GLS: Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 – Opening Ceremony Battle

Cheng Wei returned to the hotel room and looked at Tan Shitian in an uncomfortable manner. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “Captain Tan, you don’t mind today’s joke with the kiss?” His heart yelled, ‘Blame that bastard Zhang Shaohui for not letting it go!’

Tan Shitian looked back and saw Cheng Wei’s red ears. His heart was moved and he couldn’t help walking over to pinch Cheng Wei’s face. He said softly, “I don’t mind. I won’t lose a few pieces of meat from being kissed by you.”

Cheng Wei thought, ‘Captain Tan is too arrogant. Wouldn’t an average man dislike being kissed by the same gender?’

He completely didn’t know that Tan Shitian was happy. Today was only a kiss on the cheek but Tan Shitian wanted to hold Cheng Wei for a deep French kiss.

Tan Shitian saw the ignorant and simple eyes and suppressed his evil thoughts. He smiled as he rubbed Cheng Wei’s head, saying, “Let’s go to bed first. Tomorrow we will have a team meeting.”

Cheng Wei nodded. “Yes Captain Tan! You should also go to bed early!”


In the next room, Zhang Shaohui was still asking Lou Wushuang, “Brother, who do you like? How come I don’t remember you being in contact with a girl? Or do you mean… did you go on a date without telling me during the holiday?”

His eyes were bright as he asked, “Brother, did you hold hands? Do you have a photo? Can you take me to meet my sister-in-law one day?”

Lou Wushuang, “…”

‘Idiot! I like you! Where is the sister-in-law? Did you brains get eaten by a dog?’

Zhang Shaohui saw his brother’s face reddening and raised his hand in surrender. “Okay, I won’t ask! Brother, don’t be angry. It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. In any case, send me some candy when you get married.”

Lou Wushuang glanced at him before ignoring him to take a shower.

It was really hard to like such a person but what could he do? He had long since fallen for Zhang Shaohui’s tenderness.

Zhang Shaohui might not have a high IQ and EQ but he was frank and natural. After being besides him for so many years, this stupid brother became a treasure who couldn’t be abandoned.

Zhang Shaohui might not known now but one day he would understand.

Lou Wushuang sighed gentle and turned the shower to the maximum, driving away the confused thoughts in his mind.

Everyone played indulgently tonight because they knew it was the last moment of relaxation before the seventh season started.


The next day, the captains and vice-captains returned to their teams, while others stayed in Beijing and had their teammates come over. The preparations for the seventh season were completed and everyone had to make strategic arrangement according to the schedule.

Li Cangyu was refreshed after waking up. He first took a photo of the seventh season’s schedule and sent it to Liu Chuan’s email. Then he studied the lineup configuration for the opening ceremony with Bai Xuan.

The schedule for the Miracle League’s first division wasn’t as close as the second division. It was because in the second division, all teams gathered in the host city and lived together. There were no problems playing two matches in one day. However, the first division had home and away games. The away team had to fly all the way to the city of the home team to play. If the schedule was too tight, the contestants wouldn’t be able to adapt to the rhythm.

Generally speaking, the first division was a maximum of one match per team per week.

There would be a warm-up match on the day of the opening ceremony, which had the new team go against the home team. This year’s opening ceremony was in the home city of Beijing. The home team was naturally the Time team located in Beijing.

Tan Shitian might be the youngest captain in the Miracle League and he looked gentle and harmless, but his tactical ideas were extremely strong. He didn’t lose to the old captain Xu Luo.

It wasn’t good to play at the Time team’s home venue.

Li Cangyu had played against Xu Luo in the first season and he knew how terrifying Time could be. This was a team that could apply kiting tactics to the extreme. After the retirement of Captain Xu Luo, the emergence of the genius elf archer Tan Shitian made their kiting tactics more terrible than before.

The core of Time was undoubtedly Tan Shitian. Apart from Tan Shitian, the Time team had several other first-class players.


In order to develop tactics and train the team in advance, Li Cangyu asked the team members to arrive in Beijing at the end of the holiday, two days ahead of the scheduled time.

Once the players arrived, Li Cangyu called a tactical meeting.

The big screen showed the information of the entire Time team that he created after analyzing them for the past few days. Li Cangyu patiently explained, “In addition to the Time team’s ace Tan Shitian, there is a person everyone is very familiar with—the vice-captain, Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei’s tactical level isn’t high but his individual ability is extremely strong. He is the leading white magician in the league and can use control skills in an excellent manner. The main player Lu Xiao is a very sharp elf archer. In addition, the Time team has two players called Liang Sejie and Liang Deyuan. The two of them are very good elf archers and their task is to assist Tan Shitian to interrupt the opponent’s offensive rhythm.”

“The front row of the Time team is the terran paladin Chai Jun while the healer is the angel priest Xu Kai. These two players aren’t 20 years old yet and they debuted with Tan Shitian. They followed the Time team to today and have a tacit understanding.”

Li Cangyu aimed his pointer at the race column. “Combined together, the Time team is very distinctive. They mainly consist of elves and angels and are a light based team, which is completely opposite from the dark based Wind Colour team.”

“The Time team will mainly depend on the elves’ attack distance and speed, as well as the strength of the angel’s control. The tactics of remote kiting and rapid guerrilla warfare will be used to quickly take heads.”

“It will be hard to face the six members of Time so we need to gain economic advantages in the early wilderness area….”

Li Cangyu analyzed the Time team and everyone listened carefully.

The first match a the opening ceremony was Canglan VS Time. It might just be the regular season but for the Canglan players, this match was particularly important. It was because this was the first match since entering the first division. Everyone wanted to make a good start.

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