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Chapter 184 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (6)

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s confrontation made the fans of both sides immediately excited. There were tens of thousands of comments on the live broadcast, all cheering on Captain Ling or Cat God. The two of them had been compared by journalists and fans since their debut and the question of who was the strongest summoner had never been decided.

In the first three seasons, they always missed each other in the arena. Now it happened!

A once in a lifetime matchup between top summoners!

The reporters all prepared their computers, planning to type the news while watching the game. Perhaps they could grab a headline later.

The camera also gave a close=up of the players on both sides. Ling Xuefeng still looked cold while Li Cangyu was as calm as always. Both of them had their left hands gently placed on the keyboard. The camera zoomed in on the slender fingers—these were the hands with the highest speed in the Miracle League.

The two players with the strongest explosive ability would face each other. The venue would definitely be heated up!

The audience thought this and the facts proved everyone right.

Once Li Cangyu and Xiao Han refreshed in Dark Grotto, they immediately rushed to the middle of the map. Ling Xuefeng and Qin Mo also didn’t waste a second. The moment that both sides met in the centre of the map, Li Cangyu quickly summoned his four water, fire, wind and thunder spirits, their attacks sweeping towards Ling Xuefeng in a wave.

—Elf Cataclysm!

At the same time, Ling Xuefeng also exploded his hand speed and quickly summoned the demon lich, skeleton infantry, black crows and demon god. A wave of dark magic filled the area and swept over Li Cangyu’s side!

—Demon God’s Rage!


The audience at the venue were stunned and many of the front-row spectators had their jaws dropped open.

Even the talkative Kou Hongyi forgot to speak from the shock while Yu Bing had a complicated expression on her face.

These two people were too exaggerated! Using the big moves as soon as they met?

Li Cangyu’s Cataclysm had been seen by many audiences. It was powerful and could make a fragile opponent’s blood directly fall to around 50%. However, the shortcomings of this skill were also known to everyone. During the vacuum where no skills could be used, Li Cangyu would be easily killed if he couldn’t hide from his opponent’s control.

Ling Xuefeng’s big move didn’t often appear on the field. It was because the Wind Colour team’s ability to set fire was very strong. Yan Ruiwen, Guo Xuan and Xu Feifan were very powerful attackers and their speed of aiming at a person was very fast. There was no need for Ling Xuefeng to use the big Demon God’s Rage move.

The nature of this skill was similar to the Elf’s Cataclysm. It required quickly summoning four demon pets and instantly let out a wide-range attack at the expense of the pets. The power wasn’t inferior to Li Cangyu’s Cataclysm.

On the big screen, the green light effect of the elf’s skill and the red smoke of the demon’s skill entangled together, as if trying to devour each other.

However, the power of the two people’s outbreaks were similar and no one could take advantage of it. The result of the big moves being opened at the same time was that all four people on the field had their blood reduced by half.

Qin Mo, “…”

Xiao Han, “…”

The two teenagers were in a dazed state. They didn’t expect their masters to be so fierce and to unleash these ruthless moves at the very beginning!


In the live broadcast room, many spectators started excitedly taking screenshots. [A once in a lifetime outbreak!] [The two people are really connected. If you open the Elf’s Cataclysm then I will open the Demon God’s Rage, no one will suffer!] [When they meet on the field, will they always use big moves against each other?] [The Ling Cat PK isn’t the same. They meet up and threw the big moves at each other. No friends!]

The audience was thrilled and Kou Hongyi’s spirit finally returned. He touched his nose and sighed, “They haven’t encountered each other in the arena in so many years and today they met each other, the thunder will hook the fire. Truly the strongest opponent!”

Yu Bing helplessly said, “The thunder hooking the fire isn’t that useful right?”

Kou Hongyi realized that he said the wrong thing and immediately corrected, “Is it a dry fire?”

Yu Bing, “…”

The level of his words was enough for him to fight with Xiao Han!

Still, Kou Hongyi’s words had a bit of truth. The two people didn’t often fight and now that they met, they directly opened their big moves. This was rare in the history of the Miracle League.

The audience took screenshots to commemorate the scene but the two people in the soundproof room were very calm. Li Cangyu’s lips were even curved in a smile. Sure enough, Ling Xuefeng was the one who knew him the best. He knew what Li Cangyu wanted and violently opened Demon God’s Rage.

In fact, the reason why Li Cangyu used Cataclysm was simple. With Ling Xuefeng’s understanding of him, he would never be able to release the skill if he didn’t use it in the beginning. Ling Xuefeng would definitely try to destroy his attack rhythm by killing his pets or interrupting his skills.

When they first met, the light of the map was dim and Ling Xuefeng’s adjusting eyesight couldn’t kill the pets instantly. Thus, Li Cangyu quickly opened the big move to decrease the other person’s blood. Otherwise, if he fought Ling Xuefeng slowly then Xiao Han couldn’t keep up and Li Cangyu’s side didn’t have a high chance of winning.

The result was that the two people used big moves, like Mars hitting Earth, and the blood volume of both sides was knocked to 50%.

It took less than half a minute from the moment they refreshed the map to when they met each other. It showed how fast Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s hand speeds were.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han was inexplicably beaten to half blood and still hadn’t recovered.

After the strong outbreak, Li Cangyu’s skills were on cooldown and he immediately moved behind a stone pillar. Ling Xuefeng chased him. Ling Xuefeng’s demon summoner wasn’t as fast as the elf but he was familiar with this map. Li Cangyu might be fast but Ling Xuefeng could take a shortcut through the obstacles!

The audience was once again stunned.

When Li Cangyu wandered to the left side, Ling Xuefeng didn’t directly chase him but went around the right side. From the perspective of the audience, the two people were always separated by a few pillars.  Then when Li Cangyu came out from a left stone pillar, Ling Xuefeng appeared right it front of him. It was as if Ling Xuefeng had been waiting for him to run over!

Li Cangyu, “…”

At this moment, Li Cangyu’s heart collapsed. This truly was an opponent who knew him. Ling Xuefeng even guessed the way he would go!

Sure enough, the sly cat was at this junction. Ling Xuefeng showed a slight smile on his serious face.


The audience was quite speechless at this time. They felt that the mutual understanding of these two people had reached a realm that ordinary people couldn’t understand. The person who knew you the best was your strongest opponent!

By the way, was Ling Xuefeng smiling?

The big screen was always aimed at the game while the small screen next to it had a close-up of the players’ faces. The audience sitting in the back rows couldn’t see it but the loyal Wind Colour fans in the front row were concerned about the captain’s state. Many people saw the scene where his lips curved slightly.

However, everyone felt that they must be seeing things.

Ling Xuefeng was smiling? Don’t joke around! Captain Ling had always been known as the ‘abstinent male god.’ In the past, whether he was playing the game or in an interview, he was always calm and never smiled. Many people thought that Ling Xuefeng had long lost the skill of ‘smiling.’

Then what happened just now? Everyone was confused.

On the field, Ling Xuefeng succeeded in guessing Li Cangyu’s movement route and detoured to block him. Ling Xuefeng didn’t hesitate to release a demon general racial skill, Demon Possession.

The demons were originally from the dark world and all skills contained the curse of black magic. The skill Demon Possession was particularly annoying. It reduced the movement speed of the possessed person by 80%, making them a slow snail. Moreover, this state could only be lifted by an angel’s white magic.

The Demon Possession skill was different from other deceleration skills. The normal deceleration skills generally lasted for only 5 seconds. The terrible thing about Demon Possession was that as long as it wasn’t dispelled, the opponent would always be in a decelerated state.

Li Cangyu didn’t bring an angel teammate with him and Demon Possession couldn’t be lifted. He would always be slowed down by Ling Xuefeng’s Demon Possession and the elf’s agile advantage would be immediately lost.

The Wind Colour fans saw Cat God’s slow appearance and couldn’t help laughing, [Hahaha, you are possessed by our Captain Ling, let’s see you run!] [Captain Ling is mighty! The spirit has possessed Old Cat’s body and Old Cat is completely unable to move!] [The fast Old Cat has turned into a slow, sick cat!]

The Canglan fans thought that this Ling Xuefeng’s means were really despicable!

Of course, the Demon Possession only slowed down Li Cangyu and didn’t cause any substantial harm to him. Ling Xuefeng’s skills were also on cooldown after using the big move and the two people couldn’t fight each other.

Ling Xuefeng’s purpose of slowing down the opponent was obvious. It was to prevent the witty cat from detouring to help his apprentice and killing Qin Mo as soon as the cooldown of his skills finished. Ling Xuefeng had to keep an eye on Li Cangyu’s movements.


On the apprentices’ side, Xiao Han cleverly concealed himself after the disappearance of his master. Qin Mo used the blood spider and blood snakes to find him when he found that Ling Xuefeng had made a mark on the map. Qin Mo headed towards where his master was.

Qin Mo was happy to see Cat God’s decelerated state and put a snake to bite him. The blood snake had just neared Li Cangyu when it was cut down by an assassin.

Xiao Han also rushed over to protect his master!

Li Cangyu took advantage of this to once again fly behind a stone pillar. Ling Xuefeng immediately chased, leaving Qin Mo and Xiao Han alone.

The two apprentices, “…”

From the day they met, they were often abandoned by their masters and had become accustomed to it.

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