GLS: Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – Canglan Team’s Commander Zhang

The first team battle was a big victory. Zhang Jueming didn’t feel proud because the second game was the opponent’s home game. Without the advantage of the night map, Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang couldn’t play as well.

Sure enough, the map chosen by the other team was Frost Temple.

This was a map of the angel realm and the whole environment was white, with white buildings towering into the clouds. Frost Temple was covered in ice and snow.

It was impossible for Li Xiaojiang to reduce his sense of existence on such a map. He wore black clothes and was an obvious target on the Frost Temple map.

Xiao Han and Xiao Li’s map advantages no longer existed, making the second game significantly more difficult.

Today’s opponents weren’t strong but the targeted map brought a lot of trouble to the Canglan team, especially Li Xiaojiang. The Frost Temple map didn’t have many trees to hide behind and the horizon was relatively wide. Li Xiaojiang had nowhere to hide and it took a lot of energy for Ah Shu to protect him.

Zhang Jueming glanced at the situation in the lower right wild area and said, “Ah Shu, you will be the main attacker. Don’t worry about Xiao Li. Xiao Li will immediately retreat and lead the other person around.”

This was clearly a shift in the core tactics.

In the last game, Xie Shurong was the one assisting Xiao Li. The game could no longer be played like this. Therefore, Ah Shu would use his personal ability to kill and give up on assisting Li Xiaojiang.

Xie Shurong had long wanted to do this. He heard this and immediately moved forward, wielding the sword in his hand. He used a gorgeous set of moves to tear the fragile opponent and took one head in one go. The explosive ability of the terran swordsman was really powerful!

Li Xiaojiang assisted Ah Shu by casting spells and ran around when he couldn’t. If he couldn’t kill people then he at least couldn’t give them his head.

In the beginning, the Shu Li combination was suppressed by the other side and had an economic disadvantage. Then once Ah Shu counterattacked and killed one person, the gap was quickly pulled back and he successfully reversed the situation.


In the upper left wilderness area, the cooperation between Xiao Han and Zhang Jueming didn’t produce an immediate effect.

Xiao Han’s reaction was fast but he was controlled by the opposite two remotes. His playing style was greatly restricted and he was almost killed.

Fortunately, this little guy was clever. Once he was about to die, he immediately entered stealth and ran away. The mixed-race teenager, he was fierce and decisive when killing people and the speed at which he ran away was also dazzling!

The audience sent him running away and typed a row of ellipses on the live broadcast room.

[The mixed-race boy runs faster than a rabbit!] [He is smart!] [It is said that the mixed-raced child is smarter than an average person. I also think Xiao Han is smart.]

Xiao Han had managed to escape but he was obviously at an economic disadvantage.

Fortunately, Ah Shu had a relative advantage after killing one person. This stabilized the situation in the early stages.

This lasted until the ice dragon refreshed.

The ice dragon was a very crucial part of the team battle. The early disadvantages could be overturned by the ice dragon. The early advantages could also be countered by successfully killing the dragon. In the case of a tie, the economic bonus of the ice dragon should be competed over.

Zhang Jueming thought about it and soon came up with a sophisticated layout.

The moment that both sides started the team battle, he had Li Xiaojiang and Xiao Han ran to the left and right as bait in order to spread out the firepower of the opposite team. He left the protector Gu Siming with Xie Shurong. Ah Shu had the equipment advantage and attack bonus. He had the quick attack and high flexibility of a swordsman, allowing him to cut through the chaotic battle and completely the heads harvest!

This type of tactical thinking wasn’t uncommon in group battles. It was based on the sacrifice of the teammates to cripple the people on the other team. Finally, a good teammate would come out to harvest the heads. This person must have strong personal ability in order to find the most favourable entry point in the chaotic battle and ensure that they don’t die.

Zhang Jueming was convinced of Ah Shu’s abilities. He had been playing abroad for three years, meaning Zhang Jueming didn’t hesitate when handing over this important task.

Xie Shurong didn’t let his teammates down.

The audience was shocked by the thrilling scenes. In this battle, the fragile Li Xiaojiang died first, then Xiao Han, then Zhang Jueming…

Canglan obviously had three people die first. However, at this time, the full of blue Ah Shu was able to find the right timing to suddenly cut into this chaotic battle. He quickly swept through the residual blood opponents and wiped out the team in one breath!

The audience was still stunned when exciting news popped up on the screen: [Ah Shu is super god!]

Zhang Jueming hit his thighs. “Very good! Resurrect at the city and speedily return. We will directly push through to the crystal.”

Bai Xuan looked at Zhang Jueming’s thigh with a distressed expression. Old Zhang’s command style was really unrestrained. His thighs were really pitiful as they were currently swollen…

Once the three dead team members resurrected, they took the closest road to the central crystal.

They weren’t greedy over the fire dragon. The fire dragon was extremely aggressive and it took a lot of fight the dragon. If they weren’t careful, they would die themselves. It was better to push through to the crystal quickly.

Once the two opposite sides met again, the crystal was already at half blood.

Super god Ah Shu immediately used the big move Light and Shadow Rotation to prevent the enemies from approaching. Meanwhile, Xiao Han, Gu Siming and Li Xiaojiang concentrated on the crystal with Old Zhang’s help.

In the end, the blood volume of the crystal was emptied by the three young teenagers and dozens of crystal fragments flew into the air. Then a golden word popped up on the screen: [Victory!]

Zhang Jueming stood up excitedly and hit his thighs. “We won!”

Bai Xuan, “…”

He really wanted to ask, ‘Old Zhang, is your leg okay?’

The four teenagers immediately gathered together in a pleased huddle. “We won, we won!”

Ah Shu also stood up and smiled. “Old Zhang’s command is great!”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “It is due to everyone’s excellent cooperation!”

He wasn’t being humble. The tactics he used today were common. If the team didn’t have excellent cooperation, they wouldn’t necessarily have won the two team battles.

In particular, Xie Shurong was the biggest hero in today’s team battle. He assisted Li Xiaojiang and made Xiao Li into a terrible black magician. Then he became a super god. Ah Shu was the almighty brick of the Canglan team, moving wherever he was needed.

In the absence of Cat God, Xie Shurong was really reliable. He steadily cooperated with Zhang Jueming’s tactics and led the youngsters to victory. He was a first-class player!

The Canglan team had two consecutive victories and didn’t need to play a third deciding match. Today’s confirmed score was shown on the big screen.


They took 10 points in the team battles and four points in the arena. This result was quite good!

The captain wasn’t there so Vice-Captain Bai Xuan signed the confirmation form handed over by the referee. Then everyone politely went to the other side to shake hands before returning backstage.

Zhang Jueming immediately took out his phone and called Li Cangyu, “Cat God, are you feeling better?”

“I’m much better.” Li Cangyu’s voice was still hoarse but he sounded clear-minded. “The fever has receded and I just watched the live broadcast. You played very well.”

Zhang Jueming scratched his head and smiled cheerfully. “Hahaha, I didn’t let Cat God down!”

Bai Xuan took the phone from his hand and asked, “Cat God, how are you? Should I bring you some cold medicine when I come back?”

“There is no need to buy medicine.” Li Cangyu shook his head. “My father and sister are doctors and they never take medicine when they catch a cold. The natural course of a cold is one week. If you can, it is better not to take medicine. My body is excellent and this small cold will soon pass. You don’t need to worry.”

Li Cangyu didn’t obey his father’s wishes to be admitted to medical school but there were two doctors at home. He listened to his father and sister talking and knew the basics of medicine.

A common cold was usually an ‘upper respiratory tract infection’, causing  sore throat, cough, headache and other symptoms. Their bodies had an immune system that was resistant to external pathogens and could automatically remove common pathogens. The natural course of a cold was normally one week. In other words, even if he didn’t take medicine, the immune system would completely remove the bacteria in one week and he would naturally recover from the cold.

Taking medicine wasn’t good since if too much was taken, resistance to the drug could develop. In the United States, it was necessary to make an appointment to see a doctor. Many people would just drink water and use ice when they had a cold, making it more conductive to enhancing the body’s immunity. If they took medicine when sick, this would worsen the body’s immune system.

Li Cangyu knew these medical principles. Last night, he judged that he only had a cold and it hadn’t reached the level of pneumonia. He didn’t go to see a doctor and wanted to rely on his own immunity to resist this minor cold.

However, Bai Xuan didn’t have a doctor at home. He didn’t know these common sense principles. Bai Xuan knew that Li Cangyu’s father was a doctor and no longer argued with him. “Then I won’t buy you medicine.  Do you want me to bring back dinner for you?”

“No, I’ll go out to eat.”

“Oh right, didn’t Ling Xuefeng come to see you?” Bai Xuan suddenly thought this and couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, he’s right next to me. I’m going to have dinner with him.”

“Then I won’t buy you food and will see you later tonight!” Bai Xuan hung up and told everyone the good news about Cat God’s improvement. The group was relieved and followed their vice-captain to dinner.


At the hotel, Ling Xuefeng listened to his call and couldn’t help asking seriously, “You don’t need medicine for a cold? I gave you some cold medicine in the morning.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I just said that so that Xiao Bai doesn’t bring me medicine. I didn’t mean to blame you. Don’t think too much. You gave me medicine for my sake. I am naturally very happy.”

Ling Xuefeng frowned. “Is that so?”

Li Cangyu just told Bai Xuan that there was no need for medicine with a cold. Ling Xuefeng, who took the initiative to feed him medicine naturally wasn’t very happy. Li Cangyu rushed over and gently kissed Ling Xuefeng. “I really didn’t mean anything by it. Don’t be angry. You see, my fever disappeared so quickly because of you!”

Ling Xuefeng wasn’t angry anymore after seeing Li Cangyu come over and kiss him to comfort him. He couldn’t help smiling and hugged Li Cangyu around the waist. “Do you want to go to dinner?”

“Yes, let me change my clothes first.”

Li Cangyu quickly changed and left the hotel with Ling Xuefeng.

The two of them headed to a nearby restaurant and ordered some light dishes, chatting while eating.

Li Cangyu looked up and asked, “What do you think about the match today under Old Zhang’s command?”

Ling Xuefeng said, “His commanding was very good and decisive.”

“Indeed, the action of giving up on the fire dragon both times was particularly sensible. Li Cangyu nodded in agreement. “Old Zhang usually has a bold personality and is careless. I didn’t expect him to arrange the tactics so carefully. I really didn’t misread him.”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “Isn’t he 26 years old?”

“Yes, his birthday is in June. He will be 27 during the first division.” Li Cangyu didn’t sigh. “Like us, he debuted in the first season. However, he is a few years older than us and is the same age as Xu Luo and Song Yang. Captain Xu and Captain Song have already retired. Old Zhang should be the oldest contestant in the Miracle League.”

Ling Xuefeng listened to Li Cangyu’s words and felt somewhat emotional.

Among the five gods of the first season, the swordsman Song Yang, the white magician Xu Luo and the blood kin assassin Mo Quan had all retired as legends. The remaining Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng were two or three years younger than them and were still in the league. They were already veteran players but Zhang Jueming was older than both of them. It really wasn’t easy for him to come back and play.

Ling Xuefeng’s impression of Zhang Jueming from the first season was the talkative captain of Full Moon. His white magician auxiliary style was very dim compared to the white magician output style and he didn’t show any good results in the field. Later, the Full Moon team quietly disbanded and Zhang Jueming was completely unknown in the history of the Miracle League.

There were many such people in the league. Most players couldn’t help leaving the Miracle League without making a mark on it. The fact that Zhang Jueming could come back showed that apart from his good luck in meeting Cat God, he had already been unwilling to give up.

A 26 year old could still stand on the field of e-sports. This really took a lot of courage that deserved to be respected.

Li Cangyu paused before saying, “This time, I let Old Zhang act as commander and he performed spectacularly. I am a bit surprised. It seems that he left the league with many regrets. His teammates weren’t strong and he couldn’t realize many of his tactical ideas.”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “Aren’t you the same?”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Yes, good teammates are important. The reorganization of Canglan has given me a lot of confidence. They played well despite my sickness. This shows that the overall strength of the team has stabilized and they won’t collapse because one person is missing. This is the most comforting thing.”

In the past, the reason why Canglan often lost was because Li Cangyu was too important to the team. Once he fell, the team would immediately collapse because there was no second person who could withstand the onslaught of the opposite team.

The current Canglan was different. In addition to his core players, there was Old Zhang who could act as a temporary commander. There was the stable healer Bai Xuan and Ah Shu who had excellent personal ability and could reliably stabilize the situation. Finally, there were the four hard-working teenagers.

Li Cangyu felt that the burden on his shoulders was a lot easier. There were many people standing with him and sharing the pressure of the team.

Ling Xuefeng was pleased for Li Cangyu. Ah Shu, Old Zhang and the four teenagers were undoubtedly lucky to meet Cat God. However, Li Cangyu was also quite lucky to find these powerful teammates to form the Canglan team.

Ling Xuefeng thought this and couldn’t help asking, “Old Zhang’s command today was outstanding. Will you give him more opportunities to train as the vice-commander of the team?”

This man really knew him the best to be able to guess his thoughts so quickly.

Li Cangyu smiled and agreed. “Yes, I don’t have as much energy as the past. It is good to have Old Zhang share this with him. I plan to let him command more matches in the regular season. I can also obtain new tactical ideas from him, allowing us to play better in the first division.

Ling Xuefeng saw Li Cangyu’s relieved expression and couldn’t help holding his hand, whispering, “I believe that you will realize your dream this time.”

Li Cangyu declared confidently, “Of course, I have been busy for so many years and it is time to reap the harvest.”

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