GLS: Chapter 160

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Chapter 160 – Post-Match Interview (End)

This was the first home match for the Canglan team. For today’s post-match interview, Li Cangyu decided to bring all eight members of the Canglan team to say hello to the local reporters.

The reporters were excited when they unexpectedly saw all eight players coming into the interview room. They stood up and applauded the players. The photographers kept pressing the shutter button for fear of missing this wonderful moment.

The host responsible for maintaining order took the microphone and said, “Reporters, the time for asking questions is only 15 minutes. I hope that everyone can prepare the key questions in advance for the players to answer. The post-match interview of the Canglan team is now starting.”

As soon as these words were heard, a female reporter stood up and asked Li Cangyu, “Cat God, you played a 2:1 game at home today. This is definitely due to your careful arrangements. Did you calculate all of this before the game?”

Li Cangyu took the microphone and replied honestly, “The order of the first arena game was decided before the match but the second and third games were decided on the spot. During the one week preparation time, we practiced a variety of combinations. Then today I made corresponding adjustments based on the performance of several players.”

The reporter asked, “What are the specific adjustments?”

Li Cangyu replied, “It has long been decided that Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang would play all three games. Today I adjusted the appearance of the other combinations. The cooperation between Xiao Han and Old Zhang was also a temporary decision. It is because at the end of the second round, I felt that Xiao Han was in good shape and felt reassured about letting him go with an auxiliary.”

The female reporter asked another question. “Cat God, did you think that it might’ve been possible to get a 3:0 score if you played in the third game?”

“It is hard. I used my wind spirit once and no professional player would make the same mistakes in a row. In my opinion, I would’ve played similarly to Ah Shu.” Li Cangyu paused and explained seriously, “Besides, Ah Shu’s state is excellent. He has more understanding of the opponents and also needs opportunities to train his cooperation with Vice-Captain Bai. I don’t think I made a mistake. A 2:1 score is similar to my expectations.”

“You had Ah Shu play three games in a row? Weren’t you worried that he would make a mistake when facing his brothers? Or weren’t you worried about affecting the feelings between brothers?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I wasn’t worried about that at all. Ah Shu is a very good professional player. All team members should try their best on the field. This is the most basic quality of a professional player. I believed he could absolutely do it… As for the relationship between brothers, I think that Captain Su, Vice-Captain Yu and Ah Shu aren’t so stingy. A match is a competition and a personal relationship is a personal relationship. Professional players should be able to distinguish between it.”

“Thank you, Cat God.” The female reporter got her answers and sat down politely. She couldn’t help giving a thumbs up to Cat God in her heart. This was her first interview with Li Cangyu and she found that this man was very serious when answering all questions. Moreover, he could calmly cope with hard questions.

This was followed by a young male reporter standing up. “In the last match against Time, it was Cat God’s Cataclysm that turned the tide at the crucial moment. Today you summoned the wind spirit in a key moment to directly kill the other side’s healer. Cat God, how many secret weapons do you have left?”

Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “There are many things that will be slowly pulled out in future games.”

The captains in front of the TV really wanted to beat him up. There were many more things? How many times was he going to pit them?

“Is Cat God going to pick more arena games at home matches?”

“Not necessarily. It will be according to the opponent.”

“What about Wind Colour?”

Li Cangyu grinned. “Are you an undercover sent by Ling Xuefeng? This must not be revealed in advance!”

The crowd laughed while the reporter who asked the question blushed and sat down. There were no frivolous answers from Cat God’s mouth. He was an old captain who led the team for many years and knew how to answer every question.

“I want to ask the new members. What is your biggest feeling from today’s match?” A female reporter with a ponytail changed the topic to the newcomers. Gu Siming immediately took the microphone and replied, “My biggest feeling is that it is boring to play soy sauce. I also want to play.”

Laughter filled the venue. The reporters were deeply sympathetic to Xiao Gu who had to watch from the sidelines the whole time.

Gu Siming pointed to himself and said, “Everyone can take a few more photos. I didn’t play today but you can’t miss me when writing the articles!”

The photographers pointed the camera at him and found that this baby-faced man was quite good.

The reporter continued asking, “Zhuo Hang? What is your harvest from today’s match?”

Zhuo Hang smiled slightly as he took the microphone and faced the reporters. “This game allowed me to learn many things. My performance wasn’t perfect, especially in the second game. I didn’t calculate the skill damage and I have to be more careful in the future. I feel there is still a lot of room for improvement and I will continue to work hard.”

The reporters cooperated to give him some applause. He might be young but they liked his calm appearance.

“Xiao Han? Is there anything you want to say?”

Xiao Han took the microphone from Zhuo Hang and said, “Master told me I played well. I also felt that I played 666.”

The reporters, “…”

They stared at Xiao Han with a dull expression.

Li Cangyu suppressed his laugh and reminded Xiao Han, “Very few people will use 666 to describe themselves.”

Xiao Han immediately changed it. “I played very well.”

The reporters, “…”

‘Mixed-race child, can’t you save your Chinese?’

Everyone suppressed their smiles. A strange feeling grew inside them as they listened to his nonsense.

Qin Mo saw the interview and immediately had a headache. He cried out in his heart, ‘Don’t tell anyone that I am teaching you Chinese! I don’t have a student like you!’

Xiao Han’s Weibo was blowing up. [Xiao Han, you are really 6!] [Young man, who taught you the language? Kick him away and learn from me!] [It is great. I’ve learned a new expression.] [Xiao Han, you are really great!]

Xiao Han noticed the reporters’ expressions and realized he said the wrong words. He scratched his head with embarrassment and handed the microphone to Li Xiaojiang.

Li Xiaojiang stammered, “I am, I am very happy today. I could kill, kill a person alone on the field. The captain gave me more, more confidence. I will, will continue to work hard.”

The reporters listened to his serious answer and clapped in encouragement.

Li Xiaojiang’s face reddened. “Thank, thank, thank you.”

The reporters, “…”

Other people said it once but this boy had to say it many times.

Many reporters felt that the Canglan team was full of style. The four newcomers each had their own characteristics and interviewing them was particularly interesting. They wanted to talk to the members all night but unfortunately, the interview time was limited.

Once all four teenagers answered the questions, a reporter aimed a question at Zhang Jueming. “Old Zhang, your auxiliary white magician is currently the only one in the Miracle League. What made you stick with it to the present?”

Zhang Jueming answered enthusiastically, “It is probably because of my stubbornness! The white magician output is the mainstream style for professional players but I wanted to play an auxiliary. In any case, I am back again after so many years have passed. I didn’t want to change myself.”

The reporters admired him. “You control and status enhancement skills were quite accurate today in key moments. It turns out that a white magician auxiliary can also play a big role.”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “Right? I also feel that I am very handsome today!”

The reporters, “…”

Was the boasting of the Canglan team contagious? Old Zhang learnt it as well? Fortunately, Cat God still maintained his integrity!

“Vice-Captain Bai played three games in a row with Ah Shu today? How do you feel? Please evaluate your partner.” A reporter stood up and asked Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “The first feeling is that I am very tired. I played three games and couldn’t maintain my state well. The rhythm of my healing couldn’t keep up with the speed of the opposite side’s output. This is the key to losing the last match.”

He took the initiative to take all blame. Xie Shurong pinched his hand under the table and whispered, “Don’t say this.”

Bai Xuan glanced at Xie Shurong and kept talking, “If I have to evaluate my partner, I think that Ah Shu is… he might be a bit childish and shameless but he is very reliable in key moments. He is a partner that all team members can trust.”

Xie Shurong was happy about being praised and held Bai Xuan’s hand tightly under the table.

A reporter followed up with, “What about Ah Shu? How do you evaluate Vice-Captain Bai?”

Xie Shurong spoke without hesitation. “I think that Vice-Captain Bai is a gentle, considerate and careful person. No matter in life or on the field, he will make his teammates feel particularly comfortable. As a healer, his survivability is very high and his blood adding technique is powerful. I feel that I have 10 lives when I’m with him on the battlefield.”

“…” The embarrassed Bai Xuan interrupted him. “Cough, you are boasting too much. It is almost over.”

The reporters laughed while Xie Shurong smiled. “In fact, no words can describe how good Bai Xuan is. In my heart, he is the perfect partner.”

Bai Xuan blushed and couldn’t help thinking, ‘Ah Shu’s boasting technique is first-class. He always exaggerates and his mouth is as sweet as honey. Doesn’t he feel numb?’

In fact, Xie Shurong’s words came from deep in his heart.

It was impossible to describe Bai Xuan’s strengths, let along express Xie Shurong’s affection towards him.

It was the so-called ‘in the eyes of the beholder’. In Xie Shurong’s opinion, Bai Xuan was the best existence in the world.

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