GLS: Chapter 178

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Chapter 178

At this time, Ling Xuefeng was smiling as he watched the TV.

Li Cangyu’s compliments during the interview meant that Ling Xuefeng was in a very good mood. He also appreciated Li Cangyu’s straightforward words at the end.

His favourite thing was Li Cangyu’s confident and calm expression.

Li Cangyu’s remark definitely wasn’t boastful because in the current Miracle League… there was only one elf summoner.

However, many spectators were fooled by him and couldn’t notice this point. Only the female reporter at the scene recovered quickly and threw a sharp question at Li Cangyu. “Cat God, you said that you are the most powerful elf summoner. Is this domestically or globally? If it is domestic, there is only one elf summoner among the eight teams in the first division.”

The audience, “…”

Everyone’s spirits returned. This reporter was right. There was only one elf summoner domestically so he was naturally the strongest. No one could compare to him!

If it was globally then it wouldn’t be the same…

Everyone was looking forward to Li Cangyu’s answer and he didn’t hesitate to give it to them. “Of course, it is the world. What is the point domestically when no one else in the country plays an elf summoner?”

Everyone was shocked. The Canglan team often boasted that they were handsome or played well but Li Cangyu was on a different level. He directly boasted that he was the best elf summoner in the world!

His boasting was so big that wasn’t he afraid of it ending in failure?

Many Li Cangyu fans wrote on his Weibo: [Cat God, act more leisurely and don’t boast so big!] [I didn’t expect you to be such a Cat God!] [Ah Shu, Xiao Zhuo and Old Zhang’s casual boasts can’t compare to you!] [Cat God, you have completed the upgrade of your boasting skill This boast, I give it full marks!]

Li Cangyu was sitting at the venue and naturally didn’t know what Weibo was going crazy. His expression was very calm, as if he was saying what he had to eat today.

The female reporter was silent for a moment before asking politely, “Cat God, do you really feel that you are the world’s strongest elf summoner? The United States, Japan, Korean, Germany… many countries have very strong elf summoners. In addition, in the current world summoner rankings, the top four are the blood kin summoner Jack Josh, the demon summoner Ling Xuefeng, the angel summoner Kim Jongho and the elf summoner Mitchell. Your name can’t be seen at all.”

Li Cangyu smiled and declared with confidence, “That’s because it has been three years since I’ve left Miracle, the people in charge of the statistics have long forgotten me. I’m sure that by the end of this year’s season, everyone will see my name on the rankings.”

Everyone, “…”

The female reporter, who was always known for her sharp questions, was dumbfounded and could only sit down helplessly.


Ling Xuefeng really admired the bold Li Cangyu. He could be so calm in the face of the reporter’s sharp questions. Not only did he answer confidently, he boasted that he would enter the world rankings.

What if it didn’t happen?

However, Li Cangyu’s personality was always straightforward. The fact that he dared to say this today showed his goal—the peak of the world’s summoners.


The video of the post-match interview was released and Weibo instantly split into two sides. One side supported Li Cangyu and felt that this confident player was really manly and attractive. The other side thought unfavorably and felt that Li Cangyu shouldn’t be arrogant. He should be humble since modesty was a virtue.

The netizens were arguing but Li Cangyu’s number of Weibo fans rose significantly. In just a few days, he caught up with the great gods of the Miracle League. He had left Miracle for three years and his popularity after coming back was inferior to rising stars like Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang. Now the number of people who liked him rose greatly.

Li Cangyu also received extensive attention from netizens in the Miracle League. Many people ridiculed him saying: [Daring to call himself the world’s best elf summoner but he can’t even leave the country!] [Maybe he can’t even get into the national team yet he is bragging here…]

[The Canglan team’s boasting is really bad. It turns out to be due to the captain!]

The Canglan team looked at these comments and felt helpless.

Bai Xuan had been with Li Cangyu for many years and his mood was particularly complicated. “Why can’t you be a bit more humble? Why do you have to say this and be miserably scolded?”

Li Cangyu was calm. “It doesn’t matter. I will prove with my strength that what I said is true.”

Xie Shurong patted him on the shoulder. “Captain, I am sure that you will definitely become the world’s strongest elf summoner but now the demon summoner called Ling Xuefeng is in front of you. This is the key point.”

Bai Xuan nodded in agreement. “Yes, do you have any idea about how to play the next match?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Let me think about it again.”


That night, Li Cangyu held his phone and lay in bed. He was just about to send a message to Ling Xuefeng but their hearts must be connected. A message from Ling Xuefeng popped up on the screen. [Has the world’s strongest elf summoner gone back to his dormitory?]

The abstinent male god actually made such a cold joke. Li Cangyu was amused and immediately replied: [I’m back, what are you doing?]

Ling Xuefeng: [I just finished my shower.]

Li Cangyu: [The next match against Canglan, is the tactical layout ready?]

Ling Xuefeng: [No.]

Li Cangyu: [What modes are you going to choose?]

Ling Xuefeng asked: [What do you think?]

Li Cangyu typed: [I think you will choose arena, team battle and arena.]

Ling Xuefeng: [Why?]

Li Cangyu bluntly said: [This way I am more likely to win!]

Ling Xuefeng laughed. [You are asking me about tactics. Aren’t you afraid I will lie to you?]

Li Cangyu: [No, you will never lie. If you can’t tell me then you won’t speak. If you tell me then it must be true.]

Ling Xuefeng’s heart was warm. He didn’t expect Li Cangyu to know him so well and to trust him, Indeed, he couldn’t lie to Li Cangyu. When it came to the tactical secrets, the best way was to not tell each other.

Li Cangyu definitely knew this and was just asking as a joke.

Ling Xuefeng thought this and changed the topic: [The first round of the regular season is coming to an end. Now the Canglan team’s ranking is in danger. In the second round, you can’t be too willful and must act carefully.]

Li Canglan seriously replied: [I know. The training of the newcomers is almost complete. Canglan must take more points in the second round or it will be troublesome if we can’t get into the playoffs.]

[Yes, maintain this good mindset.]

[Wind Colour doesn’t need to be afraid. Based on the current rankings, you should steadily make it into the playoffs?]

[Not necessarily. The teams are more stabilized in the second round. It isn’t impossible for a team ranked first to fall down.]

The two people chatted for a bit. Once Li Cangyu became sleepy, he said goodbye to Ling Xuefeng and fell asleep.


The next morning, Li Cangyu called the members of the Canglan team to the training room for a meeting. This meeting was naturally to discuss the next tactical arrangements against the Wind Colour team. Everyone listened carefully.

Li Cangyu once again used a PPT to introduce the Wind Colour team. This time, the PPT obviously wasn’t made by Ling Xuefeng. It was a simple white background with black words. There were no effect at all. Still, the contents were concise and basically spelled out the current situation of the Wind Colour team.

“Wind Colour’s captain, Ling Xuefeng. I don’t need to talk much about him. He is currently the strongest demon player in the Miracle League. Everyone should’ve seen the previous matches and realize how strong he is. Today I will give you a detailed introduction of the Wind Colour lineup.” Li Cangyu’s laser pointer stopped on a black magician with the ID of Ingrained.

“Yan Ruiwen, the vice-captain of the Wind Colour team. He is the strongest black magician in the league and his style of play is very calm. He relies heavily on using a large number of negative states to decrease his opponent’s blood and create opportunities for his teammates to grab a head…”

“Guo Xuan (ID: Blade Dancer) is partnered with Vice-Captain Yan and is also a very good black magician. The combination is the most classic black magic overlap style that netizens imitate.”

“The blood kin summoners Xu Feifan and Qin Mo. One of these two players usually partner up with Ling Xuefeng to form the strong field control combination of double summoners. A summoner has many pets and the control skills can work together to achieve a seamless connection. This is the basis of Wind Colour’s strong field control.”

“The other players aren’t so famous but they are all old players who have followed Ling Xuefeng for many years. Their form is very stable. Among them, the front row beast berserker, Liao Zhenyu has a very strong attack. He is a typical offensive defender. The healer is He Qun and he is a rare demon sacrifice. A sacrifice has less skills to add blood but there are more status skills. He can often create protective shields for his teammates.”

“The last one is called Lin Ke. He just debuted this season. Ling Xuefeng should be preparing him as a transition after Guo Xuan retires. He is a black magician reserve and hasn’t appeared many times in recent matches.”

Li Cangyu introduced all the players and turned a page on the PPT. He said, “Wind Colour is a typical magic based time. The team battle lineup is generally two black magicians, two summoners, a front row protector and a healer.  Ling Xuefeng is the core of the team. As long as he controls a person, his teammates will set fire to kill that person. This is the most terrifying thing about the Wind Colour team. The output of all four attackers is the fiercest among all teams in the league.”

Next, he played a few featured clips from games, most of whom included people like Tan Shitian, Su Guangmo and other great gods. The more they looked, the more surprised they became. Wind Colour sometimes crushed the other team and their method of breaking the rhythm was terrible.

Li Cangyu saw that everyone was solemn and smiled slightly. “The truth is that it is basically impossible to gain an early advantage against Wind Colour. We have to play for the worst and then prepare to overturn the table.”

Li Cangyu gave everyone a preventive shot. The opponents were the champions of the sixth season and they couldn’t be careless.

It was only be preparing for the worst that they would be able to burn the boats and win the game.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help becoming excited at the thought of meeting Ling Xuefeng on the field after several years.

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