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Chapter 166 – Canglan VS Red Fox (3)

Li Cangyu didn’t change the lineup for the second team battle and still sent the black magician Li Xiaojiang. The audience members were very surprised, including Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi in the commentators’ room.

The first game was obviously a big loss. Why not replaced him with Xiao Han or Zhuo Hang?

In theory, black magic had a restraining effect. However, Li Xiaojiang reacted slowly. The other side’s white magicians would control him before he could release his skills. It could be said that he played almost no role in the last game before dying.

In comparison, Zhuo Hang’s hand speed was faster and his traps could be used to limit the actions of the white magicians. Xiao Han could also stealth and go behind to interrupt the white magicians’ casting. From Yu Bing’s viewpoint, the best lineup to beat Red Fox should be replacing Zhang Jueming and Li Xiaojiang to let Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han play quickly.

Kou Hongyi’s tactical literacy wasn’t as high as Yu Bing’s but he also felt that Li Xiaojiang should be exchanged with Xiao Han. He was very puzzled about why Li Cangyu continued the same lineup in the second game.

Ling Xuefeng was the one who guessed Li Cangyu’s thoughts. Li Cangyu wanted to use this opportunity to train Li Xiaojiang’s ability to withstand stress.

Li Xiaojiang himself knew that the captain wanted to give him a rare opportunity to compete with the best white magicians of the Red Fox team. When Li Cangyu had called everyone together, he specifically said to Li Xiaojiang, “Don’t feel too much pressure and play according to your own ideas. Focusing on Vice-Captain Yang Muzi. There is no need to worry about the other players.”

Li Xiaojiang did feel a lot of pressure facing four white magicians but Cat God told him to control only one. Li Xiaojiang felt that he should be able to cope. He took a deep breath to encourage himself and went to the contestant seats with his teammates.

The second game began and the Red Fox team selected a map. It was once again Ice Valley!

Yu Bing immediately said, “Liu Xiang continued to use the deceleration Ice Valley map. It seems that she is very confident in the players.”

Kou Hongyi added, “The Red Fox players must’ve practiced for a long time on this map. The deceleration will greatly limit the outbreak of the two players, Xie Shurong and Li Cangyu. The second game will be difficult for Canglan. We should look at how Cat God will deal with it.”

Li Cangyu saw this map and wondered if it would be the same as the last game.

It turned out that he really couldn’t guess the thoughts of girls. This time Meng Jie didn’t directly rush over. Instead, she took a defensive posture and the several players in the back row spread out. The healer Liu Xiang was hiding out of reach.

Li Cangyu, “…”

He put out tea and snacks and was prepared to play slowly. The result was that he was slapped as soon as he met the person. This time he was prepared to fight only for the opponents to slowly delay it?

It was really tiring to play against the women!

Li Cangyu was forced to say, “Everyone protect the healer. Xiao Li, hide behind Ah Shu and pay attention to the positioning.”

The two sides had a standoff at the refresh point of the white dragon. Then Vice-Captain Yang Muzi suddenly found an opportunity and accurately used God’s Seal on Xie Shurong!

Xie Shurong had been rapidly moving left and right to protect Li Xiaojiang. This random movement often dazzled the opponent and made it hard for them to find his direction. The surprising thing was that Yang Muzi accurately hit him!

Kou Hongyi exclaimed, “This ability to control a fast moving opponent, Yang Muzi’s control level is truly one of the best in the Miracle League.”

Yu Bing said, “Muzi is a very ingenious player. Her role in the Red Fox team is similar to Cheng Wei’s role in the Time team. She will control an opponent and then her teammates will set fire on them.”

She just finished speaking when the other three white magicians of Red Fox threw their attack skills towards Xie Shurong’s body. Xie Shurong’s blood plummeted but Bai Xuan fortunately pulled him back from the brink of death.

Li Cangyu frowned slightly. The players didn’t seem focused enough today. It wasn’t Ah Shu’s fault. Yang Muzi’s move hitting him was actually 50% due to luck. It was Gu Siming’s reaction that made Li Cangyu somewhat disappointed.

The moment that a teammate was fixed, Gu Siming was a paladin and he should immediately give his teammate Guardian’s Power to alleviate the damage that Ah Shu suffered. Unfortunately, Gu Siming didn’t respond because his attention was completely attracted by Red Fox’s berserker.

Of course, this couldn’t be completely blamed on him. Him had been badly suppressed by Meng Jie in the last game so it was justifiable that he would be focused on the berserker in this game.

Li Cangyu didn’t say anything for the moment and made on a signal on the map to attract Li Xiaojiang’s attention.

“Xiaojiang, keep up with me and hit Yang Muzi first!”

Li Xiaojiang immediately nodded and started to cast the big move Dark Fear to control Vice-Captain Yang Muzi. At the same time, Li Cangyu unleashed his hand speed and summoned his water, fire, wind and thunder spirits in an attempt to use Cataclysm to stop Yang Muzi.

Unfortunately, Red Fox’s captain Liu Xiang was very clever. The moment Liu Xiang continuously summoned his pets, she suddenly used a big move on her teammates, Desperate Prayer!

He saw the female angel wearing a priest’s robe clasp her hands together with closed eyes. A light blue effect floating from her want to the top of her head and there was a soft holy glow that enveloped 10 metres around her. It added 50% blood to the whole team and made them immune to damage for three seconds!

This was a healer’s most powerful and blue consuming move. A healer would only use this at a critical moment on the field. It was because the consumption of blue was too big compared to two group healing skills.

Many viewers couldn’t quite understand why Liu Xiang suddenly used it at this time. Even Cheng Wei had question marks above his head. “What is this? The Red Fox members haven’t lost much blood and using a group skill will do. Using Desperate Prayer is just a waste!”

It wasn’t until the next scene that Cheng Wei finally understood.

It was at this time that Li Cangyu’s water, fire, wind and thunder spirits exploded. The domineering wave of visual effects rushed towards the Red Fox players and covered them. The result was that they were completely protected by Liu Xiang’s halo.

Li Cangyu: A stunned face.jpg.

Cheng Wei exclaimed, “Cat God’s big move was actually blocked! This is the first time in history!”

Tan Shitian also gloated. “Every time Cat God would use the guardian to block other people’s big moves. Today his own big move was blocked. It is fair.”

Cheng Wei’s mood was a bit complicated. As a fanboy, he should feel sad that Cat God’s big move was blocked. Strangely… he was actually quite happy? He looked at the always calm man showing a puzzled expression and finally couldn’t help laughing. “Hahaha, I didn’t expect Cat God to be pitted by the Red Fox girls!”

Tan Shitian smiled and said, “Liu Xiang is actually more careful than many captains. During the Canglan match, I ignored Cat God’s Cataclysm and allowed him to use it. Liu Xiang’s reaction today was extremely fast. She used a defense skill as soon as she saw him successively calling his pets.”

Cheng Wei agreed. “Well, it is normal for girls to be more careful. I remember that Liu Xiang debuted with you?”

Tan Shitian looked over. “Yes. Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Cheng Wei scratched his head and blushed. He suddenly felt that he debuted in the third season and hadn’t improved over the years. Meanwhile, younger players like Tan Shitian and Liu Xiang were making rapid growth. They were already captains and calm and careful when facing strong teams. He couldn’t be compared to them.

He had to work harder in the future! Otherwise he would be knocked out of the league!

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei blush and them form fists. It was unknown what he was thinking but Tan Shitian felt that Cheng Wei was very cute.

He couldn’t help reaching out and gently touching Cheng Wei’s hair. Then Tan Shitian turned his gaze back to the screen.


In the commentators’ room, Yu Bing was showing her appreciation. “Captain Liu’s big move was very timely and Cataclysm couldn’t show any effect. Li Xiaojiang’s control skill was released but it unfortunately didn’t hit Yang Muzi. It was blocked by Meng Jie.”

Li Xiaojiang had really aimed the fear skill in Yang Muzi’s direction but the moment the skill was released, the berserker Meng Jie suddenly moved sideways and helped block the skill.

Li Xiaojiang’s fear skill controlled Meng Jie and Gu Siming immediately rushed to beat her. However, a berserker had thick skin and there was Liu Xiang adding blood in the rear. It was basically impossible to kill her in a short amount of time.

Li Cangyu immediately said, “Xiao Gu, stop and come back to protect the outputs.”

Xie Shurong’s control effect finally ended. He wanted to cooperate with Li Cangyu to kill one person first. Unfortunately, the Red Fox team moved fast and they suddenly all retreated. It was obvious that they wanted a battle of attrition.

This soft control consumption play was actually a classic slow-tempo strategy. Red Fox would use control skills and small output skills to consume the other side’s blue until the healer’s blue couldn’t keep up or the other party couldn’t keep up.

Red Fox was the best at this style because the white magician had many control skills. Their output skills were also terrible.

Four white magicians sounded frightening but as long as they couldn’t control their opponents then Red Fox was prone to collapse.

That’s why they used the slow-paced style to find opportunities.

This game was a complete showcase of Red Fox’s soft control tactics. Choosing the Ice Valley map made the Red Fox players like boats floating on the current.

The deceleration effect of the map relieved their stress.

Li Cangyu couldn’t explode from behind because his Cataclysm was blocked and his pet skills were on cooldown. It had long been said that Cataclysm was a skill that could instantly turn the tables but the consequences of failure were severe.

Li Cangyu’s luck wasn’t good today and his Cataclysm was wasted.

Xie Shurong wanted to save the situation but Cat God’s output couldn’t be counted on. Li Xiaojiang’s actions were slow and Canglan failed to catch up with the rhythm of Red Fox. They eventually lost again.

The score on the big screen became 2:0 and the Canglan teams couldn’t help blackening themselves. [I don’t feel good today. It will be 0:3!] [It would be too bad to be beaten 3:0 by the female players!] [Everyone, today we can take screenshots of Cat God’s stunned, surprised and helpless expressions. All types of emojis are complete!] [This is a big harvest! Above person, please send Cat God’s expression pack to my mailbox! Thank you!] [Send it to me as well. Thanks!]

Cheng Wei, “…”

As the number one brainless fan, he thought that people would be scolding Cat God and was prepared to defend him. Instead, he saw the group of people sharing screenshots of Li Cangyu’s various expressions. The brains of these fans were too strange.

How could the upright Cat God have such teasing fans?

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu shrugged helplessly and patted the shoulders of the team members. “Today, everyone doesn’t seem to be in a good state. This is also the first time I’ve played against Red Fox and I was a bit stunned.”

Bai Xuan smiled. “It doesn’t matter. We should concentrate in the third game. Losing 0:3 is too ugly.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “I think so as well.”

Bai Xuan asked, “Will we change the lineup?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “We won’t change!”


In the commentators’ room, Kou Hongyi took advantage of the intermission time to say, “The personal strength of the Red Fox players might not be at the forefront of the league but their tacit understanding is incomparable. The female players united in playing the game and take care of each other. This is why Red Fox’s soft control style can beat many teams.”

He paused and continued to praise them. “In the game just now, the players probably felt that they were punching cotton. This is where Red Fox is powerful. Their actions are very uniform and when the team stops, you can only be controlled. Once they move, they are like flexible foxes that the opponents can’t catch up with.”

Yu Bing smiled slightly and didn’t say anything. However, she was very pleased.

In the field of e-sports, the proportion of male players was over 90%. In many games, female players were rare treasures like giant pandas. There were actually many girls playing Miracle but few had a high enough level to play professionally.

She was very happy that she created the pure female team Red Fox and was also pleased about handing it over to Liu Xiang. This group of women could continue the Red Fox team’s style to today. Even if they weren’t strong, they could unite and play the game. There were many outstanding records where they overturned strong teams.

Today Cat God lost two consecutive games to Red Fox. It could only be said that he didn’t know enough about the female players. Liu Xiang seemed gentle but she was actually a terrible opponent. In order to win against her, Li Cangyu needed to find a countermeasure as soon as possible.

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Vei Kyuu
Vei Kyuu
5 years ago

Waaaa thank you very much!!~

5 years ago

If the female team is that good, why don’t they rank higher? It’s like the author was suddenly like ‘woops can’t make them win all the time… Let’s just say female’s brains work so differently that my mc can’t cope with it, lol’
I mean, they won against teams she firstly described as ‘stronger’. + LCY can understand foresee tacticts on like the world level, but here he can’t because ‘women are unpredictable… ‘ Wasn’t it exactly his thing to be unpredictable too?
It would be boring if he won everything of course, but this just doesn’t make sense to me :’) I’m overthinking, I know.

Thanks for the chapter btw!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Mariko

One more fun detail I missed; this switch between “fast” and “slow” pace is something Cat God mentions using often, so it is quite ironic that it bit them back here!

5 years ago

thanks 4 the chapter………

4 years ago

Thank you for doing this entire story, I have really enjoyed the story up to this point.

I am baffled why the author wrote that Canglan went down 0:2, it seems disingenuous, since the Canglan team has so many diversed players, there is no way they could not counteract the other teams’ White Magicians. Cat God is a genius strategizer, and if anyone can work around it he can.

I say it is disingenuous because the author made Cat God a genius strategists, a God player, but yet the author made him wring his hands and become flabbergasted, which is not something he would do, since the author created this character with such enriched magnificent abilities.

It is as if the author chose to make the mostly all female team that much better than the tactics that the Cat God could come up with.

I am not sure if the author is female or male but it’s very disingenuous towards the readers and the characters, since the author created them, and they should have the skills to win, but the author chose not to fully explain why they lost that second game, and yet the reader is expected to believe it’s true, and not questions it, but it cannot be with how the author created the characters.

I usually try not like to criticize the author, only the story, but this is completely out-of-the-norm, and to say that Cat God was so stunned he was unable to come up with a different strategy X2, is disingenuous due to what we know of Cat God; what the author created.

Unfortunately, writing that the author was disingenuous here makes no difference because the author cannot see this, but I wonder if anyone else said this to the author after reading this chapter in their native language?

2 years ago

I initially wasn’t going to comment, but might as well add my thoughts.

For the MC to lose here doesn’t seem as odd or contrived as other commenters have stated. There are various reasons and contributing factors as to why the women’s team, Red Fox, is currently beating them. I’ll list a few:

(1) Cangyu and his teammates don’t know much about the female players and their playing styles. It’s been stated that he doesn’t know them, hasn’t focused on them and has never played against them before. He has played against almost all of the other teams in the league. He knows their captains, vice-captains and other key members personally. Therefore, it is easier for him to create strategies against them based on their past relationships and their play styles that he is familiar with. He also has teammates in his own team who are familiar with others such as A’Shu.

(2) What also needs to be taken into consideration is the old system rules of their league and the factors which led Red Fox to seeming weaker and not holding a higher position. It has been stated that they aren’t good with the Arena and would only win 30% of the time, because their outputs weren’t as strong.
Previously, the arena played a notable role in the calculations of points for winning. Therefore, they would most likely have done horrible in the arena portion of the competition while excelling in the team battles. However, team battles were probably just as tough and they, of course, couldn’t win every battle. So they don’t seem as tough despite having great teamwork due to the arena that was essential to their overall score before.

(3) The Canglan team is a newer team and they haven’t truly found their rhythm in terms of team battles and dynamics like the other teams who have been together for much longer. So they will be lacking in some aspects when it comes to team battles, and have been making up for it due to the MC and Bai. Not all of their reactions and actions will be correct and there are bound to be mistakes with a relatively new established team.

(4) Lastly, e-sports, or any sport for that matter, has never been set in stone. Many contributing factors like someone’s psychological or physical state plays a role in how well they will do that day. Anyone can win at any time, that’s why you shouldn’t give up until the end.

I doubt the author will allow them to lose a 0:3, simply because our MC is a strategist and he definitely has ideas and a plan to combat the Red Fox team in their third match. I think it’s too soon to criticize the author or her methods of storytelling. Genius strategists or not, Cangyu is human and is bound to make mistakes.

I’m not saying the author can’t make a**pulls and contrived drama for the sake of…well, drama. But I don’t think this seems as unreasonable or disingenuous as others make it out to be, it actually quite makes a bit of sense.