GLS: Chapter 132

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Chapter 132 – Team Battle Time

The combination of Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang won for the first time in the arena and many viewers gave credit to the two young boys. The surprising thing was that Li Cangyu didn’t play in the team battle.

Since the appearance of the Canglan team in the second division, Li Cangyu gained many new fans because of his outstanding performance, particularly in the team battles of the first two matches. Many fans were worried after not seeing Cat God in the team battle. Some people asked about him on his Weibo and others filled the comments of the live broadcast.

For a while, the Internet was full of: [Cat God?] [Why isn’t Cat God here?] [Didn’t Cat God come today?] Ling Xuefeng saw these comments and looked back. “Your popularity is quite high.”

Li Cangyu replied with a calm expression, “High popularity isn’t necessarily a good thing. Once I lose, the comments will be very miserable.”

Ling Xuefeng also had a deep understanding of this. The current environment was very fickle. Many people vented their negative emotions on the Internet. They were many people with no brains who spewed out dirty words. There was no point competing with them.

Li Cangyu directly disregarded these negative comments.

It was why he didn’t explain the reason for losing the last match to the reporters. If he stated he was ‘sick’, the people who cared for him might be considerate but more people would think that he was making up an excuse for losing.

It was better to say nothing.

He preferred to prove himself through practical actions, not his mouth.


On the live broadcast screen, six players of the Canglan team were already sitting in the contestant seats. Li Cangyu had handed command of this match over to Zhang Jueming and the map he selected was Bloody Forest. This map was darker than Demon Forest and the sky was red. It was a typical night map.

The advantage of the night map was mainly for two players in Canglan, Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang. Xiao Han was a blood kin assassin and the best at sneak attacking at night. Meanwhile, Li Xiaojiang was a black magician and wore black equipment. It was easy for him to integrate with the surrounding environment in the night map, making it difficult for the opponent to accurately judge his position.

It was clear that Zhang Jueming chose this map after careful consideration.

The two commentators found that Canglan was missing a key member today and Chen Weiwei couldn’t help saying, “Cat God didn’t come to the venue today. I don’t know the reason but look at the Canglan team’s map selection. The commander of the game should be the veteran Zhang Jueming, the white magician with the ID of Juemingzi.

Shao Yu saidm, “Zhang Jueming, I don’t have an impression of this player. I just heard that he is a white magician auxiliary from the first season. After the disbandment of his team, it is unknown where he went. I am looking forward to seeing his performance since his style is relatively rare.”

Chen Weiwei nodded in agreement. “The white magician auxiliary style is rare in the Miracle League. The old captain of Time, Xu Luo created the white magician with strong control and violent output. Later, Cheng Wei who was raised by him also used this style of play. Now all the white magicians in the Miracle League play the output build. There are none who play support.”

Shao Yu smiled. “I suddenly found that many players in Canglan are taking different routes. For example, Li Xiaojiang plays a slow style for the black magician. It is really different from an average player.”

“Yes, black and white magic is originally a violent output combination. The result here is that the white magician is an auxiliary and the black magician is a snail. They shouldn’t be compatible.”

The two people said this as the team battle officially began. Both teams refreshed at the same time on the map.

The Canglan’s team birth point was in the southwest corner of the map. The six people took a few steps forward and divided into three paths according to the arrangement of Zhang Jueming. They split into 2:2:2 respectively, heading to the lower left, upper left and lower right areas.

Bai Xuan and Gu Siming stayed in the southwest area in the lower left corner closest to the birth point. The combination of a meat shield and milk daddy was obviously to defend and resist any pressure. Zhang Jueming didn’t want them to fight and just stabilize their economy.

Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang headed to the southeast corner in the lower right. This arrangement allowed Li Xiaojiang to play better. After all, he had cooperated with Xie Shurong once in the arena. Ah Shu had rich experience and can help Xiao Li in the team battle.

Zhang Jueming and Xiao Han went together to the northwest wild area in the upper left corner. Xiao Han could easily use his assassination techniques on such a map while Zhang Jueming would personally assist him to gain an advantage in the early stages.

This type of splitting up was truly the best arrangement at present. Even if Li Cangyu was the commander, he would still choose this method.


In the early stages of the team battle, both sides quietly made money by killing mobs. Then a fierce battle broke out in the northwest corner. Xiao Han’s ability to seize opportunities was very strong. In the online game, he was used to stealth attacks and he liked this dimly lit night map. He saw that the opposite side’s archer had lost 10% blood because of the mobs and the skills were on cooldown. Xiao Han immediately seized the opportunity, using stealth to go around and secretly add a Death Mark to the archer.

The killer’s Death Mark wasn’t able to be detected by the other person, just like people didn’t know when they were targeted by a killer.

The Death Mark would increase the killer’s output damage to the target in the next 30 seconds. It also gave the teammates a ‘I want to kill him’ signal.

Zhang Jueming saw that Xiao Han had placed Death Mark on the opposite side’s archer and immediately used two auxiliary skills, increasing Xiao Han’s attack power while decreasing the opponent’s defense. Xiao Han decisively used Backstab and Arc Stab to lower the person’s blood to 50%.

The other side reacted and immediately tried to return fire. However, Xiao Han’s ability to respond was extremely fast and he used combat stealth to disappear into the night.

Once he reappeared again, he changed the direction of attack. The dagger in his hand emitted a fierce light as he slashed at the opponent’s back. It was the most aggressive attack of the blood kin killer, Whirlwind Stab. Fatal Blow!

The dagger in his hand was like a spinning blade that mercilessly cut at the other side’s body. It forced the opponent’s blood to below 20% and then he used Fatal Blow to kill the opponent!

[Frost Descends has killed Boundless Horizon, first kill!]

This news made all the Canglan team members stunned. Then the southeast corner also sent good news.

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Xijiang Moonlight!]

It was the second kill and the killers were the young players of the Canglan team. This made the viewers amazed.

The commentator Shao Yu quickly said, “Li Xiaojiang also took a human head. Let’s take a look at the replay in the southeast wild area!”

The screen replayed the situation in the lower right corner. Everyone found that the moment the two sides met in the right corner, the berserker Xijiang Moonlight wanted to chase after Li Xiaojiang and ended up being hit by Xie Shurong. The berserker only had a bit of blood left when Ah Shu suddenly stopped and let Li Xiaojiang win the head.

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help wondering, “Ah Shu deliberately gave him the head?”

Shao Yu nodded. “He obviously gave the head away on purpose. Otherwise he could’ve killed the player with a simple attack.”

Chen Weiwei said, “He probably did this to encourage the snail boy fighting in his first team battle.”

Chen Weiwei particularly liked Li Xiaojiang and gave him the nickname of snail boy.

Shao Yu couldn’t help sighing. “Cat God didn’t come today but the Canglan team fortunately didn’t collapse. The three old players brought a new person and took care of the newcomers. It is good and shows that Canglan must be united.”

Chen Weiwei nodded in agreement. “This is actually very difficult. After all, Cat God didn’t come. If it was another team and their captain was absent, it is likely they would become unstable and their playing would be a mess. Yet today, the Canglan team seems to be telling people that they won’t be bullied even if Cat God isn’t present!”


Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang had both taken a head, giving the Canglan team a huge advantage. The personal economy of Xiao Li alone exceeded the opponent. Not to mention, Bai Xuan and Gu Siming had stably killed the mobs, making them money. Then Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang returned and directly bought an attack necklace!

Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang had a 5% attack buff from killing one person each plus there was the attack necklace. The two young boys played an important role in the ice dragon battle.

In particular, Li Xiaojiang was well protected by everyone as he stood in the distance. Thanks to the attack bonus, once he cast a black magic spell… he directly reduced the opponent’s blood to 50%!

The terrible attack was too scary!

Shao Yu couldn’t help saying, “Li Xiaojiang has a really distinctive character. He might be slow but as long as his move hits, it will make people feel very painful! Discarding speed and focusing on attack, this was actually quite scary when cooperating well with teammates!”

Chen Weiwei said, “Yes, now the opposite side is collectively in residual blood. The other Canglan members can complete the harvest!”

These words had just ended when Ah Shu flexibly cut into the front row of the other party, disabling all three people in the front row. Then he allowed Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang to collect the heads of those in residual blood. The formation of the other team collapsed and the Canglan team successfully won the ice dragon, increasing their economy!

The advantage of this slowly accumulated and the battle reached a critical moment.

In order to prevent an incident where the other team reversed the situation, Zhang Jueming made the wise decision to directly give up on the fire dragon.

Now the six people’s attack power was high enough to push through to the crystal. There was no need to be greedy over the fire dragon’s attack bonus. If the other team managed to take it, the advantages gained in the early stages would be lost.

The Canglan team gave up on the fire dragon and pushed directly past the towers in the middle and quickly destroyed the central crystal!


Once the golden word popped up on the screen, Zhang Jueming’s eyes felt hot.

He didn’t tell his teammates that this was his first team victory in his career. It was the first time since becoming a professional player that he commanded a team battle and won!

At this moment, he really thanked Cat God for his trust and giving him the opportunity to command the team.

He was very grateful to his teammates for their cooperation.

He wasn’t the captain or vice-captain of the Canglan team. He was the oldest player in the league and an invisible auxiliary that the youngsters carelessly called Uncle Zhang.

However, the four young teenagers didn’t disobey his command. Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong also tried to cooperate with him. At this critical moment when Cat God was sick, the won the team battle under Zhang Jueming’s command!

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! I’m really happy for Uncle Z!

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How good it is to see that even ZJ can get the glory that was previously denied him, in the company of Cat God

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Pastry Prince
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Anna Karo
5 years ago

Why is everyone so adorable? Uncle Zhang, you are cool and awesome, Old Cat chose you for a reason, just because you didn’t win, it doesn’t mean you aren’t an amazing player and captain!!! *hugs*