GLS: Chapter 179

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Chapter 179 – Canglan VS Wind Colour

It was the weekend again and many Miracle fans got out of bed early to watch the matches. It was because this week was the final matches of the first round of the regular season. The competition was fierce and this match was crucial. The team with a slightly higher rank at the end of the first round would naturally have less pressure in the second round. Meanwhile, the teams at the bottom were doing their best to compete for the playoffs.

In the current rankings, Wind Colour was first followed by Flying Feathers, Time, Ghost Spirits, Red Fox, Pure Cleansing, Canglan and Cheetah. The Canglan team was ranked second last and today’s match was against the strong Wind Colour team. It was also an away match. The situation wasn’t optimistic.

Before the match started, netizens voted on the predicted score and 70% guessed that Wind Colour would win 3:0. Many senior reporters also conducted a detailed analysis of the lineup for both teams before the match. The overall strength of Canglan truly wasn’t as good as Wind Colour. If Ling Xuefeng chose three team battles, the probability of Canglan winning was less than 20%.

Li Cangyu had long guessed the comments on this match. In order to avoid adding psychological pressure on the newcomers, Li Cangyu told them not to go to the forums before the game and to try and maintain a relaxed attitude. Thus, the Canglan team’s expressions weren’t as serious and frustrated as the audience imagined when they arrived at the main stadium in Shanghai. Li Cangyu was relaxed every time but the newcomers were also smiling and didn’t look nervous.

It was just that the atmosphere of Wind Colour’s home made them marvel. This was a black ocean that made they feel like they had entered the demon’s territory!

The Wind Colour players consisted mainly of the demon and blood kin races. The design of the uniform was black with a simple red pattern. Now fans at the venue were dressed in the uniform and it really was like a wave of black pressure that headed to the stage.

Gu Siming was always outspoken and he couldn’t help saying, “I still like the uniform of the Time team. The white and green accents are refreshing. The style of Wind Colour is too depressing. The black is used to scare people!”

Zhuo Hang laughed. “Black gives more pressure but it is also consistent with the personality of the abstinent god Ling Xuefeng. Don’t you think?”

Xiao Han suddenly turned and asked Li Xiaojiang, “Xiaojiang, what does abstinent mean?”

Li Xiaojiang’s face turned red and he stuttered for a long time, “Yes, yes, it is…”

Zhuo Hang immediately placed a hand on Xiao Han’s shoulder. “This question is complicated. Go to Baidu and look it up. It is too hard for Xiaojiang to explain such an esoteric question.”

Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully and decided to ask Qin Mo later.  Li Xiaojiang looked at Zhuo Hang gratefully and the latter smiled in a handsome manner at him.

Li Cangyu saw the discussion between the four newcomers. Regardless of the outcome, the four people were relaxed in front of a strong enemy. This made him feel very relieved. After so many games, the four little cats had matured and weren’t as nervous as mice anymore.


Both teams quickly walked into their soundproof rooms and started debugging the equipment.

Both sides were wearing their uniforms. One was a red pattern on a black background and the other was a blue pattern on a white background. Kou Hongyi saw this and couldn’t help saying, “I suddenly found that the colours of both uniforms are the opposite of each other. One side is black red and the other side is white blue. It has been said since ancient times that blue and red are a pair and black and white are the best match. The team uniforms can be called couple outfits!”

The audience, “…”

The Wind Colour fans made angry expressions. Who wanted to be a couple with Canglan? In addition, red and blue and black and white matching? What nonsense was he saying?

Kou Hongyi was bored and just idly adjusted the atmosphere while Yu Bing sat next to him with an expressionless face.

Once the big screen showed the list of the players on both teams, Yu Bing immediately got back on topic. “Let’s take a look at the contestants of both teams. Wind Colour’s captain Ling Xuefeng is the strongest demon summoner in the Miracle League. The vice-captain Yan Ruiwen is the strongest black magician. The main players Xu Feifan and Guo Xuan are also famous gods.”

“Among them, Yan Ruiwen and Guo Xuan’s double black magician combination have won the Best Partnership award before and they also created the classic black magic status overlapping tactic. Qin Mo is 18 years old and he won the Best Newcomer Award last season. His blood kin summoner style is also remarkable.  The healer He Qun is one of the few blood kin sacrifices in the league. Meanwhile, the front row berserker Liao Zhenyu is extremely fierce, using attack as a defense.”

The seven players listed by Yu Bing were gods that the audience were familiar with.

Kou Hongyi added, “Wind Colour is truly a team of great gods. Everyone is strong individually. Aside from these seven people, Wind Colour also brought a small contestant to play this season. He is the 17 year old Lin Ke and he is a black magician. Captain Ling is clearly trying to train a strong black magician successor. This newcomer hasn’t played much this season and we don’t know how high his strength is. Perhaps he will get an opportunity to play today.”

Yu Bing said, “The overall strength of Canglan is much weaker than Wind Colour. Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong are ace players and Zhang Jueming could be considered a stable auxiliary. The key is that there are too many newcomers in the team and they can’t compare to the experienced gods.”

Kou Hongyi nodded in agreement. “The overall strength is truly as Sister Bing analyzed. Wind Colour is a lot stronger. After all, Wind Colour is the favourite to win this season! Many people who predicted the score guessed 3:0. However, I think that even if the overall Canglan isn’t as strong as Wind Colour, isn’t it impossible to get 3:0 considering Cat God’s flexible tactics?”

Many spectators held this and expressed doubts. [They lost 3:0 to Pure Cleansing not long ago? How is it impossible? Is Wind Colour not as good as Pure Cleansing?]

[Pure Cleansing was an accident. The commander Old Zhang was a bit stunned by the illusion array. If Cat God is personally commanding this match then I think Canglan will win at least one game.]

[There is a chance that it will be 3:0. Facing Wind Colour at their home is too hard!]

[I’m guessing 3:0, Canglan 3: Wind Colour 0! Cat God will be sure to counterattack and get rid of all doubts!]

[Vice-Captain Cheng, your identity has been discovered again.]

The discussion in the live broadcast room was very lively because the match hadn’t started yet. The referee’s light didn’t turn on, indicating that a problem had been encountered.

Kou Hongyi found it hard to speak. “Cough, it seems that there are some faults with the players’ computer network. The referee is solving it as a soon as possible. We are better off talking about Cat God and Captain Ling, who have known each other for many years. Sister Bing, you debuted in the second season and you should be very familiar with their past? I heard that Captain Ling once invited Old Cat to join as vice-captain of Wind Colour. Then the 18 year old Cat God rejected it?”

Yu Bing nodded. “Many people in the league knows about this because the former vice-captain, Yuan Shaozhe accidentally talked about it at a party. Cat God wanted to build his own team and didn’t join Wind Colour.”

Kou Hongyi exclaimed, “It is thankful that he didn’t join Wind Colour that year…”

Yu Bing stared at him. “Why do you say this?”

Kou Hongyi explained, “If Li Cangyu joins Wind Colour then he will be vice-captain and team up with Captain Ling! The Miracle League would completely go sideways.”

Yunyu was startled but soon reacted. She thought of the two summoners joining hands and couldn’t help smiling. “That is true. Both of them are the fast hand speed and high outbreak type player. If they join forces then it is estimated that no other teams would dare mix with them.”

Her words contained a very high evaluation of Li Cangyu. There weren’t many people like him who could stand side by side with an old god like Ling Xuefeng. Li Cangyu was Ling Xuefeng’s strongest opponent and his personal strength had been confirmed by everyone.

However, the confrontation between the two teams wasn’t a solo fight between the two of them. It was based on the overall strength of the team. Yu Bing always admired Li Cangyu but she wasn’t very optimistic about today’s match.


The debugging in the soundproof room ended. It turned out that there was a small fault in the stadium’s network. After the inspection ended, the referee finally signaled the start of the match.

Ling Xuefeng soon submitted the mode of the games to the referee.

Three arena games!

The audience saw this scene and excitedly clapped.

Captain Ling was truly bold. He would definitely have a higher winning rate if he chose three team battles. Everyone knew that Canglan was stronger in the arena than team battles. Yet Ling Xuefeng dared to select their strength and it was for all three rounds.

This was obviously saying, ‘So what if Canglan is strong in the arena? I’m not afraid of you at all. Let’s fight!’

Ling Xuefeng’s fans excitedly filled the screen in the live broadcast room. Li Cangyu smiled slightly. He also admired Ling Xuefeng’s bold decision.

Since he wanted to fight in the ring then Li Cangyu would accompany him!

In the past, every time they faced each other, they would guess the other person’s thoughts so much that they never met directly in the arena during the six matches spread out over three years.

Could he guess right this time? Li Cangyu touched his chin and estimated that the first game wouldn’t be right. The first game’s lineup needed to be submitted before the match. Li Cangyu didn’t think that Ling Xuefeng would select three arena games and only submitted the most common lineup. Ling Xuefeng would definitely make arrangements for the normal lineup of the Canglan team.

The list of players on both sides soon fill the screen.

Wind Colour had the combination of Qin Mo and He Qun while Canglan had Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming!

Canglan fans silently mourned. The little prince of Wind Colour had a milk dad while the little prince of Canglan had an auxiliary. It was likely that Xiao Zhang would lose!

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Xiao Han vs Qin Mo! I’m excited 😀

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When the fans hate each other but the team captains are actually lovers…

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Yeah, I wonder how they’re gonna react when LXF turned out to be Old Cat’s lover XD

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Good words, Kou Hongyi, good words! haha indeed couple outfits :3