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Chapter 143 – Canglan VS Time

The order of the Canglan team and Time team quickly filled the big screen. Two team battles plus one arena mode, along with the maps being selected by the Time team. The home advantage for the Time team was quite obvious.

Along with the mode confirmation, there would be 10 minutes for the Canglan team to make the corresponding deployment. Li Cangyu had already arranged the Canglan team and didn’t hesitate to submit the contestants list to the referee.

The match soon started and the list of players who would be participating in the first round of the team battle was shown on the big screen.

The Time team’s lineup consisted of the front row paladin Chai Jun, the healing priest Xu Kai, the main output in Tan Shitian’s bard, the two elf bards Lu Xiao and Liang Deyuan assisting him plus white magician Cheng Wei who was responsible for controlling the field.

The Canglan team sent the most stable lineup in the second division: Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong, Zhang Jueming along with the two newcomers Gu Siming and Xiao Han.

The VIP seats under the stage.

Qin Mo saw this lineup and couldn’t help saying, “The Time team sent three bards. Are they using a lot of archers to dominate with the kiting tactics?”

Yan Ruiwen was sitting next to him and smiled. “Tan Shitian has always been confident in the kiting tactics of Time.”

Xu Feifan also agreed. “The archers of the Time team are very strong. The three archers of Tan Shitian, Lu Xiao and Liang Deyuan can play the guerrilla warfare by relying on the attack distance advantage. It will be very difficult for Canglan to fight!”

Qin Mo asked curiously, “Brother Xu, what do you predict the score to be?”

Xu Feifan didn’t hesitate. “I think it will be 3:0. The possibility of Time winning all three games at home is great.”

The teammates beside him were discussing the score. Ling Xuefeng said nothing but he thought, ‘Canglan has Cat God. A 3:0 score is impossible.’ Even in the case of an extremely unfavourable combat situation, Li Cangyu would find a way to reverse the situation and gain one point.

The home team of Time was really hard to play but Ling Xuefeng was confident in Li Cangyu.


In the commentary room, Yu Bing gave a brief review of the configuration of both teams and the match officially began.

The Time team selected the map and the map chosen by Tan Shitian was ‘Elf’s Fantasyland.’

This map was a mysterious land in the depths of the elf forest. The scene of the map was dominated with green tones. There were many strange shapes in the elf trees and countless vines wrapped around the branches, blending into each other. Many rattan fell down and formed a huge umbrella of vines, blocking the sun above the forest.

Walking in the Elf Fantasyland was like walking in a flower pavilion. The scenery was beautiful.

The biggest feature of this map was that there were many obstacles. Some of the bard’s skills ignored obstacles and there were three elf bards in this team battle. It was very suitable to use the obstacles in this map for guerrilla warfare.

Tan Shitian’s tactical thinking was very clear. It all depended on how Li Cangyu responded.

The contestants soon refreshed in opposite corners of the map.

In the ‘田’ type map, the Canglan team was born in the lower left corner and the Time team was born in the upper right corner.

Li Cangyu led his teammates forward and everyone divided into three groups at the fork. Li Cangyu took Xiao Han to the lower right corner, Zhang and Gu went to the upper left corner and the Shu Bai combination held the home base. This was the most common splitting up method and it was the most stable.

On the other side, Tan Shitian stayed at home with the healer. Cheng Wei and the paladin went to the upper left corner and Lu Xiao and Liang Deyuan went to the southeast corner in the lower right.

According to this splitting, Cheng Wei and the paladin Chai Jun should encounter Zhang Gu of the Canglan team. Coincidentally, both sides had the combination of white magician and paladin!

Yu Bing saw this scene and couldn’t help saying, “According to Cheng Wei’s personality, a fierce fight should start as soon as both sides encounter each other.”

Kou Hongyi said, “The combination of Zhang and Gu isn’t very good. Old Zhang might be a white magician but he added all points into auxiliary skills. This is unlike Cheng Wei, who added them into control and attack skills.

Yu Bing agreed with this. “Cheng Wei is only 19 years old this year. His condition is at the peak. Old Zhang’s speed can’t keep up with Cheng Wei. If the two white magicians fight, the chances of Canglan winning isn’t high.”

In the case where their teammates were also paladins, the auxiliary white magician had a low possibility of survival when encountering an output white magician. The audience had their hearts in their throats.

Both sides started to slowly make money by killing the mobs. Then 30 seconds after the match started, the combinations of paladin and white magician met in the northwest road!

Cheng Wei was usually emotional, especially when he swore. In fact, this temper was the same on the field. As long as he saw an opponent and Tan Shitian didn’t stop him, he would definitely rushed forward to kill or be killed by the opponents. In any case, someone would die.

Cheng Wei was straightforward and never calculated anything but this style attracted many fans. The league officials had once calculated it. Since the third season, the player who had been killed the most and who killed the most players was Cheng Wei. This showed how active he was on the field.

Today was Cheng Wei’s first time against Canglan and he was obviously more excited than usual. He saw the opposite side’s white magician and immediately used God’s Seal.

Zhang Jueming’s hand speed wasn’t high but his reaction rate was extremely fast. He saw Cheng Wei and felt that this person would use a white magician’s sealing skill to control him. Thus, he put his finger on the key in advance and cleverly moved to avoid Cheng Wei’s control.

Yu Bing couldn’t help exclaiming, “Beautiful! Old Zhang’s experience played a role in a critical moment. The level of Old Zhang is really first-rate.”

Cheng Wei wasn’t willing to let his opponent escape from his control and followed up with God’s Light. A dazzling white beam of light hit Zhang Jueming’s chest, directly causing him to lose 20% blood.

God’s Light was called a fool’s technique by netizens but it was Cheng Wei’s favourite skill.

It was a targeted skill. No matter how fast the opponent was moving or how fast they hid, as long as they were within the attack range, God’s Light would automatically hit the opponent.

Cheng Wei particularly liked to hit people with God’s Light. The skill of automatically locking onto the target was easy to use but the cooldown was too long.

Zhang Jueming was hit and immediately ran away. Xiao Gu hurriedly came up to protect Uncle Zhang. As a thick-skinned paladin, he couldn’t watch his teammate being hit.

However, the Time team also had an experienced paladin. Chai Jun knew that Cheng Wei wanted to kill the white magician and immediately stepped forward to entangle with XIao Gu.

Gu Siming shouted in the voice channel. “Uncle Zhang, you run! I can’t resist for long!”

Zhang Jueming was calm. “Don’t worry. I will delay as long as possible.”

There was no other way. This white magician was a support and couldn’t face the aggressive Cheng Wei. He could only try to delay the time for his teammate to find an opportunity.


In the southeast corner, the combination of Li Cangyu and Xiao Han encountered the Time team’s Lu Xiao and Liang Deyuan.

All four of them were output type classes and it was reasonable that the fight would be very quick. It was strange that they were no fierce fighting between them. They just cleaned up the mobs quickly.

Lu Xiao’s personality wasn’t like Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei might be the vice-captain of Time but Cheng Wei didn’t care about these matters. Tan Shitian was in charge of tactics and external affairs. The training of newcomers to the team was actually left to Lu Xiao. This man’s temper was better and he was always optimistic.

He and Tan Shitian were players who debuted at the same time. Since both of them were elf archers, Tan Shitian naturally covered up Lu Xiao’s light. Fortunately, Lu Xiao wasn’t so narrow-minded. He wasn’t jealous of Tan Shitian and felt relief at being the secondary output for the Time team.

A reporter once asked him, “You would be the lead if you go to another team. Why are you willing to stay in Time as the third-ranked person?” Lu Xiao’s answer was, “The pressure of a leader is very high. I am relaxed in Time. Even if we lose, everyone will bombard Tan Shitian. No one will blame me!”

The reason was really irrefutable.

Some people liked to lead a team to victory. For example, Li Cangyu, Ling Xuefeng and Tan Shitian were born to be captains. A player like Lu Xiao was more suitable for a supporting role. If he was in the protagonist’s role then he might feel too much pressure and not be able to play well.

Li Cangyu had long heard that there were a few good archers in Time apart from Tan Shitian. The most powerful one was Lu Xiao, who often appeared in the arena and team battles.

Today was their first encounter and Li Cangyu wanted to try a PK. He didn’t expect for this Lu Xiao to be particularly stable. He was clearly within range to attack Li Cangyu but he stood still.

The enemy didn’t move so he didn’t move. Li Cangyu also ignored him and focused on the small mobs.


The two wild areas in the middle were relatively calm. Bai Xuan held Xie Shurong and Xu Kai treated Tan Shitian.

Both sides focused on their economic development. However, Tan Shitian had a long range and would occasionally interfere with Xie Shurong’s killing. Xie Shurong just calmly moved to avoid it. If he couldn’t escape, he would run to Bai Xuan’s side and had Bai Xuan fill up his blood. It was good to bring a milk dad with him as all the lost blood was filled up.

Both sides tested each other for a while. By the time the wild mobs were cleared, Tan Shitian and Xie Shurong were still full of blood.

The audience was a bit cranky as they filled the screen of the live broadcast: [Captain Tan, destroy Tree!] [Ah Shu, kill that archer!] [Damn, the two of you are still full of blood after a long time. Hit each other!]

Yu Bing had a reasonable explanation for this. “It is a situation where the level of both players are the same and there is a healer. A 2v2 battle can’t finish in 10 minutes. Captain Tan and Ah Shu clearly know that they can’t kill the other person. Thus, they can only use some small skills to interfere and won’t really fight.”

Kou Hongyi agreed. “This is a very sensible approach. It is impossible to kill each other in 10 minutes with a healer. The ice dragon will soon refresh. That’s why both sides are mainly focusing on their economic development, probably waiting for this ice dragon to appear.”

Yu Bing added, “We will go back to the northwest area. Cheng Wei’s output ability is indeed strong. Zhang Jueming is already at 10% residual blood. Old Zhang is an auxiliary and it hasn’t been easy for him to persist under Cheng Wei’s pursuit for so long!”

At this time, Li Cangyu and Xiao Han had finished killing all the small mobs. Li Cangyu was about to return to the city when he saw the situation of Old Zhang being hunted by Cheng Wei and he couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Gu, go back and save him!”

Gu Siming was busy fighting the opposite paladin and completely forgot about protecting his teammate. Once he heard Cat God, he hurriedly looked around but then a message popped up on the screen.

[Only Dedication has killed Juemingzi, first kill!]

The audience cheered.

Gu Siming was stunned and wanted to apologize to Uncle Zhang. Unfortunately, the moment he was feeling stunned, a white beam flew towards him and a white circle appeared around him. It was God’s Seal.

Cheng Wei took this opportunity to seal him and then cooperated with his paladin teammate to quickly smash Gu Siming, who only had a small amount of blood left.

[Only Dedication has killed As the Name Suggests, double kill!]

Cheng Wei was ecstatic by the double kill. Tan Shitian smiled and said, “Don’t be happy. Hurry and return back to town.”

Cheng Wei replied happily, “Yes, I’m coming!”

Thanks to the two heads, Cheng Wei’s economy took the lead. After returning to the store, he bought his favourite attack necklace, ‘Light God’s Blessing’ and followed Tan Shitian to prepare for the next big group battle.


On the Canglan side, Li Cangyu didn’t say much.

Xiao Gu liked to rush forward and fight with people. It wasn’t surprising that he was caught up in the moment and didn’t take care of his teammate. Gu Siming’s foundation was solid but he was impulsive and lacked patience. This was related to his personality and it would be difficult to change quickly.

In addition, it was taboo to lecture people in the middle of the game. If there were any problems then it had to wait until the game was over.

Li Cangyu gathered his teammates together and spoke some precautions.

In the next ice dragon team fight, it would be a 6v6 matchup. Cheng Wei had a 10% attack bonus and necklace bonus. It was very hard for Canglan to reverse the situation.

Many viewers even lit a row of candles for Canglan in advance.

In the VIP seats, Qin Mo nervously stared at the screen and asked, “Will Xiao Han lose?”

Yan Ruiwen smiled and said, “Not necessarily. Cat God is the best at using strange tricks. It is possible for Canglan to reverse the disadvantageous situation.”

Ling Xuefeng agreed with these words.

Canglan was indeed at a disadvantage. Xiao Gu and Old Zhang were chased by Cheng Wei and the money earned was so poor that they couldn’t afford the cheapest ring. Meanwhile, Time had Cheng Wei whose attack power was greatly improved by the double kills.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t feel that he would lost. It was because Ah Shu, Bai Xuan, Xiao Han and himself had played very stably in the early stages and their equipment didn’t fall behind the other four members of the Time team.

Once the six member teams fought against each other, there was still hope as long as they controlled Cheng Wei.


The two sides met at the ice dragon’s refresh point and Li Cangyu let the Zhang Gu combination expand the field of view.

Cheng Wei also came this way and responded quickly as soon as he saw the group. He didn’t hesitate to use God’s Seal to control Li Cangyu but Li Cangyu used the water spirit’s Water Ball to freeze Cheng Wei in place instead!

The two men fired at almost the same time but Cat God’s hand speed was faster than Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei was frozen first while Li Cangyu cleverly avoided Cheng Wei’s seal the moment he released the skill.

He released a skill while using positioning to hide from an opponent’s attack. This superb operation wasn’t just due to Li Cangyu’s strength but also his understanding of Cheng Wei. This player was a person he patiently taught in the past. He was clear about many of Cheng Wei’s habits.

After hiding from the skill, Li Cangyu immediately summoned his fire spirit and used Fireball one after another on Cheng Wei. This was followed by summoning a thunder spirit and the big move Thunder’s Wrath slammed into Cheng Wei!

He even used a big group attack to kill Cheng Wei. It was obviously that Cat God planned to kill Cheng Wei!

Tan Shitian immediately ordered, “The front row, quickly protect him! Healer, add blood!”

Cat God’s hand speed was very fast and he beat Cheng Wei to residual blood in just a few seconds. However, Cheng Wei had teammates around him. The front row paladin used Guardian’s Light Shield to reduce the damage that Cheng Wei received while the rear row healer used Holy Light Surge to fill Cheng Wei’s blood!

At this time, the freezing effect on Cheng Wei’s body finished. He immediately cast the white magic big move, World of Ice and Snow at Li Cangyu. This was a white magician’s most powerful group attack spell. Countless ice and snow fell from the sky, resulting in a large drop of blood as well as a deceleration effect.

Cheng Wei’s World of Ice and Snow finished and he followed up with the locking attack, God’s Light to force Li Cangyu’s blood to 50%.

At this time, the three archers in the back row fired at Li Cangyu, forcing Li Cangyu to a residual blood state!

Bai Xuan naturally wasn’t idle. He immediately gave Li Cangyu an injury reduction skill, filled the heal over time (HOT) blood buff to the full amount and then used a single blood increase skill to pull back Li Cangyu’s blood from the danger level.

Once the group battle started, the audience held their breaths. Cheng Wei and Cat God played fiercely. Cat God used his pets while Cheng Wei also used a big move…

The thing that made many viewers nervous was that Xiao Han and Xie Shurong of Canglan were going around to the rear of the Time team!

Yes, the audience was watching from a god’s perspective. They could see the positions of Xiao Han and Xie Shurong but Tan Shitian couldn’t see it!

Tan Shitian was focused on killing Old Cat and hadn’t noticed two team members were missing. He thought that these two people were in the dark area of his field of view and he just couldn’t see them. He didn’t expect that these two actually went around behind him!

At this moment, Xie Shurong typed a 1 on the team channel, indicating he was ready.

Li Cangyu smiled. His fingers quickly pressed the keyboard and he summoned the wind spirit. Storm Fury directly blew the Time team back two metres towards Xie Shurong and Xiao Han!

Xie Shurong first used Spirit Lock to seal the healer and then he used Light and Shadow Rotation to take care of the fragile archers!

Xiao Han had long placed Death Mark on Tan Shitian and he followed up with Backstab and Fatal Blow!

At the same time, Zhang Jueming unleashed his big moves, Song of Encouragement, Voice of Combat to greatly enhance their combat power!

The sudden attack shocked Tan Shitian. The healer was fixed in place while the opposite side’s melee struck. The fragile archers instantly fell to a residual blood state.

The control effect on the healer had just ended when Li Cangyu once again controlled him with the water spirit. At the same time, he used the fire spirit to attack Tan Shitian. He waited until Tan Shitian had one drop of blood left before letting Xiao Han accept the head.

[Frost Descends has killed Ten Days!]

The fans of the Time team were stunned when this popped up.

The fans of Canglan started to cheer. [Great!] [It is the threaten the east and strike in the west strategy again. Cat God is amazing!] [The mixed-race boy is powerful. He is worthy of being Cat God’s apprentice!] [Xiao Han, marry me!] [Touch Xiao Han, this golden head is good!]

Xie Shurong had used a big move to hit all three archers. The moment Xiao Han killed Tan Shitian, Xie Shurong also forcibly killed Lu Xiao using Breaking Bone Sword.

[Ah Shu has killed Unfettered!]

In the front row, Li Cangyu had initially acted like he wanted to kill Cheng Wei. Then he ignored Cheng Wei and changed targets to Time’s third archer.

[Old Cat has killed Xiao Liang!]

Cheng Wei was very sad. He felt that he had been deceived!

Cat God had clearly been aiming for him. Why did Cat God suddenly ignore him and instead killed the people behind him?

At this time, Li Cangyu turned back and used the help of Ah Shu and Xiao Han to smoothly take Cheng Wei’s head.

[Old Cat has killed Only Dedication, double kill!]

Canglan cleverly used the front and back tactic to surround the Time team and killed four people in one breath. The remaining paladin and priest quickly fled according to Tan Shitian’s instructions but it didn’t help.

The 4:0 heads in this wave of battle was a big victory and Canglan’s economy completely overtook the Time team.

Li Cangyu’s equipment became the best in the game while Ah Shu and Xiao Han’s attack power also improved. Under Li Cangyu’s steady command, everyone pushed through the defense towers, killed the phoenixes and arrived at the crystal.

The moment the crystal shattered, many viewers still hadn’t recovered.

This game was played very strangely. In the early stages, the two sides were slow-paced and people felt sleepy. Only Cheng Wei scored two heads, which seemed to indicate the Time team’s victory.

The surprising thing was that in the first wave of the big team fight, the winner was actually the Canglan team.

The early slow-paced game sped up the moment the ice dragon refreshed, like chicken blood was injected.

The Canglan team unexpectedly used the threaten the east to strike in the west tactic. Li Cangyu unleashed his big moves and attracted the full attention of the other side. The two melee used the opportunity to go to the rear. Li Cangyu’s acting skills and the control of his wind spirit at the crucial moment meant that the three archers of the Time team died in an instant.

The eyes of the audience members were about to fall out at the thrilling reversal of the Canglan team.


In the VIP seats, Ling Xuefeng looked at the score of 1:0 on the big screen and couldn’t help smiling slightly.

This was Cat God.

Unexpectedly reversing the situation was normal for Li Cangyu.

This witty cat, as long as a person was slightly careless, they would be beaten to death by his paws.

In order to deal with Li Cangyu, a person had to always be on guard against his unpredictable tactics. They had to pay attention to who was around him and who was missing. Daring to fight after seeing Canglan only having four people, Tan Shitian was still too young!

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