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GLS: Chapter 169

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Chapter 169 – Man in a Suit

After the post-match interview, Liu Xiang came backstage to find Li Cangyu. “Master has booked a good location. Cat God, shall we go now?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes.”

Zhang Jueming came over and joked, “Two beautiful women accompanying you to dinner, this is an opportunity.”

Li Cangyu smiled and said, “Yes, I’ll exchange tactics with them.”

Zhang Jueming lowered his voice. “Who asked you to exchange tactics? Can’t you think about anything other than tactics? As far as I know, Yu Bing and Liu Xiang are single. You have to seize the chance.”

Li Cangyu understood what he meant and bluntly countered, “You are single and should worry about yourself first.”

Zhang Jueming made a heavy expression after being blocked. “I am a rough man older than 25 years old and certainly won’t be liked by girls. Alas… I should go back to the hotel to wash and sleep.”

Li Cangyu watched Old Zhang’s slightly desolate back and sighed helplessly. A bold person like Zhang Jueming would find it really hard to gain a girl’s favour. In addition, his career hadn’t been very good the past few years. He worked hard to earn money to open a studio and love affairs were delayed.

However, Li Cangyu believed there would definitely be a person who understood Old Zhang.

He arrived at the restaurant with Liu Xiang and Yu Bing was already waiting there. She wore white pencil pants and a casual shirt, along with a pair of high heels and sunglasses on her face. She looked like a celebrity afraid of a paparazzi’s sneak shot.

Li Cangyu stepped forward and sat down opposite her. “Is it necessary to be dressed like this for a meal?”

Yu Bing said quietly, “I don’t want to be linked to gossip with you again.”

He thought about the time when they were photographed eating by reporters and netizens said there was something between them. As the number one gossip item linked with Yu Bing, Li Cangyu stated calmly, “Don’t worry, I will explain it if we are really photographed.”

Yu Bing smiled and wondered, “Won’t your lover be jealous?”

Li Cangyu replied, “No, he is very rational and will believe in me.” (TL: Uses gender neutral Chinese words)

Yu Bing took off her sunglasses with surprise. “You really have a lover?”

Li Cangyu coughed as he found himself falling into her language trap and touched his nose. “Yu Bing, you have been commentating for a few years. Your way of speaking has become more skillful?”

Yu Bing smiled. “It is an occupational need.”

The silent Liu Xiang couldn’t help interjecting, “Cat God has a girlfriend?”

Li Cangyu smiled, not intending to answer.

Liu Xiang also smiled. “If it is inconvenient to say then it doesn’t matter. I just think that your girlfriend will definitely be depressed. You must not have much time to accompany her?”

Yu Bing turned back, “Xiao Xiang, don’t be so direct. Cat God must be very qualified as a boyfriend, right?”

Li Cangyu felt slightly guilty. He really didn’t have much time to accompany his lover. An average person would certainly have problems with such a boyfriend. However, Ling Xuefeng was as busy as he was. Both of them were professional players and understood each other.

Liu Xiang changed the topic. “Cat God, did you hear the recent news about the league?”

Li Cangyu suppressed his thoughts and asked, “What news?”

Liu Xiang explained, “This year’s second World Carnival, the selection mechanism might change. The online voting method from last year will no longer be used.”

Li Cangyu was surprised. The last Carnival was a test and the simplest online voting method was used to select six representatives. Did the chairman change the strategy to prepare for the World Competition?

Sure enough, Yu Bing said, “I heard that the captain of this season’s championship team will directly win one of the six seats. The remaining five will be selected from the final national team players.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “The chairman wants the Carnival players to test it first?”

If they followed the online voting method, it was likely that the netizens might not choose someone on the national team. Thus, a direct selection from the national team would allow the members to go to the world stage and see the situation of players in other countries. Chairman Nan Jiangang’s consideration was very thoughtful.

The trio talked while eating. Yu Bing knew Li Cangyu’s preferences and gave him a sweet and sour fish that was especially delicious in Suzhou. Li Cangyu was very satisfied with this meal.

The surprising thing was that there was no one in the room when he returned to the hotel.

Li Cangyu opened the door to his room and found Zhang Jueming surfing the Internet. He went over and asked doubtfully, “Why are you here? Where are the others?”

Zhang Jueming explained, “Ah Shu took them into the city to go shopping. Vice-Captain Bai wasn’t at ease and accompanied them.”

“You didn’t go?”

Zhang Jueming smiled. “I have no interest in shopping so I stayed back to go on the Internet.”

Li Cangyu called Bai Xuan who said that everyone were still exploring. Li Cangyu told them to pay attention to safety and then hung up to bathe.


Xie Shurong said he would bring the newcomers shopping but he actually wanted to go shopping with Bai Xuan.

However, he knew that Vice-Captain Bai wouldn’t agree if they were alone. He made up an excuse to call out Xiao Gu, Xiao Zhuo, Xiao Han and Xiao Li, saying, “Brother Shu will buy you gifts. Let’s go!”

The teenagers heard it was a present and actively followed.

Xie Shurong wrapped himself around Bai Xuan and said, “Vice-Captain Bai, I’m not familiar with Suzhou and don’t know how to look at maps. Can you go with us?”

Bai Xuan helplessly had to follow this group, dutifully acting as navigator.

Xie Shurong took them to dinner and then they headed to a nearby shopping mall. He said that he would be everyone a gift and the newcomers didn’t have to be polite.

Gu Siming soon picked a present. It was a new solo game that had recently been released online. He had been paying attention to it for a long time and always wanted to buy it. Today, Ah Shu was paying and he decisively decided to buy it.

Xiao Han went for a high-capacity hard drive. He downloaded too many American movies and didn’t have room on his computer’s hard drive. He would use this as a back up.

Zhuo Hang picked a summer cap and tried it on in front of the mirror. He smiled and said, “Too handsome. Why can’t I bear to take it off?”

Xie Shurong decisively said, “Then buy it!”

All three people had chosen a gift. Li Xiaojiang followed behind everyone and didn’t know what to pick. There were too many good things in the mall, many of which he had never seen before. Those clothes looked delicate, they must be expensive?

Xie Shurong saw the small snail alone in the back and couldn’t help saying, “Xiaojiang, you also pick one.”

Li Xiaojiang’s face was red. “No, no, Brother Shu, it isn’t easy for you to make money. You don’t need to buy for me…”

Zhuo Hang wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “Don’t be polite. Tree God is in a good mood today and wants to buy us gifts. Just directly say what you want!”

Li Xiaojiang’s eyes moved in a circle and stopped on an outdoor sports store for a moment. Zhuo Hang followed his gaze and found that he was staring at a pair of shoes with envious eyes. Zhuo Hang immediately pulled him into the store. “Come on, you like it so try it on.”

The employee enthusiastically came over and asked, “Hello, what size shoes do you wear?”

Li Xiaojiang’s face was red and he remained silent.

Zhuo Hang asked, “What’s the size of your shoes?”

Li Xiaojiang hesitated for a moment before whispering, “Size 37.”

This was a small size among men’s shoes and often weren’t available. Zhuo Hang was a bit surprised. He didn’t expect Li Xiaojiang’s feet to be so small.

Li Xiaojiang had always found it difficult to buy the right size shoes at the mall and would sometimes suffer from the staff’s eyes. The thing that surprised him was that this beautiful sister didn’t laugh at him. Instead, she brought him a pair of size 37 shoes in a friendly manner. “Try this one first. There are other styles.”

Li Xiaojiang was flattered and tried on the shoes. They were really comfortable to wear…

The employee asked, “Do you like this? Would you like to see another style?”

He liked it but the price…

He was hesitating when Xie Shurong went to the side and readily used his card. He put the wrapped new shoes into Li Xiaojiang’s hands and smiled. “You like it so don’t hesitate.”

Li Xiaojiang held the shoes and looked at him with a touched expression. “Brother Shu, thank you!”

Once he bought the four little guys a gift, Xie Shurong said, “I will buy myself a present as well. You can help me!”

He took everyone to an area where men’s clothes were sold. There were many dazzling branded suits in the area.

Xie Shurong asked, “Which one looks good?”

Gu Siming pointed to a red set. “This one!”

Zhuo Hang interrupted him. “This suit looks very old. Think about Brother Shu’s age. I think blue suits him better.”

He pointed to a blue set and told Xie Shurong, “This one is good!”

Xiao Han thoughtfully went to the side and pointed to a grey suit. “I think this set is more acceptable.”

Everyone automatically ignored his grammatical mistakes. Xie Shurong didn’t listen to the three people’s advice. He looked back and smiled at Bai Xuan. “Vice-Captain Bai, what do you think?”

Bai Xuan asked, “Do you really want to buy it?”

Xie Shurong nodded. “As a grown man, how can I do without a suit? I can wear it when attending formal occasions. Help me pick one.”

Gu Siming exclaimed, “Yes, Vice-Captain Bai should pick it. You must have a good eye.”

Bai Xuan had to smile. “Okay, I will help you.”

He looked closely at Xie Shurong’s figure before going to a suits store. He glanced over a row of neatly displayed suits before eventually picking a white suit with a blue shirt and striped tie.

He picked it and told Xie Shurong to try it on. Xie Shurong immediately ran over and happily changed into it.

He left the dressing room and everyone felt that he was eye-catching. The tall figure of the young man was appropriately set up by the suit that fit him perfectly. He was handsome and sunny. In this suit, he looked like the protagonist of an idol drama!

Gu Siming excitedly circled Ah Shu., “You are so handsome! This suit is really suitable. Vice-Captain Bai truly has great eyes!”

Xiao Han added, “Ah Shu’s temperament is very good when wearing white.”

Zhuo Hang also said, “White isn’t something that an average person can control. Xiao Han is right. Some people will appear very pale when wearing white. I think that Brother Shu is particularly suitable for white. You look handsome!”

The young guys acted like honey was in their mouth. It was because Xie Shurong bought gifts for them but most of them were telling the truth.

Bai Xuan also thought that Xie Shurong was suitable for these clothes and smiled. Xie Shurong might still be far from Bai Xuan’s ideal mature and stable man but he had to admit that Ah Shu was really sunny and handsome.

Xie Shurong walked to Bai Xuan while adjusting his tie and asked, “How is it?”

Bai Xuan said appreciatively, “Not bad.”

“Then I will buy this one.”

He excitedly ran to swipe his card. He wrapped up his old clothes and simply wore the new suit.

They returned to the hotel and Xie Shurong continued to look at himself in the mirror. Bai Xuan saw his smug expression and finally couldn’t help wondering, “What happened to you today? You suddenly took them to buy gifts and bought a suit for yourself?”

Xie Shurong turned around with a smile. “Buying gifts was just an excuse. My purpose was to have you pick a suit for me and I’ll wear it for you. Don’t you think that I’m handsome?”

Bai Xuan, “…”

‘I just think that your skin is thicker?’

Xie Shurong suddenly said, “In fact, today is my birthday.”

Bai Xuan was stunned and embarrassed. “Cough, happy birthday. Why didn’t you say anything? Everyone should be buying you birthday gifts. Why did you suddenly reverse it and ended up buying gifts for everyone?”

Xie Shurong whispered, “It’s fine. Meeting you is my best gift. In particular, you let me understand the feeling of liking a person. This is more precious than any gift.”

“…” Bai Xuan felt numb. This guy was really sweet enough to give him a toothache.

Bai Xuan’s face turned slightly red and Xie Shurong couldn’t help smiling in a handsome manner. “You look great when blushing. I want to kiss you.”

Bai Xuan’s ears turned red. How could there be such a shameless person? He clearly rejected Xie Shurong so how he could become more shameless?

It turned out that Xie Shurong could be even more shameless.

He took advantage of Bai Xuan’s blushing time and suddenly kissed Bai Xuan on the forehead. “I like you, I really like you. This is my birthday present so don’t be angry okay?”

The forehead kiss was as light as a feather. Bai Xuan wanted to be angry but he couldn’t. It was because he felt the sincerity in Xie Shurong’s words.

Bringing a few small lightbulbs to go shopping but it was just to let Bai Xuan pick a suit for him. It could be said that Xie Shurong remembered the words Bai Xuan casually said about a suit and seriously recorded it in his heart.

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