GLS: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Hunting and Protection

Li Cangyu hadn’t expected to meet Xie Shurong in the new district.

He was very impressed with Xie Shurong. Three years ago, Li Cangyu had just turned 20 years old and the Miracle Professional League was in its third season. This was the year that FTD’s performance was too poor and they disbanded. It was also the year that many talents joined Miracle’s Professional League.

There were many talented players on the field that year. The Best Newcomer Award went to the angel white magician, Cheng Wei and the Most Promising Rookie award went to the terran swordsman Xie Shurong. These two awards could be considered to have the greatest degree of recognition for newcomers to the league.

Cheng Wei was directly promoted to vice-captain of the Time team after winning the Best Newcomer Award. Meanwhile, Xie Shurong inexplicably left the Flying Feathers team after winning the award and his whereabouts afterwards was unknown.

The other players in the league didn’t seem to know what happened with the Flying Feathers team in the past. Li Cangyu was also very confused but it involved the inside story of other teams and it wasn’t easy to ask directly.

Xie Shurong ran to the American ICE Club to play the game. This meant he was the same as Li Cangyu, who was in the United States.

[If I remember correctly, the ICE Club is in New York?] Li Cangyu asked on the team channel.

[It is in New York.]

[Are you used to playing the game here?]

[The environment and teammates are good. But I’m not used to the food. Every half-cooked steak everyday makes me want to vomit.]

[I’m also in New York with Bai Xuan. Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?] Li Cangyu added another sentence. [Our Vice-Captain Bai can cook delicious meals.]

Bai Xuan couldn’t help looking at Li Cangyu. “You are trying to do anything to pull him in. Are you actually selling my cooking?”

“Your cooking is good.” Li Cangyu turned back and smiled. “If we feed him a delicious meal, maybe he will be tempted to join?”

Bai Xuan asked, “Do you still want me to make braised fish for you?”

Li Cangyu earnestly said, “I just ate braised fish in the morning and I want steamed fish at night.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Every time he cooked, he needed to prepare a plate of fish!


Xie Shurong saw Cat God’s sentence and couldn’t help feeling greedy when he saw the IDs of Love to Eat Braised Fish and Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork.

[Where are you? I will look for you in the evening. It has been a long time since we’ve seen each other and we can chat.] Xie Shurong no longer hesitated. He immediately typed a positive reply because he wanted to taste Vice-Captain Bai’s cooking. He had heard that Vice-Captain Bai was good at cooking.

Li Cangyu sent the address of his sister’s house and asked him: [What time do you finish training?]

[5 o’clock.]

[Then come over for dinner at 6 o’clock?]

[No problem!]

The two people were chatting in the game when there was a system prompt and the escort NPC’s head glowed red. Apparently, another team had come to intercept the bounty mission!

After being sent to the independent instance, Li Cangyu looked over the battle list and saw that the elite group of the Time Guild had intercepted them.

—Time Machine, Time Bean, Time Ocean, Time Dumpling, Luo Xiaoluo, Tang Xiaotang.

Among them, Li Cangyu knew Luo Xiaoluo who was the elf archer he teamed up with. Luo Xiaoluo also considered him a fan of Cheng Wei and sent him a lot of invites to join the Time Guild.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling. He typed on the area channel: [Is it the Time Guild?]

Luo Xiaoluo also recognized him. [Braised Fish, this is really a coincidence! Why is it only the three of you?]

Li Cangyu said: [We don’t have enough people.]

Luo Xiaoluo cried out: [It is better for you to join our guild! As long as you join the Time Guild, things will be much more convenient. Many guild members are doing bounty missions. You just need to shout in the guild channel and you can instantly fill one six member elite team!]

Li Cangyu, […]

This person was definitely a super-responsible guild promoter.

Li Cangyu naturally couldn’t join Time so he sent a smiling expression. [Forget it.]

The Time Guild’s voice channel.

The president, Time Machine asked with confusion, “Xiaoluo, this is the powerful elf summoner that you told me about before?”

“Yes, this is him!” Luo Xiaoluo replied.

His teammate Time Bean looked at the information of the bounty mission and was surprised. “President, the reward for the bounty mission has increased. The gold coins increased by 1,800 coins and experience by 18,000. This shows that they have just killed a six person team!”

This was the thrill of the bounty mission. Li Cangyu killed the six member team and added 1,800 gold coins and 18,000 experience. The current rewards have reached 2,800 gold coins and 28,000 experience. If Time was successful, these rewards would be given to the Time Guild. But if the Time Guild also failed, the rewards would continue to accumulate.

As long as the people doing the bounty mission were strong enough, the rewards would continue to snowball.

Time Machine was the president of the guild and wasn’t lacking gold and experience. However, he had a very strange intuition that this Love to Eat Braised Fish wasn’t simple.

Previously he hadn’t cared when Luo Xiaoluo said that this person was a master. After all, it was too rare for brilliant people to play an elf summoner. But the fact that these three people could kill a six member team indicated that Love to Eat Braised Fish truly wasn’t weak.

Time Machine carefully considered it before giving an order. “Everyone first stand by, I will investigate.”

Then he quickly sent a message to the undercover guild members in the guild management group. “The various undercovers in the other guilds, were there any six member elite teams in your guild that was completely destroyed?”

An undercover member soon typed: [Wind Colour’s vice-captain, Wind and Clouds are Light had his team wiped out just now. It was announced in the Wind Colour channel that all six people were wiped out and the president asked what happened. They said that the person who killed them was called Braised Fish.]

“…” Time Machine was shocked!

He thought that the Love to Eat Braised Fish team had wiped out a common group passing by. Yet it unexpectedly turned out to be the Wind Colour elite team!

The several major guilds often had large-scale guild wars for robbing bosses and other activities. Therefore, he was quite certain about the strength of the Time Colour Guild.

It was simply incredible that the six elites of the Wind Colour guild were actually killed by the three member team of Braised Fish!

Time Machine immediately made a decision. “We will retreat first.”

Luo Xiaoluo asked with amazement, “President, we aren’t fighting?”

Time Machine said calmly, “These three people are unknown and it is better not to offend them. Xiaolou, since you know them, try to win them over.”

It was better to recruit a master than to offend a master.

Time Machine was really calm. He couldn’t understand the situation of the other side so he led the team to give up on intercepting the bounty mission and typed in the nearby channel: [We will leave this mission to you. Let’s be friends. If Masters are interested in joining the Time Guild, please look for me at any time.]

[Time Machine has actively abandoned intercepting the bounty mission]

[The team of Time Machine has 100 coins and 1,000 experience deducted from each person. This mission reward has accumulated 3,400 gold coins and 34,000 experience.]

[Love to Eat Braised Fish’s team bounty mission will continue.]

If a team gave up, the amount of gold coins and experience deducted would be less. Li Cangyu saw the opposite side give up and laughed. “This Time Machine is very smart.”

Bai Xuan said, “I guess he heard that Wind Colour’s elite team lost to us and wants to wait and see.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu said, “In any case, it doesn’t matter. Our mission’s gold and experience has accumulated so much that someone will definitely act.”


Li Cangyu guessed right and someone soon couldn’t sit still.

The escort marker on the NPC’s head had turned red, representing that the NPC’s value had doubled.

They had walked 10 metres when they met another team trying to intercept the NPC and were once again transferred to a separate instance. Li Cangyu swept over the battle list and typed in the team channel: [It is the Flying Feathers Guild.]

Blossoming Tree: [Yes]

Love to Eat Braised Fish: [It isn’t very good to fight against four swordsmen. You protect the healer while I kill them one by one.]

Blossoming Tree: [OK!]

The two people did a good job splitting up. Li Cangyu opened his summoner and hid behind a tree.

The Flying Feathers Guild saw that only three people were on the opposite side and didn’t hesitate to rush forward, like hungry wolves seeing fat sheep.

The berserker was in the front row while four swordsmen followed closely. The goal was obvious: to kill the healer!

Bai Xuan stood behind the NPC, ready to add blood. having so many swordsman close by meant it was basically impossible to read out a healing array. Bai Xuan evaded the attacks of the other side and healed himself in an orderly manner.

Xie Shurong saw that the healer was besieged and used Spirit Lock to directly freeze the berserker rushing in the front, followed by Light and Shadow Rotation!

The other four people had gathered in one place to surround and kill the healer, meaning Xie Shurong’s Light and Shadow Rotation was just like cutting vegetables. His sword swept over them, directly decreasing the blood of the four swordsmen by half!

The other party’s healer saw that several teammates collectively lost blood and quickly read a spell for group healing. Li Cangyu saw it and before the skill was released, he accurately summoned a water spirit and directly froze the healer.

After the frozen healer, Li Cangyu changed his pet for the thunder spirit. Thunder’s Wrath was used and purple thunder descended, causing the four swordsmen to only have residual blood left.

Summon Fire Spirit, Fireball!

Instantly changing pets after using a skill! This single-target fire attack was extremely strong. The fireballs were linked to the swordsman with the least amount of blood and directly killed the opponent!

Xie Shurong also wasn’t idle. He used Breaking Bone Sword to also kill the residual blood swordsman in front of him!

Two swordsmen of the elite Flying Feathers team were killed in an instant, causing the captain to be momentarily stunned. However, he quickly reacted. This was the result of the healer and main T being controlled, while the positions of the four swordsmen were too concentrated.

Fortunately, the attack power of the four swordsmen was extremely strong and the healer was desperately trying to treat them. In addition, the other side’s healer was also in a residual blood state.

“Kill the healer!” The captain quickly ordered.

The priest was freed from the control effect and quickly healed his teammates. The still alive two swordsmen and berserker immediately rushed towards Bai Xuan.

Four against three was still advantageous.

Bai Xuan didn’t have a lot of blood left. He relied in his skilled movements to avoid several important attacks but he was being chased by two swordsmen. It was difficult for the low-defense priest to survive.

At this moment, Xie Shurong suddenly rushed over and used Spirit Lock. The swordsman with less blood was locked in place and Xie Shurong used three combos to directly kill the other party.

Li Cangyu saw him rushing to kill the melee and immediately used Fireball to interrupt the enemy’s healer.

Immediately afterwards, Xie Shurong chased after the remaining swordsman interfering with Bai Xuan. His sword skills were in a cooldown state so he simply didn’t use any skills. He used normal attacks to decrease the opponent to resident blood, like chopping vegetables. Then once the cooldown ended, he used Breaking Bone Sword and directly finished off the swordsman!

Bai Xuan, “…”

This guy’s burst of speed was really terrible, which was why Bai Xuan particularly hated him on the field. Xie Shurong was the fastest attacking swordsman in the league. He dared to even kill a berserker, let along a crispy healer. When he was chasing people with the sword in his hand, the chased person was so scared that it felt like they would have a heart attack. It was only after meeting Xie Shurong that they knew how fast a swordsman’s attack was!

Bai Xuan saw Xie Shurong close in on him and couldn’t help stepping back outside of Xie Shurong’s attack range.

Xie Shurong was puzzled. [Why are you hiding?  I am here to protect you.]

Bai Xuan: [I’m too used to you killing me and reflexively hid.]

Xie Shurong: […]

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