GLS: Chapter 175

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Chapter 175 – Canglan VS Cheetah (Appetizer)

As Ling Xuefeng speculated, the first game ended up being an appetizer. The Cheetah team sent a paladin, healer and four hunters. The four hunters cooperated to fill the entire area with traps, making it difficult for melee players to fight.

In the fight against Chen Anran, Zhuo Hang was suppressed very badly. His speed was fast but Chen Anran’s hand speed was faster than him. Zhuo Hang often hadn’t released his skills when Chen Anran already placed a row of traps under his feet. Zhuo Hang’s limbs were tied and he couldn’t play to even 70% of his level.

Less than 10 minutes after the game started, the crystal in the centre was crushed. Many fans of the Canglan team looked solemn. Some anxiously clenched their fists and wished to help the players fight.

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu stood up and went to Zhuo Hang. “How do you feel?”

Zhuo Hang’s expression was a bit anxious as he scratched his head. “I found that Chen Anran’s speed is faster than when I watched the video and it is harder to cope…”

Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder and said, “The audience and fans are different. The rhythm of the game that you feel when watching the video is different from when you are in the game. Don’t be caught by his quick movements. Maintain your own rhythm and find a way to interrupt him.”

Zhuo Hang nodded seriously. “Yes.”

The devil training meant they were abused for several hours by Cat God during this week. Among the members, Zhuo Hang’s skill release accuracy had significantly improved. It was just that he suddenly encountered Chen Anran’s speed and couldn’t adjust for a while, falling into the other side’s rhythm.

Now he could calm down and think about it. In fact, he wasn’t much worse than Chen Anran. The loss in the last game was because he wasn’t decisive enough. He hesitated and missed the best timing.

He must eliminate any distractions in the next game, calm down and grasp his own rhythm…

He was thinking when a hand suddenly grabbed his finger and gently pulled. The startled Zhuo Hang looked back and see Li Xiaojiang’s clear eyes.

“What is it?” The puzzled Zhuo Hang asked.

“You, you can do it. I’m cheering for you.” Xiaojiang’s tone was particularly serious. This clumsy encouragement was simple but passed directly into Zhuo Hang’s heart.

Zhuo Hang couldn’t help smiling as he firmly gripped the other person’s hand. “Rest assured, I will!”

To the surprise of the audience, Li Cangyu still didn’t appear in the second game and Zhang Jueming remained the commander.

It wasn’t that people looked down on Old Zhang. It was because all the recent games that Old Zhang commanded ended in failure and fans lost faith in him. He didn’t mind that he lost and sat in the commander’s seat with a happy smile.

The map for this game was still Beast Tribe. The Canglan fans were long accustomed to this practice. The Canglan team had a special knack for angering people. They wouldn’t change the same map for all three games, causing anger to rise.

Most fans weren’t optimistic about this game and many were prepared for a loss.

However, less than three minutes after the game started, Canglan gained the first advantage!

A small-scale fight broke out on the road. At the time, Zhuo Hang and Zhang Jueming had been working together to clear up the mobs. The members of the Cheetah team in this area happened to be Chen Anran and another hunter. The two hunters placed numerous invisible traps on the ground and Zhuo Hang and Zhang Jueming didn’t dare approach easily.

The Zhuo Zhang combination were hiding behind a big tree. Many spectators watching on the TV scolded them and some people gloated, “Old Zhang, how can you win if you keep shrinking back?” “It is better to surrender early!”

The result was that the moment a status mob refreshed, Zhuo Hang suddenly jumped out from behind the tree. He accurately used Death Trap with the attack bonus from Zhang Jueming to quickly kill the mob.

Chen Anran also wanted to kill the mob but due to the viewing angle, he saw it a bit slower. His skill release was 0.5 seconds slower as he used the same Death Trap.

After killing the mob, Zhuo Hang immediately hid behind the tree and hit the mobs on his side. Chen Anran ignored him and the result was that another status mob refreshed. Chen Anran wanted to release the trap skill when Zhuo Hang quickly used Death Trap to kill the mob!

Chen Anran, “…”

This time Chen Anran looked a bit stunned. In the last game, he used his hand speed to clean up the mobs. Zhuo Hang had been in the same area as him and couldn’t gain much money, forcing him into the disadvantage.

However, in this game his mobs were robbed at crucial moments and it happened twice in a row. The result was that Chen Anran’s fast pace was completely interrupted.

The status of e-sports professional players was very important. If a stable state could be maintained then the game would be much smoother. Once their rhythm was repeatedly destroyed, players with a poor mentality would become irritated and make more mistakes. If they wanted to restore their level to their previous peak then they had to adapt to the new rhythm.

Chen Anran undoubtedly belonged to the players with a good mentality. Despite being continuously interrupted by Zhuo Hang, he only took a few seconds to calm down. Then he carefully followed his normal rhythm.

Unfortunately, Zhuo Hang wasn’t a fuel-efficient lamp. He was clearly targeting Chen Anran. He would always come out and interrupt Chen Anran’s combos at the most critical time. This practice was particularly cheap and it was estimated that any bad-tempered player would want to go over and strangle Zhuo Hang.

Once again, the 16 year old Chen Anran seemed different from ordinary people. Zhuo Hang bullied him but he kept playing by himself. This scene was like a child slowly stacking wood. Every time it would be piled out, a person hiding behind the tree would pop out and overturn it. The child kept piling the wood according to his own ideas.  The result was that it was overturned…

This repeated several times until the audience members couldn’t help saying, “I have never seen Zhuo Hang acting in such an embarrassing manner before!” “Today’s Zhuo Hang is particularly wretched! He destroys Xiao Chen’s move and runs away. Then after a while, he comes out to destroy it again. Too irritating!” “Poor Xiao Chen is miserably being bullied. Doesn’t Captain Jiang care?”

It was difficult for Jiang Xu to help because at this time, Jiang Xu was tied up by Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan had partnered up and encountered the captain and healer of the Cheetah team. Xie Shurong didn’t risk being caught by traps and directly used a big move to rush to the other side.

Ah Shu’s ferocious moves had a great impact on Jiang Xu. He laid down many traps to decrease Xie Shurong’s blood but Xie Shurong wasn’t afraid of losing blood since he had a healer. The result was that the two sides couldn’t kill each other. They used a few skills before going back to killing the mobs.

In another area, Gu Siming and Xiao Han met the Cheetah team’s paladin and hunter and was barely able to make it a tie.

The two sides didn’t harvest any heads in the early stage of the game. Zhuo Hang interrupted Chen Anran many times and he was slightly ahead in economy. He had 100 more coins than Chen Anran. This lead was almost negligible but it was much better than the last game when Zhuo Hang was suppressed from the beginning.

Both sides returned to the city to change their equipment while the ice dragon finally refreshed in the bottom left of the map.

Zhang Jueming immediately gave the orders. “Xiao Gu will act as cover in the front to let Ah Shu and Xiao Han rush to the rear of the other side and break up the four hunters. Xiao Gu, pay attention to keep up the protective shield and don’t die too quickly!”

Gu Siming immediately replied. “I know!”

Zhang Jueming continued quickly, “After their formation is swept away, listen for my password and then use your big moves on Chen Anran!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The two sides met and a fight broke out.

The most important thing when facing the Cheetah team was to play quickly. Once they delayed, the other side would easily arrange a large series of traps.  Thus, Old Zhang’s idea was simple. Force them to disperse before they could set up the chain traps.

The hunter’s trap had a characteristic of a teammate’s trap being able to set off another teammate’s trap. For example, if the Cheetah team wanted to kill someone then they could lay four death traps down at the foot of that person. At that time, the four times damage would direct ruin the other person.

Of course, this also required an understanding between teammates and the timing of the trap placement must be well grasped. Once control was necessary, control traps such as Silence would be released. When killing was necessary, death traps would be placed.

Cheetah’s four hunters had cooperated for many seasons and they knew each other well. The moment they met the Canglan players, they didn’t need their captain to give an order. They tacitly arranged a trap array. As long as someone stepped inside, they would face the tragedy of continuous control and injury traps.

Once he saw this, Kou Hongyi who rarely talked in this game couldn’t help saying, “The trap flow of the Cheetah team is terrible. I remember there was once a white magician who stepped into the Cheetah team’s traps. Then he was hit by the traps one by one and died. Right, his surname is Cheng. I’m sure everyone can guess who he is.”

Cheng Wei, “…”

There was only one white magician in the Miracle League with a surname of Cheng. Kou Hongyi must be really bored to expose his black history!

However, there was nothing good to comment on in the early stages of this game. He looked like he wanted to fall asleep. Then once the two sides met, the atmosphere finally made him spirited. “We can see that Gu Siming in Canglan’s front row accidentally stepped into a silence trap laid by the Cheetah team. Oh, he didn’t retreat. He is continuing to rush forward. He just stepped into a Death Trap!”

On the big screen, Gu Siming was like a nail stuck to the soles of the feet as he ran around and smashed into the Cheetah team’s traps one after another!

Just before stepping into the first trap, he used Guardian’s Power on himself. Even so, his blood volume was dropping rapidly from the serial traps.

Cheetah’s captain Jiang Xu saw that Gu Siming was rushing around and accurately put down a trap that would fix Gu Siming in place. Several other hunters received the captain’s signal and immediately dropped Death Traps. They wanted to kill Gu Siming in seconds!

Unfortunately, Bai Xuan wasn’t a vegetarian. The moment he saw Gu Siming’s blood decreasing, he started to cast skills. He saw that Gu Siming’s blood gauge was flashing red and finished casting Holy Light Surge, pulling Xiao Gu back from death.

At this time, Xie Shurong and Xiao Han finally came out. Everyone felt there was a flower in front of them as Xie Shurong jumped five metres with a teleport skill. He was like a sharp sword as he cut into the rear of the Cheetah team and set Jiang Xu in place.

Xiao Han followed closely behind Xie Shurong in stealth mode and used Pain Blade to silence the healer!

Then Zhang Jueming cast a skill and soft music filled the map. A while light shone above his teammates. All teammates had their attacks doubled and crit rate increased by 30% for three seconds!

Everyone must take advantage of these three seconds.

The nervous audience held their breaths as they worried about whether the other teammates could keep up with Old Zhang’s big move.

To the relief of the audience, the Canglan team didn’t let them down. In particular, Zhuo Hang used Flying Feather Steps the moment Zhang Jueming started casting. Once Old Zhang’s auxiliary skill fell, he placed four traps in the front, rear, left and right of Chen Anran. Then he decisively pressed the R key.

This was the key he set for his big move, the hunter’s most powerful attack skill—Trap Blast!

The damage caused by this skill was directly proportional to the number of traps on the field. Zhuo Hang placed four traps in three seconds so the damage of Trap Blast was four times that of a single Death Trap!

There was also Zhang Jueming’s auxiliary skill. Thus, during this three second period, the traps dealt eight times the damage!

Ah Shu and Xiao Han also weren’t idle. During the short duration of Zhang Jueming’s skills, Xie Shurong decisively used Light and Shadow Rotation while Xiao Han broke out with Fatal Blow. The three people’s outbreak killed Chen Anran in seconds.

[Great Navigator has killed Vigilant in Peacetime, first kill!]

Zhuo Hang sweated with excitement the moment this prompt popped up. His speed wasn’t as good as Chen Anran but his ability to find opportunities was no worse than Chen Anran!

He took advantage of Old Zhang’s attack bonus, Ah Shu and Xiao Han’s violent attacks and the consecutive explosion of four traps to kill the terran hunter Chen Anran!

Previously, he interfered with Chen Anran and had 100 more coins. Now he gained a head and his economy increased to 600. Zhuo Hang was happy in his heart.

However, the next system news made the audience happy.

[Rising Sun Rising Moon has killed As the Name Suggests!]

Xiao Gu had stepped into too many traps and couldn’t endure anymore. He died from the series of traps.

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