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Chapter 168 – Confidence

Canglan beat Red Fox in the first wave and Li Xiaojiang became super god. The economic gap between the two teams was more than 10,000 coins. In such a situation, it was difficult for any team in the league to make a comeback.

Li Cangyu’s style of play was very stable and he kept this advantage until the end of the game. This game was successfully won by Canglan and the final score was determined to be 1:2.

The match ended and the Red Fox players took the initiative to come and greet them. Liu Xiang behaved politely and Li Cangyu graciously shook hands with her, saying, “Captain Liu is very strong.”

Liu Xiang smiled. “Cat God is also very strong. The third game was well arranged.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Thanks for the praise!”

“My master is present and wants to ask you to have a meal. Can Cat God do us this favour?”

Her master was a friend Li Cangyu knew in his early years, Yu Bing. Yu Bing took the initiative to invite him so Li Cangyu promised to come. “Okay, I will go out and eat with her later.” Then he turned and said to Bai Xuan in a low voice, “I won’t go to dinner today. Let everyone move freely. It is their first time in Suzhou and they can explore the city.”

Bai Xuan nodded. “I understand. I’ll arrange it.”


For this post-match interview, Li Cangyu only brought Li Xiaojiang with him.

The reporters asked as soon as they saw him, “Cat God, why didn’t you change the lineup when you lost the first two games?”

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate. “It is because I had confidence in Li Xiaojiang.”

Li Xiaojiang was very moved from where he sat next to Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu smiled at him in an encouraging manner and continued, “The four newcomers currently aren’t mature enough. In particular, Li Xiaojiang lacks confidence in himself. I let him play in the third game today to tell him that no matter the circumstances, Canglan won’t give up on him.”

Li Xiaojiang’s eyes became wet at the captain’s firm remarks.

It was true that he would’ve felt more uncomfortable if the captain replaced him after losing the first two games.

He didn’t tell anyone but he actually felt very inferior. In the Canglan team, he was the slowest one with the worst foundation. He was also the worst when it came to family.

He was from a small country village and his parents were honest and loyal farmers. He couldn’t compare to Xiao Han who lived in a foreign country, Zhuo Hang whose parents were rich and Gu Siming, who had lived in Changsha for many years. Once the four newcomers got together, they would naturally talk about the game as well as other topics.

For example, when talking about hobbies, Zhuo Hang was very fond of snooker and loved watching the Snooker World Championship on his iPad. Gu Siming loved to watch anime like Naruto and One Piece. Xiao Han liked American dramas and could watch them without subtitles. However, Li Xiaojiang didn’t understand any of their words.

He didn’t know what snooker was, he had never seen Naruto and he hadn’t heard of the Vampire Diaries.

He didn’t seem to live in the same world as his peers.

Li Xiaojiang was usually silent when Cat God was absent. It was because he couldn’t discuss things with the three teenagers.

He always felt that he was an insignificant presence in the team. He was a dispensable invisible person. When necessary, Cat God would send him to cooperate with Zhuo Hang in the arena. At other times, he just sat on the bench and watched everyone’s performance.

Every team would have second-tier players who were substitutes so Li Xiaojiang didn’t complain. He already thought he was lucky that he was discovered by Cat God and joined the Canglan team. He couldn’t ask for too much.

Li Xiaojiang had been very satisfied after killing one person in the last match. He thought that perhaps he could also kill solo on the field? He cooperated well with Zhuo Hang and completed Cat God’s task.

Today, Li Cangyu told him with practical actions that he wasn’t a small and invisible player on the Canglan team. He was as important as other players!

No matter the circumstances, Canglan wouldn’t give up on him!

Not only could he be Zhuo Hang’s partner, he could also be the main attacker in the Canglan team and become the core output in a team battle, taking the achievement of super god in one breath!

He, Li Xiaojiang, could do it!

Becoming an unstoppable super god in the seventh season’s first division was something he had never dreamt of before.

He had watched the Miracle League for several years and admired and envied those who got the achievement of super god. Now Li Xiaojiang personally stood on the stage of the professional league and became a super god!

At this moment, Li Xiaojiang felt that the door to a new world had opened in front of him. He wasn’t as bad as he thought and could become stronger.

This was why Li Cangyu told him with this game.


Li Cangyu’s care for Li Xiaojiang moved the reporters at the venue.

In particular, many female reporters were distressed after seeing the young boy’s tearful eyes.

This child was working very hard but his talent wasn’t high and his personality was introverted. It seemed he still had some sense of inferiority. Li Cangyu was trying to strengthen his confidence and push him towards a higher throne.

A female reporter stood up and asked in a gentle tone, “Xiaojiang, is there anything you would like to say about the captain’s arrangement?”

Li Xiaojiang picked up the microphone and choked out, “Thank you, thank you. The captain gave me this opportunity. I know that today, today I could win the achievement of super god thanks to everyone giving me, me the head. I am particularly touched. I never thought that one day I could get, get the super god. I will work hard in the future and not let my teammates down…”

The little guy stammered with tears in his eyes and Li Cangyu led the applause.

This was the longest Li Xiaojiang had spoken in front of reporters since becoming a professional player. It was very simple but sincere.

Many reporters couldn’t help following Cat God to clap.

Compared to the talented players who had the aura of a genius since debut, the progress of ordinary and weak players like Li Xiaojiang made people more moved.

A reporter couldn’t help saying, “Cat God, you seem particularly concerned about Xiaojiang. Aren’t you afraid the other three newcomers will have an opinion on this?”

Li Cangyu replied honestly, “No, I don’t believe that the players are that small-minded. Besides, my training for them hasn’t officially started yet!”

The three newcomers watching the interview immediately pricked up their ears, their eyes full of expectations.

Bai Xuan saw this and couldn’t help laughing. As the vice-captain, he was naturally very clear about the situation of the four players. Among the four newcomers, Li Xiaojiang had the weakest confidence and the worst foundation. It was correct for Li Cangyu to start with Li Xiaojiang first since weak people had a bigger room for improvement. It was harder for those who were already very good to make a breakthrough.

It was like those who practiced martial arts in martial arts novels. It might take two or three years to get started with martial arts and then five to eight years to become a master. Those who became a master might take a lifetime to break through.

Of the four newcomers, the one who was hardest to progress was Gu Siming. He had been training with the Dragon Song Club for a long time and his foundation was very solid. His impulsive problem had to do with his personality, which was even more difficult to correct. Therefore, Li Cangyu didn’t rush to correct him despite his performance in the last few game being slightly lacking. Xiao Gu’s change needed to be slow and subtle. It was impossible to change the style of a player in one or two matches.

As for Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han, Bai Xuan knew Li Cangyu and their training would definitely be worse!

Look at Xiao Han who was currently playing very comfortably with his master. Li Cangyu wasn’t stingy when it came to praising him. However, if Xiao Han didn’t improve then Cat God would certainly use cruel tricks to make this guy break through.

Where was the cruel trick? It would probably happen against Wind Colour!

Bai Xuan smiled as he thought this. The four newcomers were looking forward to being taught by Li Cangyu. This was obviously Cat God’s personal charm that had already overwhelmed them.

Bai Xuan’s eyes were on the screen but Xie Shurong’s eyes were always on Bai Xuan.

This smiling man’s side profile was soft under the illumination of the light. The curve of his nose and lips was simply the creator’s most perfect masterpiece. Xie Shurong almost went crazy seeing it.


In the post-match interview, Li Cangyu not only explained the reasons for not changing the lineup but also evaluated the Red Fox players.

“In my opinion, there isn’t much difference between a female player and a male player. They are worthy of my respect as long as they are professionals who try to play the game. In today’s match, the Red Fox team’s performance was excellent. In particular, Red Fox Captain Liu Xiang’s clear thinking and meticulous tactics were daunting.”

A reported wanted gossip. “Cat God, who do you think is the most beautiful player in Red Fox?”

Li Cangyu was slightly startled at being asked something that had nothing to do with the game but replied, “I didn’t pay attention.”

The reporters, “…”

Many viewers typed ellipsis. [Cat God, do you only stare at the screen?] [Strength hurts Old Cat. Not even looking at so many beautiful women. No wonder why you don’t have a girlfriend!] [Old Cat, you will be an old dog~ an old single dog!]

Li Cangyu naturally ignored the comments and went backstage with Li Xiaojiang after finishing the interview.

Li Xiaojiang suddenly stopped in the hallway and pulled gently at Li Cangyu’s sleeve. “C-Captain…”

Li Cangyu was puzzled. “What is it?”

Li Xiaojiang looked up at him and said earnestly, “Thank, thank you. I understand what you mean and will refuel.”

This guy wasn’t very talkative but every word was sincere.

Li Cangyu knew the thanks was sincere and that through this match, Li Xiaojiang would have a clearer and more accurate understanding of his position in the Canglan team.

A team always had top students and weaker students. In order to improve the overall level of the team, the best way was to pull up the weaker students first.

Thankfully, Li Xiaojiang might have some inferiority but he wasn’t a coward. He kept up with the whole team with the help of his teammates.

Li Cangyu believed that Xiaojiang’s mentality would slowly chance and a mature and stable black magician would contribute more to the Canglan team.

Only confident, decisive players were qualified to walk side by side with their teammates into the playoffs.

Li Cangyu looked at the boy with tears in his black eyes and couldn’t help smiling slightly. He patted Xiaojiang on the shoulder and said softly, “I can only help you this much. How high you can climb in the future depends on yourself.”

Li Xiaojiang nodded vigorously. “Yes, I understand!”

The ID he registered was Snail Crawling Slowly. His progress was indeed a bit slow but with Li Cangyu’s help, he walked solidly every step of the way.

It was like a student who always failed the exam finding out that he could get 80 points. Then why not aim for 90 or 100 points?

He could only go further by setting a higher goal.

Li Xiaojiang formed fists at Li Cangyu’s gentle encouragement and gave himself a new task. Perhaps he didn’t have Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han’s talent or Gu Siming’s solid foundation but he could make up for his own shortcomings with twice as much hard work.

One day he would stand with his teammates and no longer need their deliberate care. He would use his own strength to become a real super god!

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