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Chapter 165 – Canglan VS Red Fox (2)

Ice Valley was a map located in the Divine Realm and was one of the best dating sites in the game. The scenery was very distinctive. It was a valley covered by heavy snow. The vast expanse of white snow was like a fairy tale world made of snow and ice.

The terrain of Ice Valley was very narrow but was adjusted in the competition to ensure fairness. It was divided into four fields in the shape of ‘田’ where mobs refreshed. The coordinates of the central crystal were consistent with the other competitive maps.

The characteristic of this map was that players were slowed down by the ice and snow.

Compared to the Endless Sea map chosen last time by Li Cangyu, the Ice Valley map was only six stars and the difficulty wasn’t as high.

It wasn’t a kill map where a mistake would cause a player to be killed by the map. This was a status map that had to be played with patience. In this type of slowdown map, players would feel particularly annoyed if they couldn’t adapt to the map environment.

There were large areas of the ground covered with snow. After entering the snow, the movement speed of all characters/pets was automatically reduced by 30%. This was a map added effect and couldn’t be lifted by any skill.

In other words, a usual one minute walk to the centre of the map would take one and a half minutes in Ice Valley.

In the snow, actions were slowed down and the accuracy of skills release would naturally be affected.

The Red Fox team must’ve repeatedly practiced on this map before daring to choose it to fight against Canglan. Canglan would suffer a bit in this away match.

Li Cangyu guessed Liu Xiang’s tactical idea when he saw this map. She was going for a soft control to consume the opponents’ resources and then grab opportunities. The white magician had many control skills. Red Fox sent four white magicians and could connect control skills if he wasn’t careful.

Li Cangyu thought of this and deliberately said, “Everyone, stay steady. Don’t rush to kill people and in the ice dragon battle, pay attention to where your disperse. Ah Shu is responsible for protecting Xiaojiang.”

Everyone split up into three according to the previous arrangements.

This time, in order to take care of Li Xiaojiang, Li Cangyu split up the Shu Bai combination and let Ah Shu take Xiaojiang to the middle. Bai Xuan went with Gu Siming to the northwest area while Li Cangyu went with Zhang Jueming to the southeast area.

The start for both sides was relatively stable. There was no attacking when they met each other and they steadily killed mobs to gain money.

The gap in the hand speed of professional players wasn’t big and they killed the mobs relatively quickly. After the first wave of mobs was finished, the economic gap between both sides was within 100 crystal coins.

The key was to see who the money was concentrated on.

On the Canglan side, Ah Shu gave most of the resources to Li Xiaojiang while Old Zhang also gave the resources to Cat God. Bai Xuan gave the money to Gu Siming so the three people had similar amounts of money.

On the Red Fox side, Li Cangyu opened the data panel to take a look and found that the resources were concentrated on the three players of Meng Jie (ID: Meng Jiejie), Liu Xueqin (ID: Guqin) and Zhu Yan (ID: Beautiful Tears).

This gave Li Cangyu an ominous feeling.

He didn’t have experience playing against the Red Fox team. During this week, he watched many videos of the Red Fox matches and knew that Meng Jie had the nickname of ‘manly female.’ In addition, Liu Xueqin and Zhu Yan had always been the white magic output partners in Red Fox…

Liu Xiang was concentrating the resources on the three of them. This didn’t seem like her previous tactics?


The contestants soon returned to the city to supplement their equipment.

The first wave of mobs didn’t give much money. It was just enough to buy a ring.

Each contestant had their own preferences when it came to choosing a ring. Li Xiaojiang hadn’t participated in many team battles and didn’t know what to choose. Li Cangyu reminded him, “Xiaojiang, buy the ring that adds magic attack.”

Li Xiaojiang obediently bought the ring and turned to follow the team.

In the case of an initial tie, the outcome of the ice dragon was likely to determine the final outcome. The next goal of the Red Fox team was to add to their economy with the ice dragon. Of course, Canglan couldn’t let it go either. The two sides met at the ice dragon’s refresh point.

On this cold Ice Valley map, the colour of the ice dragon blended in with the surrounding environment, making it look extraordinarily beautiful. An ordinary player would surely take a few screenshots of the pure white ice dragon in remembrance.

Li Cangyu didn’t rush to attack and let the players carefully disperse their positions…

He didn’t expect for Meng Jie, Red Fox’s front row player, to suddenly move!

The handsome female berserker with short hair carried an axe on her shoulder and directly pounced towards the healer Bai Xuan. Her axe descended, instantly making Bai Xuan dizzy.

Bai Xuan, “…”

Xie Shurong perceived something wasn’t right and turned back to save him. The result was a silver halo appeared on his body. It was God’s Seal from Yang Muzi.

Bai Xuan was dizzy and Ah Shu was fixed in place. This all happened in a matter of one second.

Once Meng Jie stunned Bai Xuan, she turned and used Mountain Chop to full a deep crack in the ground, blocking Li Xiaojiang’s way!

At the same time, Zhang Jueming was fixed in place by God’s Seal from the white magician Luo Shanshan.

Li Cangyu was currently standing on the other side of this crack. If he wanted to rescue them, he would have to circumvent the big pit where the ice dragon refreshed and would undoubtedly be attacked by the ice dragon boss!

The audience was surprised to find that in just a few seconds, the lineup of Canglan was forcibly split. The four white magicians connected their attack skills and greeted Li Xiaojiang. The dazzling white lights were like white flowers blooming at Li Xiaojiang’s feet and Li Xiaojiang was beaten to residual blood!

Kou Hongyi was stunned. “This is the opening of the battle? I’m not ready to explain…”

Yu Bing responded extremely quickly. “Red Fox’s sudden wave is really unexpected. It seems that the other side wasn’t ready.”

By the time the control effect on Bai Xuan ended, Li Xiaojiang had already been killed. He didn’t have time to heal his teammates when the next control skill was placed on his body, God’s Light!

This was the white magician’s most powerful control skill that created a field of silence. The silence of God’s Light would have a greater impact on the contestant than God’s Seal. In particular, the healer was silence and couldn’t use any skills. They would certainly be in a hurry.

Bai Xuan felt his heart sinking to his keyboard. He became dizzy due to the berserker and then silenced by the white magician. Had he become the target of the sisters? They wanted to do this?

The auxiliary Zhang Jueming wanted to help but he was also controlled by the other side…

Li Cangyu felt a bit awkward.

He thought that the Red Fox players chose this map to slowly grind the opponents in a battle of attrition. The result was the Red Fox players attacking straight away?

This feeling was like when he was prepared to discuss something with the other party. It would be slowly discussed and he made tea and even set up snacks. The result as that the other person directly slapped him as soon as they met.

Even a great god like Li Cangyu would become a bit stunned. This unexpected style of play really shocked him. It was like the Red Fox players had been injected with chicken blood today.

Li Cangyu quickly ran away but this only ensured that he didn’t kill himself.

Li Xiaojiang, Xie Shurong, Gu Siming and Bai Xuan were killed. Old Zhang struggled and succeeded in escaping. The two players were really speechless.

Canglan had never been caught so off guard since the seventh season started.

Li Cangyu usually held things to his chest and every team battle was arranged in good order. Today he was dazed after being beaten by the Red Fox members and many of the audience members watching the match gloated.

[Cat God 666! You ran well 6!] [No wonder why Cat God doesn’t have a girlfriend. He doesn’t know girls at all!] [The Red Fox girls won’t be polite with you. Girls are fickle. Do you really think they would drag out the game? Don’t be naïve, Old Cat!] [Every time I see Cat God calmly destroy the opponent. Today I get to see his dazed expression and I suddenly feel great. Hahaha!]

[Ah Shu was also stunned. He wanted to go back to save Vice-Captain Bai but ended up being killed!] [Vice-Captain Bai must be the most depressed one. He was the focus of three people connecting their control skills. The milk dad must want to cry!] [Xiao Gu is the most pitiful. The small teenager can’t fight against Sister Meng…]

[Xiaojiang touched his head and died. He probably couldn’t even figure out how he died.]

The fans of the Canglan team were strange and they were probably influenced by the atmosphere of the Dragon Song club. Other people didn’t say anything but they started to laugh at their own team players.

Canglan clearly lost miserably in this wave but their fans seemed very happy. There were many people who took screenshots of Li Cangyu’s dazed expression. Some people even used PS (photoshop) to turn it into an emoji package for friends and relatives.

Ling Xuefeng watched the game on TV and couldn’t help smiling when he saw these comments. The Canglan fans were excited because it was really difficult to see this ‘stunned’ expression on Li Cangyu’s face.

The powerful Cat God had always been calm no matter the situation. Today he had a ‘What is this?’ expression after being pitted by the Red Fox members.  Ling Xuefeng found this puzzled expression very interesting.

Of course, Li Cangyu couldn’t always be stunned. Once the first wave ended, he realized that Red Fox didn’t intend to fight a consumption battle today. The resources had been concentrated on the berserker Meng Jie.

However, this made it harder to play. The four white magicians had a total of eight control skills, of which God’s Light was a terrible group control. In addition, Meng Jie had a skill that created a dizzy effect. She could also use the axe skills to split apart the battlefield. Once this happened, it was difficult for the Canglan team to reverse the situation.


As Li Cangyu expected, the disadvantage in the first wave was too great. Li Cangyu couldn’t find a chance to counterattack and the Red Fox sisters quickly pushed to the crystal after updating their equipment.

The score on the big screen became 0:1.

During the intermission time, Li Cangyu called the players to arrange the next game.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help sighing. “Isn’t it too hard to counter Red Fox’s lineup? The white magicians have too many control skills. There are four white magicians with four God’s Seal and four God’s Light. The group silence… it is estimated that many teams in the league will have a headache when encountering such a lineup!”

In the past, Red Fox normally only used three white magicians. There was also a swordsman in the team who would join the berserker in the front row.

Today was the first time Liu Xiang came out with the lineup of four white magicians and it opened the eyes of many viewers.

Yu Bing calmly explained, “Red Fox’s lineup isn’t unsolvable. For example, Wind Colour doesn’t have to be afraid of Red Fox. It is because Wind Colour has a very good black magician who can restrain Red Fox’s white magic. Flying Feathers also isn’t afraid of Red Fox. Yu Pingsheng can act first and then they will violently cut into the back row to break up the four white magicians. For other teams, it will be very difficult to play against Red Fox if they can’t grab the first move. Being controlled by four white magicians is like a death situation.”

Cheng Wei was watching the match and couldn’t help saying, “Sister Bing, you skipped us! We aren’t afraid of Red Fox. We have the best archers in the league and can interrupt their casting from a greater distance!”

Tan Shitian smiled and came over. “Am I the best archer?”

Cheng Wei glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Tan Shitian came one centimeter closer. “Is it me?”

Cheng Wei cried out impatiently, “Yes, yes! Do you have to keep bothering me?”

Tan Shitian smiled with contentment and returned to his former position. He put an arm around Cheng Wei’s shoulder and asked, “Do you think your idol will be hit 3:0 by Red Fox today?”

Cheng Wei immediately covered his mouth. “Shut up, shut up! Don’t have a crow’s mouth!”

The second game would soon begin. Cheng Wei prayed that Li Cangyu would find a chance to reverse the situation. The surprising thing was that Li Cangyu actually didn’t change the lineup of the Canglan team.

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