GLS: Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 – First Team Battle

The second division had the team battle after the arena. Li Xiaojiang and Zhuo Hang lost the home game of the first round. They could only take a break and enter the second game, which was the away game. This arrangement was a great test of the players’ psychological quality.

In the second game, the map chosen by the Dream team was Zeya Square.

This map was very common in online games. It was a typical square map with a wide field of view. There were several stone pillars in the central confrontation area. Players could walk around the stone pillars to achieve a tactical purpose.

Compared to the complex forest and swamp maps, this simple and open map minimized the effect of terrain on the game. It was more suitable for a pure frontal confrontation that revealed the true strength of both sides.

On this map, Li Xiaojiang’s casting was easy to be interrupted. Zhuo Hang’s hunter play was also restricted, while the archer’s big shots would be more comfortable in the open area. The selected map was obviously a big advantage to them.

In the regular season, the map selection of both sides would be submitted to the tournament committee before the game. The Dream captain selected this map when he didn’t know what lineup the Canglan team would send and was obviously very lucky today.

The god of good fortune gave them confidence and they gained a great advantage in the beginning.

On the Canglan side, Li Xiaojiang and Zhuo Hang still couldn’t form a good cooperation.

Li Xiaojiang took the initiative to try and cooperate but Zhuo Hang was too fast and Li Xiaojiang couldn’t keep up. The psychological pressure was too great after losing the first game and their combination collapsed in less than five minutes.

In the arena stage, the Dream team won two games in a row and the third ‘decider’ didn’t need to be played.

In other words, Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang couldn’t get one point and gave four points to the opposite side.

The faces of the two teenagers were a bit ugly as they saw the dazzling red 4:0 score on the big screen. They walked down from the players’ seats and sat down, their heads hung low as they didn’t dare say anything.

Li Cangyu didn’t scold them, instead saying to the other six people, “Prepare for the team battle.”


In the commentators’ room, Chen Weiwei wouldn’t bear it. “The two young players, this is their first match. As a result, they lost two games. They should be hard hit. Look at them not talking…”

“This is a necessary experience for new people.” Shao Yu added. “Some newcomers will be full of enthusiasm when debuting. They will kill many players in succession and become a god in one swoop. On the other hand, some newcomers start off playing badly. After a period of training, their level will gradually rise. These type of players are relatively slower and need to be given time to grow up.”

“Yes, the competition is just beginning. We can’t use this strength to evaluate their strength. I feel like Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang aren’t playing to the normal level today. Let’s look forward to their next performance.”

The two commentators were obviously full of admiration for Cat God and didn’t blame his teammates too much. After all, Cat God had worked hard for all these years and gaining the courage to come back wasn’t easy. They would guide public opinion so that the players didn’t suffer too much.

However, some netizens didn’t buy the kind commentary. The live screen was full of bricks.

[What type of mess are these kids showing? If they aren’t up to the arena then play in the online game!] [Is it really okay for Cat God to have them as teammates?] [It feels like those two will drag down the team!]

Such questions were inevitable. LI Xiaojiang saw the comments on his phone Weibo and his head dropped lower.

Zhuo Hang wasn’t in the mood to read the comments and was frowning in a daze.

The two people stayed in the corner and silently thought about things. Next to them, Li Cangyu quickly made arrangements for the group battle.

The five minute break ended and the team battle stage officially began.

The first game was the Canglan team’s selection and Li Cangyu still chose the Magic Mirror Forest map.

Chen Weiwei laughed. “Cat God is lazy and didn’t change the map. This saves us a lot of effort because we don’t need to introduce the map in detail.”

“The map might have the same name but there is a big difference between the arena map and the team battle map.” Shao Yu added. “The team battle map will be five times bigger than the arena map and it will be divided into four wild areas. The wild areas between the roads can’t be seen and have to be illuminated with lights. There is a barrier around the central crystal area, which can’t be entered before the defense towers are destroyed…”

Shao Yu quickly explained the team battle map while the players on both sides selected the basic equipment.

The game interface started to count down. 10 seconds later, the players on both sides were refreshed in opposite corners of the map. This was the birth point i.e. their base camp. After death, they would be resurrected at the base camp. The battlefield store was also located here.

The initial economy of the team was 3,000 gold coins, with each person having 500 gold coins.

Bai Xuan wasn’t responsible for investigation and bought a sapphire to restore mana. The other five people bought lamps.

The team map was divided into four wild areas by vertical and horizontal lines, like a square ‘田’ character. The Canglan team was born in the lower left corner that was the southwest. The Dream team was born in the upper right corner that was the northeast direction. The two wild areas were naturally the best places to occupy for both sides.

The remaining two areas would be fiercely competed over.

Li Cangyu quickly made a mark at the fork on the small map and issued instructions on the voice channel. “A’Shu and Xiao Bai will hold the southwest home area. Xiao Gu and Uncle Zhang will go to the northwest. Xiao Han and I will go to the southeast. Quickly occupy these two wild areas.”

On the big screen, the six people walked forward and divided into three different directions.

Since the ‘田’ battlefield had four areas, there were many ways to split up. Li Cangyu chose to divide the team into three. This was for the sake of being conservative. In any case, it was the first match and they could try this style first.

Everyone had just arrived in a good position when the mobs in the wild areas refreshed.

There was no need for Li Cangyu to give instructions. Everyone immediately started to kill the mobs at the fastest speed!

The team economy on the data panel was growing rapidly. The Dream team was also killing mobs but the map was too big and the two sides hadn’t met yet.

Xiao Han saw a blue mob in the front area and consciously ran to kill. Master had told him that when encountering mobs in the wild, priority should be given to killing the blue and red mobs. They had the effect of adding blue or blood, while white mobs only gave money.

The blue mob’s refresh point happened to be at the junction of two areas. Xiao Han saw it and the white magician on the opposite side also saw it.

Xiao Han entered stealth to steal the kill while the white magician happened to fire God’s Belief!

The opposite white magician was very clever. He didn’t attack the mob but used the group attack skill to hit Xiao Han who had just entered stealth. His reaction was also very fast. He immediately followed up with God’s Seal to fix Xiao Han in place!

The Dream team’s captain was behind him and saw that his teammate had handled the opposite assassin. He didn’t hesitate to fire the long bow and use the archer’s strongest single target skill, Seize Life Shot!

Xiao Han’s blood dropped by one third and he was still stuck, making the situation quite dangerous.

However, Li Cangyu didn’t rush to help. His position was in the blind spot on the other side of the field. This meant that the people of the Dream team couldn’t see Li Cangyu and the two players thought Xiao Han was the only one in the area. It was why they were so bold and direct with starting the battle, because 2v1 was almost always a winning situation.

This was very common on the battlefield. The assassin wasn’t far away but there were two of them. This was a good opportunity that no one would let go.

Li Cangyu didn’t directly go to help Xiao Han. He made the bold move to go around!

He took advantage of the rapid movements of Flying Feather Steps and instantly circumvented around, coming behind the archer and white magician.

The two people couldn’t see Li Cangyu but teammates shared a field of view. Xiao Han could clearly see his master’s position.

Li Cangyu said, “Let’s cooperate.”

Xiao Han immediately understood. Master intended to strike from the front and the back!

The fixed effect on his body finally finished and Xiao Han immediately pounced fiercely. The sharp blade in his hand moved and greeted the white magician, quickly cutting his blood by 20%!

The white magician wasn’t afraid of Xiao Han at all. The assassin was going to die.

Sure enough, the archer used Ice Arrow. The cold arrow flew to Xiao Han and rapidly froze him, once again setting Xiao Han in place.

The two men had been partners for many years and this was obviously a very tacit cooperation.

After freezing Xiao Han, the archer was the main output while the white magician took a few steps to widen the distance. He wanted to continue to attack Xiao Han from a distance when at this moment, an ID suddenly appeared in his field of view. Old Cat!

The visibility in a team battle was only 5 metres. He just retreated within 5 metres of Li Cangyu’s ambush point and saw that Old Cat was behind him.

Not good!

Alarm bells rang in his heart but it was too late.

Li Cangyu already summoned the water spirit and froze the white magician. He followed up with the rapid outbreak of the fire spirit and quickly smashed him.

The archer found that his teammate was being ambushed and wanted to go back to help. However, Xiao Han was already in a state of residual blood. Going back to help would be abandoning Xiao Han. The rational approach should be to kill Xiao Han and then return to join his teammate. After all, there was a blood volume advantage…

The Dream team’s captain didn’t have the wrong idea. It was just that he ignored Cat God’s explosive power!

What was this advantage in Li Cangyu’s eyes?

Fireballs flew in succession like fireworks. The white magician couldn’t take care of his life. Then this was followed by the thunder spirit’s Thunder’s Wrath, directly causing the white magician to fall to residual blood!

Fortunately, the white magician’s frozen effect was finally lifted!

The white magician had just turned to run when Li Cangyu’s wind spirit came out. The move ‘Wind and Clouds Destruction’ was accurately thrown in the direction of the two people. A strong gust of wind blew and the white magician and archer were blown five metres away!

The angle at which Li Cangyu released Wind and Clouds Destruction was excellent. The white magician was blown into a big hole and couldn’t climb up for a while. The archer just deviated from his original position but this distance was enough that he couldn’t attack Xiao Han!

Using one move to take care of two people, this was the powerful control ability of Cat God’s wind spirit.

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help exclaiming excitedly, “The legendary wind spirit’s field control, today is the first time I’ve seen it!”

Shao Yu was also very excited. “Yes, everyone knows that the elf summoner’s four race pets are the water, fire, wind and thunder spirits. The water spirit freezes players, the fire spirits use single attacks and the thunder spirit has the big group attack. Meanwhile, the wind spirit isn’t used by many people and some people think that its skills are useless. In fact, an elf summoner’s most powerful pet is the wind spirit! We have just seen it. Cat God used the wind spirit’s move to directly stop the attack power of the opposite two people! The control effect of this pet is excellent and doesn’t lose to the demon summoner’s banshee!”

How many years had it been since a wind spirit appeared in the Miracle League’s arena?

Many professional players were emotional when they saw this scene.

In the past, Li Cangyu was incomparably strong in the arena. He relied on his wind spirit to control the field. His use of the wind spirit was so superb as he used wind to blow people away. Some people said that Cat God used the wind spirit to turn the group into a mess and then clean them up with the thunder spirit, simply giving them no way to fight back!

Today, the wind spirit had reappeared. It was only a small 2v2 team battle in the league’s second division but it caught the eyes of many spectators.

Their strongest elf summoner was really back!

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