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Chapter 151 – Canglan VS Flying Feathers

The Flying Feathers Club was located in Kunming, Yunnan. After the opening ceremony, Su Guangmo returned to Kunming with the players to prepare for the match against Canglan.

Compared to Tan Shitian who debuted in the fourth season, Su Guangmo had played with his master from the season season and had often encountered Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan. His understanding of Li Cangyu was naturally deeper than Tan Shitian’s.  As early as the second season, he had been defeated by the elf summoner’s Cataclysm and was very impressed with Cat God’s big outburst.

As analyzed by Yu Bing, the Cataclysm skill wasn’t easy to use. First, you must ensure that all pets were in a state to be summoned. Second, the operator needed a very high hand speed. In the shortest time, the four pets, the water, fire, wind and thunder spirits needed to be summoned and their big outbreaks completed.

The many pre-conditions were almost impossible to meet in the ever-changing arena. Thus, Cat God’s skill might be terrible but there weren’t many opportunities to release it. As long as the opponents were wary and sent someone to interfere, Cat God’s big move could be restricted.

Su Guangmo wasn’t worried about the power of Cataclysm. He was more worried about Xie Shurong. Ah Shu was very familiar with the Flying Feathers team and would definitely assist Li Cangyu with making the tactical layout. Today’s Canglan might be half newcomers but the four old players were powerful. The overall strength of Canglan couldn’t be underestimated.

In the battle of Canglan VS Time, it could be seen that this new team would become one of the hardest to nibble bones in the Miracle League’s seventh season.

Su Guangmo returned to the dormitory and sat in front of the computer, replaying the video of Canglan VS Time. Yu Pingsheng sat next to him, not saying a word as his clear eyes stared at the computer screen. Su Guangmo was accustomed to this ghostly quiet companionship and naturally used the progress bar to replay the highlights of the match.

He watched it five times in a row before asking, “Have you found anything.”

Yu Pingsheng thought carefully and said, “The mixed-race teenager.”

Su Guangmo smiled. “His name is Xiao Han. He is Li Cangyu’s new apprentice.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded and stared at the blood kin assassin on the computer screen. “He played well.”

“Yes, among the four newcomers, Xiao Han’s strength is the highest.” Su Guangmo carefully analyzed, “Gu Siming’s play is too impulsive. Zhuo Hang hasn’t yet found his own position. Li Xiaojiang is too slow and needs his teammates’ protection. Half the time he can’t use his strength. On the other hand, Xiao Han often follows his master to play the arena and he spars with Qin Mo. The speed of his progress is fast. The even rarer thing is that he can keep up with Ah Shu and Cat God’s rhythm.”

Yu Pingsheng looked over at his brother and found that there was a rare serious expression on his face. Su Guangmo’s fingers touched his chin and he seemed to be considering a very important issue. This man’s usual style was cool and bold. He might be chivalrous in the game but in fact, he was a very careful person. His eyes were sharp and he could see through the weaknesses of the opponent with one glance.

After Master left Miracle, Su Guangmo was able to ensure that the performance of the Flying Feathers team didn’t decline, proving that his leadership ability wasn’t lacking to Song Yang.

He was one of the league’s three most popular captains. Ling Xuefeng’s style was calm and he was excellent at directly killing the opponent. Tan Shitian had a flexible mindset and was best at long distance kiting. Su Guangmo liked a straightforward, simple melee suppression.

He already had some ideas to deal with the Canglan team. Once he organized everything, he would find his teammates to implement it.

Su Guangmo closed his laptop and stood up to take a shower. Yu Pingsheng looked at him doubtfully and asked, “Have you thought about it?”

Su Guangmo smiled. “Pretty much.”

Yu Pingsheng let out a sound and didn’t ask anything else. He knew that his brother would think of the countermeasures. He just needed to follow his train of thoughts.

Su Guangmo saw Yu Pingsheng’s serious expression and couldn’t help laughing. He reached out and patted him on the shoulder. “You followed me to watch videos in the middle of the night. Go to bed early.”

Yu Pingsheng nodded before saying, “Yes.”

He wasn’t good at expressing himself. He always avoided speaking as much as possible and spoke in short words. However, Su Guangmo knew that on the field, the quiet Vice-Captain Yu Pingsheng would become a terrible mad warrior!


Su Guangmo used a full day to analyze Canglan’s lineup, developed a set of team battle plans against them and used the next five days to expedite the training. He had the team members go to the arena together to practice the combinations.

Time passed quickly and it was the weekend.

This weekend, the Miracle Professional League had arranged four games. Saturday morning was Wind Colour VS Cheetah and the afternoon was Red Fox VS Time. Sunday morning was Ghost Spirits VS Pure Cleansing and the afternoon was Canglan VS Flying Feathers.

The match with Flying Feathers was arranged as the final game so Li Cangyu’s mood was very relaxed. On Saturday morning, he took the members to the training room to watch the other teams.

First was Wind Colour against the Cheetah team. Wind Colour had the home advantage and took three games in one breath, winning with a score of 3:0. Li Cangyu immediately sent a text message to Ling Xuefeng. [Really handsome.]

Ling Xuefeng was in a very good mood after receiving the text message and replied: [Tomorrow is Flying Feathers. You should refuel.]

Next to Li Cangyu, Xiao Han also sent a text message to Qin Mo: [Played well. You taught me that I should be more calm when praising people.]

Qin Mo: [……]

Xiao Han wondered: [What do you mean by connecting two ellipses together?]

Qin Mo: […]

Xiao Han: [How did it turn into one ellipsis again?]

Qin Mo was simply going to collapse! [Enough!]

Xiao Han: [What is enough?]

Qin Mo made a crying expression. Ling Xuefeng looked over and knew that he was teaching Xiao Han Chinese. Li Cangyu collected this half-Chinese as an apprentice, making it really hard on Qin Mo. Qin Mo had to be a chaperone and translator.

Ling Xuefeng reached out and touched his apprentice’s head. “Just be like Xiao Han, train your endurance and be patient with him.”

Qin Mo cried and had to suppress his temper to explain to Xiao Han: [An ellipsis means that I am speechless. Two ellipses means that I am particularly speechless.]

Xiao Han understood. [God it. But why are you speechless? I’m praising you.]

Qin Mo endured the impulse to send five ellipses and replied: [Thank you for the compliment.]

Xiao Han happily said: [Tomorrow I will be playing. Wait to see my wonderful performance.]

Qin Mo: [Who did you learn this from?]

Xiao Han seriously replied: [I learned it from Brother Shu.]

Qin Mo: [……]

Xie Shurong had previously said, “Wait to see my wonderful performance.” Xiao Han thought his expression was very handsome when saying this and learnt it.

Li Cangyu didn’t know that his half-Chinese apprentice actually learnt how to boast from Ah Shu!


The first three games ended quickly. Time played against Red Fox and won with a 2:1 score. Tan Shitian did a big turnaround after the loss at the opening ceremony. The Ghost Spirits team played against Pure Cleansing. The Lou Zhang combination played normally and took it with a 2:1 score. There wasn’t too much suspense.

The media reported on the three games and waited for this week’s closing battle, Canglan VS Flying Feathers.

Xie Shurong was once a member of Flying Feathers and along with Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, the Three Musketeers had swept the league in the third season. This name naturally gained a lot of attention.

Some fans of the Flying Feathers team were dissatisfied with Ah Shu’s departure from the team. Many reporters were still wondering why Xie Shurong left Flying Feathers but most sensible audience members were looking forward to seeing the match between brothers.

Su Guangmo led the team to Changsha on Saturday afternoon. This was the first time the Flying Feathers team came to Changsha. He wasn’t anxious about tomorrow’s match and led his teammates to eat authentic Hunan cuisine.

At 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, Su Guangmo came to Changsha’s e-sports venue with the team.

The venue was full. This was the first time a match was being held in the club’s home city and it was important for the Canglan team to win and gain fans. Liu Chuan took the initiative to send tickets to a large number of media friends to come and help raise attention. Of course, he also took the initiative to send tickets to fans of the Dragon Song Club to cheer on Canglan.

Li Cangyu was well aware that if he lost the first game at home, the sale of times would be a problem whenever Canglan played a home match. The audience wasn’t willing to buy tickets to see them lose.

Canglan had to win at least two games in this match. Thus, Li Cangyu carefully made arrangements according to the characteristics of Flying Feathers.

The four games on the weekend were held in different cities and the commentators were naturally different. However, Yu Bing was a loyal fan of Cat God and applied to explain this game. She and her partner Kou Hongyi came to Changsha early.

Yu Bing couldn’t help sighing as she looked at the lively auditorium where many fans were raising fluorescent cards. “The popularity of the Dragon Song Club in Changsha is really high. Despite being a newly signed team, many loyal fans came to help Canglan. Tickets were snapped up and the fans are full of expectations for today’s match.”

Kou Hongyi said, “The home game will certainly be easier than the away games. Cat God should’ve made arrangements against the Flying Feathers team. There is also Xie Shurong and his two brothers.”

Yu Bing added, “The contestant Xie Shurong, I met him in the arena in the past. His style is sharp. Then after watching the game with Time, I found that his style has become more mature and stable. However, it is still fast and flexible. It is very different from Su Guangmo’s strong suppression.”

“These swordsmen brothers are definitely the strongest swordsmen in the Miracle League at the moment. I am looking forward to their encounter.” Kou Hongyi paused and said, “Okay, the players on both sides are ready. The camera will cut to the live broadcast platform. We can see that Captain Li Cangyu is submitting today’s game mode to the referee.”

“Wait… Cat God is submitting… three arena games?!” The game mode that popped up on the big screen was unbelievable. Arena, arena, arena… what did Cat God mean by this? There would be no team battle today? Just three arena games?

The audience was shocked and the live broadcast site was filled with question marks.

[Is Cat God acknowledging his fear? Is he afraid to fight Flying Feathers?]

[No, the witty Cat God wouldn’t admit that! He must have an idea to deal with Flying Feathers! In any case, the Miracle League’s regulates stipulates that the home team is free to choose the game mode. He can choose three team battles if he wanted!]

[Why does the above comment sound a bit like Cheng Wei?]

[Where, where? Where does it look like Cheng Wei? Am I saying anything wrong? The league gives the freedom to choose. The captains can choose three arena games or three team battles if they want!]

[…Vice-Captain Cheng, your identity has been uncovered.]

Cheng Wei almost angrily slammed down on the keyboard. Tan Shitian smiled and patted his head. “You can’t conceal your identity with your brains. Don’t open a side account to help Cat God. Can’t you see that he is very calm?”

At the venue, Li Cangyu’s expression was calm, as if choosing three arena games was like eating a meal at noon.

The Canglan members also didn’t show any reaction because they already knew their captain’s choice.

On the Flying Feathers side, Su Guangmo almost vomited out blood.

‘Cat God! I have been preparing the whole week for a team battle and you chose three rounds of the arena? What? You dug a pit like this?’

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