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Chapter 156 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers (6)

Li Cangyu chose the Endless Sea map to train the newcomers but he couldn’t lose points while training them. He would use the regular season to train the newcomers but he still wanted to get points at home matches. Otherwise, what if he didn’t make it to the playoffs?

This map was difficult for Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang but Li Cangyu was like a ‘fish in water.’

The summoner could call a pet to a designated location and their skills could be released from a distance. Li Cangyu could stand in the distance and use his pets to control and attack the opponents.

Li Cangyu handed over the residual blood Dong Le to Xiao Han to take care of. Then the second pair from Flying Feathers surprised Li Cangyu. They were Su Guangmo and Xiao Mu!

It was a swordsman with a healer. The Flying Feathers ace combination of Su Yu was actually broken.

Kou Hongyi couldn’t help saying, “It seems that in order to cope with the three arena games, Captain Su has made great changes to the lineup. He opened in the second round with a healer and left Vice-Captain Yu as a guard. This arrangement was really surprising.”

Yu Bing said, “Xiao Mu is the only terran priest in the professional league. The terran priest has higher defense than an angel priest but the disadvantage is that the amount of healing isn’t as high as an angel priest. Bringing the terran priest to the arena is a good option. The arena only requires him to add blood to himself and his partner so the healing pressure isn’t as big compared to a team battle.”

Li Cangyu understood Su Guangmo’s intentions. He split up the Su Yu combination and joined with a healer. This was obviously to target the Shu Bai combination. If Xie Shurong wanted to bring a healer then Su Guangmo would as well!

As a result, Li Cangyu adjusted his order of appearance. He put the Shu Bai combination at the end and played in advance with Xiao Han. Su Guangmo wasn’t able to face his younger brother in the second round.

Su Guangmo’s plan to kill his little brother with a healer was ruined.

This gave Su Guangmo an ominous feeling. He saw Li Cangyu in the middle of the map but didn’t rush forward. It was because Li Cangyu’s wind spirit was simply a bug on this map. One blow might blow the player into the water and kill them directly!

Li Cangyu didn’t rush to summon his wind spirit. He calmly stood still and watched. Xiao Han cleverly used stealth to move behind Xiao Mu, using Pain Blade to set him in place!

Xiao Mu’s performance was very calm. He used a skill to release the control and jumped to the left, successfully dodging Xiao Han. To his surprise, Li Cangyu suddenly summoned the wind spirit and used Wind and Clouds Destruction in his exact direction!

The audience saw a shocking scene. Xiao Mu had just dodged Xiao Han’s sneak attack when he was blown away by Cat God’s wind spirit, directly falling into the red water.

[The Endless Sea has killed Absolute Solemn Silence!]

Xiao Mu, “…”

Su Guangmo, “…”

Cat God, did he have to dig a deeper pit?

Su Guangmo wanted to vomit three litres of blood at the computer screen!

The audience also felt distressed for Captain Su. Captain Su worked hard but Cat God dug such a miserable pit for him today!

As the first player to be killed by the map in the seventh season, Xiao Mu’s mood was somewhat complicated.

Li Cangyu was in an excellent mood. He saw the opposite side’s healer being blown into the sea and sent a handsome smile towards the camera.

The fans of Flying Feathers wanted to go to the soundproof room to beat him up when they saw this smile. However, Ling Xuefeng watched the game in front of the TV and thought that Li Cangyu’s small show of pride made him more real.

After all, he wasn’t a god. A human always had emotions and it was normal for him to feel pride and joy after tricking an opponent. How could he be asked to always maintain a calm expression?

Li Cangyu only allowed himself two seconds of pride before putting away his smile and concentrating on Su Guangmo.

The wind elf’s surprise victory could only be used once. The opposite side would be cautious about it. He and Xiao Han played 2v1 against Su Guangmo and had a big chance of winning.

Fortunately, Li Cangyu’s technique was very stable and Xiao Han wasn’t an impulsive player. The two of them cooperated to kill Su Guangmo and kept the advantage in the third round. Yu Pingsheng and Cao Lang were sent for Flying Feathers in the third round.

The game was won by Canglan without much suspense and the score on the big screen turned to 2:0.


On the Time team’s side, Cheng Wei cried out excitedly, “Come on, refuel! I feel that Canglan can win 3:0 today.”

Tan Shitian said, “3:0 should be difficult. The second round with the healer was just an accident. In the third round, I think that Cat God will continue choosing this map and Captain Su will adjust.”

Cheng Wei asked doubtfully, “How can he adjust? This game he brought a healer. Will he bring the paladin of the Flying Feathers team to the next stage?” The paladin played a big role in the team battle. They could withstand the firepower in the first row to protect their teammates. However, there wasn’t much time to play in the arena. Their actions were slow and the output was very low. In a 2v2 match, it was easy for the the paladin’s teammate to be killed. A paladin only had thick skin and it was useless to survive alone.

This was why Gu Siming never appeared in the arena stage.

Tan Shitian replied, “I think he will change the order. It is more secure to have the Su Yu  combination as the guard.”

Cheng Wei looked at him suspiciously. “Is that so?”

Tan Shitian smiled. “Watch and then we’ll talk.”


In Canglan’s soundproof room, Li Cangyu called Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang and whispered a few words to them. The audience saw the two members nodding seriously. It was unclear what the captain said but everyone guessed that Li Cangyu had called them to advise them. This meant that Zhuo Li would play again in the third game.

In the third game, Li Cangyu once again chose Endless Sea and the starting pair were Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang.

He was obviously trying to give the Zhuo Li combination more chances today. They played three games in a row and won the first game. Their performance in the third game would be the key.

Flying Feathers also sent Lin Shiliang and Dong Le again. The four people had played two games in a row and were very familiar with each other’s characteristics.

To the surprise of the audience members, Zhuo Hang changed in the third game and played calmly.

He no longer used a rapid outbreak of traps to hit the opponents. He carefully used the lowest level traps to block and consume the opponents’ resources. Tan Shitian knew that Li Cangyu must’ve specifically told him this point. Zhuo Hang might be prideful but he wasn’t stupid. He listened to Li Cangyu’s words and immediately adjusted in the third game.

Previously, Li Xiaojiang stood in the same place like a fort and released his output. The result was that Dong Le could get close to him to control him. He was smart in this game and didn’t rush to cast skills. Instead, he used displacement skills to jump the reefs and hid behind Zhuo Hang, using the black magician’s control skills to interfere with the opponent.

This way, the two people worked together to enhance their advantages in the Endless Sea map to the extreme.

Zhuo Hang used his traps as interference while Li Xiaojiang used his black magic for control. Combined with the long distance of their skills release, they didn’t allow the Flying Feathers’ melee swordsman to move.

Zhuo Hang slowed down and Li Xiaojiang was a famous snail. The result of the careful calculations was that their rhythm was particularly slow. The two sides had a stalemate for 15 minutes. Then Li Xiaojiang found an opportunity to silence the opposite side’s Dong Le and used Zhuo Hang’s traps to kill him.

However, the cost of killing Dong Le was very fierce. Zhuo Hang was simultaneously killed by Lin Shiliang.

Zhuo Hang died and Li Xiaojiang could only fight 1v1.

He had a big advantage in blood volume but the audience wasn’t very optimistic. Everyone knew that Li Xiaojiang’s biggest feature was that he was particularly slow!

The slow snail lost the protection of his teammates and people didn’t have high hopes of him winning.

Besides, Lin Shiliang’s competition experience was very rich. His blood volume might be 10% less but he could certainly think of ways to kill Li Xiaojiang once he got close. The Flying Feathers’ fans were very confident about this.

To everyone’s surprise, Li Xiaojiang might be slow but he was extremely accurate!

Once Zhuo Hang died, he decisively jumped back and fell on a reef.

As people knew, Miracle had a first person perspective when operating the game. It was easy to make a mistake when jumping and to fall into the sea.

However, Li Xiaojiang didn’t make this mistake. He apparently trained hard on the map and was quite skilled in handling the distance between footholds.

This time Lin Shiliang had a bit of trouble. The reef that Li Xiaojiang jumped onto was too small and barely fit two people. He needed to be close if he wanted to attack Li Xiaojiang. However, he risked falling into the sea if he jumped to Li Xiaojiang’s reef. He intended to first go to the three reefs in front of Li Xiaojiang to get closer.

The two men froze on the vast sea for a moment. Li Xiaojiang carefully observed the opponent, his fingers waiting on the keyboard for an opportunity.

The cooldown of his big control skill had finally ended. It was like Cat God said. On a map like this, he had to control the opponent and wait for a chance for a big outbreak. Successfully silencing the opponent was the key to whether he won or lost!

Li Xiaojiang took a deep breath and aimed at the position the other side was standing in.

Lin Shiliang wasn’t stupid enough to stay still and was jumping fast. Li Xiaojiang also wasn’t stupid enough to aim for the original place. He predicted where Lin Shiliang would move!

The next step for the opponent should be the stone to the left because this stone was closest to him!

People had a certain type of mindset. When there were two footholds in front of a person, most people would jump to the nearest stone before jumping to the desired location. This was energy saving and reduced the risk of falling into water.

Li Xiaojiang thought about it and aimed his skill to the stone to the left, gently pressing the key.

The stone was empty for a moment and then two seconds later, Lin Shiliang jumped there.

The black magician’s Dark Fear control skill took two seconds to cast, allowing the audience to see a marvellous scene. Lin Shiliang had just jumped to the reef to chase Li Xiaojiang when a black fog surrounded his whole body!

Dark Fear!

This was the silence skill of the black magician.

Many viewers were confused but Yu Bing reacted immediately. “Li Xiaojiang successfully prejudged the opponent’s position and cast Dark Fear in advance. It is so beautiful!”

She particularly liked this slow snail who worked hard. Yu Bing saw Li Xiaojiang smartly predicting the opponent’s position and had a ‘my family member is growing up’ type of feeling.

Zhuo Hang looked at his partner with appreciation. He found that although Li Xiaojiang looked very calm, his fingers were tightly gripping his mouse. He was obviously a bit excited.

Still, he didn’t make a mistake. He had long pressed the next key and followed up with the black magician’s strong attacks, Shadow Winding and Hell Flames!

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Big Bard!]

Li Xiaojiang’s fingers shook slightly the moment the system message popped up.

It was the first time in the first division that he had killed an opponent on his own. The opponent was also an experienced veteran of the Flying Feathers team. Li Xiaojiang always thought that he was the weakest in the team and needed the protection of his teammates. He never thought that one day he would be able to kill independently on the field.

Li Xiaojiang was so excited that his eyes were hot and tearing up. Zhuo Hang directly stood up and embraced him tightly, whispering, “Amazing, Xiaojiang is so great!”

Zhuo Hang’s words were sincere. He was initially uncomfortable with Li Xiaojiang but now he found this person extremely pleasing!

Li Cangyu smiled from where he was sitting.

The harvest in today’s match against Flying Feathers was extremely huge. Compared to their initial ignorance and tension, the three teenagers showed different levels of improvement in today’s match.

Xiao Han learnt to think independently and adapt, Zhuo Hang learnt to calm down and carefully calculate things while Li Xiaojiang understood that as an output, he could kill the opponents without the assistance of his teammates!

Li Cangyu originally had Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang form a partnership to have Zhuo Hang protect Li Xiaojiang. This would maximize Li Xiaojiang’s black magic output. After all the training in the second division, their understanding reached a certain level but Li Xiaojiang’s confidence was still insufficient.

It was discovered that once Zhuo Hang died, Li Xiaojiang would become a slaughtered snail. He found it difficult to deal with the enemy independently and didn’t know what to do.

Today Li Cangyu tried to raise Li Xiaojiang’s self-confidence.

Really good players should know how to cooperate with their teammates but also couldn’t rely too much on their teammates.

They had to believe in their own strength and judgement. This was what Li Cangyu told Li Xiaojiang before the game.

Li Xiaojiang didn’t let his captain down. In a key moment, he completed his first independent kill!

In the absence of Zhuo Hang, he alone killed the Flying Feathers’ swordsman.

Li Cangyu had the feeling of a ‘parent seeing his child grow and evolve’ when he saw Li Xiaojiang’s excited eyes. The small snail was slow but the small snail would also try to kill the opponent! ‘That’s right Xiaojiang! You are actually excellent. You have to be confident!’

The TV showed Li Cangyu smiling while gazing at Li Xiaojiang. Ling Xuefeng also couldn’t help smiling with relief.

Ling Xuefeng fully understood the arrangements for the newcomers today.

‘Small kittens, Cat God is so well-intentioned towards you. You have to live up to his expectations.’

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