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Hey everyone, I’ve actually been on holiday for the last two weeks which was why the chapters released decreased. Now I’m back and should have a bit more time for translating.

I also noticed that while I was on holiday, I actually missed my fourth year anniversary of when I started translating, which was on the 7th December. As a result, I have decided to release some of the chapters in my stockpile in celebration.


Chapter 167 – Canglan VS Red Fox (4)

The Canglan fans were enthusiastically discussing Cat God’s rich array of expressions but they were actually very anxious. Canglan had lost two games in a row. It would be really unspeakable if they lost the third game.

In particular, Li Cangyu lost the first game and didn’t change the lineup in the second game. Many fans actually had opinions on this but they temporarily refused to say anything.

To everyone’s shock, the team battle list that Li Cangyu submitted was the same as the previous two games!

The atmosphere inside the live broadcast room quieted down. The fans who were sending the expression back fell silent. They couldn’t help questioning: [What is Cat God doing? It is hard for this lineup to beat Red Fox. Why does he want to take this lineup and die to Red Fox?] [Isn’t the captain being too capricious by not changing the lineup?] [Change to Xiao Han!]

There were some sensible fans who said: [Perhaps he has his own ideas? Don’t rush to judge. Wait until it is over.]

Regardless of the noisy comments, Li Cangyu had already pressed the OK button. This meant that he would continue to use this lineup to fight Red Fox.

Red Fox also didn’t change the map. Liu Xiang was obviously very confident playing this map.

“There is no lineup or map changes for both sides. It is the same lineup but Canglan lost the first two games to Red Fox. Let’s see if the results of the third game will change.”

Kou Hongyi carefully stared at the big screen. It could be seen that the splitting up method had changed. Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan guarded their home base, Ah Shu protected Li Xiaojiang in the northwest area while Gu Siming and Zhang Jueming were in the southeast area.

The Cat Bai combination hadn’t been seen for a long time. The old partners of many years naturally understood each other the best. The Canglan fans suddenly saw hope.

Everyone thought that Li Cangyu teamed up with Bai Xuan to rely on Bai Xuan’s protection to make an early advantage. The result proved that people were thinking too much. He didn’t rush to kill, just like the previous two games. He killed mobs to make money while turning a blind eye to the Yang Liu captain and vice-captain combination.

Both sides’ captain and vice-captain met but politely passed each other, killing the mobs on their own.

The audience, “…”

It wasn’t exciting!

Just as the Canglan fans were feeling disappointed, a battle broke out on the road one minute after the start!

The combination that Red Fox sent to the road were Zhu Yan and Liu Xueqin. The two of them were the most stable white magician outputs in the Red Fox team since their debut and they naturally had an understanding.

However, Xie Shurong found an opportunity.

A blue mob refreshed near where Zhu Yan was standing. The blue mob gave a blue recovery bonus and everyone would definitely kill it first when it appeared. Zhu Yan knew that Li Xiaojiang was slow and wanted to grab the blue mob first.

Originally both sides were playing on their own and the mob appearing wasn’t unexpected. When both sides were peacefully co-existing, the default rule was that whoever was closest to the mob would get it.

She didn’t expect that the moment she cast a skill, Xie Shurong would suddenly reach her with a teleport skill and use Spirit Lock to fix her in place.

Li Xiaojiang’s skill seemed to be aimed at the blue mob but it had actually been long aimed at her. Dark Fear was used!

It was the black magician’s group fear skill and the angle was extremely accurate. It was just right to control Zhu Yan and Liu Xueqin.

Xie Shurong gave a thumbs up in his heart to Xiao Li’s precision and used Light and Shadow Rotation, quickly suppressing the blood of the two white magicians!

Li Xiaojiang also wasn’t idle. After successfully placing fear on the opponent, the teenager who had been unable to use any skills in the first two games excitedly pressed the keyboard. Death Entanglement, Shadow Wrath, Hell Flames!

Li Xiaojiang who used skills and Li Xiaojiang who couldn’t use skills could be judged as two different people!

The snail’s movements were slow but once he was given an opportunity to use skills, he became the most stable output turret.

Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang’s skills all hit and Zhu Yan and Liu Xueqin were beaten to residual blood.

The two female players were helpless. The moment the control effect ended, they used God’s Light to silence Xie Shurong and turned to retreat.

This wave of combat didn’t give any heads, making the audience slightly disappointed. However, Yu Bing knew that Canglan had made a large profit from it.

Since the two players of Red Fox retreated, the coins of all mobs in this area went to Li Xiaojiang’s pocket.

The mobs in one wild area gave a total of 2,000 crystal coins. If equally divided between four people then it was 500 per person. Ah Shu gave all the resources to Li Xiaojiang so Li Xiaojiang should have 1,000 crystal coins. Now the Red Fox pair were forced to retreat. Putting aside the mobs they already killed, Li Xiaojiang killed the rest of the mobs and got 1,500 crystal coins!

Sure enough, at the end of the mobs stage, Li Xiaojiang became the local tyrant. He bought an attack ring according to Cat God’s orders as well as a necklace to increase the duration of the control effect.

After replacing the equipment, Canglan went to the ice dragon refresh point.

This time, Red Fox wanted to play quickly but Li Cangyu turned it into a battle of attrition.

Liu Xiang knew that Red Fox had an advantage at this time because Ah Shu and Li Xiaojiang’s skills were on cooldown. However, Li Cangyu didn’t give them a chance. His water spirit played a full role as his Water Balls smashed into one player after another. Gu Siming also acted as shield in the front row. It wasn’t easy for Meng Jie to get close!

In the first game, she unexpected stunned Gu Siming but now she found that this little guy had become flexible. He swam around Cat God’s water spirit and wasn’t good to deal with.

Due to the delay in the battle, the Canglan team grabbed the initiative.

Li Cangyu calculated the time and estimated that the two players should have their big moves back. He ordered, “Fight!”

Xie Shurong immediately used Light and Shadow Rotation and forced himself into Red Fox’s formation. The swordsman’s big move was full of power and the visual effect was gorgeous. However, Ah Shu’s big move wasn’t to decrease the other side’s blood volume. It was to interfere.

Once Light and Shadow Rotation was released, there would be a dazzling white light that covered the area where the sword moved. This would lead to blind spots in the opponents’ vision.

At the same time, Li Cangyu used Fireball to control Red Fox’s main control, Yang Muzi. Yang Muzi simply couldn’t put out any control skills!

Xie Shurong and Li Cangyu did this to create an opportunity for Li Xiaojiang!

Xiaojiang’s Dark Fear took a long time to cast. Once discovered, it was easy to be interrupted by the opponent. Light and Shadow Rotation and Fireball interfered with the front row and Li Xiaojiang finally found a chance to release Dark Fear.

This group fear was aimed just right to control the four white magicians of Red Fox, forcing the Canglan fans to clap. Li Xiaojiang’s grasp of the skills release was becoming more and more accurate.

Liu Xiang immediately cast a big skill to save them but Li Cangyu didn’t give her a chance this time. Purple thunder dropped from the sky and interrupted the healer’s casting.

At the same time, Zhang Jueming used auxiliary skills to increase the output of his teammates and reduce the effectiveness of the other side.

Xie Shurong, Li Cangyu and Li Xiaojiang started to erupt. The audience was shocked to find that Li Xiaojiang’s output was particularly terrible. Due to the advantage of the first stage, he bought two pieces of equipment and his output had doubled. His fear control effect was also extended by one second.

One second wasn’t a big deal for the average player but it was critical for professional players.

Due to this one second, Li Cangyu could connect it with the control of his wind spirit!

The result was the four white magicians had just been freed from the effects of Dark Fear when they were hit with Li Cangyu’s Storm Fury!

Xiao Han was watching from under the stage and immediately sent a message to Qin Mo: [They should be messy in the wind right?]

Qin Mo: [Yes, your words are correct.]

Xiao Han smiled and replied: [We should be winning this game.]

Ling Xuefeng was watching the game and already confirmed that Canglan would win. Once Li Cangyu had an advantage, it was impossible for him to give the opponent an opportunity to overturn it. In the first two games, he couldn’t keep up with Red Fox’s thoughts. He was finally restored to his normal level in the third game and made careful arrangements.

Sure enough, as Ling Xuefeng expected, the first person on the Red Fox team to be killed was Yang Muzi.

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Cotton Tree!]

Li Cangyu attacked Liu Xueqin and then gave the head to Li Xiaojiang.

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Guqin!]

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Meng Jiejie!]


[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Flying Cotton!]

[Snail Crawling Slowly has become super god!]

The audience hadn’t expected Red Fox’s collapse. Even the two commentators couldn’t understand it. The screen broadcasted a slow motion replay and everyone discovered that Ah Shu and Cat God used a variety of big moves to reduce the blood of the Red Fox members. Gu Siming suddenly put a defensive light shield on himself and rushed into the Red Fox lineup, forcibly stunning Liu Xiang.

Without the help of the healer, the lives of the Red Fox players were in jeopardy. Li Xiaojiang used this chance to cast the big move Hell Flames, killing the few residual blood opponents.

Liu Xiang was finally killed by Li Cangyu hitting her with fireballs before giving Li Xiaojiang the head.

Li Xiaojiang looked at the ‘super god’ on the screen and his face flushed with excitement. Under the stage, Zhuo Hang stood up and clapped for him! Li Cangyu smiled with relief and patted Li Xiaojiang on the shoulder. “Well done.”

Li Xiaojiang was so moved that he didn’t know what to say.

In the first two games, he had been killed by the white magicians of Red Fox and couldn’t fully play. He lost confidence in his speed. Then in the third game, there was a big reversal with Cat God and Ah Shu’s help. Thanks to their help, he managed the achievement of killing six gods in the first division!

It was something he had never dreamt of…

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