dazzling.

By the time Ling Xuefeng found him being the stone pillar, he faced the fire spirit’s Fireball and the thunder spirit’s Thunder’s Wrath!

This time, Ling Xuefeng only escaped Fireball. The range of Thunder’s Wrath meant he was hit hard and his blood volume fell from 50% to 25%.

This blood volume was very dangerous. The explosion of many great gods in the league could take his life with one wave. The Wind Colour fans were a bit anxious…

On the other hand, Ling Xuefeng was calm despite his residual blood state. After being hit by Li Cangyu’s group attack skill, he immediately retaliated by summoned his skeleton infantry and using Skeleton Explosion!

The two demon skeletons surrounded Li Cangyu on the left and right and exploded, also forcing Li Cangyu’s blood volume to 25%!

The two people’s blood volume levelled out again.

At this time, Demon Possession came to an end. Li Cangyu resumed his previous movement speed and used Flying Feather Steps to disappear from Ling Xuefeng’s field of view.

The audience couldn’t help feeling nervous. The two gods were bloodied and anyone could seize the opportunity to kill the other person.

The even more worrying thing was that the two small apprentices had fought alone and also beat each other into residual blood.

Xiao Han actually played well in the game. At least, he didn’t make the mistake of being accidentally injured by the sacrifice’s rebound shield.

He cleverly used his stealth skill to delay Qin Mo and went around him, using a beautiful set of assassin combos. However, Qin Mo’s game experience was richer. Immediately after being hit, he summoned the spider to set Xiao Han in place.

Qin Mo was very familiar with quickly summoning pets. The blood snake’s bite added several layers of blood loss effects on Xiao Han and the blood kin race had the special feature of sucking up blood while attacking. Qin Mo and Xiao Han’s blood volume were originally even but this set of attacks restored Qin Mo’s health.

Xiao Han was also a blood kin but his skill in sucking blood while attacking wasn’t as sophisticated as Qin Mo. After a long time, the amount of blood that Qin Mo absorbed from attacking surpassed Xiao Han.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng both had 25% blood left, Xiao Han had only 10% and Qin Mo had 15%.

Xiao Han’s blood strip was flashing red and he immediately hid in stealth. In this state, he was likely to be directly killed if Qin Mo used the vampire bat’s big move!

However, Xiao Han underestimated Qin Mo’s sharp insight. The moment he used combat stealth, Qin Mo already opened the vampire bats’ big move. The black bats flew and decisively took away Xiao Han’s blood!

[Shepherd has killed Frost Descends!]

The Wind Colour fans cheered excitedly the moment this popped out.

Xiao Han had died, Qin Mo had 15% blood and Ling Xuefeng had 25% blood left. If the two people stably played Cat God then they would win. Many people wanted to celebrate in advance.

Still, Li Cangyu wouldn’t admit defeat so easily. The moment Xiao Han died, he already rushed to the battlefield on the other side of the map. He saw the bloody Qin Mo from behind a pillar and summoned his wind spirit to blow Ling Xuefeng away and prevent him from interfering. Then he used the fire spirit’s attack skill to empty Qin Mo’s blood!

[Old Cat has killed Shepherd!]

This instantaneous explosive force made Qin Mo feel admiration. When he saw Cat God coming, he wanted to summon the death knight to protect himself. The result was that while reading the skill, he was interrupted by Cat God’s fireball and it was cancelled.

In other words, Cat God’s reaction speed was at least 0.5 seconds faster than him. This was the gap in awareness between him and a great god.

Qin Mo was convinced and after dying, he continued to stare seriously at the computer screen to watch his master and Cat God fight.

The fans of Wind Colour were once again nervous. They thought 2v1 had ensured victory. Who would’ve expected Cat God to use the simplest fireball combo to kill Qin Mo?

In the commentators’ room, the battle situation was too fierce and the two commentators didn’t dare say too much to interrupt the audience watching the game. After killing Qin Mo, Li Cangyu once again used Flying Feather Steps to escape from Ling Xuefeng. Yu Bing found a gap and immediately said, “It seems that Cat God’s idea today is very clear. He wants to rely on the advantage of his agility to deal with Ling Xuefeng, slowly finding opportunities to attack.”

The audience could also see this point. From the opening, Li Cangyu had been detouring the grotto and looking for a chance to shoot. He didn’t fight Ling Xuefeng head on because while he and Ling Xuefeng were fighting, Xiao Han wouldn’t be able to win against Qin Mo. Then Li Cangyu would definitely lose.

Thus, while facing Ling Xuefeng, he had to carefully observe Qin Mo’s situation. That’s how he took the opportunity to successfully kill Qin Mo. Now that he was left with Ling Xuefeng, he started to rely on the advantage of agility to play a guerrilla style.

Li Cangyu’s skills had less attack power than the other side and he must be careful. If Ling Xuefeng caught an opportunity then Li Cangyu would be the one to die.

The audience held their breaths as they watched the big screen. They saw Li Cangyu, wearing the white elf uniform, move quickly in the grotto. Ling Xuefeng pursued behind him. After bypassing a complex group of stone pillars, they met in an open space!

Li Cangyu started to use the thunder spirit’s big move!

The reason he took a detour was to wait for the cooldown of this move to finish. He didn’t have much blue yet and it was just enough to use this skill. As long as it hit, he would be able to take away the residual blood Ling Xuefeng.

However, Li Cangyu was halfway through the casting when he was forcibly interrupted by Ling Xuefeng!

Qin Mo’s reaction speed was slower than Li Cangyu but Ling Xuefeng’s reaction speed didn’t lose to Li Cangyu. The moment they met each other, Ling Xuefeng summoned the demon banshee and used the skill with the shortest casting time, Charm!

The banshee’s Charm was released quickly, much faster than Li Cangyu’s Thunder’s Wrath. It interrupted Li Cangyu’s skill and also pulled him to Ling Xuefeng’s side.

The strong pull of Charm not only brought Li Cangyu over but also interrupted his skill casting. This showed that Ling Xuefeng’s grasp of the timing of skills release was also quite accurate.

After pulling the other party over, Ling Xuefeng also used a big move—Demon God’s Descent.

He obviously wanted to kill Li Cangyu but was interrupted by Li Cangyu’s water spirit!

You interrupted me once so I interrupted you. This is quite fair.

The audience were speechless. The two of them played at 25% blood for a long time and the interruption of skills was like showing love. Couldn’t they finish it quickly? The audience’s hearts couldn’t bear it.

Ling Xuefeng seemed aware of the audience’s complaints and directly summoned his demon crows!

The overwhelming black crows surrounded Li Cangyu and instantly blocked his vision. This was the skill that Li Cangyu hated the most.

Li Cangyu had his vision blocked and naturally couldn’t use any skills. Ling Xuefeng took advantage of this short control time to quickly summon the skeleton infantry and had them surround Li Cangyu…


[Undead Demon has killed Old Cat!]

The Wind Colour fans were finally relieved the moment this news popped up on the big screen.

The Canglan fans were a bit depressed but they thought about how they won the two previous games and the score was 2:1. Then their moods improved.

The dead Li Cangyu didn’t show a disappointed or frustrated expression. Instead, he showed a handsome smile and quickly typed on the public chat: [Your consciousness is good. Have you been holding back the black crows all this time?]

Ling Xuefeng looked serious. [I can’t let you play 3:0.]

Li Cangyu’s smile became happier. [I was prepared to lose 3:0 to you. The result of 2:1 is really cheap. Aren’t you afraid of the reporters saying that you are throwing the match?]

The reporters in front of the computer who were prepared to write about Captain Ling throwing the match couldn’t help feeling a bit dull…

Ling Xuefeng replied calmly: [I never throw a match. The fact that you can take two points is due to your ability.]

Li Cangyu felt very proud. [Captain Ling, thank you for the compliment!]

Ling Xuefeng asked: [You played three games in a row, are you tired?]

Li Cangyu replied: [Fortunately, there is more time to rest in the middle of the games. I would’ve died from three team battles.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Then go back and sleep early.]

The players, “…”

The audience, “…”

The referee stared blankly at them chatting before he couldn’t stand it anymore. He coughed twice and reminded them on the voice channel, “The captains of both sides, please go back to chat. First confirm the score and sign the form. Thank you.”

The referee’s assistant took the game form to both people for their signatures. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng walked down from the players’ seats and signed their names on the results confirmation form.


At the end of the match, the big screen scored the score of Canglan 2: Wind Colour 1.

However, the Wind Colour fans were still immersed in their shock.

This was the first time in seven years that Ling Xuefeng competed with an opponent in the beginning of the match with his big move and then chatted with the opponent on the public chat once it ended.

What was wrong with today’s Captain Ling?

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Because its Cat God, what else? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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Vei Kyuu
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