GLS: Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 – Growth (1)

As Shao Yu predicted, the match between Canglan and Blades was a crushing game. Canglan won four points from Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang’s two games winning streak. Then Li Cangyu led the team battle and the six players won two games, making the final score 14:0.

They won 10 points from the previous match with Dream and now 14 points. The total of 24 points made them jump to the top of the leaderboard in an instant.

Chen Weiwei was a bit surprised by the current rankings. “I thought that Canglan wouldn’t get to the top of the rankings until at least halfway through the schedule. I didn’t expect them to jump straight to the top after playing two matches.”

Shao Yu explained, “This is also related to the schedule. Canglan hasn’t faced the relatively strong teams in the second division. We have to see if they can keep first place after the next match.”

Chen Weiwei agred. “Yes. The next match is against the winner of last year’s second division, the Yaohua team. This team has several good players who have the strength to advance to the first division. Captain Wei Hua has played for several years and has a lot of experience. The match is scheduled for two days from now. I welcome all friends in the audience to watch at that time!”


They returned to the hotel and Li Cangyu gathered everyone to briefly summarize today’s match and give special praise to Li Xiaojiang.

Xiao Li’s hair was messy from being patted by everyone, his cheeks were red and his eyes were extraordinarily bright. Li Cangyu really liked this slow young boy and couldn’t help rubbing his head even more.

Li Cangyu finished the summary and went on to arrange the lineup against the Yaohua team.

As Chen Weiwei said, the next opponent were similar to the teams ranked at the bottom of the first division, making them the most difficult opponent at the current stage.

However, Li Cangyu wasn’t worried at all.

He wasn’t even afraid of the world boss so how could he be afraid of the small boss?

He had mentioned a long time ago that the arena would be played by Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang. This was to let Zhuo Hang try the style of play that he learnt from Xie Shurong. For the team battle, Li Cangyu continued to follow the lineup of the previous two matches. This was mainly because Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang’s states weren’t stable enough and they currently couldn’t integrate into the team battle.

In any case, there was still a long schedule remaining. He didn’t need to hurry and could slowly hone the teenagers.


The Canglan team took a day off before having to face their most powerful opponent, the Yaohua team.

The seats were full for today’s match. Many spectators were holding a fluorescent Yaohua cheering sign. It was obvious that this team’s popularity in the second division was quite high. Captain Wei Hua and Vice-Captain Yao Shuan were very good players.

The simple preparations ended and the match officially began.

For the first arena stage, the information of the players for both sides appeared on the big screen.

The Canglan team really did send the combination of Zhuo Hang’s hunter and Li Xiaojiang’s black magician.

The combination sent by the Yaohua team made many audience members scream excitedly. Black magician Captain Wei Hua, ID: Glittering Flower, and the beast berserker Vice-Captain Yao Shuan, ID: Escape Without a Trace.

The leaders of the team joined forces to fight the arena, showing how much importance they attached to the Canglan team.

This combination of berserker and black magician was very similar to the Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang combination. The berserker would control and protect while the black magician was the main output.

If a combination with similar tactical ideas met on the field, victory could only be determined with pure strength.

Li Cangyu looked at the list and whispered into Li Xiaojiang’s ears, “Don’t worry. Just play as usual and believe in yourself.”

Li Xiaojiang nodded and went to the contestant area with Zhuo Hang.

During the map selection, Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to submit the long-selected map—Demon’s Forest.

Many viewers saw this familiar image and were speechless. Some netizens were also grumpy. [Can’t Cat God change the map?]

[Three consecutive Demon Forest!]

[Is Cat God’s true love the Demon Forest?]

Shao Yu understood it as, “Cat God keeps choosing Demon’s Forest to let the Zhao and Li combination to practice the forest terrain until they are fully proficient in the forest terrain.”

Chen Weiwei suddenly realized. “No wonder! The Demon Forest map is really the most classic and representative forest map. Cat God is using this map for training?”

Once it came to this, the map finished loading and the players of both teams refreshed in two corners of the forest.

This time Zhuo Hang didn’t rush forward. Instead, he waited for Li Xiaojiang and they walking forward together, each maintaining a certain distance from the other.

The two people walked through the dense forest. Once they were near the centre, Zhuo Hang placed two traps in front so that the berserker would have to step on them if he wanted to hit Li Xiaojiang.

Soon, the contestants on both sides met in the middle of the map.

The opposite side’s berserker didn’t rush at Xiaojiang. Zhuo Hang wasn’t in a hurry as he quickly moved in front of Li Xiaojiang. He was an elf and the speed of his actions was fast. Combined with his hand speed, the level of his random walking was high, making him look like an invisible wind running around.

Moreover, when he ran quickly like this, it was difficult  for the opponent to judge where he placed the traps.

Since the hunter’s skills were known as traps, they were naturally invisible to the opponents. Any place where Zhuo Hang ran had the potential to contain traps, giving people great psychological pressure.

In fact, Zhuo Hang didn’t place too many traps. He just moved quickly so that the other side couldn’t control him. Yaohua’s captain Wei Hua was an experienced player. He looked at Zhuo Hang’s remaining blue and analyzed that only two trap skills were used. He no longer hesitated as he ordered, “You go after the hunter. I will deal with the black magician.”

This arrangement was clearly the best approach. The berserker would get close to the hunter while the captain played against the slow black magician. This was very favourable towards the Yaohua team.

Once he saw that the berserker Escape Without a Trace was heading towards him, Zhuo Hang immediately unleashed a burst of hand speed and placed three trap around him—the Silence Trap, the Stop Trap and the Death Trap!

Zhuo Hang’s tree traps trick made the audience feel like there was a flower in front of them. Three different trap arrays appeared on the ground in the big screen, looking very beautiful.

The berserker stepped into the first Silence trap and was in a state where he couldn’t use any skills. Due to the inertia, he couldn’t stop in time and stepped forward into the Stop Trap and Death Trap!

Yes, Zhuo Hang placed the Stop Trap and Death Trap in one place!

The Stop Trap froze the berserker and the Death Trap caused a huge amount of damage, causing the berserker’s blood volume to instantly fall by one-third!

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help feeling excited. “Zhuo Hang, this contestant has become really impressive after three days! The first match made me thing he was very good. This match… he feels like a master?”

Shao Yu smiled, “Perhaps today is his normal level? There aren’t many people who can use a hunter’s chain traps well. If the position is wrong, the angle is biased or if the opponent doesn’t enter the trap then it is equivalent to wasting skills. Zhuo Hang’s pre-judgment of the positions is very accurate and all three traps hit!”

Chen Weiwei said, “Vice-Captain Yao might be a bit careless. After all, Zhuo Hang didn’t perform well in the first match.”

She guessed correctly. Yao Shuan, the vice-captain of Yaohua, was really careless. He thought that Zhuo Hang’s level wasn’t good enough and wasn’t afraid. The result was that he stepped into the chain traps. His blood volume fell by one-third but it was too late to regret it.

At this time, Li Xiaojiang already aimed his spell at the location of Zhuo Hang’s death trap.

Not two seconds after the Death Trap activated, Li Xiaojiang’s spell followed closely—Hell Flames!

The red flames from the demon world rose and swallowed the opponent like a fire snake. This move made the berserker’s blood drop by another 20%. He fell to half blood in just the opening!

The first attempt to cooperate was excellent. Zhuo Hanga and Li Xiaojiang felt a bit happy.

However, they weren’t happy for long. The other black magician used Dark Fear to control Zhuo Hang.

This control made even Li Cangyu feel appreciation. Zhuo Hang moved very quickly, making people feel dazzled. It was difficult for the average person to judge his location and use a non-targeted skill to accurately control him.

Yet Wei Hua managed it. He was an old player and guessed Zhuo Hang’s next move based on his experience in many competitions. Then he controlled Zhuo Hang with the black magician’s fear magic.

A feared player was unable to release any skills, just like a silenced player.

Zhuo Hang couldn’t place any traps and Wei Hua immediately chased Li Xiaojiang.

Li Xiaojiang found it difficult to cope with such a situation. Both of them were black magicians but the opponent’s speed was faster than his. His skills were repeatedly interrupted, making it easy to be suppressed by the opponent.

It didn’t take long for Li Xiaojiang’s blood to fall to 50%.

Besides, the berserker affected by the control traps could finally move. He immediately waved the giant axe in his hand and used Mountain Chop on Zhuo Hang.

The giant axe caused a long and deep crack in the ground. Zhuo Hang not only lost a lot of blood but was also stunned by the strong attack power.

This was the berserker’s strongest control skill. It was a straight-line attack that could split apart the ground while also stunning the opponent.

Zhuo Hang was continuously controlled by two people and had no room to act. His heart was in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaojiang was chased by the opposite side’s black magician and his blood was decreasing. Zhuo Hang felt guilty and wished to enter the computer to pinch the other two people to death.

Once the control effect ended, Zhuo Hang immediately rushed forward like mad and placed traps all around him.

The berserker stepped onto the traps and fell to residual blood. However, bad news popped up on the screen.

[Glittering Flower has killed Snail Crawling Slowly!]

Li Xiaojiang died, leaving Zhuo Hang to 1v1 with the black magician. Zhuo Hang had little blood left while the black magician still had 80% blood. The black magician kited and slowly killed Zhuo Hang.

The first round was a defeat. Zhuo Hang took off his headset with a depressed expression, his face very ugly.

Li Xiaojiang came over and quietly comforted him,. “Don’t, don’t worry. There is still the next round.”

Zhuo Hang looked into Li Xiaojiang’s clear eyes and his heart inexplicably calmed down.

The small snail was so calm that he couldn’t be irritated!

Zhuo Hang took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions. Then he smiled and reached out. Like Cat God, he gently patted Li Xiaojiang’s head and said, “In the next game, stand behind me. I won’t let the black magician hit you.”

Li Xiaojiang nodded. “Come on!”

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