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GLS: Chapter 154

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Chapter 154 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers (4)

The Shu Bai combination entered the field. On the Flying Feathers side, Liu Zili was full of blood and blue. Cao Lang still had 90% blood and 85% blue despite taking two heads. Their status wasn’t bad.

In a matchup between masters, this blood advantage was almost negligible.

However, Xie Shurong was confident that since his partner was Bai Xuan, he would be able to play with his highest strength. He couldn’t let Vice-Captain Bai think he was just a braggart.

Xie Shurong thought this and immediately raised the sword in his hand. He used several displacement movement skills to quickly rush to the front of the Flying Feathers’ swordsman Liu Zili. He directly used Breaking Bone Sword on the other person. There was a bright blue skill effect and his actions were truly domineering.

Liu Zili was startled by the sudden attack.

As Captain Su had analyzed before the match, Ah Shu had been playing abroad for a few years. His style was much more mature than his youth and he wasn’t as impulsive as before. Why was today’s Ah Shu like a mad dog? Wasn’t this a bit wrong?

Since Xie Shurong wanted a quick fight, Liu Zili had no choice but to deal with it.

The result was that the light effects of various swordsmen skills intertwined, looking gorgeous and dazzling. At the same time, the blood volume of both people dropped rapidly.

Bai Xuan followed behind and wanted to add blood to Xie Shurong but Cao Lang’s entanglement ability couldn’t be underestimated. The assassin’s stealth around the healer was very annoying. Bai Xuan’s big casting was repeatedly interrupted and he had to jump back to avoid Cao Lang’s attacks.

Cao Lang’s ability to interfere was really strong. If it wasn’t for Bai Xuan’s strong mind and walking skills, the healer would’ve died from the assassin long ago.

Bringing a healer to the arena was strong but the shortcomings was obvious. The output wasn’t enough.

Flying Feathers had the double output of swordsman and assassin while Canglan only had Xie Shurong as the output. If Bai Xuan couldn’t add blood then the advantages of the Shu Bai combination wouldn’t be fully displayed.

Fortunately, Xie Shurong reacted quickly. He saw that Bai Xuan was tangled up in the assassin and immediately turned from Liu Zili towards Cao Lang.

At this time, Xie Shurong didn’t have much blood left and it was actually quite risky. If Cao Lang and Liu Zili joined together to attack him then it was likely that he would die in seconds. Yet Xie Shurong didn’t hesitate to raise his sword and rush towards Cao Lang. It was a ‘you dare to hit my family, I will kill you’ attitude.

The audience were speechless and the two commentators were also stunned.

After all, Xie Shurong and Liu Zili had been fighting for so long and both of them lost blood. Suddenly Ah Shu gave up his goal and went back to kill the assassin. People really couldn’t understand this.

Only Bai Xuan knew what was going on.

Many of his healing skills were interrupted and it was impossible to form a cooperation with Xie Shurong. It was difficult to show the advantages of a healer with Cao Lang sticking to him. Xie Shurong might be able to kill Liu Zili in 10 minutes but Cao Lang was interfering with Bai Xuan, making Bai Xuan very uncomfortable.

Xie Shurong took into account the feelings of his teammate and decided to leave Liu Zili to help.

Bai Xuan saw the guy chasing the assassin and couldn’t help smiling. He knew that the output protecting the healer was good. It might be risky but as long as the two of them connected, the advantages of a healer would constantly expand.

Ah Shu had really grown. He could calmly let go of the residual blood opponent and return at a critical moment to protect the healer. This wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.

Bai Xuan didn’t hide from him this time.

Previously, Bai Xuan was conditioned to hide whenever Xie Shurong came back to save him. This time Bai Xuan was troubled by Cao Lang and didn’t care about the psychological shadow of being chased by Ah Shu. There was no time to hide once Ah Shu turned back.

Thus, the skills of the two people formed a tacit cooperation.

Bai Xuan saw Xie Shurong run back to save the healer and thoughtfully gave him blood. Xie Shurong saw his blood volume rising and said with a smile, “Continue. Vice-Captain Bai’s blood adding is really sweet. It is like adding sugar.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Could he be more shameless?!

Bai Xuan saw this person boasting and really wanted to throw him down.

However, he saw Xie Shurong work hard to let out a burst of output to protect the healer and couldn’t help his heart softening. He quickly added a few mouthfuls of blood to Ah Shu.

Xie Shurong naturally worked harder and used a set of moves to take away the blood of Liu Zili.


It didn’t take long for the swordsman and assassin sent by Flying Feathers in the second round to be killed by Xie Shurong.

Once Xie Shurong killed the two people, his blood volume was quickly filled up by Bai Xuan. He proudly raised his sword and circled the map. He seemed to be saying to the audience, “Hey, fighting with a healer is excellent. I can be full of blood in an instant!”

However, Xie Shurong couldn’t laugh when Flying Feathers sent out their third combination.

It was the ace combination of Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng. They were the guard combination and sure enough, Su Guangmo wasn’t polite to his younger brother. He directly used the terran swordsman’s big move, Light and Shadow Rotation!

The white gorgeous light effect shrouded Xie Shurong’s body in an instantly. Xie Shurong ran away but unfortunately, Yu Pingsheng’s big axe was waiting for him. Mountain Chop!

The axe fell and a deep crack formed in the ground, completely blocking Xie Shurong’s escape path.

Yu Pingsheng’s axe followed closely and he used the big move Cut Through Thorns to cut Xie Shurong at the waist!

The Su Yu brothers were really one of the best partners in the Miracle League. The cooperation between their moves could be called a seamless connection. Su Guangmo’s style was fierce and violent while Yu Pingsheng’s ability to control the field was strong. The huge and heavy axe seemed extremely flexible in his hands. He blocked all of Xie Shurong’s escape paths and let Su Guangmo use his big moves.

Xie Shurong was very depressed after being attacked by his two brothers. He wanted to use Light and Shadow Rotation as well but unfortunately, all his big skills were on cooldown and he only had 10% blood left. Bai Xuan’s blood was full but a swordsman without blue had no fighting power. He was quickly killed by his two brothers.

Many viewers filled the screen with comments: [I feel bad for the little brother dying in two seconds!] [Don’t be distressed little brother!]

Xie Shurong had wanted to play against his brothers in a state of full blood and blue. However, this was a match and he went out in the second round, completing his captain’s mission. He had no complaints about being killed now.

After Xie Shurong died, Bai Xuan was inevitably pursued by Su and Yu. Bai Xuan exerted the tenacious survivability of an ‘invincible cockroach’ and flexibly moved around the big trees. He seemed to be saying to everyone, ‘I don’t want to give up.’

The result was that Bai Xuan stubbornly survived for half a minute under the fire of Su and Yu. He forced Yu Pingsheng to use a big move and created an advantage for the next teammates before falling to the ground.

The fans of the Canglan team really liked the gentle and friendly vice-captain. They saw that he persisted so long and applauded him excitedly. The live broadcast room was filled with: [Milk God 666!] [Vice-Captain Bai is so tenacious. He must be praised!]

Yu Bing also praised him. “Bai Xuan is truly a healer with a high survival instinct. He can last for half a minute under the combined outbreak of Su and Yu. Among the healers in the entire Miracle League, there are no more than five people who can do this.”

Red Fox’s captain, Liu Xiang watched the live broadcast on the TV and nodded in agreement. She admired this seemingly gently but tough man.

Vice-Captain Yang Muzi saw her smiling and nodding and couldn’t help asking, “Captain Liu, Sister Bing said that no more than five people can do this. Apart from you and Vice-Captain Bai, who else is there?”

Liu Xiang explained, “The main healers of Wind Colour, Time and Ghost Spirits. Their level is very high and they can survive a melee class.” She paused and added, “However, a survival ability isn’t enough. The resilience and blood-adding techniques have to be fast and flexible. Vice-Captain Bai’s overall level is very strong, which is why Cat God dared to put him in the arena.”

Yang Muzi asked curiously, “How is he compared to you?”

Liu Xiang smiled slightly and said, “Pretty much the same.”

Healers rarely played directly against each other on the field and there was no intuitive comparison. The key was their teammates.

No matter how skilled Bai Xuan was, he wouldn’t be able to go far without strong teammates. Now it was different. He had Ah Shu around him and the Shu Bai combination became an ace partnership of the Canglan team.

Liu Xiang knew how rare it was for a healer to find a good partner and felt happy for Bai Xuan.


After the Shu Bai combination exited, Canglan’s third pair became the focus of everyone’s attention. The names on the big screen were expected by many people—Li Cangyu, Xiao Han.

The master apprentice pair had appeared in the previous match. Xiao Han was a newcomer who just debuted but he knew how to cooperate with his master and keep up with his master’s rhythm. Besides, this little guy’s brain circuits were different from ordinary people and he never appeared tense.

Xiao Han sent a text message to Qin Mo before playing: [Wait to see my wonderful performance.]

“…” Qin Mo really didn’t know what to say.

Every time this studious baby learnt a fresh sentence, he would repeat it several times. It was as if he discovered a new world. He had learnt this sentence from Xie Shurong and since learning it, he would say it before every game.

Qin Mo was sad to discover that the whole team learnt to boast like this. How on earth was Cat God leading the team? Even the mixed-race Xiao Han was dyed black by him?

Qin Mo felt like laughing and crying when he saw Xiao Han’s strange text message. He felt this mixed-race boy seemed a bit… ignorant and cute?

Xiao Han learnt to boast from Xie Shurong but once he arrived on the field, he found that he couldn’t show a wonderful performance.

In a fight between an assassin and swordsman, it was impossible to face the swordsman head on. Xiao Han could only find an opportunity to attack.

However, Su Guangmo’s swordsman was violent and his sword didn’t show many gaps. It wasn’t easy to sneak attack him. There was also Yu Pingsheng as his escort. The giant axe caused countless ditches to stop Xiao Han’s movements. Xiao Han found it hard to get close to Su Guangmo to release his skills, let alone go behind the other person.

The result of Xiao Han being blocked was Li Cangyu suffering under the Su Yu combination.

Su Guangmo’s idea was simple and crude. Kill Cat God first, regardless of the small apprentice. As long as Cat God died then there would be no suspense in them killing Xiao Han.

Still, Li Cangyu wasn’t easily chased. He summoned his pets and after a while, the water spirit froze Su Guangmo. Then some time passed and the wind spirit would blow away Yu Pingsheng. This scene made the audience feel very frightened!

The nimble elf summoner was chased by two melee gods. Every time he was caught, he would use a control skill to escape or Flying Feather Steps to teleport. On the big screen, everyone saw Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng quickly chasing Cat God. Meanwhile, Cat God escaped while using his pets to control the opponent…

Li Cangyu could still summon his pets in an orderly manner despite being chased by two people. His frightening hand speed surprised many people.

Yu Bing couldn’t help saying, “Once stunned by Captain Su or controlled by Vice-Captain Yu, the fragile summoner will face two melee joint attacks and the hope of living will be very small. This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Cat God’s fast hand speed. Anyone else would’ve already died.”

Ling Xuefeng was in agreement with Yu Bing’s words. In a match of Wind Colour and Flying Feathers, he had been chased by the Su Yu combination. He was well aware of the disadvantages of a remote summoner in close combat with a violent melee class. One positioning error meant instant death.

Now Li Cangyu was being chased by the Su Yu combination while quickly summoning his pets. Ling Xuefeng was calm on the surface but he was inwardly sweating for Li Cangyu.

Xiao Han obviously couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. The cooperation between Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng was too excellent. They had been working together for many years and knew each other. Su Guangmo only had to raise a hand for Yu Pingsheng to know what he wanted. For them, the one plus one effect was much larger than two.

Xiao Han’s understanding with his master hadn’t reached this level and his hand speed couldn’t keep up.

Every time he fought with Master, he was able to keep up because Master deliberately slowed down the rhythm to match out. It turned out that he wasn’t strong enough to be with Master. Master was deliberately taking care of him!

Xiao Han understood this and was very moved, while also somewhat depressed.

He realized that when facing great gods, he would be a hindrance to Master and couldn’t help…

The Su Yu was getting further and further away from him. Even if Master was strong, he could win one against two. Xiao Han had to do something.

Xiao Han took a deep breath and calmed down. He held his mouse and carefully observed the surrounding terrain. There was a big tree to the right and Master was going over there. XIao Han’s eyes brightened and he immediately went into stealth and hid there.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Li Cangyu to appear in his field of vision. The Su Yu combination were still chasing after him.


Xiao Han’s eyes lit up and he suddenly moved. He jumped behind Su Guangmo’s body and raised the dagger in his hand. The Pain Blade set Su Guangmo in place, followed by the three consecutive moves of Backstab, Soul Stab and Fatal Blow!

This combination of stealth, control and outbreak was truly very beautiful, making many people feel shocked.

Qin Mo watched the game on TV and couldn’t help clapping. “Good!”

Li Cangyu also gave Xiao Han a thumbs up in his heart.

Today he deliberately didn’t guide his apprentice on what to do because he wanted to test Xiao Han’s ability to respond.

He played with Xiao Han in the previous match but he couldn’t always protect Xiao Han. It was time for his apprentice to gain the ability to think and respond to the situation on the field.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng were top gods of the Miracle League. Li Cangyu long expected that Xiao Han would feel a lot of pressure facing them. He wanted to use this opportunity to hone Xiao Han’s ability to withstand pressure.

As it turned out, Xiao Han didn’t let him down.

Xiao Han had a few seconds of emotional depression and couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. However, his resilience and mentality were firm and he soon adjusted.

Li Cangyu had chased Xiao Han in the online game until Xiao Han was down to his underwear. Li Cangyu knew how stubborn and strong he was. Today Xiao Han proved with practical actions that he wouldn’t fall easily!

Most newcomers found their confidence collapsing when suppressed by great gods but not Xiao Han!

He was completely lost when he couldn’t fight back against Yu Pingsheng’s initial control and started to doubt himself… but once he adjusted his emotions, he quickly found a chance to fight back. This was the rarest thing.

Su Guangmo was too careless. He thought Xiao Han had been left behind him and couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. He hadn’t expected this mixed-race boy’s brain to be different from ordinary people. After being thrown off, the boy actually circled around and hid behind a tree, waiting for an opportunity to move.

The attack gave Su Guangmo a big surprise. Fortunately, his reaction speed was extremely fast and he wasn’t controlled by Xiao Han.  On the other hand, Xiao Han’s appearance interrupted his cooperation with Yu Pingsheng, giving Li Cangyu time.

What type of person was Li Cangyu?

Just give him a chance and he would accurately seize it to kill the opponent in one breath!

Su Guangmo had just left Xiao Han’s dizziness control when he was hit by a gust of wind that blew him away. It was the most annoying wind spirit!

Su Guangmo wanted to spit out blood!

Li Cangyu used the wind spirit to completely separate Su and Yu before unleashing his hand speed. He summoned the fire spirit and successively fired Fireballs at a very fast speed towards Su Guangmo!

The audience at this time discovered Cat God’s carefulness. During the chasing process, he had used various small skills to decrease Su Guangmo to half blood. Combined with Xiao Han’s critical hits, Su Guangmo was already in a residual blood state. Li Cangyu’s full blow directly killed Su Guangmo!

[Old Cat has killed Grey Wolf!]

Once this prompt appeared, the spectators watching the game cheered wildly.

However, the professional players watching on the TV didn’t rush to clap. Su Guangmo might’ve been in residual blood but Li Cangyu himself had residual blood. Li Cangyu might die the moment he was hit by Yu Pingsheng’s big move!

Yu Pingsheng naturally wasn’t idle and seized this chance with his hands. The giant axe swept forward in the attack with the biggest range and highest damage for a berserker.

This big move could instantly wipe out Li Cangyu’s blood if it grazed him. The fragile summoned would surely be killed in an instant. The audience members held their breaths nervously.

However, after the berserker’s big move, there was no prompt that Cat God had died. It was because there was a rare pet in front of Li Cangyu, the guardian!

This was the universal pet of the summoners. Summoners of all races could call it and the consumption of blue was very high. The cost of summoning it once was too great and Li Cangyu rarely called it.

Still, it was a very important skill at a critical moment. It protected the owner and took all damage for the owner.

Li Cangyu used the guardian to block Yu Pingsheng’s big move. At the same time, he used Flying Feather Steps to escape Yu Pingsheng’s attack range, surviving in a thrilling manner!

Deafening applause filled the venue.

Xiao Han saw that his master survived and wittily tangled together with Yu Pingsheng. He used all types of moves as they created a two against one situation.

This wasn’t a certain win situation. Li Cangyu was still in a residual blood state and Xiao Han was a fragile assassin. Yu Pingsheng’s axe made him fall to residual blood while Yu Pingsheng’s defense was very high. The berserker Yu Pingsheng’s health was still maintained at half blood.

Li Cangyu reminded Xiao Han, “Circle around him and interfere with his vision.”

Xiao Han immediately understood his master’s intentions and moved around Yu Pingsheng, stabbing him from time to time. This was the role of ‘interference.’

Unfortunately, Xiao Han could only interfere for half a minute before Yu Pingsheng killed him with a single target attack skill.

[Smog of Rain has killed Frost Descends!]

The audience didn’t have time to respond to this when another prompt appeared.

[Old Cat has killed Smog of Rain!]

Kou Hongyi looked at Yu Bing in a daze and the latter immediately said, “Let’s look at the slow-motion playback.”

The screen cut to a slow-motion replay. The audience took a closer look and discovered that Li Cangyu used Flying Feather Steps to escape because many of his pet skills were cooling down. Xiao Han’s interference gave him a bit of adjustment time and the moment Xiao Han was killed, he could use a pet skill.

—Thunder’s Wrath!

It was the skill that killed Yu Pingsheng and was the big move of the thunder spirit.

Yu Pingsheng’s skill that killed Xiao Han was released at the same time and the light effects of the two skills overlapped, not allowing the audience to see it. It was only through the slow-motion replay that everyone figured out how Vice-Captain Yu was killed by Cat God. The audience was shocked by the bloody Cat God and Yu Pingsheng who collapsed in front of him.

How powerful was this man? The counterattack was calculated so accurately that he was like a computer program!

He survived with a trace of blood and used a last skill to kill the opponent. This type of sharp operation made people worship him.

The applause at the venue was thunderous, with many audience members in the back row standing up to cheer for Cat God.

In the Wind Colour training room, the sweating Ling Xuefeng finally released his fists and smiled slightly.

On the Time side, Cheng Wei jumped up excitedly. “Handsome handsome! Cat God is the most handsome!”

Tan Shitian, “…Cough.”

Yu Bing was also obviously excited. “We can see that Cat God’s blue is completely empty. He used the last of his blue to open the thunder spirit’s big move and directly killed Vice-Captain Yu! Congratulations to Canglan for taking the first game!”

The score on the big screen became 1:0.

Li Cangyu smiled slightly when he saw this score and walked back with his apprentice.

He was originally prepared to lose the first game but Xiao Han was clever!

Li Cangyu looked at the blond youth by his side and couldn’t help patting that golden head. “You did well. Your reactions are fast enough. Continue to work hard!”

Xiao Han immediately nodded. “Yes!”

It was his greatest blessing to meet such a master. How could he not work hard?

Xiao Han returned to the rest of the team and immediately sent a text message to Qin Mo. [Master said that I did very well.]

What was this feeling of seeking praise?

Qin Mo smiled and replied: [Yes, you did perform very well.]

Xiao Han: [Right, in addition to playing well, what other sentences are commonly used?]

Qin Mo quickly replied: [Friend you are so handsome, you are great, you are amazing, let me worship you!]

Xiao Han: [Thank you!]

Qin Mo: [Damn! I’m not praising you!]

Xiao Han said: [I’m thanking you for teaching me new phrases.]

It was another chicken speaking with a duck situation (not understanding each other). Qin Mo didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. [You’re welcome. Feel free to use it. In addition, I will teach you how to boast with numbers. 6666. ‘6’ and ‘smooth’ are homophones, meaning things went smoothly, very handsome.]

Xiao Han suddenly realized. [No wonder why I often see 666 in the comments of the live broadcasts.]

Qin Mo: [Yes, your master was really 6 just now.]

Xiao Han thoughtfully put away his mobile phone and ran to Li Cangyu. He seriously watched his master and said, “Master 6666.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Everyone, “…”

Young man! We advise you not to follow Qin Mo to learn Chinese!

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