GLS: Chapter 126

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Chapter 126 – Start Being Friends From Today

Next door, Gu Siming was reluctantly saying farewell to Li Xiaojiang. “Xiaojiang, I don’t know why Cat God wants you to live with Zhuo Hang. If you don’t want to talk with Zhuo Hang, go next door to find me and Xiao Han to chat.”

Li Xiaojiang knew that Gu Siming really cared about him.

Of the other three peers on the team, Zhuo Hang smiled all day and looked sunny but he was actually very arrogant and difficult to get close to. His smile was just a distant politeness. Xiao Han’s brain circuits weren’t the same as everyone else and his words used were sometimes strange. Only Gu Siming was enthusiastic and sincerely cared about him.

Li Xiaojiang might be a slow child but he wasn’t stupid. He could feel the attitude of others towards him.

Li Xiaojiang was a bit sad about being separated from Gu Siming. He couldn’t help lowering his head as he said, “I, I know. I will go next door to find, to find you.”

Gu Siming hadn’t closed his door when packing. Zhuo Hang had just arrived at the door when he heard this conversation. He couldn’t help feeling depressed. Did Li Xiaojiang actually hate him that much? What was going on with Gu Siming here?

He endured this feeling and knocked on the door. Gu Siming turned back to open the door and cried out, “Since this is Cat God’s arrangement, I won’t say anything more. You shouldn’t bully Xiao Li in the future!”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

Then in the eyes of others, he was a big bastard who would bully Li Xiaojiang?

He looked into the room and happened to meet Li Xiaojiang’s wet black eyes. As a result, something like fear filled the latter’s eyes and he removed his gaze, immediately shrinking back.

Zhuo Hang who was treated as a bad person, “…”

Gu Siming reluctantly pulled his luggage out and didn’t forget to look back to tell him, “Don’t bully Xiao Li, understand?”

Zhuo Hang rolled his eyes. “Really long-winded! Go to sleep!”

He drove Gu Siming to the next room and pulled his luggage inside, locking the door.

He looked up and found that Li Xiaojiang was looking down, hands clenched tightly and not speaking. It was like he was prepared to enter combat against an enemy.

Zhuo Hang finally couldn’t bear it and stepped forward. “Why are you so afraid of me? I’m not a man-eating beast!”

Li Xiaojiang’s face was slightly red as he retorted, “I, I’m not afraid of you. I… I’m a bit nervous.”

Nervous? Zhuo Hang was startled and frowned. “Why are you nervous? Am I hard to get along with?”

Li Xiaojiang was silent for a moment before whispering, “I, I thought you hated me…”

Zhuo Hang actually didn’t like Li Xiaojiang’s slow personality. After all, most of his family were refreshing and resolute. Li Xiaojiang was slow in everything and his words were hesitated. He would take half a minute to say something that other people could say in five seconds and he would also stutter. Zhuo Hang wanted to reach out and straighten his tongue.

However, looking at this pathetic appearance that was like a bullied stray cat, Zhuo Hang felt very awkward. It was as if he had become a big bully!

He coughed with embarrassment as he remembered Cat God telling him to get along with the other person. Zhuo Hang reached out gently to touch Li Xiaojiang’s head and smiled. “I don’t hate you. It is just that I’m not familiar with you and there isn’t much common language. Don’t think too much. We can become familiar with each other later.”

Surprisingly, Li Xiaojiang’s hair was very soft to touch and his height was just right. It was very easy to pat his head.

Li Xiaojiang heard this and looked up with surprise. “Yes, yes? You don’t, you don’t hate me?”

His black eyes were clear like gems, making Zhuo Hang feel guilty.

Looking closely, he found that Li Xiaojiang had a very flattering face. His height was relatively small since he was almost 18 years old and was still less than 175cm. He was the shortest one on the Canglan team and his face was also very small as it could be held with one hand. HIs body was thin and there weren’t many muscles on his thin arms and legs.

Why did Zhou Hang want to compete with such a weak guy?

Zhuo Hang saw that Li Xiaojiang was still looking at him seriously and moved his line of sight. “Cough, in any case, Cat God arranged for us to be roommates. Later we should take care of each other.”

Li Xiaojiang agreed happily. “Yes, yes!”

In fact, Li Xiaojiang was simple and easy to satisfy.

Becoming a professional player of the Canglan team was already a great fortune for him. He had been stuttering since an early age and often receive a cold reception from others. He had been accustomed to this treatment and didn’t find it strange that Zhuo Hang hated him. He didn’t think Zhuo Hang was wrong, he just felt a bit sad about being hated.

Today, Zhuo Hang said he didn’t hate Li Xiaojiang. It was just that they weren’t familiar with each other. Li Xiaojiang’s mood instantly became happy. He opened his suitcase and took out a package of well-preserved duck neck and said, “This, this is for you to eat. Do you like, like it?”

Zhuo Hang didn’t like to eat duck neck as a snack. When Li Xiaojiang brought back a whole bunch for the team, he only ate half a packet before giving the rest to Gu Siming.

However, Li Xiaojiang was currently smiling at him and Zhuo Hang couldn’t bear to say words of rejection. He reached out and smiled. “Thank you, it is very delicious.”

Li Xiaojiang saw him smiling and also smiled happily. “Is it? I, I also think it is very delicious.”

Zhuo Hang didn’t want to talk to Li Xiaojiang for a bit so he suggested, “You go take a shower first. I will unpack my luggage.”

“Yes!” Li Xiaojiang ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Zhuo Hang opened his suitcase and took out the clothes to be worn tomorrow. Then he sat on the bed and played games on his iPad.

Five minutes after he started playing, Li Xiaojiang quickly came out. Zhuo Hang was a bit surprised, “You have finished already?”

Li Xiaojiang’s face was red from the steam. He spoke while rubbing his hair with a towel. “Yes, I wash up and shower quickly.”

Zhuo Hang smiled and asked, “Aren’t you a slow person? How did you suddenly become fast when showering?”

Li Xiaojiang explained seriously, “My body isn’t dirty. Just casually washing is fine since it won’t waste water.”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

Was this the different living environment that Cat God was talking about?

When Zhuo Hang was a child, he often filled a bathtub with water and spend half an hour playing with bubbles. Once the bubbles were gone, he had to wash again. The concept of saving water was never mentioned by his parents.

Li Xiaojiang was different. He had been frugal since he was a child and wasn’t used to showering for half an hour.

Zhuo Hang thought about it and felt more awkward. He grew up like this since he was a child and never felt there was anything wrong with it. How did he become a sinner when compared with Li Xiaojiang? Even the long washing time, a problem he had never noticed before, suddenly produced a sense of guilt…

Zhuo Hang was thinking about this when Li Xiaojiang came over in big pyjamas. The hotel pyjamas he was wearing went down to the ankle, making him look like a small white zongzi. (TL: traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves)

As he climbed into his bed, his pyjamas opened a bit and Zhuo Hang saw his underwear.

It was cartoon shorts with a robot cat printed on it.

Zhuo Hang, “…”

‘Actually wearing this type of cartoon robot cat shorts, Li Xiaojiang, is your sense of aesthetics eaten by a dog?’

Zhuo Hang was a blunt person and he couldn’t help asking, “Why are you still wearing this type of children’s underwear? 18 years old is already counted as an adult. Changing to a pure colour is better. I think white suits you.”

Li Xiaojiang was startled and looked down at his cartoon underwear, his cheeks slightly red. “I, I didn’t bring white… I only brought three pairs to wear…”

Zhuo Hang asked, “What are the other two?”

Li Xiaojiang pointed to the closet. Zhuo Hang opened it and found that there were two clean underwear inside. The pattern and shape made him stunned. They were still cartoon shorts. The various cartoon characters and small size reminded him of what primary school students wore.

Zhuo Hang decided to save Li Xiaojiang’s aesthetics, otherwise this guy wouldn’t be able to get a wife when he was older.

He turned back and pulled out a packet of new underwear that hadn’t been worn yet. He picked a white one and handed it to Li Xiaojiang. “Try to wear this. It has a protective cover over a male’s key parts. If you wear loose boxers everyday, don’t you feel like it is uncomfortable?”

They were both boys and peers. Thus, Zhuo Hang felt there was nothing wrong discussing this type of problem. In high school, didn’t he often gather around with his roommates to look at those type of magazines?

Li Xiaojiang’s nature was shy and no one had ever said this to him before. His ears were red as he accepted the white underwear given by Zhuo Hang. Li Xiaojiang felt like he was taking a hot potato.

Zhuo Hang said, “This is a new purchase and I have never worn it. The trademark hasn’t been cut. It is definitely more comfortable than your boxers. The white one is for you. Take it and try it.”

Li Xiaojiang nodded and silently changed under the blanket.

Zhuo Hang asked, “How is it? Is it comfortable?”

Li Xiaojiang was silent for a moment before stuttering with a red face, “I wore it, it is a bit big, big…”

Zhuo Hang quickly understood. This guy’s thing must be small and the underwear was too big for him.

Zhuo Hang looked at Li Xiaojiang’s red face and finally reacted. Damn, why had he used this topic to become familiar with each other? What was wrong with him, talking about underwear?

Zhuo Hang wanted to slap himself and immediately changed the topic. “What time do you usually sleep?”

Li Xiaojiang answered, “11, 11 o’clock.”

Zhuo Hang suggested, “There is still one hour left. Do you want to play a game?”

Li Xiaojiang asked, “Miracle?”

“Aren’t you tired of playing Miracle every day? I will recommend a mobile game. It is fun and also lets you practice your reaction speed.” Zhuo Hang opened his iPad to a shooting game. He sat next to Li Xiaojiang to show him. “The left side is the sight and the right side is the shooting button. The next button fills you up with bullets. This is up and down and left and right. Avoid the bullets and kill the opposite side to achieve victory.”

Li Xiaojiang made a curious expression and nodded earnestly, “Yes.”

Zhuo Hang started a game. There were g*nshots and several opponents were consecutively shot in the head. The prompt ‘Congratulations, you have passed’ appeared on the screen. Zhuo Hang handed the iPad to Li Xiaojiang and said, “Come and try.”

This was Li Xiaojiang’s first time playing on the iPad and he was very excited. He tried to shoot and ended up being shot to death.

“I, I’m not very good at playing.” Li Xiaojiang handed the iPad back to Zhuo Hang with a red face.

Zhuo Hang laughed. “It doesn’t matter. Try it a few more times.”

“Oh.” Li Xiaojiang accepted the iPad again and pressed start.

This game was much better. Li Xiaojiang hid behind obstacles and slowly aimed. Then he got up to shoot and the opponent really fell down. Li Xiaojiang continued to hide behind obstacles and played slowly. After playing for 10 minutes, he finally passed.

“I passed!” Li Xiaojiang’s face filled with joy and his eyes shone.

Zhuo Hang saw this and couldn’t help smiling.

If he didn’t mind Li Xiaojiang’s slowness, this guy was actually good to get along with. His mind was simple and he hadn’t seen the big world. If Zhuo Hang was good to him, he would be good back.

He was like a stray cat that was easy to satisfy. Just give him something to eat and he would follow you to death.

The more he saw Li Xiaojiang seriously holding the iPad, the more Zhuo Hang thought that this guy was cute. Why did he hate Li Xiaojiang before? In fact, it was because his sense of pride that made him think Li Xiaojiang would drag him down.

In fact, Li Xiaojiang was a hard-working person.

Zhuo Hang just needed to watch him play this shooting game to know he was serious about everything he did.

When he played this game, he lost and lost. However, Li Xiaojiang focused as he played. Every time he shot, he considered it very carefully, allowing him to achieve a killing blow every time.

He took a longer time then Zhuo Hang but his seriousness was hard to match.

Zhuo Hang finally understood why Cat God wanted him to live with Li Xiaojiang. Li Xiaojiang had many advantages, especially the patience and seriousness that Zhuo Hang lacked.

An active exchange with Li Xiaojiang was still awkward but Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian and Li Cangyu were staring at him. Once he made a mistake, the three gods would scold him.

Zhuo Hang had to obey Cat God’s arrangement and slowly adapt to the environment of the team.

From now on, he must try to accept Li Xiaojiang’s existence.

According to Cat God, Xie Shurong would play a demonstration game with Li Xiaojiang in the next match. Then the match after that would be Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang again…

Zhuo Hang still had no clue on how to cooperate with Li Xiaojiang but he would calm down and slowly learn. At the very least, he shouldn’t be scolded by the three captains in the next match. Even if he lost, he had to play to his own standards and not make it as shameful as the first match.

There was a moment of silence as Zhuo Hang finally understood. He smiled slightly and turned to Li Xiaojiang. “Xiaojiang, there might’ve been a misunderstanding between us. From today, shall we be friends?”

Li Xiaojiang put down the iPad and looked up at Zhuo Hang, somewhat flattered.

Zhuo Hang saw a small animal’s frightened eyes and couldn’t help reaching out to touch his head. “Are you still afraid of me? You look so shocked.”

Li Xiaojiang said with a red face, “I, I didn’t mean that…”

He knew that Zhuo Hang’s family was very good and there were several great gods as relatives. He thought that Zhuo Hang would look down on him. He didn’t expect that Zhuo Hang would uncharacteristically volunteer to become friends with him.

Zhuo Hang saw Li Xiaojiang’s doubts and reached out to gently hold Li Xiaojiang’s hand. “Then it is decided!”

Li Xiaojiang, “…”

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