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GLS: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Qin Mo

Xie Shurong stayed until 7 in the evening before going back. Li Cangyu drank a cup of tea and rested for a bit before turning on the computer and opening the game. He just logged into the Love to Eat Braised Fish account when he saw many messages from a private chat window in the lower left corner, all from Luo Xiaoluo.

[Hello Fish Brother. We would like to invite you and your friends to join the Time Guild!]

[The strength of our Time Guild in this district is definitely one of the best. You don’t have to be afraid of finding a group for group instances or battlefields. You simply have to chat on our guild channel and finding a team is simple!]

[After reaching max level, you can directly join our Time Guild’s elite instance group and I guarantee that you will get full equipment in one month!]

[The president also said that he will get Great God Cheng Wei’s signature. If you join, this signature will be sent to you!]

Li Cangyu, “…”

The calm Cat God saw this and almost spat out a mouthful of tea.

Actually using Cheng Wei’s signature to hook him into joining the guild, this Time Guild was really using other people’s hard-earned capital to their advantage.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that their God Cheng Wei had always wanted Cat God’s signature.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling when he thought of the young boy who always chased after him for a signature.

Cheng Wei and Xie Shurong were both players who debuted in the third season. Xie Shurong’s style was more aggressive and he had the strong spirit of a swordsman. His style was biased towards violent suppression. Cheng Wei played a white magician. His remote control and movements were very meticulous, making his gameplay smart and flexible.

After the two people won newcomer awards, Time’s vice-captain retired and Cheng Wei was promoted to the vice-captain position.

The 16 year old Cheng Wei who just debuted was now almost 19 years old, the peak of an e-sports player’s career. This guy was very lively and cheerful. He looked very cute and was sunny when he laughed. His popularity in the Miracle League was becoming higher and higher, with a large number of loyal fans.

However, most of the old players in Miracle knew that Cheng Wei was actually a fan of Cat God.

When playing the game together, Cheng Wei would enthusiastically invite Cat God to eat whenever they met.

After FTD was disbanded and Li Cangyu led the team to leave, Cheng Wei tried to recruit him only to be rejected. The little guy was still sad for a long time.

In the past few years, A’Shu had matured a lot and Xiao Cheng also became an adult.

Li Cangyu was now 23 years old and in the e-sports circles, this was considered old and he should be thinking about retirement.

It wasn’t too late to come back now but Li Cangyu was very clear that this was his last chance.

If he couldn’t get the trophy this time, he would miss out on it for the rest of his life.

Therefore, he must seize this opportunity.


[Fish Brother is online!] As Li Cangyu was thinking, the private chat window sent another message. It was the guild promoter, Luo Xiaoluo. [Have you considered it? Will you join Time? I’ll send you the signature by express mail!]

[…] Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing. [You keep Vice-Captain Cheng’s signature. I won’t join the Time Guild.]

Luo Xiaoluo was shocked. [Aren’t you a fan of Great God Cheng Wei?]

Li Cangyu: [No.]

Luo Xiaoluo: […] His face was really beaten!

Li Cangyu didn’t want to join the Time Guild but his impression of it was quite good due to Cheng Wei. In addition, the president of Time decisively chose to give up on intercepting the bounty mission. Li Cangyu appreciated this smart approach.

[Thank your president for the kind invitation. I won’t go to Time and I won’t join other guilds. If I can, I’ll find a place to help later.] Li Cangyu sent this to Luo Xiaoluo. His personality had always been that if they showed him respect, he would naturally respect them back. If they came for death, he could only kill them.

Luo Xiaoluo sent a screenshot of Love to Eat Braised Fish’s reply to the guild and asked: [President, what should I do?]

Time Machine considered it before quickly deciding. [Since he doesn’t want to join, we won’t force it.  I think this person is ambitious and wants to build his own guild. It is better to be his ally than his enemy. We will continue to wait and see.]

Luo Xiaoluo was somewhat depressed. [I didn’t expect him to not be a fan of Vice-Captain Cheng.]

Time Machine laughed. [There are many excellent players in the league. Vice-Captain Cheng’s popularity is very high but he also has a lot of sunspots. This Love to Eat Braised Fish might’ve just heard Vice-Captain Cheng’s name.]

Luo Xiaoluo sent a row of starry-eyed expressions. [Can I get Vice-Captain Cheng’s signature instead?]

Time Machine had a headache. [Okay, I will send it to you by express delivery!]


Not long after, Xie Shurong returned to the club and logged into the game. He sent a message: [Cat God, shall we continue the bounty mission?]

Li Cangyu: [Wait for Xiao Gu to log in and I will introduce you.]

He just said this when the bottom left corner showed a prompt. [Your friend ‘As the Name Suggests’ is online.]

Xiao Gu was forced to sleep at one in the morning by Li Cangyu. He woke up early at 8 o’clock and excitedly turned on his computer. Once he logged into the game, he was shocked! Love to Eat Braised Fish and Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork were already level 31. He was only level 20 and was 11 levels lower!

Gu Siming sent a row of tearful expressions. [Captain, you levelled so quickly and didn’t wait for me!]

Li Cangyu smiled, added him to the team and said: [Let me introduce you. This terran swordsman is our new teammate. This is Xiao Gu. He is 17 years old and the main T of our team.]

Xie Shurong typed: [You can call me A’Shu.]

[Hello A’Shu!] Gu Siming was shocked. [Gaining a new teammate in one night. Captain is really fast!]

Xie Shurong had previously heard from Cat God that there was a very talented paladin in the team but he hadn’t expected it to be a 17 year old boy. He couldn’t help wondering, could this 17 year old boy be reliable?

Bai Xuan seemed to guess his doubts and took the initiative to send him a private message. [Xiao Gu is the most talented newcomer in the Dragon Song training camp. He hasn’t played the game for long and is still tender, but he has great potential. He is also smart. If we train him well, he can definitely become a strong teammate.]

Xie Shurong dispelled the doubts in his heart. When he and Cheng Wei had won the rookie awards, he had just turned 18 and Cheng Wei was only 16 years old. Using age to judge a player wasn’t reliable. Xiao Gu was 17 years old this year and would be 18 when the next season started. In fact, this wasn’t too young. There were many outstanding young competitors in the league.

Xie Shurong thought up to here and replied to Bai Xuan. [Thank you for your explanation. I understand now.]

Bai Xuan: [You’re welcome. It is what I should do.]

Xie Shurong couldn’t help smiling. No wonder why people used to say that Vice-Captain Bai was gentle and careful. This man really was very considerate. He knew that Xie Shurong would be questioning Xiao Gu’s ability and explained it clearly so that the teammates could get along.

While explaining to Xie Shurong, Bai Xuan also sent a message to Gu Siming. [A’Shu is a master. I will slowly tell you his specific history after entering the team. First try and see if you can keep up with his rhythm.]

A master swordsman? Where did he come from?

Gu Siming endured his strong curiosity and replied: [I know!]

[Come, let’s do the bounty mission together.] Li Cangyu typed on the team channel before pulling his teammates into the voice room.

Gu Siming put on his headset and said, “Captain, I am only level 20. Will it be a hindrance if I do the bounty mission with you?”

“Don’t be afraid, we will cover you. Raise your level first.” Li Cangyu explained. “If you keep doing bounty missions, you should be able to reach level 27 by 12 o’clock. Once we go to sleep, you should go and level by yourself. You should be level 35 when we see each other tomorrow and we will go to an instance together.”

“I have to gain 15 levels in one day?” Gu Siming asked while feeling great pressure.

“Yes, it is to test you.” Li Cangyu replied.

Gu Siming immediately nodded. “Captain, I understand! I will complete the test!”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Good.”

Gu Siming lit up after being praised by Cat God.

The four people teamed up at the bounty mission release point and once again received an escort NPC bounty mission.

In the case where no one intercepted it, the bounty mission was much smoother than playing an instance boss. By 8:30 in the evening, Li Cangyu had risen to level 32 and Xiao Gu also rose to level 22.

Everyone chatted while doing the mission and they didn’t feel bored.

After receiving another bounty mission, Bai Xuan asked, “Is there still no one interfering in this round?”

He just finished speaking when a row of IDs suddenly appeared not far away. They were waiting there so it was clearly not a good thing.

Incredibly, it was the elite team led by President Popular Land Under Heaven of the Wind Colour Guild!

Xie Shurong was shocked. “They already lost two groups and they still want to send another? This is really high perseverance!”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I guess that they have found a helper.”


The guild office of the Wind Colour team.

A cold-looking, handsome young man sat in front of the computer, his slender fingers quickly tapping the mouse to replay the video.

After watching the video, the teenager frowned slightly and said, “The first person point of view that you recorded isn’t very clear. What happened?”

The president, Popular Land Under Heaven scratched his head with embarrassment. “This is what happened. Last night, we led a team to intercept the bounty mission. We met a three member team and were killed by them. A’Zhou recorded it and wanted to ask God Qin Mo to look at it.”

Qin Mo looked back with surprise. “You mean six people were killed by three people? The team was wiped out?”

“Yes.” Popular Land Under Heaven wiped his sweat. “The team was wiped out twice…”

Qin Mo’s eyes widened. “The team was destroyed twice?”

“…” Everyone present made an awkward expression.

To be honest, the news that the elite six member team of Time Colour had been wiped out twice had already spread through the new district so they didn’t know what to do. They came to find Qin Mo because he was the youngest player on the team and they were the most familiar with him out of the players on the professional league side.

As for Captain Ling…

They didn’t dare to disturb him at all! It would be complete humiliation!

Qin Mo frowned. “It is best not to let Master know about this. It is too disgraceful for Wind Colour.”

Popular Land Under Heaven immediately agreed. “Yes yes, we will do our best to hide it from Captain Ling.”

They couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be if Captain Ling found out…

Qin Mo said, “Give me the account of a blood kin summoner. I will go to see who they are.”

Vice President Same Boat Under Wind and Rain immediately handed over his computer.


Inside the game, Li Cangyu saw that the six people opposite were motionless and typed in the area channel: [President, are you coming for the bounty mission again?]

Popular Land Under Heaven looked at Qin Mo with embarrassment.

Qin Mo was very decisive. He didn’t say anything and directly pressed the PK button.

[Player Same Boat Under Wind and Rain, blood kin race, summoner class, level 32, is requesting to learn from you.]

Li Cangyu agreed.

The opposite blood kin summoner started with calling a blood spider to quickly and accurately bit Li Cangyu!

Once Xie Shurong saw this situation, he immediately said on the voice channel, “It is Qin Mo.”

Bai Xuan was surprised and asked, “The genius boy of the Wind Colour team?”

“Yes.” Xie Shurong said, “I have seen many Wind Colour games. It is his habit to start with a blood-sucking spider. It is like Cat God said. Since the Wind Colour Guild dared come to us again, they must’ve found a helper. The person controlling the blood kin summoner on the other side of the computer must be Qin Mo.”

Li Cangyu listened to the two people on the voice chat and couldn’t help wondering, “Who is Qin Mo?”

Gu Siming actively started to explain. “Captain, Qin Mo is one year younger than me! He is a rookie who just debuted this year in the Wind Colour team. He plays a blood kin summoner and is Captain Ling Xuefeng’s only apprentice! He is also known as Wind Colour’s little prince!”

Li Cangyu was silent for a moment. “Since he is Ling Xuefeng’s apprentice, he is also counted as my apprentice. There is no need to take care of this child and I’ll teach him a good lesson.”

Everyone, “…”

Gu Siming lit a row of candles for Qin Mo.

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Kaguya Magami
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