GLS: Chapter 176

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Chapter 176 – Canglan VS Cheetah (Final Outcome)

In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi expressed his admiration. “I understand now. Gu Siming stepped into a lot of traps deliberately.  He did it to help his teammates by eliminating the traps!”

Yu Bing nodded in agreement. “This should be the arrangement of the commander. In fact, Canglan gave up Gu Siming from the beginning. He was sent out as cannon fodder.

Kou Hongyi laughed. “Still, the effect of this cannon fodder is great. Almost all of Cheetah’s traps were stepped on while the teammates behind him, Xie Shurong, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang weren’t affected by the traps. It is similar to a mine war. The person walking in front stepps on the mines and the teammates in the rear can move forward with confidence.”

As Kou Hongyi said, Xiao Gu sacrificed himself for the other members of the Canglan team.

Without the influence of Cheetah’s trap array, Ah Shu’s attack power was even fiercer. The invisible Xiao Han didn’t have to worry about the traps under his feet. Zhuo Hang took the initiative to place traps on the group to limit the other party’s movements.

After killing Chen Anran, Zhuo Hang’s next target was his partner Yanjun.

In the previous mob stage, Zhuo Hang had interrupted Chen Anran’s rhythm using the wretched method of ‘fighting and hiding’. Chen Anran’s partner was also affected. Zhuo Hang had observed the statistics and saw that Yanjun didn’t get 500 coins. In order words, he couldn’t even afford a ring. This situation was really serious!

The soft persimmon should be pinched. Zhuo Hang naturally aimed for Yanjun as his next target.

Ah Shu and Xiao Han saw Zhuo Hang using a trap to set the opponent in place and immediately knew what to do. They set fire towards Yanjun. The healer tried to save him but Zhuo Hang’s Silence Trap at the critical meant no skills could be used!

[Frost Descends has killed City Hunter!]

Xiao Han quickly took away the opponent with a crit and Canglan completely occupied the upper hand in this wave of combat.

Jiang Xu managed to retreat with the remaining members but Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han all had a head. Their attack power was enhanced and there was Zhang Jueming’s key auxiliary skills.  The Canglan team was like an unstoppable beast as they forcibly broke through the Cheetah team’s traps and crushed the white crystal, signaling victory


The victory in the second match immediately made the lifeless atmosphere at the venue lively. The audience saw hope. Zhuo Hang played very well in the second game. He unleashed his attacks at the right time and controlled himself. It could be said that a large part of the victory in the second game was due to Zhuo Hang. Old ZHang’s commanding also didn’t seem too bad?

Everyone’s heavy expressions changed and many viewers raised the support card in their hands as they cheered for their favourite player.

Many people felt that Li Cangyu should go on for the third game. The captain had already acted as a soy sauce for two games. Shouldn’t he play in the third game?

It turned out that Li Cangyu was going to be a lazy cat today. He sat with Li Xiaojiang and watched the drama.

The third game was still under Zhang Jueming’s command.

This time, the Cheetah team was prepared and it was naturally impossible to repeat the last game.

Jiang Xu changed the splitting mode and let Chen Anran go somewhere else to make money. Meanwhile, he went to do with Zhuo Hang. To his surprise, Zhang Jueming also changed the splitting mode and Zhuo Hang ended up encountering Chen Anran again!

This coincidence made many professional players watching the match sigh.

It seemed that Old Zhang was also a thoughtful person. He guessed that Jiang Xu would change the roads and followed.

Chen Anran had a headache when he saw Zhuo Hang. Zhuo Hang always jumped out at critical moments to destroy Chen Anran’s rhythm and make him particularly uncomfortable. He didn’t know that Zhuo Hang had experienced Cat God’s devil training for a week.

Fortunately, Chen Anran’s reaction speed was extremely fast. He was no longer as passive as the last game. Instead, he actively ran to interfere with Zhuo Hang. The result was that neither of them made money.

During the team battle, Jiang Xu deliberately blocked Gu Siming so that the thick knight couldn’t run over to destroy Cheetah’s traps. But how could Zhang Jueming repeat the same trick a second time?

Old Zhang thought of a new move this time. Once the Cheetah team set up a chain of traps to prepare for their moves, he simply didn’t start the team battle and turned to play the ice dragon.

Jiang Xu, “…”

It felt like the hunters had laid out a bunch of traps and waited for the prey to be hooked. The result was that the prey went around and fell in love with killing the ice dragon!

Jiang Xu really wanted to spit out blood. Zhang Jueming seemed to be a rough person but he was actually so careful when commanding!

The helpless Cheetah members had to go forward to fight against the Canglan team. However, the hunters were greatly restricted by the narrow terrain and their attack wasn’t as good as a swordsman. The two sides fought for a while and the ownership of the ice dragon was finally won by Canglan!

Canglan relied on this team economy bonus to play smoothly in the later stages. They changed their equipment and directly pushed to the crystal!


The golden words filled the screen and Zhuo Hang excitedly stood up. Zhang Jueming gave his thighs a hard slap and exclaimed, “We won!”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Zhang Jueming’s legs were really pitiful. He would slap them every time he was excited. Shouldn’t they be swollen by now?

Still, Bai Xuan couldn’t help feeling pleased when he saw Zhang Jueming’s bright smile.

In fact, Old Zhang’s pressure this time was very big. The fans had lost confidence in him and some black fans ran to his Weibo to scold him. [Porcelain shouldn’t do the work of a diamond.] [You aren’t suitable to command. Just peacefully act as an auxiliary.]

Netizens often talked without caring but they didn’t know how hurtful these words were to a serious and hardworking professional. Zhang Jueming was old and this comeback with Cat God was his last chance.

In the past, he was a young man with the dream of entering the Miracle League. Unfortunately, his dream was completely broken when he failed to achieve in. IN the past few years, he ran the leveling studio but his heart hadn’t forgotten. He longed to stand on the big stage at the awards ceremony so he raised the courage to try again.

Li Cangyu gave him the opportunity to command because he wanted Old Zhang to prove himself. Old Zhang might not be young but his brain was still good. He had many tactical ideas that could be achieved on the field and he could also carry the Canglan team to victory!

Zhang Jueming finally proved himself with these two victories.

This made Li Cangyu feel particularly gratified.

The surprising thing for Li Cangyu was that after experiencing a setback in the first game, Zhuo Hang quickly recovered and found a new method of running and interfering with his opponent. It was something that Li Cangyu hadn’t thought of, making him feel very proud of this little guy. Zhuo Hang was savvy and smart. Once he adjusted his mentality, his room for improvement was big. Now was the beginning of his breakthrough.

In this match, Li Cangyu didn’t play. He watched the stage from the perspective of the audience and could clearly see the performance of every team member.

In this match, everyone found their places and could cooperate with each other. The mutual trust and tactic cooperate between teammates was the most important part of a team.

After experiencing the low point of three straight losses, the Canglan team finally ushered in the true spring that belonged to them.

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