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Chapter 147 – Post-Match Interview

Li Cangyu wrote his signature on the form handed over by the referee and took his teammates to the opposite soundproof room to shake hands with the members of the Time team.

As soon as he entered the soundproof room, he saw Cheng Wei’s sullen face. Li Cangyu smiled slightly and walked up to him, rubbing his head. “Are you still depressed?”

Cheng Wei suddenly raised his head and stared at Li Cangyu. “You are too cunning!”

There was almost fire coming from the clear eyes and his cheeks were also bulging. His emotional state looked a bit cute. Li Cangyu’s smile deepened and he rubbed Cheng Wei’s head in a counterclockwise manner. He told Cheng Wei bluntly, “I have to be cunning on the field. Otherwise, how can I win against you?”

Cheng Wei, “…”

How was this possible? There was no need to abuse him to win!

Cheng Wei continued to stare at Li Cangyu, who softened and straightened out the disorderly hair. “The next match at Canglan’s home, you can try to win against me.”

Cheng Wei immediately formed a fist and vowed, “That’s for certain!”

Li Cangyu turned around and saw Tan Shitian coming to shake his hand.

Tan Shitian was very calm compared to Cheng Wei. Despite the unexpected score of 1:2 at home, the young captain didn’t show any disappointment. Instead, he smiled and reached out his hand. “Congratulations on Cat God’s victory.”

Li Cangyu shook hands with him and said, “Captain Tan is very polite.”

The two people exchanged greetings and the players on both teams shook hands. Then Li Cangyu took his teammates back to Canglan’s soundproof room.


In order to cooperate with the media’s publicity, the Miracle League asked that all teams in the first division send at least two players to attend the post-match interview.

Today was Canglan’s first match. Li Cangyu thought about it and decided to bring Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong and Xiao Han to the interview. The combination of Bai and Shu played well in this match and Xiao Han’s performance was very bright. Li Cangyu also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce his apprentice to the reporters. The remaining four were led by Uncle Zhang to a good restaurant where they could freely order what they wanted.

There was an interview room specially arranged backstage and the Time team was interviewed first. Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were the only ones to attend. The two people received a camera flash baptism as soon as they arrived.

A female reporter stood up and asked, “The Time team played a 1:2 score at home. I believe that Captain Tan isn’t satisfied with this result. Can you analyze it for us? What do you think is the key reason for your loss in the fist game and the third game?”

Tan Shitian smiled and said, “We lost the first game because Cat God’s tactics were too unexpected. I didn’t realize the threatening the east while striking in the west strategy and fell into the trap he set.” Tan Shitian paused as he stared calmly at the reporters. Then he continued, “In the third game, I wanted to wait for the best time in the early stage. As a result, I wasted time and gave Cat God an opportunity. Moreover, this was the first time I played against Cat God and didn’t notice him setting up for Cataclysm. I let him open this skill at the critical moment. I was too careless.”

Cheng Wei heard him say this and couldn’t help feeling a bit sour.

Since taking over as captain of Time, Tan Shitian always smiled and shouldered all responsibilities whenever the Time team lost and were interviewed. His popularity was very high but there were still people who blamed him.

Previously, Cheng Wei hadn’t thought there was anything wrong with this. However, after he was scolded by Cat God at the Carnival, he discovered that he was actually an unqualified vice-captain.

In the past few years, he hadn’t done anything for the team. Even Lu Xiao was responsible for the training of newcomers while all Cheng Wei did was play the game, train and go out to play when he was idle…

He never helped Tan Shitian so was he truly the vice-captain of Time?

How could he hide like a coward behind Tan Shitian whenever he was in trouble?

Cheng Wei took a deep breath, picked up the microphone and said, “I also made a lot of mistakes in this match.”

The reporters were immediately caught by him and Tan Shitian also looked over at him.

Cheng Wei continued, “For example, when Cat God used a big move against me, I immediately hit back and didn’t notice there were two teammates missing behind him. In the arena in the third game, I clearly knew that Cat God’s strongest skill is Cataclysm. However, I was too excited chasing him and ignored the cooldown of his pet summoning skills.”

“In fact, in the third game, I should’ve used more control skills to interfere with him while leaving the output to Captain Tan. Cat God’s movement techniques are first-class. Many skills can’t hit him if he isn’t controlled. I didn’t complete the task of a white magician to control the opponent. Instead, I allowed Captain Tan to waste a lot of output. This is the key to why we failed to kill Cat God.”

“In addition, at the end we both had less than 10% blood left. I was too anxious to kill Cat God and didn’t accurately read my key skills. Instead, I was killed by him. This is also my fault.”

“After this match, I won’t be so impulsive. I’ll try to calm down and observe my opponent’s cooldown time, taking advantage of any opportunities that show up.”

Cheng Wei seriously looked at the reporters. “I’m done. Please unleash your criticisms.”

Tan Shitian, “…”

The reporters, “…”

The venue was suddenly silent.

Many reporters wondered if Cheng Wei was possessed by someone else. Had their souls changed bodies? Why did his personality suddenly change?

In previous post-match interviews, Cheng Wei’s answers were generally, “Our Time team is the strongest!” “I think we will definitely win the next match.” “Today was very enjoyable to play!” He shouted the same words.

Today, not only did he seriously analyze the game, he self-reflected in front of everyone…

It felt like an emotional cat suddenly lying in front of them and saying earnestly, “I was wrong.”

He looked very serious but they couldn’t help wanting to rub his head and bully him.

The reporters could only think this but Tan Shitian put the thought into action. He reached out to gently pat Cheng Wei’s head and said softly, “Not all the blame can be put on you. You haven’t played against Cat God in a long time. We both neglected his outbreaks and unpredictable tactics. It is enough that you are aware of your shortcomings and will continue to improve in the next match.”

Cheng Wei immediately nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s right!”

Tan Shitian stared at him and the positive emotions in his eyes deepened. It seemed that Cheng Wei’s mentality had stabilized through this match. Cat God returned to Miracle with new teammates. It was time for the boy who idolized him to grow up.

The reporters saw Tan Shitian gently touch Cheng Wei’s head and felt touched. The feelings between Tan and Cheng were really good!

A male reporter stood up and asked, “Captain Tan, how would you evaluate Cat God after this match?”

Tan Shitian retracted his hand and smiled. “Cat God is an admirable contestant. Whether it is his firm will that made him not give up after twists and turns or his calm attitude in the game, I really admire him. Moreover, his hand speed is in the first-class standards. In particular, the outbreak of the Cataclysm skill is very handsome.”

Cheng Wei listened to Tan Shitian praising Cat God and couldn’t help smiling. “Yes, very handsome!”

The reporters, “…”

‘Vice-Captain Cheng, do you only exist as a prop to be attached to Captain Tan? Mindlessly nodding next to him, don’t you know that you look silly and foolish?’

Tan Shitian was very fond of Cheng Wei sitting next to him and echoing him. This feeling of ‘following the husband’ was great.


Backstage, Li Cangyu heard the interview and couldn’t help smiling. “Since Tan Shitian praised me so much, I will praise him later.”

In the interview with the Canglan team, a reporter asked, “Cat God, when I was interviewing Time, Tan Shitian said that you are a very admirable player. Then what do you think of the young captain of Time?”

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to praise Tan Shitian. “As the youngest captain of the Miracle League, Tan Shitian has a good temper and a sense of humour. He doesn’t put on airs and writes small stories on Weibo. He is very calm on the field and can smile whether he wins or loses. Such a young and promising captain, I really have no problems with him.”

The reporters, “…”

Did the two of them give red envelopes to each other? What was this feeling of being ‘trusted’ by the other person?

The reporter asked again, “Then what does Cat God think about Cheng Wei, the vice-captain of Time?”

Cheng Wei immediately pricked up his ears, wanting to ear Cat God praise him. As a result, Li Cangyu just smiled and said, “Cheng Wei? His hair is very soft. It is no wonder why Captain Tan likes to touch his head.”

Cheng Wei, “…”

‘You won’t praise me? Boast about my keen responses, amazing outbreak and first-class operations! What do you mean by my hair is soft? Is soft hair a compliment? I’m going to become a black fan!’

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei’s exasperated look and couldn’t help touching his head.

‘Cat God is right. His hair is really soft!’


After getting Li Cangyu’s opinion on the Time team, the reporters changed the topic. “The Canglan team won the first match with a score of 2:1 at an away match. What does Cat God want to say to the fans?”

Li Cangyu answered decisively, “Today we managed to win two games. Apart from the tactics that surprised Time, some of it was due to luck. After today’s match, my Cataclysm will certainly attract the attention of other teams. The next match might not be so lucky. I hope that all fans supporting Canglan will be able to treat the next match with a normal heart.”

“There is still a long way for Canglan to go. You just have to believe that no matter how much difficulties we encounter, the eight players of Canglan will definitely try their best to reach the finish line.”

His eyes were very calm and every word he spoke was worthy of a person who was a captain. His aura wasn’t ordinary when he talked business.

The meaning of these words were obvious. Even if Canglan lost, people shouldn’t rush to scold them. No matter how many ups and downs there were on the road, Li Cangyu would firmly walk forward with his teammates.

The reporters at the venue excitedly applauded the return of the old player.

Once the applause ended, another reporter glanced at the mixed-race boy sitting next to Li Cangyu and asked, “Xiao Han, many people are curious about your origins. Can you tell everyone where you are from?”

Xiao Han replied seriously, “I am a Chinese mixed-raced.”

The reporter was stunned and asked, “What about your other lineage?”

Xiao Han wondered, “What do you mean by other lineage?”

Li Cangyu reminded him, “They are asking about the countries your parents are from.”

Xiao Han suddenly realized. “Oh, my mother is American.”

“…” The reporter was relieved at finally getting an answer. Then he asked, “Didn’t you use to live abroad? Can you tell everyone how you ended up joining the Canglan team?”

Xiao Han said, “In the online game, I was hunted and killed by Master and Vice-Captain Bai until I was down to my underwear and couldn’t play anymore.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Everyone, “…”

‘Boy, do you have to be so honest?’

Bai Xuan and Li Cangyu helplessly looked at him. Li Cangyu seemed like a person who bullied his apprentice!

Xiao Han saw his master’s gaze and seemed to perceive that he had said the wrong thing. He immediately corrected himself, “However, I volunteered to join the Canglan team because I like playing the game and wanted to become an e-sports player.”

The reporters felt a bit strange. This young man seemed to talk a bit awkwardly? Did he have to use so many related words in one sentence?

Another reporter stood up and asked, “Xiao Han, are you satisfied with your performance today? Cat God and Captain Ling have always been compared. Then between you and Captain Ling’s apprentice Qin Mo, who do you think is stronger?”

This ‘who do you think is stronger’ question was a favourite with reporters.

An ordinary player would laugh and say one or two sentences but Xiao Han was different. He bowed his head and thought for a few seconds before answering seriously, “I don’t want to answer this question because Qin Mo is my sparring partner but also my good best friend, if I say that I am stronger than him, he will be angry with me, but I don’t want to admit that I am weaker than him so I won’t answer.”

The reporters, “…”

Qin Mo, “…”

‘Damn, come here for a PK! Why tell them about the sparring thing? In addition, saying such long sentences. Don’t say that your Chinese was taught be me!’

Ling Xuefeng saw this interview and glanced back to find his apprentice was so angry he formed fists as he glared at Xiao Han on the TV. However, his eyes showed a hint of joy. Presumably because Xiao Han said that Qin Mo was his best friend?

At the beginning, he sent Qin Mo to be a sparring partner in order to raise the two people’s PK standards. He didn’t expect the feelings between the two young apprentices to become so good. It was unexpected for Ling Xuefeng that they became such good friends.

The reporters at the scene didn’t know if they should laugh or cry at Xiao Han’s answer. They always felt that this mixed-race child’s brain circuits weren’t the same as normal people.

The reporters had to give up on interviewing Xiao Han and handed the microphone to Bai Xuan instead. “Vice-Captain Bai, the netizens gave you many nicknames after today’s match. Some people call you a super dad and others are calling you an invincible cockroach. What do you think about this?”

Bai Xuan had a good temper and smiled. “The nickname doesn’t matter. It is good as long as everyone is happy.”

The reporter added, “Do you often practice the combination with Ah Shu? The two of you played particularly well today in the arena.”

Xie Shurong immediately grabbed the microphone and replied, “Today is the first time I cooperated with Vice-Captain Bai in the arena. It was great because I have a special understanding with Vice-Captain Bai, right?”

He looked at Bai Xuan with a smile and Bai Xuan had no choice but to agree. “Yes.”

Xie Shurong happily wrapped an arm around Bai Xuan’s shoulder and said to the reporters, “In the future, we will often appear in the arena. The Shu Bai combination sounds particularly smooth. With Vice-Captain Bai in the arena, it doesn’t matter how much I’m hit. He can add blood back. It is really great to have a healer in the family.”

Bai Xuan was praised by him and had to smile. “My teammate also gives me strength.”

He was speaking the truth. If it wasn’t for Ah Shu’s outbreak, bringing a healer to the arena would be too inadequate. As long as the healer was killed, it was too easy for the other side to use the 2v1 situation to kill the remaining person. Today, Xie Shurong protected Bai Xuan in a quiet manner. This allowed the Shu Bai combination to reverse the situation in the arena.

Bai Xuan thought this and looked over at Xie Shurong, meeting Xie Shurong’s deep eyes.

He didn’t realize that in the sentence just now, he had been privately included into Xie Shurong’s ‘family.’

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