GLS: Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (5)

The second game was still the arena mode but the map selection and lineup were undecided.

The rules of the regular season was that the lineup for the first game were to be submitted before the match. Then they could change the list for the remaining games. This was to give the away team a chance to adjust strategies and prevent the advantage of the home team from being too big.

During the intermission time, Ling Xuefeng calmly brought the team members together and explained the tactical arrangements again. On the Canglan side, Li Cangyu’s expression had obviously relaxed as he analyzed how to deal with the next game.

The atmosphere in both soundproof rooms seemed a bit tense and the audience members stared nervously at the big screen.

In the commentators’ room, Yu Bing spoke briefly on the last round before analyzing the next lineup arrangement. “The combinations on the Wind Colour team might not necessarily be the same, apart from the Yan Guo combination which won’t be broken apart. It is possible for Captain Ling to take a healer or to form a double summoners combination with Xu Feifan.”

Kou Hongyi said, “On the Canglan side, the Shu Bai combination should be second. I think that Li Cangyu might play with his apprentice Xiao Han. It is also possible to keep the previous lineup of Xiao Han and Old Zhang, Cat God and Xiao Gu. In addition, Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang might not appear today. It is because the Zhuo Li combination has no advantage over the black magicians.”

Yu Bing agreed. “The Zhuo Li combination might not have a chance to play today…”

She just finished when the second game began. The map submitted by Ling Xuefeng was still Dark Grotto and the first combination sent by the Canglan team was Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang!

Yu Bing was expressionless despite being hit in the face but she couldn’t help inwardly thinking, ‘Cat God, your train of thought is really unfathomable! What are you doing by sending Li Xiaojiang against Wind Colour? Do you want to hone the small teenager again?’

The thing that surprised Yu Bing even more was that Lin Ke and Xu Feifan were sent in the first round.

Well, Captain Ling’s thoughts were also unfathomable.


It was reasonable to say that Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang didn’t have much chance of winning against Wind Colour. However, Wind Colour sent the newcomer Lin Ke in the first round so Zhuo Hang gained a bit more confidence.

On this map, Xiao Li’s movements were slower and there weren’t many advantages. However, Zhuo Hang’s speed was fast. He could set traps around the stone pillars and protect Li Xiaojiang. It wasn’t impossible to fight.

The two sides circled each other in the grotto. Li Xiaojiang took the lead in finding an opportunity. He used Dark Fear and controlled Lin Ke. Zhuo Hang immediately followed up with Trap Blast and Lin Ke’s blood decreased.

Lin Ke probably had too little experience in the competition. He had been overtaken by Li Cangyu and his mentality wasn’t very stable. This meant he wasn’t cautious enough in the second game. However, he quickly reacted by controlling Zhuo Hang. Then Xu Feifan used his pets and hit Zhuo Hang.

The two sides struggled and dragged the battle out to 10 minutes.

In the end, the Zhuo Li combination was killed. Li Xiaojiang fought hard to kill Lin Ke and finally died under Xu Feifan’s hands. Xu Feifan was the only one left from Wind Colour and it could be said that the advantage wasn’t big.

Li Cangyu was very pleased with the performance of Zhuo Li. He sent these two because Xiaojiang hadn’t played in the last game. If Xiaojiang sat on the bench for two consecutive games, his recent excellent state might not be maintained. He wanted to see the results of Xiaojiang’s training and was very satisfied.

He patted the shoulders of the two teenagers and had them sit down. Then Canglan sent the Shu Bai combination.

There was almost no accidents. Shu Bai often played in the second round. They would expand the advantage and try to catch up if there was a disadvantage. In this game. the initial advantage wasn’t big so Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan steadily maintained it to the end.

Then look at the third stage!

Wind Colour actually sent Qin Mo and He Qun!

Many Wind Colour fans were angry.

[What happened to Captain Ling today?] [He is just sitting there. What does he want to do?] [Captain Ling, are you shy about seeing your old friend Cat God? Come out and kill Cat God!]

No matter how anxious the audience became, Ling Xuefeng maintained his blank expression. The handsome face with almost no flaws filled the screen. The man sat there, as cold as a statue, as his deep eyes stared at the screen.

The final combination for Canglan was Li Cangyu and Zhang Jueming. Thanks to the help of Old Zhang, Li Cangyu ruthlessly broke out and killed Wind Colour’s sacrifice.

Yu Bing’s opening analysis was that only players with a strong explosive power could break the Qin Mo and He Qun combination. Undoubtedly, Li Cangyu was one of the best at unleashing his power in the Miracle League. The blood cow combination couldn’t drag out the time in front of him.

The Canglan team won!

Even professional players watching the game in front of the TV were somewhat confused by this result.

“Is Ling Xuefeng throwing the game today?” Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help saying in Ghost Spirits’ dormitory. “Wind Colour might be ranked first on the leaderboard but it is too much to lose two consecutive games to Canglan. He is obvious throwing the match!”

“He isn’t throwing the match. You shouldn’t only look at the surface.” Lou Wushuang pushed up his glasses and explained coldly. “This match has no influence on the rankings, regardless of winning or losing. He is taking this rare opportunity to let the players increase their insight and challenge the strongest summoner. This action shows that Li Cangyu’s weight in his heart is incomparable to other gods.”

Zhang Shaohui’s face was blank. “Ah? Is this true?”

Lou Wushuang resisted the urge to hit his stupid head. “Nonsense! Do you think Ling Xuefeng is the type of person to throw a match? Look at the arrangements of the regular season. This is a home match in Shanghai. The order of the second round is reversed and Wind Colour’s first opponents will be Canglan. Maybe Canglan will enter the playoffs this year and they might meet in the playoffs. There is no need to expose every tactic in the first match. Ling Xuefeng obviously is holding back.”

Zhang Shaohui suddenly realized. “Oh, he is far-sighted and considering the next matches?”

Lou Wushuang nodded. “Yes.”

Zhang Shaohui smiled and scratched his head. “Brother, you’re so smart. I didn’t think of this at all!”


Lou Wushuang could calmly see Ling Xuefeng’s thoughts but the netizens might not understand. They didn’t accuse Ling Xuefeng of throwing the match but there were many fans dissatisfied with Wind Colour’s arrangement today.

The third game started quickly. Wind Colour and Canglan fought fiercely in the first two rounds. The combination of Yan Guo and Shu Bai reached the point of their blue being empty. Finally, it was the critical guard round. The fans of both teams nervously watched the big screen.

Wind Colour’s appearance list: Shepherd, Undead Demon.

Canglan’s appearance list: Frost Descends, Old Cat.

At this moment, not only were the audience members at the venue jumping excitedly, the professional players watching on TV were also excited.

Ling Xuefeng and Qin Mo against Li Cangyu and Xiao Han!

Ling Xuefeng, the strongest demon player finally appeared with his apprentice in the third stage. Coincidentally, the Ling Xuefeng duo actually confronted Li Cangyu who was also playing with his apprentice!

The mentoring group VS mentoring group, this alone was enough to grab the attention of the reporters.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying. “Canglan and Wind Colour’s white blue and black red uniforms are like couples outfits. Both sides have a small prince and the captains are summoners. They really feel like destined opponents!”

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