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Chapter 144 – Canglan VS Time (Second Team Battle)

In the first team battle, the Canglan team relied on Li Cangyu’s tactic of ‘threatening in the east while striking in the west’ to reverse the situation at the crucial moment, scoring one point first. During the intermission, Cheng Wei stared blankly at Tan Shitian. “I thought he was desperately trying to kill me…”

The result was that Cat God killed the archers of the Time team before killing Cheng Wei last.

Cheng Wei felt very depressed. It was like the most basic trust between people was gone. Cat God’s acting was so superb that it was a pity he wasn’t an actor!

Tan Shitian saw Cheng Wei’s depressed expression and rubbed his head with a smile. “You thought Cat God was trying to kill you because he used a big move against you? You are thinking too simply of Cat God.”

Cheng Wei wasn’t convinced. “Didn’t you react the same as me?”

Tan Shitian sighed helplessly. “I really underestimated him. We should’ve used the map advantage to slowly hit him. The result was that we hadn’t fully shown our tactics when we were interrupted by Cat God’s surprise.”

Tan Shitian recognized his own carelessly. He bowed his head and touched his chin for a moment before saying to his teammates, “The second game will be played stably. In the early stages, don’t easily start a battle. For the lineup, we will make one change. Xiao Liang will step down while Zhou Yu will play. The hunter will be used to limit the opposite side’s swordsman and assassin. Xiao Liang, you will get ready for the arena in the third game. Are there any problems?”

Tan Shitian’s style had always been like this. He was calm and collected no matter the outcome. Captain Tan was always smiling and he would give a full explanation if he made a halftime substitution. The result was that people didn’t feel uncomfortable when exchanged and the unity of the Time team increased.

Zhou Yu was a hunter and he wasn’t as famous as the other archers of Time. His advantage was that he was very stable on the field and his character was sedate. He was the oldest player in the current Time team. He was only in his early 20s, showing how young the Time team was.

After hearing the captain’s arrangement, the two people to be swapped nodded and said there were no problems.

Tan Shitian continued, “In this game, we must make full use of the terrain advantages. Zhou Yu will do trap protection for the front row and middle rows. This is convenient for our back row which is full of outputs. Everyone listen to my command. Once I give an order, set fire to kill that person and gain the first head advantage…”


The Canglan team’s soundproof room.

The unexpected victory in the first game made everyone feel ecstatic, especially Xiao Gu. Uncle Zhang was killed in the beginning because of his mistake. He felt very guilty but it was fortunate that they won. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to face his teammates.

Li Cangyu was calm as he encouraged his teammates with a few words before starting the arrangement of the next game.

He had a hunch that Tan Shitian would make adjustments to deal with the Canglan team’s lineup. However, the quick Xie Shurong and Xiao Han were necessary to deal with the fast kiting tactics of Time. They could cut into the rear and interfere with the archers. It would be harder for Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang, so the lineup of Canglan remained unchanged.

The 10 minutes intermission time ended and the second team battle began. The map chosen by Tan Shitian was still Elf Fantasyland.

Yu Bing said, “Tan Shitian should’ve specifically prepared for this map. The barrier of the forest is very suitable for guerrilla warfare. He wasn’t able to play out his tactics in the last game and was accidentally counterattacked. It is normal not to change the map. He should be trying to stabilize their play and will use the characteristic kiting tactics of Time.”

Kou Hongyi saw the change in IDs in the team battle participants list and couldn’t help adding, “The map remained the same but Time’s lineup has changed. The elf archer has come off and the elf hunter Zhou Yu is playing.”

Yu Bing frowned slightly. “Zhou Yu’s presence in the Time team is very low. After all, the most famous players are the elf archers. He is a hunter and only players when necessary. In the analysis of last year’s players, he is the one when the lowest play rate in the Time team.”

Yu Bing paused before adding, “Zhou Yu’s appearance rate isn’t high but once he participates in the team battle, the Time team’s winning rate is very high.”

Kou Hongyi nodded in agreement. “It is true that many players might have a weak personal strength but they can have a great impact on the team battle. Now let’s look at the Canglan side. The lineup hasn’t changed. It is still the same six people as the last game!”

On the big screen, the players were loaded onto the map.

The Canglan team were still at the bottom left while the Time team were at the top right.

Li Cangyu didn’t change the lineup but he changed the way they split up. This time, he asked Uncle Zhang to go to the southeast wilderness area with Xiao Han. He would go with Xiao Gu to the northwest area. He wanted to hit Cheng Wei and try to kill Cheng Wei’s economic development in the early stages.

Coincidentally, Tan Shitian also changed the way they split up and Cheng Wei headed to the southeast corner with the paladin Chai Jun. Meanwhile, the archer Lu Xiao and the elf hunter Zhou Yu took the road to the northwest area.

The result was that Cheng Wei and Zhang Jueming met again!

Cheng Wei saw the auxiliary white magician and immediately pressed the keyboard. This time he didn’t directly use God’s Seal to control Zhang Jueming. Instead, he used the group attack skill Tidal Surge!

Tidal Surge would cause the group to slow down. He used this skill to prevent Xiao Han from interfering.

Sure enough, the slow Xiao Han couldn’t catch up and Cheng Wei tried to kill Zhang Jueming.

Old Zhang was already prepared to be chased by Cheng Wei. Fortunately, this map had many obstacles. His hand speed wasn’t as good as Cheng Wei but his movements were flexible. He hid among the trees, forcing Cheng Wei to chase him for a long time. However, his field of view was blocked by the trees and he had no way to kill the opponent.

Tan Shitian saw this scene from down the road and immediately gave a reminded. “Xiao Wei, come back and kill the mobs first.”

“Yes…” Cheng Wei had to come back and focus on killing the mobs to make money.

Zhang Jueming saw him going back and couldn’t help typing on the area channel: [You aren’t going to fight?]

Cheng Wei: […]

Zhang Jueming sent a row of laughing emojis. [Uncle’s legs aren’t good. Thank you for not chasing me.]

Cheng Wei: […]

Damn, he couldn’t bear it! He watched the bloody white magician moving in front of him and wanted to get rid of the opponent with God’s Light. Unfortunately, God’s Light had just been used and was on cooldown.

Tan Shitian said, “He is using the provoking method. Leave him alone.”


Cheng Wei listened to the captain and hid behind the paladin to quickly take care of the mobs nearby.


Tan Shitian and Xie Shurong didn’t interfere with each other this time. The two people were too lazy to waste their skills. They walked in front of each other with an ‘I can’t see you, you don’t see me’ attitude.

Bai Xuan was always on guard against the possibility of Tan Shitian suddenly trying to kill Ah Shu. The result was that Tan Shitian ignored Xie Shurong from beginning to end. Bai Xuan followed next to Xie Shurong as a soy sauce until the mobs were cleared and they returned to the base.


In the northwest wilderness area, the combination of Li Cangyu and Gu Siming met Lu Xiao and Zhou Yu.

Lu Xiao was a relatively stable player. Like the last game, he didn’t rush when he encountered them in the wild area. Zhou Yu was even more stable. Apart from setting down traps to interfere with Gu Siming approaching, he didn’t even kill the mobs and gave all the resources to Lu Xiao.

Li Cangyu saw this and his heart was like a mirror. It was clear that Tan Shitian changed to the hunter Zhou Yu in order to have him play an interference role. That’s why Zhou Yu gave all the economy to Lu Xiao. Once the two teams met, Lu Xiao would assist Tan Shitian in unleashing attacks.

The presence of a hunter in Time would make the front row players of Canglan pause, which would affect the advance of the entire team.

The wild mobs were quickly cleared and Li Cangyu pressed the TAB key to view the game’s data.

Based on the list, Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao were currently leading with their economy. They both had 1,000 crystal coins, indicating that they didn’t miss a single mob in the early stages.

Cheng Wei and Zhang Jueming had tangled together. This affected the killing of mobs and no heads were won. Thus, they currently only had 500 coins like Xiao Han.

The difference lay in the healers and front row of both sides.

The Time team’s healer didn’t take a single coin and gave all the resources to Tan Shitian. On the other hand, Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan divided the resources and both of them had 500 crystal coins.

Time’s paladin Chai Jun didn’t have a single coin while Xiao Gu got 500 coins.

This way, the economy of the Canglan team was more average. Apart from Zhang Jueming who was slightly lower, the other five people had 500 coins. In the Time team, there was a clear split of the resources. Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao had 1,000 coins, Cheng Wei had 500 and the hunter, paladin and healer had 0 coins.

Yu Bing also discovered this point. She took advantage of the time when both teams were returning to the base to quickly explain to the audience, “We know that the number of mobs that will appear in the wild area is fixed. The Time team gave all the resources from the wild area to their main outputs. This will allow Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao to occupy the economic advantage in the early stages and facilitate their violent output in the next group encounter.”

Kou Hongyi suddenly realized. “Yes, the new system is based on economic warfare. Even if the two sides didn’t break out fighting in the early stages, the division of resources will have a great impact on the group fights. Tan Shitian bought a necklace that affects crit rate. Lu Xiao also chose the same necklace. The two of them should be relying on the crit bonus to kill people.”

Li Cangyu saw the economic gap and knew that Tan Shitian wanted to use violent kiting tactics in the first wave of group fighting. They would definitely unleash an onslaught but fortunately, the Canglan team’s paladin and healer had better equipment than the other side. They could withstand this output pressure.

Li Cangyu thought this and immediately ordered on the voice channel, “Tan Shitian will definitely launch a round of assault. We will try not to confront them head on. Xiao Gu and Xiao Bai, you have to endure it!”

Sure enough, once the ice dragon refreshed, the hunter Zhou Yu placed traps in front so that Xiao Han and Xie Shurong couldn’t get close. Cheng Wei used the group control skills to slow down the Canglan team while Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao relied on their range to quickly shoot at Xie Shurong!

The archers had the equipment bonus and Ah Shu was quickly beaten to residual blood. His life was about to disappear when Bai Xuan suddenly used Holy Light Surge to recover his blood.

Xie Shurong was excited. It was really great to have a strong milk dad!

Cheng Wei realized that the existence of the healer greatly restricted the plan of Tan and Lu. He immediately tried to use God’s Seal to control Bai Xuan. However, Xie Shurong moved sideways and quickly covered Bai Xuan. To everyone’s surprise, Bai Xuan saw Xie Shurong suddenly rush over and actually took a step to the side.

The audience, “…”

The two commentators were also dazed. Yu Bing couldn’t figure out why Bai Xuan was hiding. Only Xie Shurong knew that conditioning had kicked in at this key moment!

Xie Shurong endured the urge to swear and helplessly used Light and Shadow Rotation to forcibly protect his healer.

Bai Xuan found that Ah Shu had come to protect him and smiled slightly. He was sorry for his conditioned reflexes that made him hide and immediately put a full layer of blood buffs on Ah Shu.

The two sides fought fiercely for five minutes and couldn’t kill anyone.

Yu Bing couldn’t help sighing. “Player Bai Xuan’s healing ability is too powerful. He can instantly restore the blood of the teammate that the two Time archers are focused on. When fighting the Canglan team in the future, you will have to find a way to control the healer first. Otherwise, Bai Xuan will turn his teammates into undead blood cows!”

Kou Hongyi smiled. “Cheng Wei obviously realized this. Unfortunately, he failed in his attempt to control Bai Xuan. There is a super bodyguard by the vice-captain’s side.”

The first wave of group fighting dragged out. Bai Xuan ran out of blue and Xie Shurong was killed. Without any blue, Bai Xuan was also quickly killed. On the Time side, the paladin Chai Jun and hunter Zhou Yu were killed by Li Cangyu. The two sides completed a 2:2 heads exchanged and there wasn’t a clear advantage.

Both teams gave up on the ice dragon and returned to their bases.

The audience thought that both sides would launch a second wave over the ice dragon. The result made the crowd stunned. Once the Canglan team recovered and rushed to the ice dragon’s refresh point in the southeast region, they found that the Time team wasn’t present!

Li Cangyu had a bad feeling and instantly ordered, “Quickly kill the ice dragon!”

Xiao Gu pulled the aggro while the other members attacked, causing the ice dragon’s blood to drop rapidly.

At this point, the Time team had gone to the northwest area under Tan Shitian’s leadership. The camera switched and it was discovered that the fire dragon had refreshed in the northwest area. The Time team immediately rushed up while Tan Shitian and Lu Xiao stayed in the back to kill the fire dragon from a distance!

This unexpected change made many viewers unable to react. Yu Bing excited exclaimed, “Tan Shitian actually went to steal the fire dragon! It is unexpected. The fire dragon is harder to kill then the ice dragon but once it is killed, the whole team will get a 10% attack bonus. This is more useful than the ice dragon’s money bonus!”

Kou Hongyi smiled. “Cat God probably didn’t expect Tan Shitian to be so brave.”

The audience and professional players really didn’t expect Tan Shitian to be so daring. Generally speaking, teams would accumulate economy, kill the ice dragon to accumulate more money. Then they would buy enough equipment to hit the fire dragon. Tan Shitian directly skipped the second stage and went with his teammates to hit the fire dragon. The shocking thing was that the Time team killed the fire dragon in a thrilling manner!

This was because in the first wave of group fighting, Tan Shitian took the heads of Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan. The two heads plus the early resources that his teammate gave him allowed Tan Shitian to sell his necklace and immediately buy a weapon, the Recurve Bow!

This bow was surrounded with a blue light and increased attack speed by 20%. In Tan Shitian’s hands, the output was almost terrible. Arrows were continuously fired, like a rain of arrows falling from the sky. The fire dragon was soon killed.

The prompt ‘All stats +10%’ appeared.

Tan Shitian immediately ordered, “Push to the tower first before returning to the city at full speed!”

Before the Canglan team rushed over, everyone pushed to the defense towers and then returned to the city to fill up their blood and blue.

The Time team’s stats bonus was too strong and their kiting tactics played a miraculous effect. Under the protection of his teammates, Tan Shitian boldly fired and each arrow dealt 30% damage to the fragile classes. He literally became a terrible moving turret.

Once the crystal shattered and the word ‘failure’ popped on the screen, Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. He felt very appreciative of the young captain Tan Shitian.

Tan Shitian abandoned the ice dragon and unexpectedly ran to steal the fire dragon. It was obvious that Tan Shitian’s tactical thinking was flexible but he also had great courage. It was no wonder that the Time team’s performance never slipped after the retirement of Xu Luo. There was such a young and promising captain to replace him, making Time worthy of being called a giant team.

The score on the big screen became 1:1.

It was the intermission again and Xie Shurong helplessly looked at Bai Xuan. “Vice-Captain Bai, when can you change your reflexes? I’m here to protect you. Can you stop hiding?”

Bai Xuan smiled with embarrassment and said, “Next time, next time.”

Li Cangyu saw the two of them chatting and couldn’t help coming after. “Xiao Bai’s psychological shadow of being chased and killed by Ah Shu 10 times hasn’t been cured. Therefore, the two of you will play in the arena.”

Bai Xuan looked at Li Cangyu with a bitter expression. Xie Shurong laughed and wrapped an arm around Bai Xuan’s shoulder. “We will listen to Captain and form a team!”

‘This time, I will definitely protect you,’ Xie Shurong declared in his heart.

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