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GLS: Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 – Next Opponent

Xie Shurong originally intended to use ‘sleepwalking’ as an excuse to run to Vice-Captain Bai’s room in the middle of the night. The result was that he was halfway through the sleepwalking when he suddenly encountered Li Xiaojiang heading to the bathroom. The latter politely said, “Brother, Brother Shu, are, are you going to the bathroom? Then you go first. I, I’m not in a hurry.”

Xie Shurong listened to his stuttering and felt anxious. It was really inconvenient to have roommates! The person pretending to sleepwalk met a big light bulb. Xie Shurong had to touch his nose and say, “Cough, I’m done. You can go.”

He returned to his room in front of Li Xiaojiang’s confused eyes, closed the door and went to bed.

The ‘sleepwalking’ would have to wait until he lived with Vice-Captain Bai again during away games!


The next morning, all members of Canglan arrived at the team’s training room on time.

Li Cangyu had given everyone a day off yesterday and the players looked energetic, especially the four teenagers. It was difficult for them to hide the excitement on their faces. It was clear that everyone was ready to meet their next opponents.

According to the arrangement of the seventh season’s schedule, the Canglan team had the opening match against the Time team. The next game would be at home and the opponent this time was the Flying Feathers team from Kunming.

Flying Feathers was the same as Wind Colour and Time. It was a veteran team established in the year that the professional league began. The melee-based style was also very distinct. In the third season, Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong formed the Three Musketeers. Flying Feathers swept through the Miracle League and set the historical record of ‘never losing in the regular season and the playoffs.’

The trio teams up from the first game to the finals and eventually won the championship. No other team was able to recreate the glory of the Flying Feathers team in that year.

After the behind the scenes coach Song Yang and the main swordsman Xie Shurong left, Flying Feathers wasn’t as strong as the third season but Su Guangmo didn’t lose to his master when it come to personal ability or leadership. Thus, Flying Feathers did well for many years and repeatedly got a trophy in the playoffs.

In addition, Yu Pingsheng changed to a berserker. The output capacity of Flying Feathers was slightly weakened but the front row’s ability to withstand pressure was stronger than the third season. Yu Pingsheng was currently the strongest front row in the Miracle League.

Li Cangyu placed the list of Flying Feathers players on the big screen and then looked at Xie Shurong. “When it comes to Flying Feathers, I think no one in this room knows more than Ah Shu. You should be the one to analyze the characteristics of Flying Feathers first.”

Xie Shurong usually loved to be spoiled by the vice-captain and his IQ fell to the kindergarten level but he was still very reliable. Once he heard the captain’s words, he stood up and took the laser pointer from the captain’s hands, pointing it at the information of the players on the screen. “Su Guangmo is my older apprentice brother. His personal style is very clear. He is fierce and aggressive, with extremely high attack. As long as they are caught by him, more than 70% of fragile ranged classes will be killed in one breath.”

In the league that was full of masters, this 70% statistic was terrible. Xie Shurong saw his teammates listening carefully and continued explaining, “Yu Pingsheng originally played a swordsman and later changed to a berserker. His personality is somewhat… he is a bit withdrawn and rarely talks to people. However, his berserker style is very violent. It is the exact opposite of his nature.”

“In the case of Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, few teams in the league can break through the defensive front row of Flying Feathers. Moreover, they aren’t just defensive. They can jointly attack together. This type of melee flow was fast and hard, which is why Flying Feathers can stand firm in the Miracle League.”

Li Cangyu saw this person analyzing Flying Feathers’ characteristics and nodded in appreciation. He asked, “Do you know the other players?”

Xie Shurong said, “I used to watch the Flying Feathers team when I was aboard. Apart from Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, there are two front row main players and their healer Xiao Mu is a very stable player. Compared to our Vice-Captain Bai…”

He looked over at Bai Xuan and found that the latter was watching him and listening carefully. Xie Shurong couldn’t help feeling a bit happy.

Bai Xuan saw that Xie Shurong was looking at him and asked in a confused manner, “What about me?’

Xie Shurong didn’t hesitate to say, “Of course, he is far worse compared to our Vice-Captain Bai!”

Bai Xuan smiled with amusement. “Okay, don’t flatter me. Go on.”

“Yes!” Xie Shurong nodded and continued, “Xiao Mu is a terran priest. A terran priest’s endurance is better than an angel priest but its ability to increase blood is weaker than the angel priest. Vice-Captain Bai should be very clear on this?”

Bai Xuan agreed. “It is true. A terran priest has higher defense than an angel priest but the amount of blue isn’t enough. In an emergency, they might not be able to add blood. Flying Feathers uses a terran priest, which is consistent with the style of the team. Most of them are human players.”

“Yes, Flying Feathers has four terran swordsmen.” Xie Shurong said, “Apart from Su Guangmo, there are three people called Dong Le, Lin Shiliang and Liu Zili. Among them, Dong Le is a newcomer who just debuted this year and is only 16 years old. He should be a newcomer Su Guangmo is training and won’t necessarily play. In addition, the Lin Shiliang and Liu Zili combination often appears in the team battle as Su Guangmo’s auxiliary output. If there is no accident then they should appear in the arena.”

Up to now, Xie Shurong had introduced six people in the Flying Feathers team.

Zhang Jueming couldn’t help asking, “What about the remaining two?”

Xie Shurong explained, “Of the remaining two, one is called Cao Lang. He plays a blood kin assassin and his presence in the league is relatively low compared to the Lou Zhang combination. However, he often appears in the team battles. In the games I have seen, the front row of Flying Feathers has always been strong. Cao Lang follows behind Su Guangmo and uses stealth to check for possible traps. His attacking ability is particularly strong and he is very good at grasping opportunities.”

“The last player is Zhao Xinglin, a terran paladin. HIs defensive ability is first-class in the league but Flying Feathers’ front row defense is enough. Captain Su will only use him in necessary games. For example, if Yu Pingsheng is in a wrong state. At that time, he would substitute for the berserker and protect the front row of the team.”

Xie Shurong smoothly introduced the situation of the Flying Feathers team. Li Cangyu was very satisfied and couldn’t help clapping. “Good! Ah Shu, this analysis is very thorough!”

Bai Xuan was also impressed. Xie Shurong often lowered his IQ in front of Bai Xuan and did various naive actions but this young man was actually a responsible person. He was an honest and simple guy.

In the past, he was a member of Flying Feathers only to be replaced by ordinary people. It was inevitably for there to be some awkward feelings, especially when the opponents were his two brothers…

However, Xie Shurong didn’t look affected. It seemed he controlled his mental state well.

Now he was a professional player of the Canglan team, the Ah Shu that everyone trusted. He had chosen this path and shouldn’t be bound by the past. Decisively going forward was what a professional player should do.

Thus, he didn’t feel embarrassed when analyzing the characteristics of the Flying Feathers team.

Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng were once his most respected brothers and their relationship when young was excellent. Now they would be his opponents in the near future and he wouldn’t show any affection to them. He would go all out!

Bai Xuan admired that Xie Shurong could think so clearly. If one day Li Cangyu became an opponent, it was estimated that he would take a long time to adjust…

He just thought this when Li Cangyu stood up and took the laser pointer from Xie Shurong’s hands. “Ah Shu has told everyone in detail about the characteristics of Flying Feathers. This season, Flying Feathers has registered the eight people that Ah Shu mentioned to play. In addition to Su Guangmo and Yu Pingsheng, we must also understand the healer Xiao Mu, the two swordsmen Lin and Liu and the blood kin killer Cao Lang.”

“Flying Feathers tactics has always been a simple and rough melee game. There are too many remotes on our side. If our kiting fails in the team battle, it will be easy for Flying Feathers to come in and break us up.” Li Cangyu pulled up a classic video as an example. He watched from one side while explaining, “Su Guangmo’s swordsman moves fast and has an amazing explosive ability. Combined with Yu Pingsheng’s protection, he is a big killer in the front row. We must think of a way to solve them.”

“Fortunately, the next match is our home selection. I will study the maps this morning and tell you in the afternoon. Let’s arrange the lineup first.”


Li Cangyu’s efficiency was high and he soon arranged the lineup for the next match. Everyone naturally had no opinion on the captain’s arrangement and teamed up to play side accounts in the arena.

Changsha’s home match was definitely more important than the away match. Losing at home had a very big impact on morale. In addition, this was the first home match after signing with Dragon Song. There would definitely be fans of the Dragon Song Club who would come to watch the game. In order to give face to Liu Chuan and to prove it was worth rushing to watch, Li Cangyu wanted to give the audience a satisfactory sight.

The lineup was arranged and Li Cangyu started to seriously study the maps. Ah Shu went with Bai Xuan to practice the pairs arena. Once they successfully won a game, Bai Xuan couldn’t help sending him a private message: [How are you feeling? Are you under a lot of pressure facing your two brothers?]

Xie Shurong smiled. [It isn’t big.  Playing with you is like carrying a cheating software. Why should I be afraid?]

Bai Xuan was speechless. [Don’t describe me as a cheat software okay?]

Xie Shurong quickly correct himself. [Yes, super dad. The league’s first milk god. Partnering with you is really my pleasure.]

Bai Xuan couldn’t help smiling helplessly. [You really flatter me too much… in any case, your status really isn’t a problem?]

Xie Shurong smiled and walked over to whisper in Bai Xuan’s ear, “Don’t worry about my. There are no problems with my mental state. Just wait to see my handsome performance. I will be the handsomest person on the field.”

Bai Xuan endured his smile. “Your boasting is really better than Liu Chuan!”

It seemed that under the atmosphere of the Dragon Song Club, Xie Shurong learnt how to boast with a cheeky face?

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