GLS: Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 – Ingenious Tactics

The first round of the team battle, the Dream team took the initiative to surrender and concede defeat. In the second round, it was the Dream team’s turn to select the map.

The other team’s captain chose Moonlight Waterfront!

Once the map appeared on the big screen, Chen Weiwei immediately explained to the audience. “The Moonlight Waterfront is a beautiful dating place in the elves’ Moonlight Forest. However, the Moonlight Waterfront in the team battle is very different. 90% of the entire map is in the water. There are two roads in the middle that divide the map into the ‘田’ character, forming the four foggy wild areas.”

Shao Yu followed with, “This should be the first time that the audience is seeing the Moonlight Waterfront map under the new system. The environment is still beautiful but the 90% water map will be very difficult to play. In particular, the mobs in the wild area all swim in the water and used ranged spells. The melee players will definitely have a headache.”

The water map was undoubtedly a difficult map for the new team because the effect of many moves in the water were completely different from the land. Moreover, the fog area was full of water and everyone’s speed in the water would be slow. A melee class would be greatly limited.

The archer was the class with the furthest attack distance of all classes. The Dream team’s archer could stand at a distance and shoot arrows, using the advantage of his attack range to suppress the enemy. This map was particularly beneficial to the Dream team while disadvantageous to Li Cangyu and Xie Shurong.

With such a targeted selection, the captain had clearly worked hard before the game.

Li Cangyu’s expression was very calm when he saw this map. At the beginning of the team battle, the members of the Canglan team refreshed in the northeast area in the upper right corner of the map. Li Cangyu immediately issued instructions on the voice channel. “Xiao Gu, Xiao Han and Old Zhang will go to the northwest while A’Shu and Xiao Bai will continue in our home base. I will go to the southwest wild area.”

This time, it was still a three road plan but Li Cangyu went alone instead of bringing a partner.

In the commentators’ room, Chen Weiwei couldn’t help wondering, “Cat God is going to the wild area alone… what is he trying to do?”

Shao Yu thought for a moment before guessing, “Does he have the confidence to beat them 1v2?”

Chen Weiwei was somewhat worried. “Cat God’s personal strength is very strong but it is unrealistic to fight 1v2 in a water map. The advantage of the elf summoner is its quick actions. All pets will be affected by the water in the water map. They will become sluggish and the fast-moving style can’t be played at all. If an archer who can attack from far away shows up, 1v1 will be difficult, let alone 1v2…”

Li Cangyu’s bold decision confused many viewers.

The thing that made everyone more afraid was that from their point of view, the Dream team’s ace combination of elf archer and white magician had gone to the southeast corner in the lower right. If there was no accident then they would meet soon!

The wild mob areas refreshed on time and Li Cangyu started to clean up the mobs where he was standing. He had just killed four mobs and got 200 crystal coins when both sides met in the wild area.

Due to dealing with the long distance mobs, Li Cangyu lost 10% of his blood. Meanwhile, the two Dream team members were full of blood because they joined hands to kill the mobs and were safer and faster than Li Cangyu!

This was a completely overwhelming advantage!

To the surprise of the audience, the archer and white magician of the Dream team didn’t kill Cat God.

The audience sitting under the stage felt urgent while the live commentators typed:

[Come on!]

[Two against one and Cat God has lost blood, he can absolutely be killed!]

[Hurry and kill Cat God!]

[There is a sense of accomplishment in killing Cat God. Why aren’t they going?]

[What are they hesitating for?]


Chen Weiwei was also worried about them.

Once she discovered that the two people hadn’t acted, Chen Weiwei couldn’t help saying, “Cat God is standing in front of them with less blood yet the people of the Dream team aren’t going to kill him. Are they scared from the last game?”

Shao Yu shook his head and analyzed, “I guess that they are wondering if there is an ambush behind  Cat God. After all, Cat God is notorious for his unfathomable tactics.” Shao Yu guessed right. The two of them did hesitate because they didn’t think Cat God would dare wander alone on a water map. They thought that Cat God must have a teammate behind him!

Thus… the two people of the Dream team didn’t rush. They first placed a light on the left and right sides of Cat God in order to check the situation around him before making a decision.

Li Cangyu had been calmly killing the mobs, as if the two opponents in front of him didn’t exist.

Once the Dream team’s captain placed the lights down, they found that Cat God was indeed alone and boldly ordered, “Go!”

The white magician immediately cast a control skill in order to send Cat God into the water. However, Li Cangyu expected this and used Flying Feather Steps to transport to the right and avoid this control.

The archer followed with Ice Arrow to freeze him in place and then unleash a combo. However, Li Cangyu used a small sliding step and once again subtly escaped the archer’s control skills!

Chen Weiwei saw the ice arrow pass Li Cangyu in a thrilling manner and couldn’t help clapping. She praised, “These movements are simply godlike!”

Shao Yu also sighed, “This is Cat God. His random walking is really handsome. Despite this being the more unfavorable map for him, he can rely on his walking technique to continuously avoid the two control moves…”

“Then while avoiding the control, he took the time to throw a Water Ball and kill a mob not far away!”

“We can see that Cat God is surrounded by two people but his personal economy has gone up!”

“Yes, it is because he has been seriously fighting the mob from beginning to end, not missing a single one!”

“Cat God has killed six mobs and now has 300 crystal coins. Meanwhile, the two people of the Dream team hesitated to kill him and only have 100 crystal coins.”

“It seems that this is Cat God’s intention!”

At this time, a fierce small battle broke out in the northwest area on the upper left. Then two prompts filled the screen.

[Frost Descends has killed Dream Everlasting, first kill!]

[Frost Descends has killed Dream Polar Bear, double kill!]

Cat God’s performance in the last game was too prominent and his name was always filling the screen. Thus, people didn’t expect the first battle to be in the northwest wilderness area and for it to be a big victory for Canglan!

The guide immediately cut the camera back and replayed the scene just now.

Chen Weiwei finally reacted, admiration filling her face. “Cat God’s sudden change in tactics is very useful! He moved 1v2. This might seem like he has a disadvantage but he relied on his strong walking skills to hide from the opposite side’s control! On the road, the Gu, Zhang and Xiao trio took on two members of Dream. 3v2 is relatively good plus the player Gu Siming was full of momentum. Xiao Han used stealth while Gu Siming drew the attention of the two players. In this case, Xiao Han relied on Zhang Jueming’s help to use a beautiful sneak attack to take two consecutive heads!”

Shao Yu said, “The Dream team probably didn’t expect Cat God to change the way he divided the team members. The two people in the northwest wild area were too careless and even gave away two heads. The two people in the southeast were too careful and now they can’t kill Cat God.”

Chen Weiwei said with a smile, “This way, the negative impact of the water map has been successfully solved by Cat God’s clever tactics. Xiao Han now has two heads and his sneak attacks will be harder to deal with!”


As the two people analyzed, Li Cangyu accurately caught the cautious attitude of the Dream team’s leader. He appeared in the southeast in a brave manner, so that the other side couldn’t easily act. Then in the northwest area that had three people, Xiao Han cleverly used Uncle Zhang’s assistance to kill two people, successfully establishing an initial advantage.

The next step was to play even better.

Li Cangyu was surrounded by two people and didn’t hurry to fight back. Instead, he withdrew while killing wild mobs. Once he killed 10, he could get 500 crystal coins and directly return to the base to buy a ring.

After playing for so long, Cat God calmly returned to his base. Both of the Dream team members wanted to vomit blood!

The thing that made them even more frustrated was they spent so much time trying to kill Cat God that they missed a lot of mobs. Their accumulated money was so poor that they couldn’t even afford a ring.

The Canglan team’s slight advantage was steadily growing and they maintained this to the end.

Xiao Han’s performance in this game was very bright. He took two heads and was like a fish in water, hiding in the darkness for all types of sneak attacks and annoying the Dream team.

After the ice dragon appeared, the Dream team went all out, the elf archer suppressing them from a distance. They successfully killed Gu Siming in the front row but also lost a member.

The two sides had a fierce exchange and both teams had three people die. The remaining three people couldn’t beat the ice dragon and they consciously returned to their base.

However, the Dream team was desperate because the three people who died were all killed by Cat God!

Cat God’s level after gaining heads was terrible. He once again bought the Elf’s Tears Necklace and became a boss…

This time, the Dream team didn’t surrender. Consecutive surrenders would cause them to drown in the netizens’ curses. However, they were quite frustrated. It was obvious that a water map was beneficial to their side but the result was that they were controlled. It was like a group of cotton emerged to catch their ankles, dragging them to a chronic death.

In the end, Li Cangyu accumulated enough of an economic foundation and the Canglan team unleashed a wave of attack, sending the Dream team back to their base. Then everyone rushed down the east road, pushing through the defense towers, killing the ice phoenix and ultimately destroying the white crystal!

The effect of the crystal bursting was quite gorgeous. Countless fragments of different sizes flew up, looking like dazzling diamonds under the light.

Along with the clear sound of the crystal breaking, the golden word ‘victory’ finally popped up!

Li Cangyu smiled and reached to take off his headset.

He didn’t expect for the camera’s lens to zoom in on his smile, causing a new round of rioting to appear in the live broadcast room.

[Cat God is very handsome close-up! He is a handsome man!]

[Why didn’t I know he was this handsome before?]

[Handsome, are you still lacking leg pendants?]

[Cat God 66666!]

[Our Cat God is handsome and manly!]

[Lick Cat God!] [Cat God, marry me!]

Ling Xuefeng looked at the screen filled with ‘Cat God is handsome’ and couldn’t help gently smiling as he thought, ‘This handsome cat is mine alone, not yours.’

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