GLS: Chapter 180

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Chapter 180 – Canglan VS Wind Colour (2)

Li Cangyu hadn’t expected for the first game to directly let Qin Mo and Xiao Han confront each other. He thought that Ling Xuefeng would have Qin Mo play in the middle. However, Xiao Han and Qin Mo happened to meet each other. This was a rare opportunity to let their apprentices fight.

When Xiao Han was a rookie, Qin Mo played with Xiao Han for half a month in the online game. At that time, Xiao Han had no resistance to Qin Mo and often died in less than a minute.

Later, they often went to the arena to spar together and their relationship became closer. Recently, Xiao Han had been learning Chinese from Qin Mo and the two princes became good friends.

This matchup caused Canglan and Wind Colour fans to excitedly fill the screen with comments cheering for their little prince. Even Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were looking forward to it.


Qin Mo was very excited with he saw the participants list. Xiao Han might use half-baked Chinese to make him speechless but he felt that Xiao Han was particularly interesting.

Xiao Han would send text messages to Qin Mo every day to learn new words. These days, the training tasks were probably too heavy and Xiao Han didn’t have time to look for Qin Mo to learn. There had been no contact for several days and this made Qin Mo actually feel a bit lost.

He had long wanted to play a good match with Xiao Han in the arena. Today, the match between Canglan and Wind Colour finally arrived!

Qin Mo’s state was a bit excited as his fingers tapped the keyboard to warm up.

Xiao Han was stoic. He always had a calm expression when playing the game and seemed a bit prideful and haughty. Only the Canglan members knew that Xiao Han looked like this because there were many things he couldn’t understand…

Compared to the two teenagers, their partners He Qun and Zhang Jueming were very relaxed. He Qun had debuted in the third season with the black magician Guo Xuan and blood kin summoner Xu Feifan. He followed Ling Xuefeng for many years and won many trophies. Old players had experienced more competitions and were naturally more stable in their mentality.

Ling Xuefeng submitted the map he selected for the first arena game—Dark Grotto.

Kou Hongyi immediately introduced it. “Dark Grotto, this is a secret environment in the demon realm. The Wind Colour team mainly consists of demon players and the map is also a demon map! Today the audience is dressed all in black and the map is also suitable. Black is the main colour.”

Yu Bing followed up. “This is a typical cave map where the internal terrain is complicated. There are many paths. The difficult of this map is only six stars. It is better to play than some seven star kill maps. However, players need to adapt to the dark environment as soon as possible. The light effect will have a significant impact on the battle.”

The players loaded into the game map and Yu Bing stopped explaining to focus on the performance of the four players on the big screen.


The Dark Grotto map was very dim and the entrance was extremely dark.

After walking inside the grotto, there were sporadic red crystal inlaid into the stone wall that served to illuminate the map. The shine of these crystals were very weak. The players would require a period of adjustment after entering. Due to the dark environment, many netizens dubbed this map as the ‘small black house.’

There was a lively audience in the live broadcast room. [Captain Ling chose the small black house to face Cat God! He is the strongest opponent!] [Choosing this black house is also a test of vision!]

Li Cangyu had nothing to say about this map. Ling Xuefeng, this person chose the ‘small black house’ to fight and it was actually very unfavorable to the Canglan team. It was because black magicians, demon summoners and blood kin summoners wore black or dark red clothing. They could easily hide in this cave and integrate with the surrounding stone walls.

Using the map environment to create advantages for oneself was a very common tactic on the field.

Ling Xuefeng obviously wouldn’t be polite just because his opponent was Li Cangyu. On the contrary, it was because his opponent was Li Cangyu that his attitude was particularly serious. It could be seen from the map selection and the modes of the two games that he wouldn’t take it easy in this match. This had nothing to do with personal feelings but was out of respect for the opponent.


The players on both teams refreshed and the game officially began.

The blood kin summoner Qin Mo and blood kin sacrifice He Qun walked along the path in the grotto. On the other side, Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming were also rushing towards the middle of the map.

Yu Bing took advantage of this time and quickly analyzed, “Wind Colour has a slight advantage in this game. The healing ability of a blood kin sacrifice isn’t as strong as a priest but there are many protection skills. It will be hard for Xiao Han if he wants to kill Qin Mo in seconds.”

“If Xiao Han can’t kill Qin Mo quickly, Qin Mo with a healer will become more and more difficult. Old Zhang can provide assistance to Xiao Han but Xiao Han’s blood can’t be restored. Meanwhile, Qin Mo can suck blood with his skills and there is the healing of the blood kin sacrifice. If a long time passes then Xiao Han will fall into a disadvantage.”

This week’s Canglan VS Wind Colour was the last match of the regular season’s first round. The captains of other teams had nothing to do after playing their matches and gathered in front of the TV to watch the live broadcast.

On the Flying Feathers side, Su Guangmo smiled and said, “This is interesting. Wind Colour also sent a combination with a healer. Captain Ling’s intention was probably to let them face Shu Bai but ended up missing. He really is connected to Cat God. Their guesses when facing each other are often wrong.”

Yu Pingsheng didn’t like to talk. He just nodded in agreement.

In the Time dormitory, Cheng Wei watched the TV while eating watermelon. He swallowed the watermelon and said, “I think Xiao Han is going to lose since he has a auxiliary instead of a healer.”

Tan Shitian looked at his red lips and smiled slightly. “The blood kin summoner is the more durable among the four racial summoners. Their attacks have a blood-sucking effect and Qin Mo also has a healer today. Once the battle is drawn out, he will become an undead blood cow… You can finish your watermelon first.”

“That’s right!” Cheng Wei picked up the watermelon again and muttered while eating, “This combination is more shameless than the Shu Bai combination. The shameless blood cow combination, a blood kin summoner and blood kin sacrifice, they can keep sucking your blood!”

Theoretically speaking, the blood kin summoner with the blood kin sacrifice was more difficult than the Shu Bai combination of a swordsman and priest. It was because the blood kin summoner can suck blood while attacking and there was the sacrifice protecting him. In order to kill Qin Mo, the player had to be a fast attacker and control the blood kin summoner.

However, Xiao Han didn’t belong to the category of player with a strong output. He was best at looking for opportunities to sneak in and assassinate the target.

Xiao Han actually liked this dark map. At the start, he used the blood kin assassin’s latent skill to hide. Forget Qin Mo, even the audience watching the live broadcast had difficulty finding Xiao Han. The black map, the black clothes and the stealth was simply making it difficult for everyone’s eyes!

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