GLS: Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – Demonstration Match

Zhuo Hang previously didn’t like Li Xiaojiang but there were no grudges between them. The two people were of similar age and the small Li Xiaojiang was no threat. Zhuo Hang’s proposal to be friends with him was to ease the relationship between teammates. After all, didn’t they have to cooperate in the future?

Cat God said he would send them to play the third match. Zhuo Hang had to learn something from Xie Shurong tomorrow otherwise he didn’t really know how he could cooperate with Li Xiaojiang.


The next day, Li Cangyu gathered everyone at the hotel’s restaurant and gave a simple explanation of the things they needed to pay attention to.

This afternoon, the Canglan team was arranged for another match. The opponent was a weaker team in the second division and the name was Blades. The team’s characteristics were the same as the team name and they were filled with melee players who used the clever type style of play.

For the arena stage, he had decided to send Xie Shurong and Li Xiaojiang. For the team battle, Li Cangyu decided to use the lineup of the previous game—Gu Siming, Xiao Han and A’Shu as the three melee front row while Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Old Zhang were the three remotes back row.

Zhuo Hang didn’t need to play today. Li Cangyu wanted him to calm down and study hard. Zhuo Hang naturally didn’t have any opinions about this.

After the lineup was properly arranged, Li Cangyu asked everyone to go back to take a nap and raise their spirits for this afternoon’s match.


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, everyone from Canglan rushed to the venue. They entered the players’ soundproof room and started to prepare for the next game.

The commentator Chen Weiwei turned back and asked her partner, “Shao Yu, what do you think the score of this match will be?”

Shao Yu speculated, “I think it will be 14:0.”

Chen Weiwei pretended to be surprised. “Do you mean this match will be a complete steamroll?”

Shao Yu smiled and said, “If Cat God personally plays in the team battles, the result will surely be two consecutive victories. If A’Shu or Cat God appears in the arena, it is easy to win… Moreover, the Blades team is a weak team in the second division. If they meet Cat God, their hope of winning isn’t big.”

In fact, Chen Weiwei also thought this. Since watching the last match, she admired Cat God’s personal strength. She always felt it was too much for Cat God to play in the second division. He should quickly finish the second division to face the most powerful teams in the first division.

It was estimated that many players were psychologically aware that Cat God was the ultimate boss of the second division.

The two of them chatted casually for a few minutes before the live game finally began.

The list of players appeared on both sides of the big screen at the same time. The Canglan team sent out the combination of a swordsman and a black magician.

Chen Weiwei was surprised. “This time he sent out Ashu and Li Xiaojiang. Li Xiaojiang is fighting twice in a row. It seems that Cat God attaches great importance to the player Li Xiaojiang!”

Shao Yu nodded in agreement. “Li Xiaojiang is indeed special. His slow style of play is rare in Miracle. Cat God probably wants to train him well.”

Chen Weiwei said, “The Blades team has sent two berserkers. The berserker’s attack power is very strong, especially against the fragile magician class. The axe will be very painful. It depends on whether Li Xiaojiang can control the rhythm well.”

“Then game will start soon. Let’s look at the Canglan team’s map selection.”


Li Cangyu the ‘Demon Forest’ map that he used yesterday because he wanted Zhuo Hang to see how this forest map that benefited Xiao Li should be played.

Zhuo Hang understood the captain’s good intentions and immediately raised his head, intently staring at the screen.

The game started and the players simultaneously refreshed at two corners of the map.

Xie Shurong didn’t rush forward and stayed by Li Xiaojiang’s side like a bodyguard. The two moved together to the centre of the map and saw the other team’s berserkers rushing over.

The Blades team knew that Li Xiaojiang’s level was relatively weak. Meanwhile, they had heard of A’Shu and knew that he was one of the Three Musketeers who wasn’t lacking compared to his brother Su Guangmo.

The soft persimmon should be picked. Once both sides met, the two berserkers directly rushed at Li Xiaojiang.

Li Xiaojiang was a long-range magician. They just needed to slash him a few times with a berserker’s axe and he would die here…

Zhuo Hang’s eyes widened nervously.

Then Xie Shurong’s actions were eye-catching. The terran swordsman suddenly jumped in front of Li Xiaojiang, his sword in his hand falling down before accurately crossing to the other side. It was the most commonly used control skill of a swordsman, Spirit Lock!

The person hit by Spirit Lock would be fixed in the same place. Li Xiaojiang took this time to retreat behind a big tree and started to cast a black magic spell. The target was the mad warrior controlled by A’Shu.

Death Mantra, Hell Flames!

He read the spells very slowly and could only cast these two skills during the time the opponent was still. Moreover, Death Mantra just increased black magic damage and wasn’t considered an attack skill.

However, under the bonus of Death Mantra, the damage caused by Hell Flames was terrifying!

The thick-skinned berserkers directly lost 20% of their blood!

The control on the berserker ended and he immediately waved his axe towards Li Xiaojiang. This time, Li Xiaojiang didn’t retreat and kept still as he cast the next skill.

The reason he didn’t retreat was because he had the extremely fast Xie Shurong to protect him!

Xie Shurong opened the move Light and Shadow Rotation, his sword sword blocking the two berserkers from moving forward. Li Xiaojiang slowly cast a skill again. This time it was Shadow Winding.

This skill was a relatively strong group attack skill of a black magician that caused a negative status. Under the effect of Death Mantra, Shadow Winding would cause the opponent to lose 3% of blood per second and this lasted 10 seconds, for a total blood loss of 30%.

The casting time was very long but the advantage was the skill had a relatively wide release range. It wasn’t effective if the other side was running away but once it hit, it caused a 30% blood loss, which was equivalent to a final move.

Without a healer to help relieve the negative state, the opposite side’s berserkers could only continue to pursue Li Xiaojiang.

The thing that surprised them was that although Li Xiaojiang’s movements were slow, Xie Shurong was extremely fast!

The terran swordsman constantly released various skills to interfere with the two berserkers. He didn’t use many attack skills but the chaotic sword caused great trouble for them.

The two people couldn’t catch up with Li Xiaojiang and were hit by his black magician, reducing their blood volume.

It was hard to catch up. Xie Shurong would use Spirit Lock to control a person while Li Xiaojiang kept using black magic after running far away. The combination of one person protecting and one person dealing damage seemed weak. However, if they cooperated well then the power was terrible!

Zhuo Hang sitting under the stage was shocked until a prompt appeared on the big screen.

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed I am a Madman!]

The shock in Zhuo Hang’s heart was indescribable.

It turned out that Li Xiaojiang could have such a dazzling performance on the field.

The key was that he worked well with Xie Shurong. Xie Shurong protected him and provided him with the perfect environment to deal damage. Li Xiaojiang ran and played. From beginning to the present, his casting had never been interrupted by his opponent.

Li Xiaojiang’s disadvantage was his slow speed but his advantage was that every spell dealt huge damage. As long as his skills were smoothly cast, they would deal a terrible injury to the body!

Li Xiaojiang who could cast his skills was simply scary!

Li Cangyu saw Zhuo Hang’s expression and knew that this young man had figured it out. He smiled and whispered into Zhuo Hang’s ears, “If the person on the field is you, what would you do?”

Zhuo Hang scratched his head with embarrassment. “I… I will cooperate with him in the future.”

“It isn’t just that.” Li Cangyu shook his head and looked seriously at Zhuo Hang. “The protection of a swordsman is actually very limited. A’Shu has to let out a burst of hand speed to protect Xiao Li but a hunter is different.”

Zhuo Hang’s eyes lit up. “Cat God means… can a hunter provide a better output environment for a black magician?”

“Yes, a hunter’s traps is much better than a swordsman’s control and movement interference. The traps are invisible and the other side can’t see where you place the traps. They are completely controlled by you and the degree of freedom is high. As long as the trap is stepped on, there will be a slowed effect. There are also special silence and stop traps. As long as you use them well, the opposite side’s melee can’t get close to Li Xiaojiang.” Li Cangyu patiently explained.

Zhuo Hang nodded seriously. “I understand!”

Li Cangyu patted his shoulder with relief. “This is why I had you form a combination with Li Xiaojiang.”

Hunters could lay traps all over the place, making the opponents feel fear. He could even place traps around Li Xiaojiang so that the enemies couldn’t get close. This way, Li Xiaojiang could stand there with peace of mind and slowly cast his skills, suppressing the other side with black magic.

This was the ingenuity of the combination of hunter and black magician.

If the enemies were two melee, this quick and slow combination would make them want to vomit blood.

Zhuo Hang finally understood the meaning of Cat God making them pair up.

He thought that Cat God just paired them together to help grind their personalities. He didn’t expect for Cat God’s vision to be so high, actually trying to form an ace combination for Canglan…

He was too superficial compared to Cat God’s foresight. He didn’t understand the power of the combination and abandoned Li Xiaojiang…

[Snail Crawling Slowly has killed Invincible!]

On the big screen, Li Xiaojiang once again cast a spell and directly killed the remaining berserker.

Zhuo Hang saw this scene and couldn’t help hanging his head with shame. He recalled the game where he left Li Xiaojiang alone and couldn’t wait for a hole to open up to bury himself in it.

Li Xiaojiang was sitting in the player seats and was flushed with excitement. His fingers shook slightly and he could barely hold the mouse.

He killed two opponents in a row and won! He could actually win!

The young boy’s eyes filled with tears as he looked gratefully at Xie Shurong next to him. Xie Shurong said with a smile, “Great, Xiao Li. Continue to play well in the next game.”

“Yes!” Li Xiaojiang nodded eagerly, took a deep breath and held his mouse tightly.

The second game was the Blades team’s selection but Li Xiaojiang clearly played better than the first game.

He gained some confidence after the first round and Xie Shurong protected him too well. Li Xiaojiang naturally let go of any fear and his black magic accurately hit. Every hit was accompanied by a huge blood loss. The two kill prompts once again appeared on the big screen, the Canglan team winning the two arena rounds!

Li Xiaojiang excitedly returned with Xie Shurong.

Li Cangyu took the lead to come over and gently pat the teenager’s head while smiling. “Your performance was amazing!”

Bai Xuan also came over to pat his head. “Our Xiao Li is really powerful!”

This was followed by Uncle Zhang. “Xiao Li, I never thought you would be so strong!”

His hair was messed up by them but Li Xiaojiang was very happy and replied seriously, “Yes, A’Shu was too good.”

Xie Shurong rubbed his hair and smiled. “Don’t be humble. You are also powerful.”

Gu Siming excitedly held Li Xiaojiang’s hand. “Too handsome, too handsome! I took a few photos and will send them to you when we get back!”

Xiao Han quietly walked over. “You performed well.”

Qin Mo taught him this sentence. It was a phrase that Captain Ling commonly used to praise someone and Qin Mo said that these words had more meaning.

Everyone was praising Li Xiaojiang. Zhuo Hang, who was sitting in the corner, also came forward while touching his nose with embarrassment. “You… you are awesome.”

This sentence was very awkward but they were Zhuo Hang’s true feelings.

After today’s game, he finally discovered that Li Xiaojiang was excellent. He was always serious and worked hard. Every step was carefully calculated and there were few mistakes.

The bad one was Zhuo Hang.

Look, Li Xiaojiang just changed partners and he became so radiant.

In the last match, Zhuo Hang had played worse than rookies in the online game.

Zhuo Hang was well aware that his current level wasn’t comparable to Xie Shurong. It was impossible for him to protect Li Xiaojiang and provide him with such a peaceful output environment.

However, Zhuo Hang believed that one day, he would stand by Li Xiaojiang as a teammate and bodyguard, causing Li Xiaojiang to exude the most dazzling brilliance.

The combination of fast and slow proposed by Cat God would surely become a special killing trick of the Canglan team.

It was possible that in the future, Cat God would probably send him with Li Xiaojiang when encountering teams with more melee classes. He had to live up to  the expectations of Cat God and his teammates.

Zhuo Hang thought this and finally calmed his emotions. He formed fists and walked in front of Li Xiaojiang. He grinned and reached out a hand. “In the future, I will try to protect you. You can confidently stand behind me and unleash your output.”

This was the essence of the fast and slow combination.

Li Xiaojiang was the core and Zhuo Hang had to protect him, not desperately try to be the output.

Li Xiaojiang was stunned. He knew that Zhuo Hang was taking the initiative to show him goodwill. He was somewhat shy but he reached out and shook Zhuo Hang’s hand. “Yes, we will do it together!”

Li Cangyu couldn’t help grinning at this scene.

After all, they were both young. Grievances came quickly and went quickly. It seemed that the combination of hunter and black magician should be eligible to stand in the league’s first division in the near future.

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