GLS: Chapter 177

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Chapter 177

Canglan lost three matches in a row and finally won 2:1 at home. This rekindled the hopes of the Canglan fans. However, many people were still worried. After all, the Cheetah team was the weakest overall team in the league. Winning against them wasn’t something to be too happy about.

In the post-match interview, Captain Jiang Xu of the Cheetah team calmly answered the reporters’ questions. He was very clear about the strength of the Cheetah team but also dreamt of making it to the playoffs. He had been working hard while aiming for this goal.

Jiang Xu had always been low-key in the league. Many reporters didn’t pay much attention to the Cheetah Team but Chen Anran was a 16 year old vice-captain who won the Most Promising Rookie Award last year. This attracted people’s attention and the reporters prepared many questions The result was that Vice-Captain Chen didn’t appear in the post-match interview.

A reporter expressed doubts and Jiang Xu explained, “Xiao Chen is very shy and not talkative. If you want to interview him then you can send an email and list the questions.”

In other words, Chen Anran still had the habit of responding as a student. If the reporters wanted to interview him, the must send him the questions and he would seriously answer them. If he was interviewed in person, he would blush shyly and hide behind his teammates, not answering one question.

This was the only vice-captain in the history of the Miracle League who would answer written questions! The 16 year old Chen Anran hadn’t grown up yet. Perhaps after he grew up, the performance of the Cheetah team would really improve.


The interview with the Cheetah team was soon over. Once it was the Canglan team’s turn, the applause was more enthusiastic than before. After all, this was Changsha, the home of the Canglan team. Many reporters were familiar with the Dragon Song Club and had to give the team a bit of face.

Zhang Jueming, Zhuo Hang and Li Cangyu attended the post-match interview. A reporter saw the three people and immediately asked, “Cat God, you finally won once after a three game losing streak. However, you didn’t play from start to finish. Is this arrangement to give more opportunities to Old Zhang?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu honestly admitted it. “I know many reporters and friends questioned my arrangements but I have absolute confidence in Zhang Jueming. I always believed that he could take the Canglan team to victory.”

The reporter continued asking, “I want to ask Old Zhang. Cat God gave you such a difficult task. What were you truly thinking? Was it stressful when you were questioned by the netizens?”

Zhang Jueming scratched the back of his head and smiled. “In fact, I didn’t think too much. Old Cat believed in me so I should go out and live up to his trust. As for the stress… there was some. I saw that many people yelled at me on the Internet. Most of the responsibility lay with me for the losses in the last few games. I want to tell everyone that I am sorry.”

Li Cangyu patted his shoulder to show encouragement. Zhang Jueming coughed twice and continued, “In fact, I am very happy to personally command two games to victory today. This shows that my command level is still good, hahaha!”

The reporters, “…”

Uncle, did you learn to boast from Xie Shurong? Or was this boasting the style of the Canglan team?

However, the reporters watched the appearance of the oldest player in the Miracle League and couldn’t help clapping. They even felt that such a straightforward uncle was cute.

It wasn’t easy for Zhang Jueming to come all this way. If it hadn’t been for Li Cangyu then he probably would’ve continued the leveling studio, toiling to make a bit of money for a living. Mustering the courage to return to the MIracle League showed that his heart hadn’t given up on his young dream.

The facts proved that Zhang Jueming wasn’t just an invisible auxiliary who was dragging down the Canglan team with his age. His hand speed might not be high and his white magic wasn’t brilliant but he had many clever tactical ideas. He could be timid and careful in a game, then unexpectedly attack the opponent.

At this moment, the reporters’ applause was sincere. 70% of it was affirmation while 30% of it was admiration. They respected that the 25 year old could stand on the e-sports field and admired him for withstanding the pressure of public opinion to finally prove himself.

Zhang Jueming would definitely become the most trusted deputy commander for Li Cangyu, leading the Canglan team to victory together.


After interviewing Zhang Jueming, the reporters also noticed Zhuo Hang who played particularly well today.

Among the four teenagers, Zhuo Hang had been relatively mediocre in previous matches. Today, he made decisive shots at critical moments so that the reporters couldn’t help looking at him.

The impetuous problem had disappeared completed. Today Zhuo Hang played the second and third game very calmly. He would hide like a coward behind a tree when it was the right time. When it was time to unleash violence, he would break out with his traps. Retreating and going forward wasn’t easy for a newcomer who just debuted to do.

In addition, Zhuo Hang was handsome and his image was good. The reporters started to pay more attention to him from this moment on.

“Zhuo Hang, do you think you did well today?” A reporter stood up and asked.

Zhuo Hang looked over at Li Cangyu. “This is for my captain to judge. It isn’t good if I say it myself.”

Li Cangyu took the microphone and answered honestly, “Xiao Zhuo did very well today.”

“I think so too.” Zhuo Hang smiled with a trace of pride. “During this week, I experienced the captain’s devil training. The effect of the training isn’t bad and I feel like my awareness has improved.”

The reporters, “…”

This guy really didn’t blush when praising himself.

Zhuo Hang stopped smiling and said seriously, “I was the most arrogant person when I first came to the Canglan team. After this period of training and competition, I found that I am far worse than my other teammates.”

“Here, I want to thank my roommate Li Xiaojiang. He taught me how to treat every game calmly and seriously.”

“Of course, I also have to thank my captain, Cat God. Cat God is like a parent to the Canglan team members and patiently help all the newcomers. The four of us dragged down the team but Cat God fortunately didn’t get angry at us. He set up a special training plan for our shortcomings and let us slowly grow. Cat God, thank you for taking us. We will work hard.”

Li Cangyu heard this and couldn’t help smiling. This young guy was worthy of being related to Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian. He was an excellent speaker and had good answers to the reporters’ questions. He also made a serious expression for serious questions.

Among the four teenagers, Li Cangyu had been most dissatisfied with the proud and conceited Zhuo Hang. However, apart from the occasional narcissism, Zhuo Hang had completely changed his concept and was actually a talent worthy of training. The other three weren’t comparable to him when it came to the reporters.

Gu Siming’s mouth often ran along the wrong track, Xiao Han’s half-baked Chinese wasn’t reliable and Li Xiaojiang’s stuttering wasn’t good. Only Zhuo Hang could handle the reporters’ questions. It seemed that Zhuo Hang was a good candidate for the next generation Canglan team.

Li Cangyu was thinking about this when he heard a reporter ask, “Cat God, I have a question I would like you to answer.”

“Please say it.” Li Cangyu pulled back his thoughts and politely looked at the reporter who asked the question. She was a girl with long black hair who was around 20 years old. Her facial features could be called beautiful and she wore a light blue knee-length dress without any extra ornaments. She gave off a simple and refreshing feeling.

She saw Li Cangyu looking at her and asked, “In the first round of the regular season, the Canglan team has already faced six teams. There is only the Wind Colour team left. Next, Canglan will go to Shanghai to challenge the Wind Colour team. Cat God, do you have confidence in this match?”

This question brought the topic to Wind Colour.

Li Cangyu felt that this female reporter was familiar but couldn’t remember where he had seen her. The other person was waiting for a reply so he put it aside and directly replied, “I must say that I have confidence. No captain would say that they have no confidence in the next match.”

The woman then asked, “However, the strength of Wind Colour is first-class in the Miracle League and their performance this season has been excellent. They are currently ranked first on the team standings and it is much higher than the second place.”

She paused before continuing unceremoniously. “Besides, Wind Colour is an old powerhouse. The players are stable and the only instability, Qin Mo, has grown into a very good player after the tempering last season. In the face of this Wind Colour, can you still win?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Of course. The result of a match is always unpredictable. I admit that the strength of the Wind Colour team is very strong but strong teams also lose.” The female reporter changed topics. “Then what do you think about the captain Ling Xuefeng?”

Li Cangyu found that this woman’s questions were sharp and much harder to answer. However, Li Cangyu had long expected a reporter to ask this question and didn’t hesitate. “Ling Xuefeng is an outstanding captain. I admire but also appreciate him. He is a master in the Miracle League and can lead Wind Colour to gain a foothold in the Miracle League. This itself attests to his high strength.”

“As for his personal level, Ling Xuefeng is undoubtedly in the top echelons of the current Miracle League. His ranking is also very high in the world. I believe that everyone won’t question that he is the strongest demon summoner. However, I’m not afraid of him because I am the strongest elf summoner.”

The reporters, “…”

Since becoming captain of the Canglan team, Li Cangyu’s impression had always been very calm. He was sincere and honest when answering questions, making him popular with reporters.

Today he actually learnt to boast?

This imposing remark had an element of boasting and left the reporters in shock and speechless.

‘I am the strongest elf summoner’

Cat God declared it directly and simple, with confidence and calmness. The reporters had no way to refute his words.

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