GLS: Chapter 170

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Chapter 170 – Gossip Storm

The team members didn’t know until today that it was Ah Shu’s birthday. The four newcomers who received gifts were a bit embarrassed. They came out in a group and lined up to wish Tree God a happy birthday.

Li Cangyu was also alarmed and asked in puzzled manner, “Today is Ah Shu’s birthday?”

Bai Xuan had naturally told everyone about it. Since the captain of the team asked, Bai Xuan immediately replied, “Yes, we were too busy playing the game that we forgot about this matter.”

Li Cangyu stated, “Dinner has been eaten so I will go buy a cake for Ah Shu’s birthday.”

Xie Shurong quickly said, “No, I never really celebrated my birthday before.”

“It isn’t the same. You used to be in the United States. This is your first birthday with the Canglan team. We must make up for this blunder.” Li Cangyu was very stubborn and immediately set out to buy a birthday cake. However, he wasn’t familiar with Suzhou. It was already late so after thinking about it, Li Cangyu decided to ask Liu Xiang.

Liu Xiang enthusiastically told him the address of a cake store. The location of the store wasn’t easy to find so she took a taxi to the hotel to go buy it with Li Cangyu.

By the time he bought the cake, it was almost 11 o’clock. Li Cangyu called the players into his room, put a candle on the cake, turned off the light and smiled. “Come and sing the birthday song.”

Everyone sang the birthday song in unison. Xie Shurong was a bit moved. In fact, he hadn’t really cared about his birthday but Li Cangyu went to buy a cake at night. Thus, he felt that the Canglan team was like a warm family. It was a warmth he never felt in his two years of playing with the ICE Club.

“Happy Birthday!” “Brother Shu is becoming more handsome!” “Make a wish and blow out the candle!”

Xie Shurong smiled and clasped his hands together, making a wish.

At present, his biggest wish was to catch Vice-Captain Bai. It would definitely be the happiest thing if he could hold the gentle and considerate Bai Xuan in his arms.

After silently making a wish, Xie Shurong blew out the candle in one breath. Li Cangyu turned on the light and let Xie Shurong cut the cake for every person. Fortunately, Li Cangyu smartly bought a small cake. The taste was delicious and it could be easily divided into eight parts. They could still eat it despite already having dinner.

Xie Shurong ate the cake and returned to the room. Then the thick-faced Xie Shurong said to Bai Xuan, “Guess what birthday wish I made?”

Bai Xuan cooperated with him. “What is it?”

Xie Shurong winked. “It is about you. It is said that the wish made on a person’s birthday is especially easy to achieve.”

Bai Xuan smiled slightly. He knew what Ah Shu meant but Ah Shu really wasn’t the type he liked. He always thought of this person as a younger brother who hadn’t grown up. It was difficult to treat Ah Shu as a mature man and this wouldn’t change for a while.

He just had to give it time. Perhaps Ah Shu would change his heart?


The members of Canglan returned to Changsha the next morning. They entered the team dorms and Li Cangyu had just put down his luggage when he heard a person knocking on the door. He opened it and unexpectedly saw Liu Chuan.

Li Cangyu was surprised. “Boss, what happened? Why did you come here in person?”

Liu Chuan smiled in a sly manner. “I just happened to be idle and came over to see you…” He paused and suddenly lowered his voice. “This time you went to Suzhou, isn’t your profit big?”

Li Cangyu replied seriously, “It is okay. We lost 1:2 but Li Xiaojiang’s mentality went through a great change.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.”

Li Cangyu was puzzled. “What is it?”

Liu Chuan handed a newspaper to Li Cangyu. The headline said ‘Canglan’s captain Li Cangyu and Red Fox’s captain Liu Xiang on a late-night date at the cake store with an intimate demeanor.’

The following article was an analysis about the possibility of the two of them being lovers. One piece of evidence was the smile that Li Cangyu gave when Liu Xiang came over to shake hands. The second evidence was the two people praising each other in the post-match interview, both saying that the other person was worthy of respect. Evidence three was Liu Xiang, Yu Bing and Li Cangyu eating together at a well-known sweet and sour fish store in Suzhou. Evidence four was the two people taking a taxi together to Liu Xiang’s favourite cake store late at night.

Li Cangyu, “…”

The reporter’s brain hole could really break through the sky! The evidence was his smile when shaking hands? Should he laugh or cry?

Liu Chuan gossiped, “I remember that you were previously linked with Yu Bing? This time you changed to Liu Xiang?”

Li Cangyu made an embarrassed expression. “Cough, I just asked her for directions. Yesterday was Ah Shu’s birthday so I went out to buy him a cake. I’m not familiar with Suzhou and looked for Captain Liu to recommend me a cake store. The place is difficult to find so she personally took me.”

Liu Chuan suddenly realized. “Oh, the paparazzi are just fanning the flames?”

Li Cangyu helplessly nodded. “I was actually eating with Yu Bing yesterday to discuss the issue of this year’s World Carnival selection. We didn’t talk about private matters at all. The reporters were just writing nonsense.”

Liu Chuan cautioned, “This message has been forwarded tens of thousands of times on Weibo. I saw it on the front page which is why I asked you. You should clarify the rumour. After all, Liu Xiang is young and might not be able to endure this gossip.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “I understand.”

Once he returned to the dormitory, Li Cangyu immediately turned on the computer. Sure enough, the Weibo home page was filled with this message. Many professional players also forwarded it with a row of question marks.

Cheng Wei wrote a string of question marks followed by: [Cat God and Captain Liu? No way! I would believe it if it was going to buy fish late at night but cake?]

Tan Shitian saw this post and opened his mouth to remind Cheng Wei, “Liu Xiang loves to eat cake.”

Cheng Wei suddenly realized. “I still don’t believe they are together. Over the years, Cat God has never pursued a girl and Liu Xiang isn’t the type to take the initiative to chase people. They usually don’t intersect at all. How can they suddenly become lovers?”

Tan Shitian suppressed his smile and praised Cheng Wei. “Your analysis is reasonable. You are very clever.”

Cheng Wei proudly raised his chin. “I have always been smart. Did you only find out now?”

Tan Shitian laughed without speaking.

A fanboy would become smart every time he met his idol. He should apply it to his own matters!


Zhang Shaohui, vice-captain of Ghost Spirits, actively forwarded the news. [The photos look good!]

Lou Wushuang had a cold face. “They clearly aren’t in a relationship. Can you not care about these meddling reporters?”

Zhang Shaohui looked back doubtfully. “Why isn’t it possible? Cat God is tall and handsome while his personality is straightforward and righteous. Liu Xiang is very beautiful and has a gentle personality. Don’t they match?”

Lou Wushuang replied, “Li Cangyu doesn’t like Liu Xiang and Liu Xiang only feels respect towards him.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can see it.”

“Is that so?” Zhang Shaohui scratched his head doubtfully. “Why didn’t I see it?”

Lou Wushuang answered, “It is because you are stupid.”

He couldn’t even see that Lou Wushuang liked him. How could he see other people? Stupid, forget it!

Zhang Shaohui looked at his brother’s cold face and grinned. “I am stupid. This is a natural gene that can’t be changed. However, you are the smartest.”

Lou Wushuang saw his honest appearance and couldn’t be angry anymore. He reached out and patted Zhang Shaohui on the shoulder. “Okay, prepare for the game. The next match is against Canglan. You have to practice well.”

The reporter’s Weibo was full of several clear photos. They were photos of Li Cangyu eating with Liu Xiang and Yu Bing after the game, photos of him and Liu Xiang going to the cake store late at night and various arguments to prove that their relationship wasn’t simple.

The reporter was too good at writing manuscripts and turned white to black. Many people believed it was true and there were also the passersby watching the lively scene. The Weibo’s forwarding number was getting higher and the number of comments increased.

Li Cangyu saw the situation was becoming more serious and had to come forward to clarify.

[The total number of times that I’ve personally met Captain Liu is no more than five times. Last night, Captain Liu went with me to buy a cake because it was our Ah Shu’s birthday. I didn’t expect to attract the reporter’s misunderstanding. I am sorry about making trouble for Captain Liu. To clarify, I’m not lovers with Captain Liu. We are just simple friends. Besides, I already have a lover. In order to avoid him being jealous, can reporters stop writing this type of gossip? Thank you!]

The beginning part wasn’t the key point. It was the last few sentences that made the Miracle League explode in an instant.

Cheng Wei was the first to come forward in the group chat. [@Old Cat, you have a lover? Come on, show the photos!]

Zhang Shaohui joined the fun. [Is there really a lover? What team are they from?]

Lou Wushuang also felt curious. [An outsider?]

Tan Shitian said: [Based on yesterday’s dinner, is Yu Bing the actual person?]

Bai Xuan sent a row of sad emojis. [We didn’t know that the captain has a girlfriend.]

Xie Shurong followed next. [Captain is too mean. When are you going to bring your girlfriend to meet the team?]


The group of people started to fill the screen and the number of messages instantly broke through the 100 mark.

Just then, Ling Xuefeng suddenly came out. [All of you are gossiping? Don’t you have to train?]

There was a cold wind in the group. Then the bold Cheng Wei jumped out. [Captain Ling, aren’t you curious? Cat God said he has a lover!]

Ling Xuefeng sat in front of a computer and slightly smiled. ‘What do I have to be curious about? I am his lover. If I say this then you will be scared to death.’

Li Cangyu saw that Ling Xuefeng spoke and immediately followed his lead. [Everyone shouldn’t be curious. Curiosity killed the cat! Now go to train! I just mentioned this to fool the reporters yet you really believed me.]

[Cutting the gossip with excitement!]

[I figured you were fooling the reporter!]

The group chatted for a moment before dispersing.

Li Cangyu sent a private message to Ling Xuefeng: [Xuefeng, you aren’t angry right?]

Ling Xuefeng: [What if I said I was angry?]

Li Cangyu sent a smiling emoji. [You aren’t that stingy. I explained that I went with Liu Xiang to buy a cake for Ah Shu. It is really nothing!]

Ling Xuefeng: [What else do you want to do?]

Li Cangyu: [Nothing, I only have you in my heart. Don’t misunderstand. [Kiss][Hug]]

Ling Xuefeng’s smile became deeper as he saw Li Cangyu anxiously explaining. Then he sent Li Cangyu an expression. It was the expression Li Cangyu made when his big move was blocked.

Li Cangyu was shocked and asked: [How do you have this expression?]

Ling Xuefeng: [I downloaded an expression pack made by your fans. It is very interesting.]

Li Cangyu laughed. [I am all yours. Just tell me what expression you want me to make and I will make it for you. I’ll give you an exclusive version that outsiders can’t see.]

Ling Xuefeng’s heart was moved. He was most looking forward to seeing Li Cangyu’s pained yet excited expression in bed. It must be very s*xy. Of course, it wasn’t good to say this straight to Li Cangyu’s face. Ling Xuefeng would see it in person one day.

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