GLS: Chapter 181

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Chapter 181 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (3)

Qin Mo came to the middle of the map and didn’t see Xiao Han. He immediately knew that the other person was in stealth.

He wasn’t in a hurry and summoned his death knight. The blood kin’s death knight would help the owner withstand some damage. Thanks to the existence of this pet, it was even more difficult to kill the summoner.

Xiao Han wasn’t stupid enough to fight Qin Mo in these circumstances. He sent a signal to Zhang Jueming and put a mark on the map to indicate Qin Mo’s position., Zhang Jueming immediately moved there and used God’s Seal to silence Qin Mo.

After seeing that Qin Mo was controlled by his teammate, Xiao Han immediately appeared behind the healer He Qun and started with the assassin’s strong control skill, Pain Blade!

The knife descended and He Qun was directly stunned. Then Xiao Han’s hands moved at their highest speed and continuously pressed the assassin’s skills, Death Mark, Back Stab, Soul Stab, Fatal Blow!

Blood splashed from the dagger in Xiao Han’s hand and the visual effect of the assassin’s fast attacks was gorgeous. On such a map, the killer hiding in the darkness suddenly appeared behind a person. This set of combos was truly frightening.

Many fans of the Canglan team excitedly filled the screen. [Xiao Han 6666!] [The little prince is so handsome!]

However, the healer of the Wind Colour team wasn’t a vegetarian.

He Qun had played in the competition for many years and it was impossible for him to be killed in seconds. The moment when Xiao Han’s set of moves forced his blood volume to 50%, the control effect finally ended. He Qun immediately opened the sacrifice’s skill, Lava Shield!

A crimson halo appeared around the blood kin sacrifice like a burning flame.

The effect of Lava Shield was immunity to control and to rebound damage for three seconds. It was critical for rescuing the person in critical situations. Xiao Han’s speed was too fast and the result was that the last move Chain Strangulation was bounced back to him by the Lava Shield!

Xiao Han was stunned and immediately stopped but it was too late. Qin Mo’s control effect was over.

A blood spider suddenly appeared at Xiao Han’s feet to set him in place. Qin Mo summoned his pets quickly. He used the spider to fix Xiao Han and then called the blood snake to place three layers of blood loss.

Qin Mo was about to call the vampire bat which would reduce Xiao Han’s blood volume. Zhang Jueming saw this and immediately used Tidal Surge.

If this skill was released by Cheng Wei, it would be a very strong white magic attack skill. However, Zhang Jueming specialized in the auxiliary route and his way of adding points was different. The auxiliary route of Tidal Surge was that the tide flowed to the teammates, relieving all negative states and pulling the teammate to his side!

It was Zhang Jueming’s first-aid skill and the use was very straightforward.

Xiao Han was rescued in time by Old Zhang and was very grateful. He had been too careless and wanted to use big skills to kill the blood kin sacrifice. He ignored the other side’s rebound shield.

A blood kin sacrifice was very rare in the Miracle League and this was the first time Xiao Han fought one. His experience wasn’t enough. Xiao Han was somewhat depressed because this wave of attacks made him fall into a disadvantage.

Still, he quickly adjusted his state and hid behind a stone pillar in combat stealth.


Qin Mo hadn’t cooperated many times with He Qun in the arena. Today was the first time that Wind Colour had sent the blood cow combination.

Qin Mo might be in the limelight but he knew that old players like He Qun might be unknown but their ability to adapt in critical moments was far superior to his.

Just now, he had been a bit anxious and made a small mistake when walking. The result was that he was controlled by the other party’s auxiliary. Qin Mo thought this and immediately focused, staring sharply at the map to find an opportunity.

Xiao Han was obviously invisible. Where would he be hiding?

Qin Mo carefully looked around. There were many stone pillars in the grotto and the terrain was extremely complicated. It wasn’t easy to find a stealthed assassin. Yet Qin Mo instinctively sensed that Xiao Han was at the stone pillar behind him.

This map was Wind Colour’s home selection and Qin Mo was very familiar with it. He could go back and forth here with his eyes closed.

Xiao Han liked to go around for a sneak attack. One of the stone pillars behind Qin Mo was the thickest. If he looked back then his vision would be blocked. Thus, Xiao Han must be there.

Qin Mo no longer hesitated and decisively acted.

The audience saw the blood kin summoner on the screen suddenly turn around and directly summon the vampire bats! The overwhelming bats screamed and flew towards the back of the stone pillar, hitting Xiao Han who was in the stealth state!

Many viewers were shocked…

Despite not seeing the other person, Qin Mo suddenly turned around blindly and used a big move!

Yu Bing was somewhat speechless. “This… I didn’t expect Qin Mo to directly open a big move. It was a great risk and was likely to waste his big move.  This was a big gamble but he fortunately won the bet.”

Kou Hongyi laughed. “I suddenly found that today’s match is particularly magical. Not only are the two teams’ uniforms like a couples outfit, the captains are each other’s strongest opponents. Now the two princes on both sides have a wonderful understanding of each other!”

The audience, “…”

It was really true!

Qin Mo and Xiao Han were said to have a good relationship. Xiao Han also disclosed in an interview that Qin Mo was his sparring partner. Their masters were so familiar with each other that the two small princes must’ve played together in private.

Therefore, Qin Mo knew a lot about Xiao Han.

That’s how he guessed Xiao Han’s position.

This wasn’t a blind move but a targeted one based on the understanding of the opponent.

The result proved it since Qin Mo successfully hit Xiao Han. He used the blood bats’ big move to force Xiao Han’s blood volume to below 50%!

Xiao Han, who was hiding behind a pillar, was suddenly attacked by a group of bats. The expression on his face was very dazed.

Then he thought about it and soon understood that Qin Mo had pre-judged his position.

At this moment, Xiao Han couldn’t help admiring Qin Mo.

He stubbornly said that ‘Qin Mo is my sparring partner’ and deliberately angered Qin Mo. However, he was actually very clear in his heart. Qin Mo’s level was much higher than his.

The best newcomer of the seventh season and Ling Xuefeng’s apprentice wasn’t a useless straw pillar. Qin Mo himself had a strong talent that allowed him to be recognized by the league’s judges.

After being abused by many great gods last season, Qin Mo grew very quickly. Xiao Han could sometimes win when they fought in the arena but that was because Qin Mo didn’t do his best and sometimes deliberately lost.

Today was an official match.

Their masters were sitting under the stage and the Wind Colour fans were at the scene. Countless people were watching on the TV. Qin Mo couldn’t joke around in the game.

Thus, today’s Qin Mo played the game seriously.

A serious Qin Mo was very strong. Xiao Han had to acknowledge not just the timing of the blood kin pets but also the ability to predict the opponent’s position. In the beginning, Qin Mo was accidentally controlled but he quickly adjusted his state and fought back.

Today’s Qin Mo actually had a very stable mental state. He was no longer the glass heart newcomer who was directly killed by Tan Shitian at the beginning of the last season.

He was worthy of being called the small prince of Wind Colour and his style of play also matched the Wind Colour’s fierce style.


There was almost no suspense in the next meeting.

Xiao Han accidentally had his big move reflected on him by the sacrifice’s shield, forcing him to fall into a disadvantage. Then in his stealth state, he was once again hit by Qin Mo’s big move while Qin Mo was still full of blood.

Qin Mo grasped the opportunity to used the blood spider and blood snake to pursue Xiao Han.

The level of pet control that he learned from Ling Xuefeng forced people to feel admiration. It felt like the pets were his own eyes as he accurately chased the opponent.

[Shepherd has killed Frost Descends!]

Once this news appeared, the Wind Colour fans cheered while the Canglan fans mourned.

[Xiao Han, go and bite him!] [Supporting Xiao Han’s real person PK!]

To everyone’s surprise, Xiao Han was very calm after being killed.

He sat in his seat until Uncle Zhang was killed and once the pair died, he typed on the public screen: [Your level is really very good.]

Qin Mo: [……]

The audience laughed.

There was a strange feeling when the cold prince of Canglan typed such a line.

Many netizens watching the live broadcast laughed and typed: [Xiao Han, you are really very good!] [Xiao Han is really slipping. His bad Chinese is exploding!] [You can’t beat Qin Mo in the game but you can crush Qin Mo’s IQ with Chinese!]

Qin Mo resisted a smile. He really wanted to fly into the soundproof room next door and force open Xiao Han’s head to see what was inside it.

However, Xiao Han’s next remark surprised everyone.

[But one day, I will overtake you.]

There were no grammatical errors in the sentence and the boy’s expression was extremely serious.

Qin Mo put away his smile as a wonderful feeling rose in his heart at these words. Perhaps this was the feeling that Ling Xuefeng felt when he met Li Cangyu. They were friends and opponents. They aimed to surpass each other and spurred each other on to improve.

After all, Xiao Han was a newcomer who just debuted this year. He was lacking experience and awareness compared to Qin Mo who had been abused by the great gods of the major teams for a whole year.

However, Xiao Han’s talent wasn’t worse than Qin Mo’s.

After a long time passed and their masters retired, they would become the next generation successors of Wind Colour and Canglan. Perhaps the two former princes might really become the strongest opponents like their masters?

In fact, this was also very good.

There was an opponent who grow up with them since young. No matter how hard it was, they wouldn’t feel lonely. It was because they knew, there was another person like themselves who was silently working hard.

Qin Mo smiled and typed on the public chat: [Okay, I will wait for you to surpass me.]

His words made many fans dazed and they didn’t know what to say.

The competition between the two small princes today was very fierce but there was a kind of… sweet feeling?

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