GLS: Chapter 164

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Chapter 164 – Canglan VS Red Fox

Xie Shurong patiently waited two days before running to find Xiao Han. “Did you ask?”

Xiao Han replied seriously, “Captain Ling said he would deal with it. I think he talked to Master?”

Xie Shurong, “…”

He had long guessed that this child wasn’t reliable but he hadn’t expected Xiao Han to be so unreliable!

Xie Shurong heard the results and had to go back to his dormitory in a depressed manner. He worried over his casual T-shirts and jeans. Since he couldn’t ask Captain Ling anything, he could only search for information on the Internet.

Perhaps Vice-Captain Bai would feel warmer towards him if he dressed more handsomely.

After training, Xie Shurong checked the information on the Internet and found suits brands, matching schemes etc. He was fully prepared. Unfortunately, he had to train with the team every day and had no time to go shopping and buy clothes. Xie Shurong could only implement his plans after this weekend’s game.

This weekend was the third cycle of the Miracle regular season. They would challenge the Red Fox team in an away match and the other six teams also had corresponding arrangements.

In the current team rankings, Canglan had scored 2:1 against Time and Flying Feathers and were second among the eight teams. Wind Colour was first with big scores of both scores of 3:0.

This ranking was much better than Li Cangyu expected. There was an unexpected victory in the first match due to the release of Cataclysm. The second win was by fully making use of the home court advantage. Such luck was unlikely to last. The future away matches would be more difficult and they probably couldn’t maintain the second place.

Fortunately, LI Cangyu’s mentality was calm and he was open to winning or losing. The important thing right now was to raise the newcomers as quickly as possible.

The next opponent of Red Fox wouldn’t be worse than Time and Flying Feathers.

The overall strength of Red Fox wasn’t high but this pure women’s team was completely different from other teams. Moreover, the female players had a terrible explosive force. This time it was an away match and Li Cangyu was fully prepared.

However, Li Cangyu became shaken once he arrived at the venue.

Red Fox’s home was the beautiful Suzhou and the team emblem was a fiery fox. Their uniform was also a conspicuous red. The Canglan team arrived at the venue and were frightened by the audience. It could really be called a ‘red ocean’!

It could be seen that the fans of the Red Fox team were strong and cohesive. It could be credited to the organized and disciplined home cheering organization.

More than 70% of audience members were female. Red Fox was also the team with the most number of female fans in the Miracle League. Of course, there were many otakus who supported the female players of the Red Fox team. Liu Xiang and Yang Muzi were extremely popular with the otakus.

Gu Siming was obviously shocked by the current situation and said enviously, “This is the home of Red Fox and the fans are really united. When can a blue ocean appear at Canglan’s home…?”

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “It will happen one day.”

Everyone felt a bit emotional as they looked through the glass window and saw the audience members dressed in a neat uniform.

Canglan was just getting started. In Changsha, they relied on the foundation set by Liu Chuan’s Dragon Song Club. The last game was packed due to Liu Chuan’s actions behind the scene. Many of Liu Chuan’s fans came to watch and there weren’t many people who were actually fans of Canglan.

If the Canglan team members didn’t have a good foundation or get good results then no fans would come to watch the match at home.

The foundation of Canglan was provided by Liu Chuan. They started in a higher position due to the well-funded club but how far they went would depend on themselves.

They might be born in a giant halo but the strength of the team had to be shown in the arena.

The players understood this and became determined.


The commentators for this match were still Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi. It was because Yu Bing specifically picked a few Canglan matches before the season started.

She was the first captain of Red Fox and would love to witness the match between Red Fox and Canglan. She wouldn’t miss the opportunity to explain this match.

Kou Hongyi looked a bit excited today and his voice was louder than usual. “I’ve explained so many games in the competition and all of them were male players. Today I can finally see the female players of the Red Fox team! I think the audience members will have a different feeling!”

The live broadcast rom was more lively than usual as people excitedly commented, [Goddess Xiang Xiang, marry me!] [Our Muzi is the best!] [There is the high energy sister in front!] [I think the Red Fox team can be renamed to the Rare Species team!] [All the female players in the Miracle League are part of Red Fox. Wouldn’t the other teams feel lonely?]

Surprisingly, the support rate of this match had 70% of people guessing that Red Fox would win. Red Fox had a big home advantage and the Red Fox team had a history of overturning strong teams. The audience members were very confident in them.

The players entered the soundproof room and Kou Hongyi immediately said positively, “Let me introduce the girls to the Red Fox team to wash everyone’s eyes!”

“The long-haired beauty the camera is pointing to is the second-generation captain of Red Fox, Liu Xiang. She was selected for China’s Carnival team and formed a 3v3 team with Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang, eventually winning a bronze medal in the Carnival.”

The 3v3 event was still fresh in the minds of the audience members. Liu Xiang’s performance on the world stage was remarkable. She took on world-class players and her cooperation with the two great gods of Tan and Lou were great. As a healer, she was able to stabilize the scene. Many people might be nervous when performance outside the country for the first time but Liu Xiang’s performance was very atmospheric.

The rarest thing about Liu Xiang was that she was beautiful but she wasn’t the flamboyant and dazzling type of beauty. She gave people a feeling of warm affinity.

She debuted with Tan Shitian and was a junior captain in the league. She was relatively low-key and modest. She was very polite to her seniors and posted team related content to her Weibo every day. She gave off a solid and steady feeling, not vain and impetuous.

She had been leading since joining Red Fox and had no scandals in the past few years. The fans had a high degree of recognition for this second-generation captain.

Kou Hongyi also had a great impression of Liu Xiang since she was Yu Bing’s apprentice. Yu Bing also boasted, “Liu Xiang is one of the best healers in the Miracle League. Her healing is very flexible and quick. She also has strong resilience, which is the key to maintaining the soft guerrilla tactics of the Red Fox team.”

The camera moved to the side and Kou Hongyi changed the introduction. “Now this short-haired woman is the vice-captain of Red Fox, Yang Muzi. Her personality is relatively hot-tempered and she plays a white magician. Her style is different from Vice-Captain Cheng Wei. Vice-Captain Cheng Wei is very aggressive while Vice-Captain Yang is more a soft control.

Kou Hongyi spoke too much today. By the time he finished the introduction, both teams had already debugged their equipment and the referee turned on the green light for the start of the game.

Yu Bing interrupted him and pulled the topic back to the competition. “Audience members, this is the third cycle of the seventh season’s regular season. The Canglan VS Red Fox game is about to begin. Today is Red Fox’s home match and Captain Liu is submitting the modes for the games.”

“A team battle, team battle… oh, three team battles in a row!” Kou Hongyi kept up with Yu Bing’s speed and cried out with surprise, “Last time Canglan chose three arena games against Flying Feathers. Now Red Fox chose three team battles. They probably don’t want to give the Canglan team a chance to train the newcomers in the arena.”

Yu Bing calmly said, “Captain Liu’s choice is very reasonable. Red Fox is stronger in the team battle. To tell the truth, Red Fox’s winning rate in the arena is less than 30%. Liu Xiang’s personal ability is very strong but Red Fox doesn’t have enough strong people to partner with her against the Shu Bai combination. In addition, there is the powerful Cat God. None of the attackers on the Red Fox side are better than him.”

Kou Hongyi nodded in agreement. “Sister Bing said this and I think that Red Fox’s choice of three team battles is very suitable. Let’s look at the map submitted by the Red Fox team. It is the Ice Valley!”

There was a hint of appreciation in Yu Bing’s eyes. It seemed that Xiang Xiang had thought hard about the map selection today.

Then the list of team members submitted by both sides appeared on the large screen.

Since the first lineup had to be selected before this, the home team would definitely have an advantage. Li Cangyu was the away team and wasn’t allowed to know the arrangement of the other party. The arena list couldn’t be used and the referee directly selected the team battle list.

“Let’s look at the members sent by the home team, Red Fox.” At Kou Hongyi’s words, the screen enlarged the list of the Red Fox’s lineup. Kou Hongyi introduced them in turn, “There is Liu Xiang’s healer and Yang Muzi’s white magician. It isn’t a surprise for these two to appear in the team battle. For the rest of the contestants, there are Red Fox’s four main attackers, Liu Xueqin, Zhu Yan, Luo Shanshan and the front row female berserker Meng Jie.”

Yu Bing added, “Liu Xueqin, Zhu Yan and Luo Shanshan are three players who joined Red Fox at the same time. They are all 18 years old this year and play white magicians. Along with the vice-captain Yang Muzi, there will be four white magicians in the lineup.”

Kou Hongyi sighed, “Red Fox is really a team filled with angel players. Among the six contestants, only the front row Meng Jie is a terran berserker. The remaining five are all the angel race. Meng Jie is a player whom the Red Fox audience members should be familiar with. Her berserker gameplay is very fierce and she is the Red Fox’s most powerful front row protector.”

“It seems that Red Fox should be using the soft control for a consumption battle today. The white magician is originally the class with the most control skills. Red Fox has four white magicians so I estimate that Canglan will be crying from the change in rhythm today.” Kou Hongyi’s tone was slightly gloating. “Let’s take a look at Canglan’s lineup.”

The audience found that the lineup sent by Canglan wasn’t the same as before. The front row Gu Siming, the auxiliary Zhang Jueming and the healer Bai Xuan hadn’t changed. The outputs have been replaced by Li Cangyu, Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang.

That’s right, the output was changed to Li Xiaojiang!

Yu Bing said, “Black magic and white magic mutually restrain each other. Many black magic skills can greatly reduce the effect of white magic. Cat God’s idea should be to let the black magician Li Xiaojiang restrain Red Fox’s white magic.”

“There is nothing wrong with this idea. Unfortunately, the player Li Xiaojiang is very slow. Red Fox has four white magicians today. He could restrain one but to restrain four… the little guy will certainly be busy!”

Yu Bing also agreed with this. She didn’t think that Cat God’s decision to let Li Xiaojiang restrain the white magicians of Red Fox was the best. Yu Bing thought that in the game of Canglan against Red Fox, Xiao Han would be better.

However, no one knew what changes would occur on the field.

Yu Bing thought this and went on to say, “The Ice Valley map has loaded and the game will soon start. We have to wait and see the result of this game.”

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