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Chapter 146 – Canglan VS Time (End)

The Shu Bai combination was really powerful and completely reversed the Canglan team’s disadvantage in the early stages of the arena. Xie Shurong took care of the Zhou Lu combination, followed by the double archers of Time. He might not have much blood left but he successfully completed his mission on the arena.

Now it was up to Cat God.

Xie Shurong easily placed his hands on his keyboard and patiently waited for the Time team’s guards to play.

On the big screen, the IDs of the opponents for the third round were quickly revealed: Ten Days and Only Dedication. Time sent their ace combination of Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei in the key guarding stage, which everyone expected.

The two people refreshed on the Elf Fantasyland map. Tan Shitian quickly found Xie Shurong’s position and relied on the bard’s attack distance and quick archery to kill Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong wasn’t easily slaughtered. He learned from Vice-Captain Bai’s ‘I can still save myself’ and deliberately moved around several big trees, interfering with Tan Shitian’s field of view. Despite his low blood, he incredibly lived for a full half a minute.

At the same time, he used the swordsman’s pursuit footwork to rush to Cheng Wei. He used his remaining amount of blue to release the single attack skill, Devouring Soul Sword. The long sword in his hand stabbed straight forward and Cheng Wei’s blood decreased by nearly 10%.

Cheng Wei was grumpy after being hit. He thought in his heart, ‘How come this tree isn’t dead yet? Come on, die! I want to see Cat God!’ Cheng Wei used the white magic attack skill God’s Light to directly send Ah Shu away.

[Only Dedication has killed Ah Shu!]

This made the fans of the Time team cheer excitedly. The combination of Shu and Bai finally ended. It took so long to send away these cockroaches who wouldn’t die. It wasn’t easy!

Once Xie Shurong died, he immediately ran to Bai Xuan and looked at him seriously. “I only had a bit of blood left and decreased Cheng Wei’s blood by 10%. Aren’t I amazing?”

Bai Xuan couldn’t help laughing. For such a big person, his IQ always returned to the kindergarten level. This expression of ‘seeking praise’ was even more childish than Zhuo Hang!

Bai Xuan still extended a hand to touch Ah Shu’s head and said, “You are really amazing, too powerful.”

Xie Shurong was comforted by these gentle hands. He pushed his head against Vice-Captain Bai’s hand to maintain the touch. Vice-Captain Bai retracted his hand, making Xie Shurong feel inexplicably lost.

If it wasn’t for the presence of so many teammates, he would’ve hugged Bai Xuan in his arms. This person was the kindest man he ever had contact with.


Once the Shu and Bai combination left the scene, the next stage was the exciting guard round.

Everyone believed that Cat God would appear but they didn’t know who Cat God would bring as a partner.

In the VIP seats, Qin Mo couldn’t help asking, “Vice-Captain Ya, do you think Cat God will bring Old Zhang or Xiao Han?” He personally hoped that Cat God would take Xiao Han to the field because he wanted to see more of this mixed-race boy’s performance.

Yan Ruiwen sat next to Qin Mo and immediately replied to the question. “You have to ask the captain. The captain can certainly guess it.” He looked over at Ling Xuefeng as he said this. “Captain Ling, which partner do you think Cat God will take?”

Ling Xuefeng didn’t hesitate. “He will take Xiao Han.”

Qin Mo looked at his master with surprise. “Why? Old Zhang is an old player. Wouldn’t he be more stable in the competition?”

Ling Xuefeng explained, “Zhang Jueming’s auxiliary is more stable but Xiao Han’s attack is stronger. It will be hard to play against the Tan Cheng combination without a melee. Besides, he will give new people more opportunities to train in the regular season.”

Qin Mo suddenly realized, “Ah!”

If a dual remote combination was used against Tan Cheng, it would be easy to be dragged into Tan Shitian’s pace because of the archer’s far distance. Xiao Han’s assassin was agile and he had the stealth skill. He could look for opportunities to interfere with the opponent’s output, also giving Li Cangyu more opportunities to break out with his output. Ling Xuefeng’s analysis was natural but it was more based on his understanding of Li Cangyu.

The Canglan team’s guard combination soon appeared on the big screen: Old Cat, Frost Descends.

Sure enough, it was the combination of Cat God and the mixed-race teenager.

Qin MO couldn’t help lamenting. Master really understood Cat God. It would be good if he could guess Cat God’s thoughts later in the game against Wind Colour.

As Qin Mo thought this, Li Cangyu and Xiao Han had already appeared in the lower left corner of the map.

The master and teacher had a high understanding. Xiao Han used the assassin’s Nightfall stealth skill to walk in front. Li Cangyu followed him. In order to prevent the invisible assassin from being hit by Tan Shitian, Li Cangyu asked Xiao Han to change his route and go from the side.

Cheng Wei and Tan Shitian saw that Li Cangyu was coming over. The elf summoner with the ID of Old Cat wore the uniform of the elves, which was white with green embellishments. It looked very chic and elegant.

When he walked quickly, it was like a white and green wind blew in front of their eyes. This made the opponent difficult to accurately aim at his position.

There were no pets beside him. Cheng Wei might be a fierce and impatient child but he was hit by Cat God’s acting skills in the first team battle. He naturally learned his lesson and didn’t act rashly.

Li Cangyu swayed in front of the two people for a while and found that Tan Cheng weren’t acting. He doubtfully typed in the area channel: [Can’t you see me?]

Cheng Wei, “…”

‘We can see you but don’t want to hit you in case it is a trap!’

Cheng Wei endured the urge to go to his soundproof room to bite him. Then he asked Tan Shitian, “Do we kill Xiao Han first?”

Tan Shitian smiled and said, “Yes, wait for Xiao Han to show up first before killing him.”

The thoughts of the two men were very clear. They would first take care of the assassin that interfered with the remote output then deal with Cat God in a 2v1 manner. This would increase the odds.

In order to prevent an assassin from going behind him, Tan Shitian quickly took a few steps in front of Cheng Wei and placed his back to Cheng Wei. They stood back to back, allowing Xiao Han no way to assassinate them. No matter which direction he came from, Tan Shitian or Cheng Wei could always see him.

Li Cangyu appreciated Tan Shitian’s wit but Xiao Han wasn’t in a rush. The audience could see that Xiao Han was hiding behind a tree not far away, waiting quietly for an opportunity.

Li Cangyu summoned the fire and thunder spirits.

In order to prevent Xiao Han’s assassination, Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei were in a back to back position. This allowed them to defend against Xiao Han but put them in Li Cangyu’s attack range. Li Cangyu naturally wouldn’t be polite. He used Thunder’s Wrath to hit both of then and then fired a Fireball at Tan Shitian.

Cheng Wei exclaimed, “Let’s hit back!”

Cheng Wei couldn’t bear to be beaten anymore and used the big white magic spell, God’s Faith!

A white light beam fell from the sky and covered a five metre range around Li Cangyu. This white magic group attack skill had extremely high damage, forcing Li Cangyu to lose 30% blood and the fire spirit was directly killed.

Li Cangyu wasn’t in a hurry. He summoned the water spirit and used the small attacks to consume Tan Shitian. The water spirit’s attacks caused a deceleration effect along with the damage. Tan Shitian was hit by three consecutive attacks and the deceleration effect was overlapped. He couldn’t keep up and Li Cangyu disappeared.

Xiao Han still hadn’t emerged but it wouldn’t be easy to find an invisible assassin in the dense forest. Who knew where Xiao Han was hiding? It wasn’t worthy it if they missed the chance to kill Cat God in order to block Xiao Han.

Tan Shitian took the initiative and ordered, “Kill Cat God first!”

Cheng Wei heard the captain’s instructions and immediately let out God’s Light and Voice of Combat! The series of white magic spells headed towards Li Cangyu. Tan Shitian followed by using big moves—Shock Shot, Seize Life Shot, Death Arrow Rain!

The Tan Cheng combination was really terrible. The white light effect of the spells and the green light of the bard’s skills mixed together, bursting around Li Cangyu like fireworks.

Li Cangyu relied on his superb movement skills to avoid a few of them. However, he was still hit by the locked on attack and group skills, instantly lowering his blood!


Cat God’s blood was very dangerous but to the surprise of the audience, he was still calm. Meanwhile, Xiao Han stayed hidden at a tree near Tan Cheng.

Tan Shitian knew clearly that Cat God had a plan with Xiao Han. However, he saw Cat God’s blood in front of him and believed that no player in the league would let Cat God go!

If he didn’t kill the witty Cat God in one breath, he would be affected by the endless consequences.

Tan Shitian thought this and immediately pulled the longbow in his hand, using the bard’s strongest single target attack skill, Precise Aim and Seize Life Shot!

The bard’s Precise Aim was like the killer’s Death Mark. It was a skill that marked the opponent. Once the opponent was hit again, the damage of Seize Life Shot would double!

This shot hit and Li Cangyu had only 10% blood left!

Cheng Wei was excited and his heartbeat accelerated. Cat God’s blood was flashing red and he would soon die! Could he finally kill Cat God in the arena?

Cheng Wei thought this and immediately followed up with the big move Ice Storm.

The Time fans were ready to cheer…

However, the prompt about Old Cat being killed didn’t pop up on the screen.

The audience took a closer look and found that there was a human type guard by Li Cangyu’s side. The guard was wearing gold armour and holding a shield of light, looking majestic.

The Time fans were stunned while Yu Bing smiled and explained, “Cat God rarely summons the guardian. In the previous second division, he basically only used the elf’s water, fire and thunder spirits to kill the opponents. Today is the first time his guardian appeared on the field.”

Kou Hongyi also sighed. “The timing was excellent. Just after Tan Shitian’s big move, Cat God chose to summon the guardian to forcibly resist the follow-up white magic.”

Yu Bing seemed to think of something, her eyes drifting for a moment before her spirit returned. “Summoners have a total of seven pets. Four of them are race-specific pets and there are three public pets. In other words, skills that all summoners can learn.  The guardian is public pet. Captain Ling’s demon summoner and Qin Mo’s blood kin summoner can also use it. However, public pets have few skills and summoning them consumes a lot of blue. In general, summoners prefer the racial pets and rarely call out the public pets.”

The public pets appeared too few times that Cheng Wei was careless and forgot that Li Cangyu had this guardian. The existence of the guardian was equivalent to three seconds of invincibility. Cheng Wei had just consumed a large amount of blue on Ice Storm only for it to be resisted.

Cheng Wei wanted to spit out blood!

To make matters worse, Xiao Han finally appeared!

This boy had felt very suffocated. In accordance with his master’s orders, he kept hiding and waited for an opportunity. It wasn’t until Li Cangyu managed to successfully consume the two men’s big moves that he decisively jumped towards Tan Shitian. He raised his dagger and used the blood kin assassin’s set of moves to ruthlessly strike at Tan Shitian. Death Mark, Soul Stab, Arc Stab, Shadow Stab, Fatal Blow!

Tan Shitian had been slowly grinded to half blood by Li Cangyu. Once Xiao Han unleashed these moves, Tan Shitian instantly fell to less than 10% blood!

The blood of both captains flashed red and it depended on who would kill the other person first.

Tan Shitian immediately used Flying Feather Steps to quickly move away from Xiao Han. Xiao Han saw his actions and aimed at the nearby Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei had wanted to use God’s Seal to control him but Xiao Han used Soul Stab to interrupt him.

Tan Shitian quickly ran out of Xiao Han’s attack range and aimed his bow at Li Cangyu.

He had been chasing Li Cangyu the whole time and only had a bit of blue left. It was enough to use one skill. However, Li Cangyu had less than 10% health left. As long as this skill hit, Cat God would die.

Seize Life Shot!

The bow string elongated and the arrow was about to be fired!

The league’s strongest archer, as long as this move hit, it was unquestionable that Li Cangyu would die.

To the surprise of the audience… Tan Shitian wasn’t able to shoot his arrow.

Li Cangyu had started summoning his fire spirit, water spirit, thunder spirit and wind spirit the moment Tan Shitian escaped from Xiao Han’s attack.

He methodically called out his four favourite elf pets and then pressed the R key on the keyboard.

This was his summoner’s big move. He didn’t use it in the second division because the teams were weaker. Today, he was ready to bring back the big move to the Miracle League on the Time team’s young captain.


Once this skill was pressed, there was a sudden explosion in the forest. It was a big water, fire, thunder and wind cataclysm that had the widest range and the most terrible damage.

The water spirit’s ice attribute attack, the fire spirit’s Fireball, the thunder spirit’s thunder strike and the wind spirit’s wind attacks united together, resulting in an attack with multiple attributes and double the area damage!

The moment this move was pressed, Tan Shitian hadn’t fired the arrow yet and he fell to the ground in an instant.

[Old Cat has killed Ten Days!]

Cheng Wei was also uncomfortable. He was hit by Xiao Han and only had half his blood left. Then he was affected by Cat God’s Cataclysm and his blood fell to 40%. His blood strip also started flashing red.

Li Cangyu ordered, “Xiao Han, I’ll leave him to you.”

Once Cataclysm was used, all his skills were on cooldown. Li Cangyu immediately turned and hid behind a tree. Xiao Han immediately used a set of combos to wipe out Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei struggled to kill Li Cangyu and as a result, Li Cangyu hid behind a tree. Cheng Wei couldn’t reach for a while and only had a bit of blood left once he finally arrived in front of Li Cangyu. He wanted to use a white magic spell to remove Cat God’s residual blood but Li Cangyu reacted quickly. As soon as Cheng Wei appeared, he killed Xiao Wei with two common attacks that didn’t require casting.

[Old Cat has killed Only Dedication!]

This scene was really unbearable. It was like Cheng Wei had a layer of blood left and took the initiative to run to Cat God to die…

Cheng Wei really wanted to vomit out blood.

He couldn’t bear it anymore and typed on the area channel: [You are too cunning!]

Li Cangyu smiled: [All is fair in war.]

[…] Cheng Wei sent a row of ellipses before spitting out: [Nasty Cataclysm!]

Li Cangyu sent a touching head emoji.

On the big screen, the victory subtitle popped out. The match of Canglan VS Time was over and the score was determined to be 2:1.

Many audience members couldn’t recover their spirits.

Yu Bing looked at the unexpected score and couldn’t help saying, “Cat God’s Cataclysm, this is a big move that only elf summoners can use. It hasn’t appeared in the Miracle League for three years…”

She held back her tears and took a deep breath to calm herself down. “The conditions for Cataclysm are very harsh. First of all, the summoning and skills of the four pets can’t be on cooldown. Secondly, the player must summon all four pets in a short amount of time and allow them to complete the Cataclysm combo. Once the Cataclysm combo is over, all pet skills are no longer available. This skill has many preconditions and there are serious consequences after its release. However, if the right timing is grasped, this powerful group attack skill is likely to reverse the situation in an instant.”

Kou Hongyi was dazed for a moment before covering. He sighed, “The elf summoner’s Cataclysm, it had long been a legend by the time I entered the circle. Today I was fortunate enough to witness it. Sure enough, it is terrible!”

Yu BIng smiled. “This is our strongest elf summoner Cat God. Only he can complete this complicated operation and use his four pets to achieve the best results.”

Kou Hongyi excitedly exclaimed, “He has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. If we look at the replay, we can see that after the Tan Cheng combination, Cat God didn’t summon his pets again. Instead, he relied on his flexible walking and movement skills to consume Tan Shitian. At the last moment, he released it to reverse the situation! Amazing!”

This evaluation was what many fans were feeling at this time.

The Canglan was the away team against Time. Without knowing the mode and map selected, many fans felt that it was acceptable for Cat God to lose all three games. After all, the first match was an away match and there were many newcomers in the team…

However, Cat God relied on his delicate tactical layout and big output break at key moments to successfully reverse the situation twice, winning with an unexpected score of 2:1!

Many of Li Cangyu’s long-time loyal fans were so excited that they shed tears.

After experiencing so many twists and turns, this man could still calmly handle the game, bring such wonderful and exciting scenes.

Cataclysm, it was just a skill…

But only Li Cangyu had a good grasp of this skill.

Many elf summoners in the online game would blindly use Cataclysm and then become a slaughtered fish afterwards. Some people were confused by the preconditions and often couldn’t release it.

Cat God was different. The cooldown time of each pet and how much blue was consumed by each skill. These materials were deeply imprinted in the depths of his bone marrow. Thus, he was able to easily use Cataclysm despite being away from Miracle for three years. Counterattacking at the last moment, this was Cat God’s style.


The camera aimed at the Canglan team. Li Cangyu calmly stood up and spread open his arms with a smile. The four teenagers rushed to hold him and celebrate their first victory.

Under the stage, Ling Xuefeng saw this scene and his eyes became hot.

He still had some worries before the game. Perhaps Li Cangyu would be pressured by the newcomers and not play well? Facts proved that Li Cangyu was a strong and courageous captain. Regardless of the team battle mode or arena mode, he would smoothly finish the game according to his own ideas. Winning or losing didn’t have an effect on his psychological state.

He enjoyed the game and loved the Miracle League.

Ling Xuefeng saw Li Cangyu hugging the four newcomers in celebrating and couldn’t help smiling slightly. The elf’s Cataclysm that had disappeared for a long time finally appeared again. The player who once left with regret finally stood in the posture of the ‘return of the king’ in the Miracle League’s seventh season.

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