GLS: Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 – Growth (2)

In the second round, Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang learned a lesson from the previous game. Li Xiaojiang paid more attention to his position and tried to walk behind Zhuo Hang, not letting the other side’s black magician find an opportunity to split them up into 1v1.

However, they didn’t have much experience in the competition and were no match for professional players who had been playing for more than two years.

Five minutes after the game started, the carefully maintained situation was broken.

The reason was that the the angle of the berserker’s Mountain Chop move was extremely tricky. It caused a deep crack in the ground while also stunning Li Xiaojiang!

Li Xiaojiang’s attack rhythm was interrupted, giving the other side a chance.

The captain and vice-captain of Yaohua joined forces to kill Zhuo Hang. Zhuo Hang used Flying Feather Steps to move quickly while putting traps, trying to delay things for a period of time.

Once Li Xiaojiang’s stun effect was over, Zhuo Hang said in the voice channel, “Open a big move and kill the berserker!”

The berserker might be thick skinned but a black magician was more painful in close combat. In addition, the berserker had stepped on several traps when chasing Zhuo Hang and didn’t have much blood left.

Li Xiaojiang immediately hid behind a tree to read a big move.

The casting time was so long that the game setting allowed a black magician to change the angle of the camera in the middle. As long as the last shot was in the right direction, he could successfully hit the other person.

However, the other person was moving and it wasn’t so easy to find the right direction.

Fortunately, Li Xiaojiang’s observation ability was very strong and he was also a careful person. He quickly guessed the movements of the berserker and aimed at the position that the other person was about to reach, casting the ultimate black magic.

Shadow Wrath!

This was a black magician’s most aggressive move. Li Xiaojiang’s skill points were all added into magic attack and once the skill accurately hit, it directly wiped out the bloody berserker!

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Escape Without a Trace!]

This made Li Xiaojiang shocked. He looked over and found that Zhuo Hang was too close to the berserker. The result was that Zhuo Hang was killed by the black magician behind the berserker.

[Glittering Flower killed Great Navigator!]

It was equivalent to a head exchange, changing from 2v2 to 1v1.

Li Xiaojiang had a bad feeling. The opponent had more blood than him and the casting speed was over faster. His hope of winning seemed small…

Still, Li Xiaojiang held on for a while. Unfortunately, in the end he failed to kill the opponent.


The second round once again ended in a loss. The two people lowered their heads, their expressions somewhat frustrated.

Then after a few moments, Zhuo Hang regained his spirit and patted Xiao Li’s shoulder. “It’s fine. We tried our best. We are just starting and our cooperation isn’t the best yet. It will improve in the future.”

Li Xiaojiang was startled. He had been very sad the moment he lost the 1v1 and thought Zhuo Hang would be upset with him. The result was that Zhuo Hang didn’t say anything about that and generously comforted him.

Zhuo Hang’s heart was actually a bit uncomfortable but he felt reluctant to say anything after seeing Li Xiaojiang’s depressed face. He felt that Xiao Li’s 1v1 wasn’t easy. If Zhuo Hang said something, wouldn’t Xiao Li become more upset?

Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian never succumbed because of a loss. They only scolded the players when the mistakes were due to things like distraction, carelessness and underestimating the opponent. As long as they played as hard as possible, the loss didn’t matter. How could two newcomers expect to beat the champion team of the second division as soon as they started?

Zhuo Hang understood this and acted quite generously.

Yes, teammates should encourage each other, not hate each other!

It was naturally exciting if they had won but since they lost, he should stand with Li Xiaojiang and face everything together, sharing the responsibility of losing the game.

They were a combination, not independent individuals. The combination should advance and retreat together.

Zhuo Hang thought up to here and grabbed Li Xiaojiang’s hand. “Losing is losing. Don’t worry too much. Cat God shouldn’t scold us. Even if he wants to scold us, it should be both of us!”

Li Xiaojiang, “…”

Li Xiaojiang’s heart became warm as he was pulled down from the contestant area. It was as if the hot temperature of Zhuo Hang’s hand was passed through the skin and blood vessels into the depths of his heart.

This feeling was very different from when they lost the first match.

They once again lost but Li Xiaojiang’s mood wasn’t as uncomfortable as the first loss.

He was walking with Zhuo Hang as a teammate instead of alone. This was a very warm feeling. No matter what happened, he would have someone walking beside him and facing the consequences together.

This person used to be particularly arrogant and didn’t like to take care of Li Xiaojiang. Now he had changed. He thought of them as partners. If they won then accept the praise, if they lost then accept the lesson together. This was because they were a combination.

The fast and slow combination might still be a bit immature in the eyes of many people but they were teammates who stood together. They would cooperate with each other and slowly explore the game. After that, they would progress and grow together.

Li Xiaojiang’s expression gradually became calmer.

He walked with Zhuo Hang to Li Cangyu and both of them lowered their heads, ready to accept Cat God’s lecture.

Li Cangyu smiled and reached out to touch their heads. He declared, “You played well.”

Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang looked at each other.

Li Cangyu’s voice seemed a bit hoarse but his eyes were very gentle. “At the very least, you played to your own level. The loss was because your understanding of each other wasn’t high enough. The Yaohua captain and vice-captain have been teammates for two years. You have just started to cooperate. Killing one person in the second round is already very good.

Li Cangyu paused and coughed twice before continuing. “I’m not asking you to win the games. I just want to see you progress. Today, both of you made a lot of progress in terms of cooperation and mentality. I am very satisfied. There is no need to blame yourselves.”

This sentence was true. In particular, the scene where Zhuo Hang comforted Li Xiaojiang after the loss made Li Cangyu feel very warm.

As Tan Shitian said, Zhuo Hang was a young master who was spoiled by his parents from a young age. He was a bit arrogant and superior but his heart wasn’t bad. After understanding the truth, he took the initiative to pull down his arrogance and get along with Li Xiaojiang. Li Cangyu was extremely pleased.

Li Cangyu saw that the two of them still had lowered heads and smiled. “Okay, don’t make a mistake. Go back and watch the next team battle. Once your combination is almost honed, I will let you participate in the team battle.”

The two of them immediately nodded and sat upright in their seats, looking like students listening attentively.

Bai Xuan looked at the scene and couldn’t help coming over. “Did you scold them?”

Li Cangyu shrugged. “I wasn’t fierce and encouraged them with a few words. The two of them are probably wondering why I didn’t lecture them.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Okay, get ready for the team battle.”


Canglan had lost 0:2 in the arena stage and it was time for the team battle.

This time, Li Cangyu’s map selection finally changed to Moonlight Waterfront.

The war map often appeared in the league and Li Cangyu obviously wanted to test the team’s ability to fight on water.

To the audience’s surprise, Cat God actually made a serious mistake on this home map. His pets’ attacks were on cooldown when he attacked the opponent in the water. He ended up being controlled by the opponent and killed.

[Glittering Flower killed Old Cat!]

The audience saw Cat God lying flat in the water and looked at each other.

Chen Weiwei also made a disbelieving expression. “This… Cat God shouldn’t make this type of mistake right?”

Shao Yu also said, “It feels that Cat God isn’t quite right in today’s team battle.”

In the soundproof room, the camera immediately zoomed into Li Cangyu. The audience found that Cat God’s face was very serious and he seemed to be enduring something. After his character died, he gently rubbed his forehead with his hand. Did he have a headache?

Wasn’t he normal when comforting the two teenagers just now? How did he suddenly make a mistake?

To the surprise of the audience, Li Cangyu met the other team after being killed once and actually made a mistake again… he sent the opponent his head twice!

Comments started to fill the live broadcast room. [Cat God sent two heads, what’s the matter?] [Did Cat God faint?] [Cat God’s expression is scary. What’s wrong?]

The audience couldn’t guess it but Ling Xuefeng immediately realized after watching the live broadcast and couldn’t help frowning.

The game dragged on to 30 minutes. Due to the small mistakes, Canglan had an economic disadvantage. In the end, Li Cangyu led a counterattack and succeeded in killing the fire dragon. Then Canglan pushed to the crystal in one breath, taking 5 points in a thrilling manner.

However, in the second and third rounds, Canglan’s mistakes became more frequent. The audience was confused and finally a bit loss.

The final score of the match was determined to be 5:14, with Canglan only winning one game.

This result wasn’t too bad., After all, the Yaohua team truly wasn’t weak. Still, today’s three team battles were a bit strange. In particular, Cat God’s continuous mistakes made many viewers feel puzzled.

Chen Weiwei tried to help Cat God. “Cough, maybe Cat God’s state isn’t right today?”

Shao Yu also said, “It is normal for people to make mistakes. We don’t need to be too surprised. We have to wait for the reporter to interview Cat God to find out the specific reason.”

Li Cangyu came down from the stage. Bai Xuan immediately came to his side and asked worriedly, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“…” Li Cangyu pressed a hand to his forehead. “Let’s go back first.”

Just then, Li Cangyu’s phone rang. He saw that the caller ID was Ling Xuefeng and turned to one side to pick up the phone. He said tiredly, “Hey Xuefeng, were you looking for me?”

Ling Xuefeng asked directly, “Are you sick?”

Li Cangyu smiled bitterly. “It seems so.”

Ling Xuefeng frowned. “What do you mean? Shouldn’t you know if you are sick?”

“I didn’t think it was serious.” Li Cangyu sighed. “It was raining in Guangzhou yesterday afternoon. I was drenched in rain when I returned to the hotel and had a headache in the morning. I am used to having headaches and didn’t pay attention. Then it became more and more uncomfortable in the afternoon.  Cough… while I was playing the game, I felt like I was sleepwalking. My head was muddled.”

Ling Xuefeng heard his hoarse voice and frowned even more.

It turned out that Li Cangyu was sick. No wonder why he made mistakes when playing the game.

He thought of this always strong man being sick and couldn’t help softening. He whispered, “Hurry back to your hotel to rest. Don’t force it. If you can’t play the team then let Bai Xuan lead Canglan.”

Li Cangyu touched his nose and smiled at Ling Xuefeng’s serious commanding tone. “Okay.”

Ling Xuefeng immediately hung up and used his phone to book a ticket to Guangzhou.

Li Cangyu was sick and Ling Xuefeng didn’t want to stay in Shanghai. He wanted to immediately fly to Li Cangyu’s side. This person, he definitely wouldn’t let his teammates worry about him. What would happen if there was no one around to take care of him?

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