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GLS: Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – Summary After the Game

Due to the two consecutive victories, Canglan didn’t need to play a third round of the team battle. The match between Canglan and Dream was over and the final score was 10:4. The initial two youngsters lost in the arena round but Li Cangyu personally led the team battle and won twice, finally scoring 10 points.

In the commentators’ room, Chen Weiwei and Shao Yu gave a simple explanation of the game. Both of them praised Cat God’s first match after returning to Miracle.

In the soundproof room, Li Cangyu signed his signature on the form submitted to the referee and then took the players to the opposite room to shake hands with the Dream team. The Dream players were very depressed but they admired Cat God’s personal strength and ingenious tactical arrangements.

After coming back, Li Cangyu brought everyone to eat dinner.

Today’s first match harvest of 10:4 wasn’t bad. Bai Xuan proposed to eat in celebration and Li Cangyu also had this idea. He took everyone to a local restaurant in Guangzhou to eat Cantonese cuisine.

The team was sitting in a chartered car arranged by the club for during the competition. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang both sat down and Li Cangyu didn’t care about them. He opened up WeChat and sent someone a message.

[We played 10:4 in the first game.] It was naturally sent to Ling Xuefeng.

[I watched it live.] Ling Xuefeng returned a message in seconds.

[Aren’t you going to comment on your boyfriend’s performance?] Li Cangyu continued to ask.

[Very handsome.] Ling Xuefeng was helpless towards the big cat who desired praise. However, his eyes couldn’t help becoming gentle when he typed these words.

The always serious man was unable to say flowery words so Li Cangyu no longer embarrassed him. He smiled and sent a hug emoji, before asking, [By the way, do you know Zhuo Hang?]

Ling Xuefeng wondered: [The newcomer in Canglan, the one playing the elf hunter?]

[Yes, do you know him?]

[I don’t know.]

Li Cangyu looked back at Zhuo Hang and found that this youth was looking out the window. The side silhouette was handsome and his slightly raised chin made him look really proud.

His eyes were no longer as bright as usual after losing the game. They were a bit bleak.

Whose child was he?

Li Cangyu turned around and thoughtfully touched his chin.


Everyone arrived at the restaurant and circulated the menu while chatting. They were all happy apart from Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang.

Gu Siming took the initiative to pat Zhuo Hang’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. “Don’t be sad. We might’ve lost in the arena but we won two rounds in a row and got 10 points!”

Xiao Gu obviously intended to be kind but the result was counterproductive. To Zhuo Hang’s ears, it just sounded like sarcasm.

Zhuo Hang didn’t answer and turned away with a pale look.

Gu Siming received the cold shoulder and scratched his head before turning to comfort Li Xiaojiang. “Xiao Jiang, don’t take it to heart. Today’s loss in the arena isn’t your responsibility!”

“…” Li Xiaojiang’s head hung low enough to hit the table. Zhuo Hang’s face became paler.

Li Cangyu was speechless. This Xiao Gu added to the chaos!

Only Xiao Han wasn’t worried. He knew his Chinese wasn’t good enough and didn’t speak nonsense. He just lowered his head and focused on the menu.

Bai Xuan saw that Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang’s faces had become uglier and couldn’t bear it. He gently rubbed Li Xiaojiang’s head and smiled. “Don’t mind it. It is normal to win or lose in a game. You are still newcomers and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t play well in the first match. When I was a newcomer, my fingers were shaking so much that I couldn’t add blood. Why don’t you take it slowly? There will be many games in the future. You are slowly making progress, don’t worry.”

Vice-Captain Bai’s voice was very gentle. Like soft feathers, it gentle swept over their ears. Li Xiaojiang head these comforting words and his mood improved.

The dishes were quickly served and once the table was full, the group immediately moved their chopsticks to grab the food.

Li Xiaojiang was slow and always couldn’t grab the food. Bai Xuan considerately set a small bowl of various dishes in front of him. Li Xiaojiang gratefully looked at Bai Xuan before bowing over the small bowl of food in front of him.

Zhuo Hang was silent. Once the turntable reached him, he would casually move his chopsticks like it was an errand. He was clearly absent-minded.

Li Cangyu took the initiative to raise the water glass and made a toast. “During the competition, the team is banned from drinking wine. Today, we will use water to replace wine. Let’s raise our glasses for gaining 10 points in the first match today.”

Everyone stood up. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang had to follow and hold up a glass of water to clink it against everyone’s glasses.


“Canglan must win!” Gu Siming shouted excitedly.

“There will be more points in the future. We will win the championship in one go.” Zhang Jueming readily drank the water in the cup. Bai Xuan couldn’t help saying, “Old Zhang, take it easy. It isn’t alcohol so is there a need to chug it down?”

“I’m thirsty!” Zhang Jueming laughed. “If this was liquor, I would drink it all in one go.”

Uncle Zhang’s words made everyone laugh, apart from Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang.

Li Cangyu didn’t want to teach them at the dinner table. He saw that the two teenagers were still looking down and couldn’t help saying, “Xiaojiang, Xiao Zhuo, since we came to eat, you should eat well. Don’t think about anything else at the dinner table. The chicken here is very famous. Come and try it.”

He took the initiative to give Zhuo Hang a chicken leg as he spoke. Zhuo Hang was flattered and quickly picked it up, almost knocking over his plate.

Li Cangyu smiled at him and thought, ‘Boy, eat a bit. You need strength for when I clean you up later!’


Everyone returned to the hotel and Li Cangyu ordered, “Xiaojiang, come to my room. Zhuo Hang, come 10 minutes later.”

Li Xiaojiang hung his head and followed. Zhuo Hang’s face was also ugly. Cat God named them separately. Wasn’t this to scold  them?

In order to give Cat God time to teach them, Uncle Zhang who lived with him took the initiative to go with Xiao Han and Gu Siming to play the computer.

Once Li Cangyu opened the door, Li Xiaojiang entered and said, “Sorry Cat God, I didn’t, didn’t play well today. I, I…”

Li Cangyu saw him stuttering for a long time with slightly red eyes and couldn’t help feeling pained for this kid. HIs voice was gentle as he said, “Xiao Li, I’m not scolding you. Don’t rush to admit your mistakes. Come and sit down.”

Li Xiaojiang looked up with a startled expression. He found that the captain’s face wasn’t terrible. Instead, he was smiling. Li Xiaojiang couldn’t help feeling confused as he went to the sofa and sat down.

Li Cangyu then asked, “I arranged for you and Zhuo Hang to fight together in the arena. How did you communicate with him?”

Li Xiaojiang hesitated for a moment before answering, “I, I went to him but I didn’t know how to tell him.”

Li Cangyu’s eyes were cold. “Did he ignore you?”

Lai Xiaojiang lowered his head.

It was obvious from this action that Li Xiaojiang was definitely ignored by the proud Zhuo Hang before the game.

Poor Xiao Li, he was very introverted and couldn’t speak without stammering. He took the courage to find Zhuo Hang to try and cooperate, only to be ignored by Zhuo Hang. Wouldn’t Li Xiaojiang’s heart at that time be sad?

Li Cangyu couldn’t help gently patting Li Xiaojiang’s hair. “Your approach is right as communication is very important. You don’t speak much but at least you know how to cooperate with the team. In this game, I found that you cooperated with Zhuo Hang many times but couldn’t keep up because of your slow hand speed. This isn’t your fault. You tried your best.”

Li Xiaojiang was stunned as he stared at his captain. He didn’t expect for the captain not to scold him.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “You were actually very calm in this match. You judged the timing that is most advantageous and carefully controlled and consumed the other people according to your own rhythm.  The problem is inexperience. There is no need to blame yourself. This is just the beginning so have more confidence. Don’t question yourself. The fact that I chose you as my teammate is a confirmation of your strength.” Li Xiaojiang looked emotionally at Cat God. His eyes were wet and full of gratitude. It was like a stray cat that no one wanted was finally picked up and found a good home.

Li Cangyu softened at the sight and couldn’t help smiling. He smoothed out Li Xiaojiang’s hair and stated, “In the future, I will give you more opportunities to fight. There might be many times where you will need to pair up with Zhuo Hang for the arena. You have to remember to believe in your own judgment and play at your own pace. Don’t try to accommodate Zhuo Hang. You are the core of this combination, understood?”

Li Xiaojiang nodded vigorously. “Yes, I understand!”

Li Cangyu found that this child was outstanding and worked very hard. However, the stuttering made it difficult for him to communicate with others. He lacked confidence from an early age and habitually let others take the lead, becoming a supporting role instead.

Still, the black magician was a highly aggressive class. It was necessary to build up Xiaojiang’s confidence as soon as possible.


Li Xiaojiang left and Li Cangyu poured a glass of water, slowing drinking it on the sofa. It didn’t take long before he heard the ringing of the door bell. He opened it and found Zhuo Hang standing at the door.

They were a similar age but Zhuo Hang was taller and stronger than Li Xiaojiang. His appearance was very handsome, especially when he laughed. He was a typical sunny handsome person in a young idol campus drama. Once he grew up, his appearance and figure would improve. Even if he wasn’t an e-sports player, he could rely on his face to eat.

He was tall, handsome and had a relative who was a big god in the e-sports circle. It was no wonder that he had a sense of superiority.

He was young and his character wasn’t stable enough. His own conditions were good and he was pampered since childhood. It was normal for him to have a sense of superiority.

However, Li Cangyu wouldn’t allow him to bring this to the field. It was absolutely taboo to not cooperate with his teammates or to abandon his teammates in his heart.

If Zhou Hang had won in the arena today, he would rush over to hug Li Cangyu and say, “Cat God, was I good?” Now that he lost, Zhuo Hang obviously wasn’t happy. He lowered his head after entering the house and cried out,  “Cat God.”

Li Cangyu didn’t let him sit down. He walked back to the sofa and sat down. He took a sip of water before asking seriously, “Powerful hunter, tell me why you lost today?”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

Cat God’s posture was like a parent teaching their child. Zhuo Hang suddenly felt afraid of him.

Li Cangyu saw that the other person wasn’t speaking and went on, “Okay, then let’s change the topic. Who is the relative in your family? He might be quite famous in Miracle to give you such a sense of superiority?”

A hint of embarrassment flashed on Zhuo Hang’s face. “Cat God, please don’t ask…”

“Why, are you ashamed?” Li Cangyu’s voice deepened. “If you can’t overcome the psychological barrier, I have to at least know who your relative is so I don’t send you to those matches.”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

The boy looked very embarrassed.

Li Cangyu wondered, “The great gods of the Miracle League, they can be counted on 10 fingers. Let me guess… are you related to Su Guangmo, captain of the Flying Feathers team?”

Zhuo Hang lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Li Cangyu kept asking, “What about Tan Shitian?”

Zhuo Hang’s head lowered further.

Li Cangyu was surprised. “Really? You know both Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian?”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

Li Cangyu saw his sad expression and couldn’t help smiling. “Then you really aren’t small!”

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Anna Karo
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