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Chapter 182 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (4)

Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming exited and the second combination sent by Canglan was Shu Bai as many people expected. Xie Shurong relied on his speed to successfully defeat Qin Mo and He Qun.

However, Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan consumed a lot of skills in order to kill Qin Mo. By the time they sent away Qin Mo, both of them only had around 60% of blue left. This state wasn’t enough to take on the dark magician combination of the Wind Colour team.

The combination of Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan had been partners for a full four years. Since taking over as vice-captain of Wind Colour, Yan Ruiwen acted in a low-key manner and his style of play was particularly calm. As Ling Xuefeng’s right arm, his strength wasn’t much worse than Ling Xuefeng. He was usually responsible for Wind Colour’s internal affairs and the number of appearances in front of reporters was small. Thus, his popularity among netizens wasn’t high. He didn’t care about this.

Yan Ruiwen had a good temper and was very smart. He knew what to say and what should be hidden. In the past few years, the team had been well organized and his strength was steadily improving.

Li Cangyu hadn’t played against Yan Ruiwen but he watched the match between him and Ah Shu and could see that Yan Ruiwen truly was the most powerful black magician in the Miracle League.

His partner Guo Xuan also wasn’t weak. The understanding between the two of them was quite high.

Under the attack of the two black magicians, Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan failed to reverse the situation. Of course, this was expected by Li Cangyu. After all, Xiao Han’s disadvantage was too big for Ah Shu to easily reverse it.


In the third round, Li Cangyu took Gu Siming with him.

Xiao Gu hadn’t played many times on the arena. Today Li Cangyu took him because he wanted Gu Siming to play the protective role of a paladin. As long as Xiao Gu protected him, Li Cangyu could output without any worries.

At this time, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan both had around 40% blood left. In order to quickly kill the two people, Li Cangyu caused a big explosion at the beginning of the game. They saw the elf summoner’s water, fire, thunder and wind spirits explode like a fierce beast towards the black magicians on the opposite side. It was Li Cangyu’s signature skill—Cataclysm!

The result was that Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan died in seconds from Li Cangyu’s big move!

Yan Ruiwen, “…”

Guo Xuan, “…”

The audience: [Cat God is bursting!] [Killing two people in seconds, our Cat God is handsome!] [According to Xiao Han’s description, Master, you are really very good!] [Very good +1]

The fans in the live broadcast were so excited that they were almost incoherent. This scene was really handsome.

However, Yan Ruiwen was still relatively calm. He was speechless for a moment before smiling slightly. He patted the dazed Guo Xuan, who was scratching his head and said, “Let’s go, Cat God isn’t happy playing with us. We will change with captain.”

Guo Xuan was very confused and said while walking, “I hadn’t reacted yet. I was ready to hide behind a pillar when I was killed by his pets. How can he open Cataclysm as soon as we meet? Isn’t he fighting too hard?”

The two people arrived in front of Ling Xuefeng at this time. Yan Ruiwen laughed and said, “Captain Ling, send the next combination.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded with a blank expression. “Feifan, Lin Ke, prepare to go out.”


The audience were surprised when Wind Colour sent the third pair of partners because the IDs on the screen were ‘Out of the Ordinary’ and ‘Mu Lin Sen’, which belonged to Xu Feifan and Lin Ke respectively. The captain Ling Xuefeng didn’t play.

Li Cangyu was slightly surprised by this but he soon understood. Ling Xuefeng wanted to train the newcomer in Wind Colour? The young boy Lin Ke only debuted this season and didn’t have many chances to play against masters. Ling Xuefeng placed in the important guard position because he clearly wanted to train this newcomer.

Fans of Wind Colour didn’t see Captain Ling playing and were a bit puzzled. However, nobody questioned Captain Ling’s decision. They even applauded the players to encourage them.

In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi saw the director aim the camera at the young boy and smiled. “Lin Ke is only 17 years old this year. It is the easiest age for an e-sports player to improve. Captain Ling placed him in the third round. The intention to hone the newcomer is obvious. Wind Colour is currently ranked first and it is understandable to use this game to train the newcomer.”

Yu Bing continued, “Yes, sometimes it isn’t necessary to do your best in the regular season. In fact, based on Wind Colour’s current ranking, losing a point in today’s match won’t have much impact. However, chances for Lin Ke to play against someone like Cat God is rare. Captain Ling’s decision is really sensible.”

“Sister Bing, do you think that Xu Feifan and Lin Ke have a good chance of winning against Cat God?”

“I predict it is less than 50%.” Yu Bing declared.

“How come?” Kou Hongyi looked at her in a confused manner. “Cat God killed two people in one move and is still full of blood. However, everyone knows that no skills can be used after Cataclysm. For the next 10 seconds, Cat God has almost no skills available.” Kou Hongyi paused and looked at Li Cangyu’s current blue, “Cataclysm also consumed nearly one-third of his blue. In this state, do you think his winning percentage is over 50% when the dark magician and blood kin summoner are full of blood?”

“I have faith in Cat God. You will see when you watch.” Yu Bing didn’t give any more explanation. Kou Hongyi smiled and said, “Then let us wait and see. Can Cat God really overcome this adversity?”


Kou Hongyi’s analysis was something that many viewers were aware of. Li Cangyu sending away the Yan Guo combination was really handsome but now all his skills were cooling down and he had no pets by his side.

You know, a summoner without pets was like a swordsman without a sword. He could only be slaughtered on the field. As long as Xu Feifan and Lin Ke seized the opportunity to control him, he would experience death within seconds.

Of course, it was understandable why Cat God used Cataclysm. The disadvantage would increase if he kept being consumed by the double black magicians. Quickly sending away the Yan Guo combination was the most appropriate method.

Unfortunately, Cat God’s defense after his outbreak was very fragile. How he would handle it was naturally the focus of the audience.

In front of the TV, Cheng Wei had anxiously stood up, his big eyes staring at the screen as he wished to rush in and help Li Cangyu fight.

Tan Shitian didn’t say anything. He wasn’t optimistic about this arena game. Xie Shurong couldn’t move back the disadvantage caused by Xiao Han. Then Li Cangyu forcefully used a big move and had the disadvantage of ‘skills cooling down.’ In the final round of the game, it was likely that Canglan would lose as long as there were no accidents.

However, Canglan fans still had a glimmer of hope. They hoped that Li Cangyu could create a miracle. Didn’t this man often create miracles? He could reverse the overwhelming situation.

The Wind Colour fans and Canglan fans in front of the TV held their breaths, fearing that they would miss a shot.


In the soundproof room, LI Cangyu’s expression was exceptionally calm. His left hand pressed against the keyboard while his right hand firmly held the mouse. In Dark Grotto, the combination of Lin Ke and Xu Feifan soon appeared in his field of vision. His eyesight was excellent and even if the lightning was dim, he could see the opponent’s position with one glance.

Of course, Xu Feifan saw him at the same time.

Xu Feifan was the apprentice of Yuan Shaozhe, Ling Xuefeng’s cousin and the former vice-captain of Wind Colour. He was also instructed by Ling Xuefeng for a long time. His blood kin summoner could be called a combination of Yuan Shaozhe’s consumption tactics and Ling Xuefeng’s violent play. His outbreak was very strong but he could also delay things by skillfully summoning various pets to consume the opponents’ resources.

It could be said that Xu Feifan’s role in the Wind Colour team was like Tiger Balm and his style of play was very flexible.

Over the years, the Wind Colour team used the double summoner as their core tactic and Xu Feifan had worked with Ling Xuefeng for many years. HIs awareness was much better than the ‘young Xu.’

Li Cangyu had once fought with Xu Feifan but after a long period of time, the young man standing in front of him was no longer the newcomer of the past. Xu Feifan’s level and awareness wasn’t bad compared with first-class players such as Cheng Wei and Xie Shurong.

This was why fans of Wind Colour felt that Xu Feifan could win against Old Cat without any pressure. After all, Cat God’s skills were on cooldown. A cat without pets was just a sick cat to be bullied.

However, it turned out that Li Cangyu wasn’t so easily killed!

Xu Feifan was very decisive. The moment they met, he released a black spider and made it bite Li Cangyu.

As long as the black spider set Li Cangyu in place, he would face the tragedy of being controlled by two outputs. Once the black spider arrived at Li Cangyu’s feet, the audience felt like a flower was in front of their eyes. Xu Feifan instantly lost all traces of the elf summoner in the white outfit!

Lin Ke was startled and immediately followed up with the dark magician Dark Fear control skill. He quickly read it and aimed at the position where Li Cangyu stood. Everyone saw a flash of light and Li Cangyu once again avoided it!

The two control skills were wasted and fans of Wind Colour were stunned. How did Li Cangyu suddenly learn teleportation? He also did it twice in a row?

It wasn’t until the slow-motion replay that everyone realized what happened.

It was Flying Feather Steps!

The fans of Canglan cheered excitedly and even Yu Bing was pleased.

She knew that Li Cangyu would never sit still!

“I was wrong just now!” Kou Hongyi also realized that he had made a serious mistake and rushed to remedy it. “Not all of Cat God’s skills are on cooldown. His pet summoning skills are on cool down but he still has his racial general skills. The elf’s Flying Feather Steps!”

Flying Feather Steps was a skill that all elves automatically mastered at birth. It increased their movement speed and this would be improved as the level increased. The league’s famous elves, such as archer Tan Shitian and hunter Jiang Xu, all had this skill.

However, people had never seen Tan Shitian move so fast. Kou Hongyi explained it. “Li Cangyu took the full agility route and he currently has the highest agility stat in the Miracle League! Due to the agility state, he moves the fastest when using Flying Feather Steps! I now understand why he didn’t hesitate to open Cataclysm in the second round. It is because even if all his skills are on cooldown and his defense is weak, the opponent won’t find it easy to kill him! If they want to kill him, they have to catch up with him!”

The audience, “…”

Yu Bing gave a rare smile when she heard this. “Ling Xuefeng chose Dark Grotto today to provide convenience to the Wind Colour members. He didn’t expect it to be used by the witty Li Cangyu. In such a map with a complex terrain, the opponent will find it really hard to catch up to Li Cangyu who is using Flying Feather Steps.”


On the screen, Li Cangyu was like a white phantom as he used Flying Feather Steps to move through Dark Grotto, dazzling people. Xu Feifan couldn’t even see Li Cangyu, let alone control him.

Ling Xuefeng helplessly watched this scene from under the stage. His cat was clever and adaptable. He used Flying Feather Steps to travel like a fish in water through the complex grotto.

Li Cangyu’s positioning was first-class in the world. Lin Ke couldn’t catch up with him and once Li Cangyu’s skills finished their cooldown, he would be even harder to fight.

Sure enough, it was as Ling Xuefeng expected. Not long afterwards, Lin Ke was dizzy from Li Cangyu’s movements and the initial advantage was gone. Li Cangyu calmly emerged from behind a stone pillar and called his water spirit to set Lin Ke in place.

His pet skills had finished cooling down and he followed up with his fire spirit. The fireballs that appeared one after the other in Dark Grotto were like beautiful fireworks!

On the other side, Gu Siming was being chased by Xu Feifan.

Compared to the newcomer Lin Ke, Xu Feifan had a rich amount of competition experience and his judgement of the situation was calmer. He gave up chasing the moment Li Cangyu escaped because he knew he couldn’t catch up with an elf using Flying Feather Steps.  He wanted to kill Gu Siming but Xiao Gu was also slippery and took the opportunity to hide behind a pillar.

The four people played hide-and-seek in the grotto. Xu Feifan had to expend a lot of effort to kill Gu Siming!

[Old Cat has killed Mu Lin Sen!]

[Out of the Ordinary has killed As the Name Suggests!]

The two messages appeared one after the other and it became a 1v1 situation. Yet it was obvious that Li Cangyu’s state was better than Xu Feifan. He had easily killed Lin Ke while Xu Feifan had to consume a lot of skills to kill the thick-skinned paladin.

The result was that Li Cangyu relied on the thunder spirit’s big move to take Xu Feifan’s life.

The first arena game, the Canglan team won!


The outcome of this arena game made many viewers feel surprised. They didn’t suspect that despite the initial disadvantage, Li Cangyu could actually reverse the situation with his personal strength.

The expressions of the Wind Colour fans were dull.

Many fans watching on the Internet couldn’t help commenting: [Captain Ling, how can you let that cat act so impudently on our turf? Come out and kill him!] [Captain Ling, play in person and clean up the cat!] [Don’t train the newcomers okay! You will be thrown into the Pacific Ocean if you lose 3:0 at home!]

Before the game started, 70% of viewers guessed that Canglan would lose by 3:0.

Now many viewers started to worry. Would Wind Colour be the one who lost?

This was the charm of competitive games. In the end, no one knew what would happen on the field. Li Cangyu was the player most likely to create miracles and reverse the situation. This was the terrible thing about him.

After realizing this, many passersby viewers became Li Cangyu’s fans. They discovered that this blunt, calm, loyal and responsible man had many shining points. He was so good. Even when facing a strong enemy like Ling Xuefeng, he could find a chance to overturn the situation in the face of adversity.

[This powerful cat is so handsome, how can people not like him?] [Is Cat God still missing leg pendants? I want to sign up!] [I will add a waist pendant!] [I want to be Cat God’s shovel. Cat God, marry me!]

The audience watching the live broadcast became more lively as the players on both sides started to prepare for the next game.

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