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GLS: Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 – Canglan’s Advance (1)

The two of them returned to the hotel after dinner. Ling Xuefeng went to the front desk to book another room, intending to stay for the time.

He suddenly came to Guangzhou to see Li Cangyu due to a temporary decision and he hadn’t bought a return ticket. In any case, Li Cangyu’s body still hadn’t recovered. Ling Xuefeng wanted to stay here a few more days before returning to Shanghai.

Li Cangyu saw Ling Xuefeng used his ID card to book a room and couldn’t help saying, “If the team is busy, you should go back first. I will recover from this cold in two days. You don’t have to stay with me.”

Ling Xuefeng looked back and couldn’t help smiling when he saw Li Cangyu’s serious eyes. “I am staying here not just to accompany you. There are also some things to deal with.”

Li Cangyu wondered, “Is it a private matter?”

“It is a team matter.” Ling Xuefeng didn’t intend to hide it and honestly explained, “There is a live broadcasting platform that wants to ask the Wind Colour team to broadcast some games. I have discussed it with the manager and feel there is no harm in it, so I agreed. The headquarters of the live broadcast company is in Guangzhou. I came here to talk to them.”

“Live broadcasting platform?” Li Cangyu thoughtfully spoke, “A first person live perspective of the arena, isn’t this more like an instructional video?”

He had seen some broadcasts before. Many experts used the first perspective to teach the audience the operations of certain classes. Novices watching these live videos could learn many things.

Ling Xuefeng’s live broadcast platform wanted to invite team players to participate in interactive live broadcasts. Viewers would be attracted by the popularity of the players and the live broadcast platform would gradually expand.

Many newcomers had poured into Miracle in recent years, especially after news of the World Competition was released. This year’s system changed and the arena rules were more complicated than before. Many newcomers didn’t know how to play. Some e-sports players would use the first perspective explanation videos to teach everyone, which was very good for new players.

Li Cangyu asked, “The live broadcast platform probably didn’t just find the Wind Colour team, right?”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Time, Flying Feathers and Ghost Spirits also promised to cooperate with them. On free weekends, players will go to the arena and play casually, making instructional videos for the novices. This is extra income so most players are happy.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “It seems like Xiao Cheng Wei is the most eager to do this?”

“Well, Time was the first to sign. Cheng Wei said he would go live and he also preempted the room number 6666.”

Li Cangyu whispered, “He should register 2222.”

In the distant Beijing, Cheng Wei suddenly sneezed.

Ling Xuefeng smiled softly and said, “If there is a chance in the future, open a side account to accompany me in the live broadcast room. I will go there one a fortnight and winning or losing doesn’t matter. Thus, it is a relaxing event.”

“If I go, won’t I be recognized?”

Ling Xuefeng replied, “Just don’t talk.”

Li Cangyu made an ‘OK’ gesture. It was great to be able to accompany his boyfriend in the arena and relax after a match. But… Li Cangyu demanded, “I need an appearance fee.”

Ling Xuefeng offered, “I will make you pickled fish if you appear?”

Li Cangyu held out his hand with a satisfied expression. “Deal!”

Ling Xuefeng gently shook his hand and turned back to the front desk to check-in.

At this time, the Canglan team members returned from their meal.

They saw Li Cangyu in the hall and the four teenagers immediately ran to him. Xiao Gu excitedly hugged Li Cangyu and cried out, “Cat God, we won! 14:2 is so cool!”

Zhuo Hang smiled and added, “Xiao Li and I got four points in the arena. Cat God, do you want to praise me?”

The surrounded Li Cangyu helplessly stretched out his hand and rubbed their heads, stating, “You all did very well. This time I can praise you.”

Gu Siming smiled happily and Zhuo Hang was also proud.  Xiao Han thoughtfully bowed his head while Li Xiaojiang stood quietly next to Li Cangyu, not saying a word.

Ling Xuefeng came back after checking in and found Li Cangyu surrounded by four teenagers.

Ling Xuefeng’s heart suddenly felt a bit upset. Was it necessary for these four little guys to stick to Li Cangyu like candy? In addition, that Xiao Gu. Why wasn’t he letting go of Li Cangyu?

Gu Siming felt cold eyes on the back of his neck and let go of Cat God. He looked back and his eyes brightened. “Eh? Captain Ling is still here?”

Ling Xuefeng told him with a blank expression, “I have something to do in Guangzhou and will be staying a few days.”

The black fan Gu Siming walked up to him. “Can you give me a signature again?”

Ling Xuefeng agreed. “Yes.”

Bai Xuan saw Ling Xuefeng and took the initiative to step forward, politely saying, “Captain Ling, did you come to Guangzhou on a business trip?”

Ling Xuefeng certainly couldn’t say that he came to take care of a patient. He used the excuse Bai Xuan found for him and nodded. “I had something to do and came here. I heard you were staying in this hotel and dropped by to take a look.”

Bai Xuan glanced between him and Li Cangyu before smiling. “That is really a coincidence. Cat God just became sick.”

Li Cangyu coughed because of his guilty conscience and said, “Don’t stand in the hall and chat. Let’s go back.”


Everyone took the elevator to the floor where they lived. Li Cangyu suggested, “Everyone is tired from today’s game. We will go back to rest. Tomorrow’s match will still be arranged and commanded by Old Zhang.”

His voice was still a bit hoarse but his state of mind was obviously better. The group put down their worries and returned to their rooms to rest.

Ling Xuefeng’s room was next to Li Cangyu. He went to the door and ordered, “Once you go to bed, turn the air conditioner up higher. Don’t make your cold worse.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Don’t worry. Go back to take a bath and sleep early. I will find you tomorrow.”

The two of them looked at each other with understanding and returned to their rooms.

Zhang Jueming was thick-skinned and didn’t realize anything was wrong when he saw them saying goodbye to each other.

He swiped the door card to enter and asked, “Is your cold really okay?”

Li Cangyu poured a glass a water and took a few gulps before replying, “It is nothing. My body has always been in an excellent state and this minor cold is nothing. By the way, how did you feel commanding the game today?”

Zhang Jueming bluntly replied, “Not bad. Winning is very cool!”

Li Cangyu smiled. “It is unlikely that the former Full Moon and FTD team would win so beautifully. The current lineup of Canglan isn’t mature enough but the young ones are progressing quickly. There are also two stable players in Xiao Bai and Ashu. Commanding them is very smooth, right?”

Old Zhang laughed. “Of course! This is the first time the reactions of my teammates could keep up with my commands. I didn’t need to explain too much and they knew how to do it themselves.”

He paused before adding, “Especially Ah Shu. I never noticed how strong he is before but after personally commanding today’s match, I discovered that Ah Shu’s strongest advantage is that he can react differently according to different tactics. The speed of his responses is extremely fast and the error rate is low. He always goes where he is needed!”

Li Cangyu didn’t often praise Xie Shurong but he really liked Xie Shurong. Compared with the old players like Bai Xuan and Zhang Jueming, Xie Shurong was younger. However, compared to the four young rookies, Xie Shurong was a senior who had played for many years.

In the Canglan team, Xie Shurong was a person in the middle. He was younger than Li Cangyu but older than Xiao Han.

In the past, Xie Shurong became angry and left Flying Feathers to play in the US for several years. He experienced many things staying alone in a foreign country. He might seem like a big boy by the way he often clung to Bai Xuan’s food and refused to wash the dishes. In fact, his mind and state were very stable. He was the most stable player in the team.

In the critical moment when Li Cangyu was sick, Xie Shurong stood up and steadied things.

He wasn’t the commander of the match but he was the core of it.

Li Cangyu thought this and couldn’t help smiling. “I really appreciate Ah Shu’s style. He is different from his two brothers. His sword is fast but he is more inclusive. He can attack and retreat, as well as match with the newcomers. This is what I like the most.”

Zhang Jueming sighed. “Yes! Cat God is amazing for being up to bring such a person to the Canglan team!”

“I happened to meet him in the new district when his contract was about to expire. He was looking for a team to accept him. Perhaps it is fate?” Li Cangyu also felt that he was lucky. He never expected to meet Xie Shurong in the new district and for Xie Shurong to become his teammate. It was difficult to explain such a coincidence as anything other than fate.

Li Cangyu paused before continuing, “Old Zhang, now Canglan has gradually become a regular team. After these matches, the mentality of the four young ones have stabilized. In the next regular matches, I want to give you some opportunities to command. In the first division, the pressure will be huge. There are no disadvantages in having two commanders.”

Zhang Jueming was stunned but quickly understood his meaning. The bold man couldn’t help feeling moved and scratched his head with embarrassment. “Cough, my command level might not be as good as you think…”

Li Cangyu grinned and patted him on the shoulder. “I believe in you.”

‘I believe in you.’

These simple words made Zhang Jueming let go of any worries.

Cat God believed in him. Why should he hesitate? They were all old players so let’s just fight it out!

Zhang Jueming thought this and immediately nodded. “Since you think I am trustworthy, I will try it. However, I have been away from the league for many years. You have to tell me if my commanding isn’t good!”

“Yes, in the future we can study tactics together.”

By training Zhang Jueming as the vice-commander, Li Cangyu’s real goal was to relieve some of the pressure of the most stressful playoffs stage. At that time, he might have to play in the pairs arena and wouldn’t have so much energy from beginning to end.  There was Zhang Jueming to help him. Why not have a double insurance?

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