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Chapter 148 – Like

The interview finished and Li Cangyu took his teammates backstage while planning to join up with Zhang Jueming and the others. He had just gone backstage when he saw Qin Mo and Ling Xuefeng walking towards Li Cangyu. Ling Xuefeng took the initiative to say, “Today you played very well.”

Li Cangyu pretended to be serious. “Thank you for Captain Ling’s praise.”

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly. He had scruples due to the teammates present and didn’t do anything special. He just patted Li Cangyu on the shoulder and said, “I will be leading the team back to Shanghai tomorrow. The next time we meet, it will be the Wind Colour match against Canglan.”

Li Cangyu looked at him earnestly. “I won’t be polite to you.”

Ling Xuefeng also stared him in the eyes, equally earnest. “I won’t be polite to you either.”

Li Cangyu smiled and took the initiative to extend his arms for a hug. “See you on the field.”

They were each other’s most cherished lovers but the game was related to the honour of the entire team. No one could show mercy, regardless of personal feelings. This was a principle that all e-sports players should have.

Li Cangyu was well aware that the match against Wind Colour would be the toughest in the regular season. He wasn’t worried about the match against Ling Xuefeng. Rather, he was looking forward to the direct confrontation between them that had somehow been avoided for six years. In the seventh season of the Miracle Professional League, they would fulfill this wish.

Qin Mo waited here with his master because he wanted to say a few words to Xiao Han. The young teenagers looked at each other and consciously came together. Qin Mo whispered in Xiao Han’s ear, “In future interviews, don’t be straightforward and tell everything to the reporters. Understood?”

Xiao Han looked at him doubtfully. “What does straightforward mean?”

Qin Mo rolled his eyes and explained, “It means you are too direct and honest!”

“Oh.” Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully before wondering, “Isn’t honesty a good quality?”

“…” Qin Mo felt it was too hard to communicate with this person whose brain circuits were different from ordinary people. He gave up trying to convince Xiao Han and changed the topic, “Cough, when you talked today, you used too many related words.”

Xiao Han looked at him innocently. “Related words can make the sentence more complete. This is what you taught me.”

“…” Qin Mo almost coughed up blood.

They could make the sentence more complete but there was no need to use them all in one sentence!

Qin Mo took a deep breath and endured the impulse to hit him on the head. “You can’t use it too much or it will be cumbersome. You can watch the TV dramas and see how they talk… Forget it, I can’t tell you what to say.”

Xiao Han continued to watch him innocently with clear black eyes while golden hair hung over his ears. The beautiful mixed-race teenager make people want to rub his head…

Qin Mo didn’t dare do this action. He guiltily looked away and said, “Don’t tell reporters in the future that Qin Mo is your good best friend.”

Xiao Han wondered, “Isn’t it true?”

Qin Mo felt that he was going crazy. “The good best friend is repeating words. You only need one of them.”

Xiao Han suddenly realized. “Oh, then I should say you are my good friend?”

Qin Mo was silent for a moment before scratching his head with embarrassment. “Keep the other word.”

“Best friend?”

The satisfied Qin Mo suppressed a smile and nodded. “This is more like it.”

At this point, Ling Xuefeng suddenly said, “Qin Mo, let’s go.”

Qin Mo glanced over at Xiao Han. “Next time we will be meeting in Shanghai. Have you been to Shanghai before?”

Xiao Han shook his head. “No.”

“Then I’ll show you around.”

Xiao Han suggested seriously, “Once I beat you on the field, take me to play.”

Qin Mo, “…”

‘Damn it, I want to have a real PK with him! Who said that you will beat me? Don’t cry and beg for mercy when the time comes.’

Qin Mo scoffed and said, “Perhaps I will beat you. Prepare well for the next game and don’t tell people that I’m your sparring partner!”

Xiao Han nodded. “Yes.”

Qin Mo calmed down and waved his hand. “Goodbye.”


Li Cangyu saw the two little guys seriously saying goodbye and patted Xiao Han on the shoulder. “Do you think it is useful to have Qin Mo teach you Chinese?”

Xiao Han thought about it in a distressed manner. “I think it is a bit useful? At least I know many related words and I know what context means.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Never mind, learn slowly. However, he is right. You can’t be so straightforward in future interviews. Saying that Master killed you down to your underwear… well, don’t you know that Master chased you for your own good?”

Xiao Han nodded. “Yes.”

He thought there was something wrong with the logic of ‘chasing you for your own good’ but he knew that Master was always right.


Li Cangyu’s quartet arrived at the restaurant. Zhang Jueming and the others had already ordered the dishes. The eight people sat around the table and chatted with excited expressions. The fact that they could win two games at an away match made everyone feel satisfied.

Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang hadn’t played well in the arena but the Shu Bai combination reversed the situation and Canglan ultimately didn’t lose points. Gu Siming’s performance today wasn’t great but Li Cangyu didn’t hurry to scold him. It was because Xiao Gu clearly realized the shortcomings of his impulsiveness and this would be improved in the next match.

The meal ended in a happy atmosphere. Everyone returned to the hotel by car. Li Cangyu told everyone to rest early because they would catch a flight back to Changsha tomorrow.

For the away games, the rooms were arranged as Li Cangyu and Xiao Han, Xiao Gu and Old Zhang, Zhuo and Li, and Shu and Bai. This arrangement was to facilitate the exchange between combinations.

Bai Xuan had no opinions on this room arrangement. Ah Shu didn’t snore or have any other bad habits. Apart from his love of praise, it was quite good to live together.

However, after returning today, Xie Shurong seemed somewhat abnormal. He didn’t hang around Bai Xuan or ask the vice-captain to reward him with a plate of ribs. Instead, he sat quietly on his bed and looked down seriously at his iPad.

Bai Xuan also ignored him and went to the bathroom to wash up.

He didn’t realize that the game interface on Xie Shurong’s iPad was already showing game over!

The sound of water from the bathroom made Xie Shurong uneasy. In the past, he only needed to move his fingers to clear the game but today he failed repeatedly. He closed his iPad with some irritation and pricked his ears to listen to the movements in the bathroom.

He thought of that gentle-looking man taking a shower, water drops dripping down his body and Xie Shurong’s heartbeat accelerated!

He looked down to check the time but found that his wrist was empty. Xie Shurong was stunned and remembered that when he had washed his hands, he took off the watch and placed it next to him. This was a birthday gift from his mother. It was very expensive but not very waterproof. Xie Shurong thought this and immediately got up to get back his watch.

However, Bai Xuan was in the shower…

Or should he take a peek when getting his watch?

Once this evil thought popped up, it was like a small flame that suddenly burst. It burned all over his body and he couldn’t bear it anymore. Xie Shurong went to the bathroom and took a deep breath to keep himself calm. Then he gently knocked on the door and asked, “Vice-Captain Bai, my watch is inside. Can I come in and take it?”

Bai Xuan’s gentle voice was soon heard. “Okay.”

Xie Shurong stepped in and thought he could see the beautiful scene of a beauty washing up. The result… damn! The shower was blocked by frosted glass. The designer of this hotel room simply had no brains!

Vice-Captain Bai was taking a shower with the glass door closed and the frosted glass blocked most of his body. Xie Shurong could only see a faint outline.

However, this outline showed that Bai Xuan’s figure was excellent, especially his pair of long legs…

Bai Xuan turned off the nozzle and asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong? Did you find it?”

“…Cough, I found my watch.” Xie Shurong coughed awkwardly, picked up his watch on the sink and fled.

After returning to the room, Xie Shurong took a deep breath to calm his heartbeat. Was he really a devil? He had been to a public bathhouse before and he didn’t feel anything at the sight of many people squeezed together in the bath. However, today when he saw Bai Xuan’s blurred back, he was so excited that his body became hot.

This was so strange. Did he like Bai Xuan?

Xie Shurong shook his head and felt that his IQ wasn’t enough.

He sat on the bed and started to carefully recall the details of what he knew about Bai Xuan. When he was young, he chased Bai Xuan and killed him 10 times. When they shook hands in the soundproof room, he felt that this man was very gentle but his impression of Bai Xuan wasn’t deep.

Later, after meeting Cat God and Bai Xuan in New York, he found that not only did Bai Xuan have a good temper but also excellent cooking skills. Bai Xuan usually liked to smile and he made people feel warm and gentle. He would show his sorrow and frown because of his stomach problems. He also steadfastly declared that they would return to Miracle together.

That vague image gradually became clearer in Xie Shurong’s mind, making Xie Shurong want to get along with Bai Xuan and become closer to him.

In particular, he always felt that Bai Xuan was warm and soft when hugging him. It was more comfortable than the big pillow Xie Shurong slept with every day, making Xie Shurong reluctant to let go.

He thought there was nothing wrong with this until today when he found himself wanting to peek at Bai Xuan washing up…

Xie Shurong jumped into bed and covered his face with a pillow.

God, why did it seem like he had the negative IQ of a pervert?

This was the scene that Bai Xuan saw after coming out of the bedroom. Xie Shurong had covered his head with a pillow and was rolling around the bed… rolling around…

It was unknown how many times he rolled back and forth. Bai Xuan couldn’t help smiling at these childish actions and took out his phone to take a small video. Then he went to the bed and gently touched Xie Shurong’s head. “Xie Shurong, are you exercising on the bed?”

Xie Shurong heard this and suddenly stopped like he pressed the brakes. Xie Shurong’s face was red as he turned over and saw Bai Xuan’s smile.

Bai Xuan wondered, “Why are you blushing?”

“I, I… I’m too hot!”

Then he ran away from Bai Xuan into the bathroom.

Bai Xuan, “…”

Xie Shurong saw his red face in the mirror and angrily slammed his fist against the sink. Why couldn’t he be more mature in front of Bai Xuan? Blushing? What was good about blushing? Was it necessary to be so nervous after discovering that he liked Bai Xuan?

Xie Shurong washed his face with cold water to lower the heat on his face.

This was his first love and it was natural to be nervous. He understood the excitement of liking a person for the first time.

Xie Shurong smiled into the mirror and touched his chin while thinking, ‘I am handsome even when blushing? I don’t know if Vice-Captain Bai likes this type of handsome person? I will wash the dishes, warm the bed, ship packages to your door and not waste money! All my wealth will be yours!’

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