GLS: Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 – Result of the Team Battle

Li Cangyu’s wind spirit controlled the field. The white magician fell into a pit while his apprentice was rescued from the archer’s violent attacks.

Xiao Han only had a trace of blood left and the effects on his body were finally lifted. He immediately chose to enter stealth and save his life. Master had said that in a team battle, he couldn’t casually give his head! One head would give the other person 500 coins and a 5% status bonus!

Li Cangyu saw his apprentice smartly turning to run and had no worries. He summoned a fire spirit to kill the white magician in one breath.

[Old Cat has killed Dream South Star, first kill!]

The archer saw that his teammate was called and had no confidence facing Cat God alone. He had used too many key skills in order to kill Xiao Han and the consumption of blue was very serious. It was impossible to win against Cat God in this state.

He wanted to run but Li Cangyu wouldn’t give him the chance.

In addition to freezing the opponent for five seconds, the water spirit also had a slowdown effect.

Water Ball, Water Ball…

The lovely blue water spirit threw small water balls at the archer, causing a 2% slowdown which became a 4% slowdown…

After being hit by a few water balls, the archer slowed down like a layer of mud was on the soles of his feet.

The other elf player was slowed and Li Cangyu naturally caught up easily with him. He used the fire spirit’s attack and the thunder spirit’s big move to instantly kill the other side.

[Old Cat has killed Dream God, double kill!]

The applause was thunderous and the audience watching the live broadcast didn’t hesitate to give Cat God a bunch of flowers.

In the commentators’ room, Chen Weiwei made an admiring expression. “This wave of attacks is quite beautiful. If replaced by another player, it is likely that they would directly attack from the front. Cat God thought of using the blind spot to sneak around. It is clear that not only is he very calm, he is also very smart!” Shao Yu felt that Chen Weiwei was quickly becoming Cat God’s fangirl.

Still, she was right. It was true that a person’s psychological quality was crucial in a match and Cat God’s psychological quality was obviously stable enough.


On the field, Li Cangyu won two consecutive heads and his personal economy took the lead. He got 450 coins from killing mobs and the two heads rewarded him with 1,000 coins, adding up to 1,450 coins.

Rather than rushing to return, he placed a light in the middle of the southwest wild area. At the same time, the hidden Xiao Han placed a light in the northeast edge.

With the placement of these two lights, the field of view on this wild area side became incredibly open for the Canglan team.

The mobs in this wild area were quickly cleared thanks to the illumination. Li Cangyu patrolled in a circle and found a mob he missed, killing it in one strike. His personal economy finally reached 1,500 crystal coins.

At this time, Li Cangyu chose to return.

He returned to the base camp, opened the battlefield store and bought the ‘Elf’s Tears’ necklace from the equipment library. The effect of this necklace was to increase attack by 5%.

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help sighing. “After his double kill, he already has a 10% attack bonus. Add this 5%… it is scary!”

Shao Yu said with a smile, “If he takes a few more heads, he will turn into a boss.”


As a result of the two kills, the overall economy of the Canglan team surpassed the Dream team.

In the northwest top area, the combination of Uncle Zhang and Xiao Gu didn’t encounter the opposite side. Uncle Zhang was relieved and assisted, giving up the mobs to Gu Siming. Gu Siming now had 1,000 coins.

In the middle southwest area, Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong divided the resources, each person holding 500 coins.

Xiao Han had been controlled for a long time and couldn’t kill mobs. He had the least amount of money with only 400 coins.

Once everyone returned to the city, Li Cangyu ordered, “Xiao Gu, buy the meat clothes.”

Meat clothes meant a defense outfit. Gu Siming was the main T in the front row. The stronger his defense, the more reassured the outputs in the back row could be.

Gu Siming heard this and immediately bought a Guardian Light Shield from the store. This increased defense by 10% and cost 1,000 coins.

Xie Shurong bought a ring that added attack while Bai Xuan bought a ring that added to the healing amount. The rings were relatively cheap and could be bought with 500 coins.

Xiao Han was so pitiful at 400 coins that he couldn’t afford the cheapest ring. Li Cangyu looked at the data on the economic panel and said, “Xiao Han, buy a scouting light.”

He could still afford this type of item! Xiao Han immediately bought a scouting lamp according to Master’s order.

A lighting lamp could widen his field of vision while a scouting lamp could detect the lighting lamp placed by the other party within a range of 10 metres and extinguish it.

This was the most interesting visual field control of this new system.

If there was no vision in the wilderness area, it was like being blind and it would be difficult to fight. Li Cangyu had Xiao Han buy the scouting lights to control the opposite side’s field of view.


Compared to the Canglan side, the Dream team seemed very poor.

They couldn’t afford the 1,500 coins attack necklace. They could only buy a few rings at most and then used the spare money on the scouting lamps.

The economic gap between the two sides led to a gap in equipment. Fortunately, there were two ways to remedy this. First was to kill the enemies in the field and destroy the economic gap. Second was to kill the ice dragon that refreshed in the wild. The ice dragon would supplement the team’s economy with 10,000 crystal coins, which was simply sending them money.

This setting was to give the initially disadvantageous team a chance to reverse the situation.

Li Cangyu definitely wouldn’t give this opportunity to the Dream team.

The ice dragon was about to refresh and the first wave of large-scale fighting couldn’t be avoided. After buying equipment and refilling their blood and blue, Li Cangyu and his team rushed to the ice dragon’s refresh point.

The ice dragon refreshed in a fixed location and there was an obvious pit around it. Players didn’t necessarily have to jump into the pit when playing the ice dragon. For example, magicians and archers could stand outside the pit but melee must jump in, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to reach the dragon.

The Dream team had to win the ice dragon because they knew that if the Canglan team got it, they had absolutely no chance to win.

The two sides met at the ice dragon’s refresh point. Li Cangyu hadn’t had time to open his mouth when Gu Siming rushed over like a best, using the move ‘Fighting Howl’ to directly pull over the other side’s paladin.

Li Cangyu, “…”

He really was a small madman!

Gu Siming went forward and Xie Shurong had no choice but to follow. Xiao Han also followed along, the three melee unleashing their hand speed to attack the paladin.

Zhang Jueming immediately released a white magician’s auxiliary skill, Inspiring Voice and Song of Encouragement!

The entire team’s attack power increased for 10 seconds.

It was only 10 seconds but this was enough for the Canglan team members.

Li Cangyu’s explosive ability was already very strong. Now he had the 10% attack bonus from the double kills and the 5% attack necklace. Together with Zhang Jueming’s skills, his attack power was amazing enough to be incomparably painful!

[Old Cat has killed Dream Everlasting, third kill!]

This was an additional 5% status bonus.

Cat God truly became a boss and could beat anyone!

After killing the paladin the front row, they chased after the rest of the group and Li Cangyu cleaned them up one by one.

[Old Cat has killed Dream Less Ice, fourth kill!]

[Old Cat has killed Dream Polar Bear, fifth kill!]

[Old Cat has killed Dream Sky, sixth kill!]

[Old Cat can’t stop!]

[Old Cat has become super god!]

Li Cangyu walked around with his pets and directly defeated the Dream team.

The live audience clapped while thousands of ‘Cat God 666’ comments filled the screen of the online broadcast.


The big golden characters suddenly appeared on the screen. Li Cangyu was startled. The central crystal hadn’t been destroyed but victory was suddenly decided. The other side had probably pressed the surrender button.

In the team battle, as long as all teammates agreed, a team could choose to surrender in advance. In a situation where it was impossible to reverse the result, it was better to surrender directly instead of delaying the time and slowly affecting the human heart. This way the teammates wouldn’t completely lose confidence.

The captain of the Dream team didn’t want to continue this game because he knew exactly what ‘Old Cat has become super god’ meant.

He already made a judgment on Cat God’s personal strength after today’s fight. This man had left Miracle for so many years. Forget about a status decline. He was even more terrible than the past.

A super god Old Cat with a 50% increase in attack would really be a boss!

Such a super Old Cat, even Ling Xuefeng would kneel if he encountered it, let alone their small team. It was better to simply surrender!

Li Cangyu successfully won five points in the team battle and touched his chin with a smile.

The first team battle after returning to Miracle ended with the other party taking the initiative to surrender. Li Cangyu was in an excellent mood!

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