GLS: Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Big Party

After the dinner for the pre-season meeting, Tan Shitian was the Beijing host and offered to treat the guests to a nearby KTV to sing karaoke. Cheng Wei always loved exciting things and naturally raised both hands to agree with the proposal.

Li Cangyu originally didn’t want to go but Cheng Wei pestered him, crying out, “Cat God, let’s go together! In any case, you will just go back to the hotel and do nothing! It is one week before the season starts. Just relax!”

Li Cangyu was dragged forward by him and helplessly had to keep up with Cheng Wei’s footsteps.

It was Tan Shitian’s first time since taking over as captain of Time that the opening ceremony was held in Beijing. He wanted to do his best as host. The other captains gave him face by taking several cars from the hotel to the KTV place.

Tan Shitian booked a large business room that fit more than 20 people.

The private room was very spacious and the decorations luxurious. The lighting was beautiful and the acoustics were excellent. The Time team often came out for parties and Tan Shitian was obviously very familiar with this KTV.

Cheng Wei picked up the microphone and actively became the host. “Today is our Captain Tan’s treat. Everyone, order what you want to eat and drink. Don’t be polite!”

Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help asking, “You aren’t the one paying? Is it okay for you to say this? Captain Tan is your captain. Aren’t you afraid he is going to clean you up when you get back?”

Cheng Wei scratched his head. “Captain Tan is very generous. He shouldn’t blame me?”

Tan Shitian glanced at him and agreed. “Xiao Wei is right. Tonight is the time to relax before the regular season. Everyone should eat, drink and have fun!”

The crowd immediately clapped. “Okay!”

“Captain Tan sing first!”

“I heard that Captain Tan sings very well. Come sing a song!”

Tan Shitian proposed, “Shouldn’t we let the new entrant Cat God sing first?”

Cheng Wei instantly agreed. “Yes, Cat God first!”

Then he ran to Li Cangyu and actively handed the microphone to the other person.

Li Cangyu had to stand up and accept the microphone. “Then I will casually sing a song.”

He had always been straightforward. Rather than protesting, he simply walked forward. On the stage, he ordered Mayday’s Stubborn.

This song was popular all over the country a few years ago and many people present were familiar with it. Li Cangyu sang it with a clear and low voice, giving people a shock.

“When I am different from the world, let me be different. If I compromise myself, if I lie to myself, even if other people forgive me, I won’t forgive myself. The most beautiful wish is the craziest. In my living place, I am my own god. I and my last stubbornness, holding both hands tightly, I absolutely won’t let go. The next stop might or might not be paradise. Even if I am disappointed, I can’t despair…”

Li Cangyu’s singing wasn’t particularly special but his voice was nice and clear. The wording was accurate and he didn’t go out of tune. In particular, the song was exactly in line with his mood at the time and he sang it with his heart, making it sound very nice.

Many people were fascinated. They didn’t expect Li Cangyu to be so charming when he sang, not losing to the recognized song god of the league, Tan Shitian.

He stood under the dazzling lights and sang the lyrics, as if he was calmly telling a story.

His singing wasn’t a hoarse shouting but every word touched the heart.

Ling Xuefeng sat on the sofa and smiled as he watched Li Cangyu sing. Still, he couldn’t help feeling sour. The lyrics were exactly what Li Cangyu thought over the years. Even if he was disappointed, he never despaired. He held onto his stubbornness and insisted on going all the way today, never compromising due to difficulties.

He was hard on himself, which was how he could become as tough as he was today.

Ling Xuefeng liked and appreciated him but he also felt admiration.

The people present listened to Li Cangyu singing and immediately clapped.

“Nice!” “Cat God sings well!”

Cheng Wei was excitedly recording the song with his phone. He changed occupations and was quite professional. After the recording, he said, “Cat God, I will send the video to you after I go back! You are too handsome!”

Li Cangyu smiled and handed the microphone back to Tan Shitian. “Captain Tan, my mission is done. Is it your turn?”

Tan Shitian said, “Cat God sang so it is  Vice-Captain Bai’s turn. What do you say?”

Everyone immediately cheered. “Vice-Captain Bai sing!”

“Vice-Captain Bai! Vice-Captain Bai!”

Bai Xuan was forced to laugh. “I really can’t sing.”

Li Cangyu suddenly interrupted and sold his teammate. “Xiao Bai can’t sing Chinese songs but he sings English songs very well.”

Bai Xuan stared at Li Cangyu. “Hey! Is it okay to sell your teammate?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Don’t be humble. Today is for everyone to happily play. You should also show your hand.”

“…” Bai Xuan was sold by Li Cangyu and was forced to take the microphone, picking an English song to sing.

He sang the Backstreet Boys’ I’ll Never Break Your Heart. His voice was very gentle and when he sang this song, it was like he was confessing to a loved it. It was gentle and warm enough to make the heart drunk!

Many people didn’t know that Vice-Captain Bai graduated from the English department. They heard him sing the English song smoothly and made expressions of worship.

After Bai Xuan finished, the group cheered and demanded Ling Xuefeng sing.

Ling Xuefeng told them in a grave manner. “I can’t sing.”

Li Cangyu had been standing next to Ling Xuefeng and added, “He really can’t sing. At least, I’ve never heard him sing.”

In any case, he was the abstinent god of the league and didn’t seem suitable for this ‘singing’ activity.

Tan Shitian suggested, “If you don’t sing then how about drinking? Do you agree?”

“Agreed! Captain Ling, have a drink!”

Ling Xuefeng simply picked up a glass of beer and drank it.

The group immediately clapped and cheered.

Next, the host Tan Shitian sang for everyone.

This was the first time Li Cangyu had heard him singing. The league’s number one singer Tan Shitian really deserved his reputation. His gentle and low voice was particularly suitable for campus singing. It was intoxicating and it would be perfect if he sang while playing a guitar.  Compared with the other people’s amateur-level singing, Tan Shitian was a professional.

The captain of Ghost Spirits, Lou Wushuang had been expressionless the whole time. He usually looked cold and didn’t like these lively occasions. However, Zhang Shaohui went and he could only follow.

As everyone was cheering, Lou Wushuang calmly pushed up his glasses and declared, “I won’t do it.”

Zhang Shaohui stood up to protect his brother. “My brother dislikes singing from a young age. He also isn’t good with alcohol. In order to give him a bit of face and not embarrass him, how about I drink two cups?”

He really did drink two cups of beers, forcing the crowd to let go of Lou Wushuang.

The thing that surprised Li Cangyu was that Zhang Shaohui’s singing was also good. He sang while jumping and his energy was great.

Lou Wushuang stared at his brother’s back. This guy might be a single-celled organism with low IQ and EQ, but he was strong and handsome. He played basketball, could sing and cook and he was honest. In fact, a man like Zhang Shaohui would be the perfect husband in the eyes of many girls.

However, this blockhead felt that girls wouldn’t like such an honest person and he rarely had contact with girls.

Zhang Shaohui finished singing and returned to sit next to his brother. He smiled and asked, “Brother, how was my singing?”

Lou Wushuang showed a little smile as he answered, “Not bad.”

Zhang Shaohui was excited. “Come, let’s listen to the song while playing the turntable. Otherwise it will be too boring.”

People gathered around him. Zhang Shaohui pulled Li Cangyu to join and Ling Xuefeng saw this and sat down as well.

There were many people around the table. Zhang Shaohui explained the simple rules for playing the turntable. This type of turntable was a common item in KTV. There were options like truth, dare, drink a cup, drink four cups, jump to the next player, etc. There was an arrow in the middle and the rules were simple. The arrow pointed to a person and they would have to do the task written.

Zhang Shaohui turned it first. The arrow pointed to Ling Xuefeng and the task was to drink four cups.

“Wow, four cups!”

“Does Captain Ling dare?”

“What are you afraid of?” Ling Xuefeng easily drank four cups.

Li Cangyu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t be afraid, I will carry you back if you are drunk.”

Ling Xuefeng retorted, “You are usually the one who gets drunk first.”

Li Cangyu wasn’t convinced. “I can drink a lot. If you don’t believe me then look!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Shaohui’s turntable stopped on Li Cangyu. “Drink four cups.”

Li Cangyu was like Ling Xuefeng. He drank four glasses of beer in one breath.

The group clapped and cheered. “Okay!” “You are handsome!” “Let’s see who will get drunk first between you two!”

Zhang Shaohui continued to turn the turntable. This time, the arrow stopped in front of Lou Wushuang and the task was: tell a truth.

Lou Wushuang’s expression was calm. “What is your question?”

Zhang Shaohui asked curiously, “Brother, do you have someone you like?”

Lou Wushuang easily replied, “I do.”

The group was shocked by the answer and Zhang Shaohui’s eyeballs almost popped out. “Eh? How come I didn’t know? Brother, who do you like? Can you describe them?”

“…” Lou Wushuang stared at him and described, “A very stupid person.”

Zhang Shaohui scratching his head and laughed. “Haha, it turns out that my brother likes stupidity! This is good. Your IQ is high and the other person’s IQ is low. You complement each other.”

Su Guangmo curiously interjected, “Who do you like? Can you tell us?”

Lou Wushuang’s face was cold. “No.”

Zhang Shaohui laughed. “Cough, the truth task only needs to answer one question. Let’s continue!”

Cheng Wei came over. “I want to play, I want to play!”

As a result, the turntable moved and pointed to Cheng Wei. The task was: find someone at this location to kiss.

Zhang Shaohui urged, “Vice-Captain, do the task.”

Cheng Wei immediately pouted. “I’ll go to the bathroom…”

He wanted to pee but Zhang Shaohui stopped him. “You can’t cheat when playing!”

The group chanted, “One kiss, one kiss!” “Cheng Wei, kiss me! There will be no charge!” “It might be Cheng Wei’s first kiss but don’t make a fuss. Kiss me!”

Cheng Wei’s face flushed. “This is breaking the rules and doesn’t count. Do it again!”

“That won’t work. The turntable pointed to you. Admit it!” Zhang Shaohui was the host and naturally couldn’t allow anyone to refuse. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fun.

Cheng Wei’s black eyes helplessly moved around in a circle. He looked over everyone before helplessly locking onto Cat God. He ran over and said in an embarrassed manner, “Cat God…”

He obviously meant to kiss Li Cangyu to complete the task.

Ling Xuefeng’s eyes sank and he interrupted Cheng Wei. “You can’t kiss Cat God.”

Cheng Wei was stunned. “Why not?”

Tan Shitian immediately dragged Cheng Wei away, rubbing his head. “Stupid, Cat God definitely doesn’t want to kiss you. He wants to keep his first kiss for his girlfriend. I will sacrifice myself and help you. Come on, don’t hide.”

Cheng Wei looked back and found that Tan Shitian was laughing as he directly placed his face in front of Cheng Wei’s mouth.

Cheng Wei was helpless and had to stand on tiptoe to quickly kiss his cheek, crying out with a red face, “That’s it!”

Tan Shitian touched the cheek that Cheng Wei kissed, his heart beating very quiet. He smiled and said, “That’s fine. The task said you just needed to kiss someone, not the location of the kiss.”

Cheng Wei immediately felt regret. “Eh? Then I could’ve kissed the back of your hand?”

Tan Shitian thought, ‘It’s too late now.’

Zhang Shaohui shouted, “Good, Cheng Wei passed! Next!”

The turntable stopped randomly in front of someone and different tasks were carried out.

The atmosphere at the scene became more and more lively. Later, there were things like braying like a donkey and barking like a dog. The group of great gods had fun playing and forgot their image.


Li Cangyu didn’t know why he had bad luck today. Every time the turntable pointed at him, he had to drink. He drank several glasses of beer in a row. Even if his alcohol tolerance wasn’t bad, he still felt a bit dizzy.

Everyone played until 3 in the morning and then separated into four cars to head back to the hotel.

Once he arrived at the hotel, Li Cangyu was so drunk that he couldn’t stand. The still sober Ling Xuefeng just carried him. Li Cangyu lay on his back and mumbled, “One braised fish, two pickled fish…”

The people next to him didn’t know if they should laugh or cry!

In particular, Bai Xuan was a friend for many years and was aware of Li Cangyu’s habits. This cat had a habit of counting fish every time he became drunk. He counted the types of fish he ate from beginning to end until he fell asleep.

Ling Xuefeng’s expression was calm as he carried Li Cangyu to the hotel room. He helped take off Li Cangyu’s shoes and coat, wiped his face with a hotel towel and then covered him with the quilt.

Bai Xuan went to the bathroom to shower and Ling Xuefeng poured a cup of warm water for Li Cangyu. The drunk cat was particularly interesting. Other people would do things like swear or fall when drunk. This person wasn’t noisy and he kept talking about fish. He also stretched out and grabbed Ling Xuefeng’s arm tightly, as if it was a delicious fish.

Ling Xuefeng smiled and touched Li Cangyu’s hair, saying, “Don’t keep counting. I will make all types of fish later for you to eat.”

Li Cangyu seemed very satisfied with this. He let go of the other person’s arm and closed his eyes to sleep.

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Feng Demon knows how to make a drunk Cat fall asleep.


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Thanks for the chapter! Counting fish! I’m dead! 😂🤣😂🤣😂 This is too adorable & silly! He is such a cat! Well, at least he’s not a bad drunk.

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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