GLS: Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers (5)

The first arena game was successfully won, which made Li Cangyu feel peaceful. He had been prepared to lose. After all, Zhuo Hang, Li Xiaojiang and Xiao Han were younger players than the Flying Feathers team. There was still a certain gap between them and Flying Feathers had the Su Yu combination. The level of Cao Lang and Liu Zili wasn’t weak and it wasn’t easy to win against Flying Feathers.

However, it turned out that the teenagers were in excellent shape today. Not only did the Zhuo Li team get their first win in the first division, Xiao Han’s performance also made Li Cangyu very satisfied.

He saw that the teenagers were happy and their mental states had relaxed. They weren’t as nervous as they were at the beginning.

Thanks to the foundation from winning the first game, he could better arrange the next two games.

Li Cangyu carefully thought for a moment before gathering everyone together and telling them the next lineup.


On the Flying Feathers side, Su Guangmo touched his chin while thinking.

He had prepared for a team battle in the one week before the match. He thought that Canglan would choose at least one team battle. The result was that Li Cangyu unexpectedly chose three arena games and Su Guangmo could only work hard.

The key to losing the last game was the second round. The advantages of the Shu Bai combination were too good, especially Bai Xuan who survived for a long time and even forced a big move from Yu Pingsheng. This led to Yu Pingsheng’s big move cooling down at the start of the third round. Otherwise, Li Cangyu wouldn’t have escaped with a bit of blood at the end.

If he continued to send the same lineup as the previous game, Li Cangyu would use the Shu Bai combination in the middle to create an advantage. Su Guangmo had to change his strategy. Captain Su finally made up his mind and said, “We are going to change the lineup…”


The break time ended and the second game between Canglan and Flying Feathers began.

This time, Li Cangyu no longer chose the Demon Forest that everyone was familiar with. Instead, he changed it to Endless Sea.

In the game, Endless Sea was located in the demon realm and was an endless red ocean. This map had been adjusted for the competition. There were many light gray reefs scattered randomly in the red sea water which could be used by people to stand on. The reefs could be big or small. The large ones could fit around six people while the small ones only fit one person.

The special thing was that the sea water was extremely corrosive. It was said that the sea was red because it contained hot magma. Once a player fell into the water, the result was being burned by hot magma. Their flesh was boiled and they died instantly.

The complexity of this map was rated at seven stars and belonged to the high difficulty maps of the league.

Once this map appeared on the big screen, the audience at the scene was dazed. Many people felt doubts. Could the newcomers could with the complex map that Cat God chose? What if they burned to death instantly? Did he have that much faith in the newcomers?

In fact, only the team members knew that Cat God chose this map to test them.

During the week long preparation period, all members had practiced on the Endless Sea map.

In the previous matches, Li Cangyu mainly chose the forest map to help the four teenagers play. The level of the teenagers had been raised so shouldn’t he change things around?

If Canglan wanted to be a top team in the league, they had to become a powerful team with comprehensive strength.

Endless Sea was a typical killing map. In other words, one mistake meant the player being directly killed by the map. This type of map had high risk and the play style was very exciting. It could also train a person’s psychological ability and ability to think on the spot.

Li Cangyu wanted the teenagers to grow quickly and chose this map to practice.


Yu Bing saw the questions in the comments and took the initiative to explain to everyone. “The kill map is really dangerous but Cat God is being far-sighted. He has won the first game at home, making this a good opportunity to take out the kill map to practice. It is impossible to let the newcomers always play a comfortable map. This will make it difficult to win when targeted by the other teams.”

Kou Hongyi agreed. “Canglan fans don’t have to be too worried about Cat God choosing a kill map at home. It is clear that the team members repeatedly practiced this map during the one week preparatory period. The worrisome thing is for Flying Feathers. As you know, Flying Feathers mainly consists of melee swordsmen. The difficulty of this map is doubled for them.”

Yu Bing nodded. “This is obviously a targeted map selection.”

The footholds in Endless Sea were too messy and many reefs weren’t next to each other. A remote close could stand on a distant reef and adjust the angle to attack the enemies in the distance. It was difficult for melee classes to get close to the opponent.

Kou Hongyi said, “It isn’t an exaggeration that this map is more difficult for swordsman. It can be said that Li Cangyu chose this map to really target the Flying Feathers team.”

A targeted map selection was the right of the home team to find a way to win against the away team, Flying Feathers. Su Guangmo’s expression was very calm but the Flying Feathers’ fans were worried.

The game soon started and both sides submitted those who would appear in the first round. Canglan still sent the combination of Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang while Flying Feathers also didn’t change. They sent the two swordsmen Lin Shiliang and Dong Le.

Many viewers were puzzled. Dong Le, the 16 year old newcomer, hadn’t played a role in the last game against Zhuo Hang. Captain Su still dare to let him play?

To the surprise of the audience, Dong Le didn’t seem affected by his previous defeat. He wasn’t old but his mentality was very good. He sat there with a relaxed expression and didn’t seem very reliable.

However, Su Guangmo knew that this person always had an optimistic personality. He had been abused by his seniors in the team and his ability to withstand pressure was very strong. In the last game, it was the first time he encountered a fast moving hunter. He was slow to react and stepped into Zhuo Hang’s serial traps. Su Guangmo believed that in this game, Dong Le could play to his true strength and make the audience impressed!

In Su Guangmo’s heart, Dong Le had the strength to compete for the Best Newcomer Award of the seventh season. Thus, he would never let the child sit on the bench because of just one loss.

The facts proved it. Dong Le didn’t let his captain down.

He wouldn’t make the same mistake a second time, especially after the captain’s advice to him. In the first game, he accidentally stepped into Zhuo Hang’s traps. He wasn’t so careless this time. He paid special attention to Zhuo Hang’s position when moving and his pace was very flexible.

The audience discovered that the newcomer Dong Le was too strong when it came to flexible movements!

On the messy reef map, he was able to jump quickly and his foothold was extremely precise. He was able to subtly avoid the traps that Zhuo Hang placed.

Many old players might not be able to do this!

Li Cangyu was very appreciative of this nimble newcomer. It seemed that Su Guangmo had found an excellent seed in the seventh season.

However, the targeted map created great difficulties for Flying Feathers’ two swordsmen.

The reefs might be full of traps left by Zhuo Hang, creating a dilemma.

The good thing was that Lin Shiliang had played for many years. He was an experienced contestant and had encountered this map many times. With his experience of playing hunters and the amount of blue remaining, he quickly judged the direction free of traps.

“Xiao Le, go and kill the black magician by jumping to the small reef to the right. I will stop the hunter.” Lin Shiliang ordered.

“Okay!” Dong Le immediately jumped to the right.

Due to the short attack distance of a melee class, Li Xiaojiang managed to cast a spell before he approached. The black magician’s spell was highly aggressive and Dong Le was beaten to almost half blood.

Dong Le didn’t show impatience and steadily moved towards Li Xiaojiang. His sword extended and he used Spirit Lock.

Li Xiaojiang’s attack was strong but his speed was very slow. He wanted to avoid Dong Le’s rapid strikes but it was too late. He was set in place by this move and was hit by the swordsman’s set of moves. He fell to half blood in an instant.

Zhuo Hang’s side also wasn’t good. Lin Shiliang cleverly entangled with him so that he couldn’t help Li Xiaojiang.

Fortunately, Zhuo Hang’s hand speed was fast enough and the hunter’s distance was relatively far thanks to the traps. He decisively filled the surrounding reefs with a Stop Trap. He turned and led Lin Shiliang into the traps and then used Trap Blast!

This type of play on a kill map was very effective against melee classes. Lin Shiliang wanted to close in on Zhuo Hang but found that this young hunter was more difficult than he expected.

Zhuo Hang’s operations were as fast as the wind and he quickly threw traps around, making it hard for Lin Shiliang.

Still, he was busy dealing with Lin Shiliang and left Li Xiaojiang in a completely passive position.

Dong Le’s hand speed was fast and combined with the swordsman’s strong attack and the black magician’s low defense, Li Xiaojiang’s blood was cut with a few strikes.

Zhuo Hang wanted to go over to help but Lin Shiliang was always blocking his way!

Zhuo Hang felt anxious when he saw Li Xiaojiang’s blood gauge flashing red and immediately unleashed his hand speed to the limit. He used the elf’s acceleration skill to reach the reef Lin Shiliang was standing on. He placed four death traps to the front, rear, left and right of the opponent and followed with Trap Blast!

There was a loud boom and the death traps all exploded, killing the residual blood Lin Shiliang instantly.

At the same time, Li Xiaojiang was killed by Dong Le!

Lin Shiliang and Dong Le have obviously agreed to kill the remote Li Xiaojiang first. Otherwise this map would be more difficult to play.

Lin Shiliang was a veteran of the Flying Feathers team and wisely completed an exchange of heads, leaving Zhuo Hang and Dong Le to fight it out 1v1.

The gap in the blood volume of the two people wasn’t big. It was unknown who would win or lose.


Tan Shitian watched the live replay and suddenly said, “Zhuo Hang might lose.”

Cheng Wei asked doubtfully, “Why? They have the same amount of blood and doesn’t a hunter play better on this map? Zhuo Hang can place traps in the distance, not allowing a swordsman to get close.”

Tan Shitian shook his head and said, “Xiao Hang is too anxious. It wasn’t necessary to place four Death Traps. Putting down two death traps and two basic traps was enough to kill Lin Shiliang. He caused such a big outbreak in a few seconds. It looks excellent but the consumption of blues was serious. The death traps also have a long cooldown period. It will certainly affect the subsequent output.”

Cheng Wei heard the captain’s calm analysis and suddenly realized. “He was too anxious to go to his teammate and didn’t calculate the amount of damage. The skill damage was actually too much!”

Tan Shitian said helplessly, “He still isn’t calm enough. He probably saw that Li Xiaojiang was going to die and became anxious. Of course, this is excusable.”

Cheng Wei nodded. “Yes, sometimes I will also be anxious if my teammates are going to die and use skills I shouldn’t. Being able to stay calm the whole time on the field, only a great god like Cat God can do it!”

Tan Shitian looked back at him. “Are you really using this opportunity to boast about Cat God?”

Cheng Wei smiled happily. “Of course. Otherwise I’m not qualified to be Cat God’s fan.”

Tan Shitian saw his cute expression and couldn’t help gently rubbing his head. “Then you should pray that Cat God will also win the second game.”

Cheng Wei was depressed. “Can you stop touching my head?”

Tan Shitian smiled. “Rubbing the head of a fanboy can bring good luck to your idol.”

Cheng Wei cried out, “Get lost! You actually came up with this reason? God Tan Shitian, can you be so shameless?”

He became angry again.

Tan Shitian covered his ears like it was painful. However, he was actually thinking, ‘In fact, I rub your head because your hair is very soft and you look particularly cute when I do so. If this was an average person, my hands would be too lazy to touch it!’

Of course, he was afraid to say this or else Cheng Wei would unleash his machine g*n scolding.


The game went as Tan Shitian analyzed. Zhuo Hang had been too eager to kill Lin Shiliang and used more explosive skills. This resulted in a serious consumption of blue and his skills being on cooldown. He wasn’t able to fight against Dong Le.

Of course, the newcomer couldn’t be blamed for this. It wasn’t easy to unleash big moves at a critical moment. It was too much to ask him to calmly calculate his skills while his teammate was dying. Only a god on the level of Cat God could do this.

Dong Le seemed careless but his mentality was really rare. He wasn’t worried about his own residual blood and played in an active manner.

Before long, Zhuo Hang was killed by Dong Le. After winning the first game, the Zhuo Li combination opened the second game and lost to Flying Feathers.

Yu Bing wasn’t surprised by this result. “The game is like this. It is normal for a combination to win and lose in one match. Fortunately, the disadvantage from the first round isn’t too big. Dong Le is in a residual blood state and the second round of team members can quickly kill him.”

Kou Hongyi laughed. “I can guess that the Canglan team will send the Shu Bai combination.”

However, the names that popped up on the big screen made Kou Hongyi’s face become swollen. They were Li Cangyu and Xiao Han!

“Cough cough.” Kou Hongyi touched his nose with embarrassment. “Cat God’s thinking it different from mine, hahaha.”

Yu Bing, “…”

She also didn’t expect that Li Cangyu would appear in the middle round of the second game!

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