GLS: Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Brilliant Idea

Zhuo Hang hung his head in a depressed manner, waiting to be scolded by Cat God.

The thing that surprised him was that Cat God didn’t directly scold him, instead saying earnestly, “Xiao Zhuo, your talent isn’t bad but there are many talented players like you in the Miracle League. There aren’t many who can stick out. Do you know why?”

Zhuo Hang was stunned and looked up at Li Cangyu. He tentatively answered, “Is… is it a matter of opportunity?”

“Opportunity is an important factor but the key is to rely on yourself.” Li Cangyu explained seriously, “Many talented players experience a few setbacks in the newcomer period. They suffer severe psychological blows and then collapse. There are also many talented players who have too smooth a path. They climb all the way up but once they finally fall, they can no longer get up…”

Li Cangyu looked gently at the teenager in front of him. “Xiao Zhuo, you are thinking too lightly of the league. Like me, there are many players who haven’t won trophies for many years. Like Old Zhang, there are players who can’t achieve their dreams and leave with regrets. The players who can stand out are only a small percentage. The professional league is a very cruel place and everyone who can become a god has worked harder than others. Don’t look at Su Guangmo and watch Tan Shitian. He is so popular now and is sought after by countless fans. Yet he also experienced a lot of setbacks and tempering in the newcomer period.”

“You are still a newcomer and your posture can’t be too high. Climb up step by step, making your foundation stable.  If you become boastful because you know a few great gods, there is no need for me to tell you what will happen.”

“I will be direct. The key to losing today’s matches is you, not Xiao Li. You should know that Xiao Li is very introverted and shy. He doesn’t know how to express himself but he tried to cooperate with you many times. However, from beginning to end, you never paid attention to what he was doing. This is the pairs arena, not the solo arena. You completely lost the meaning of a combination.”

“You should remember the match between China and the US at the World Carnival. If Ling Xuefeng, Su Guangmo and Chu Yan kept playing 1v1 against the US team’s three attackers, it might be a losing situation. They eventually won because they replied on the power of cooperation. You and Li Xiaojiang certainly can’t fight when facing these old players alone and will be broken one by one. It is only when combined together that 1+1=2.”

“You lost two arena matches and was almost abused because you looked down on Li Xiaojiang. You thought he would drag you down and didn’t want to cooperate with him. This subconscious thinking is fatal on the field. In order to get your teammate’s help, you first have to trust your teammate. Xiao Zhuo, even I don’t look down on Li Xiaojiang. What right do you have to be biased against him?”

Zhuo Hang was stunned. He thought for a long time before his head dropped, his eyes turning red.

He couldn’t refute a single one of the captain’s words. He only only feel ashamed and embarrassed.

What qualifications does he have to swell up with confidence and look down on others?

Even a world-class player like Cat God could calm down and cooperate with the four newcomers. Why did Zhuo Hang act like he was superior in the team?

Li Xiaojiang was indeed introverted and took a long time to stutter out a sentence, but this wasn’t his fault. He was born like this. He played slowly on the field because it was his style…

Since Cat God let them form a fast and slow combination for the arena, they should’ve looked for the advantages of the combination and find a way to use these advantages to defeat the opponent. Instead, he questioned if Li Xiaojiang would drag him back or not and decided that regardless of Li Xiaojiang’s life or death, he would fight alone.

Today’s match, it was estimated to be a farce that wasn’t as good as the online game’s arena in the eyes of many great gods.

It was no wonder why Su Guangmo called him and why Tan Shitian gently told him that newcomers should be modest and learn more. They clearly saw his pride and hoped to wake him up in time.

Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian, these great gods wouldn’t be so blind. Zhuo Hang was a newcomer who just debuted and he actually dared to look down on this teammate. Regardless of whether his teammate could play on their own or not, this was really a big joke!

Zhuo Hang formed fists as he thought this and whispered, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

This teenager’s voice was very small, just like a mosquito. From an early age to when he was older, he hadn’t bowed to people when making mistakes. This time he sincerely admitted it so Li Cangyu didn’t want to force him.

Putting down this child’s pride wouldn’t happen overnight and too much might be counterproductive. Li Cangyu thought this and gently touched Zhuo Hang’s head. His tone was mild as he told Zhuo Hang, “It’s okay. We have a lot of time and can slowly adjust this.”

Zhuo Hang nodded seriously. “Yes.”

Li Cangyu paused and asked, “Do you have an opinion on Xiao Li?”

Zhuo Hang’s head was lowered as he replied, “No.”

Li Cangyu inwardly sighed and stated, “Xiao Li grew up in a very different environment from you. His parents aren’t cultured and he didn’t see many people growing up in the country. He isn’t like you who has worn the best clothes and eaten the best food since childhood. There might be a big difference but since you have become teammates, I hope you can get along well.”

Zhuo Hang was silent for a moment. “I… I will.”

“Go back and change rooms with Xiao Gu. Later Gu Siming will live with Xiao Han and you will live in a room with Li Xiaojiang during the away matches.”

Zhuo Hang was shocked, “Eh? I will live with him?”

Li Cangyu asked gravely, “Didn’t you just promise to get along well? Is this remorse?”

Zhou Hang was embarrassed. “I… I have no common language with Li Xiaojiang.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Then start with a mutual understanding and look for a common language.”

Zhuo Hang saw that Cat God had made up his mind and scratched his head. “Oh… okay.”

Li Cangyu couldn’t help inwardly laughing at the reluctant look.

He would let the confident Zhuo Hang live with the unconfident Li Xiaojiang. Perhaps they would influence each other and their mentalities would become more stable.

‘This is a wonderful idea,’ Li Cangyu thought happily.

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Reply to  lonipony

If I were the 2 other captains, I would dish the scolding if it was as bad as today, but limit the praise to “a you did good” if the kid did exceptionally well & generally keep a distance since he is now Cat’s pupil & too many cooks make a mess. You don’t want to interfere with the team captain’s strategy. Also, he is an adult now & part of the competition.

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